(限时:45 分钟,满分 100 分) Ⅰ.多项填空
  1.Five years ago,no one could imagine that the company was to hold such a greatin the world market. A.share B.trade C.majority D.view 【解析】 句意为:五年前,谁也没想到那家公司会在国际市场上占有这么大的“份额(share)” 。 【答案】 A
  2.Together with the local police,the villagers set out tothe woods for the lost child. A.hunt B.hunt for C.search for D.research 【解析】 句意为: 全村人和当地警察一起去森林里寻找失踪的孩子。 注意: hunt/search 后接寻找的范围; for/search hunt for 后接寻找的目标和对象。 【答案】 A
  3.Hean interest in English with the help of his teacher. A.developed B.played C.made D.showed 【解析】 develop 逐渐产生、培养出来。 【答案】 A
  4.Although the little girl wasat home,she didn’t feelat all. A.alone;lonely B.lonely;alone C.alone;alone D.lonely;lonely 【解析】 句意为:尽管小女孩独自一人在家,但是她一点也不感到孤独。 【答案】 A
  5.?Why do many people keep dogs as pets? ?Because they are ourfriends and they never desert their masters. A.loyal B.wise C.brave D.handsome 【解析】 句意为:狗是人类“忠实的(loyal)”朋友,从来不会离弃主人。 【答案】 A
  6.I don’t believe what he says,for he is alwayslies. A.saying B.speaking C.telling D.talking 【解析】 tell lies 是习惯表达,意思是“说谎” 。 【答案】 C
  7.?What about buying Joan a CD player as a birthday present? ?That’s great.She is somusic,you know. A.into B.about C.with D.over 【解析】 句意为: ??给琼买个 CD 播放机作为生日礼物怎么样???太好了! 你也知道, 她可喜欢音乐了。 into be 意思是“喜欢” ,符合题意。 【答案】 A
  8.Of the six people injured in the crash,only two;the others died before they were taken to the hospital. A.escaped B.survived C.lived D.passed 【解析】 考查动词词义。survive 意为“幸存” 。 【答案】 B
  9.My wife doesn ’t reallytea;she likes coffee better. A.attend to B.care for C.take up D.pick out 【解析】 考查动词词组。care for 常用于否定句中,意为“喜欢” 。 【答案】 B
  10.Steven,who is always ready to help others,wouldhis last pound with his friends. A.support B.care C.spread D.share 【解析】 根据所提供的情境可判断出 “斯蒂芬即使剩下最后一英镑也会和朋友们分着用” share 分享。 。 support 支持; care 关心;spread 传播,伸展。 【答案】 D Ⅱ.完成句子
  1.The history teacher asked his students (决不要忘记) the past.(never) 【答案】 never to forget
  2.He doesn’t enjoy singing,and (他也不喜欢) dancing.(fond) 【答案】 nor/neither is he fond of
[ 源+ + ] 来 : 科网 学 [ 源*x .C m] 来 : x*k o Z [ 源 . . Z .XK] 来 : 科 .X . 学网

  3.Jenny (信守诺言).I wonder why she changed her mind.(keep) 【答案】 should have kept her word
  4.He always thinks of himself and never in his life (他关心别人) others.(care) 【答案】 does he care about
  5.(为了多交朋友),we must be kind and honest to others.(order) 【答案】 In order to make more friends Ⅲ.完形填空 (2010 届昆明一中一模) Every morning,before dropping her son off at school,my friend would stop on the way to work to grab a quick breakfast.They tended to frequent the__1__restaurant every morning grabbing an egg sandwich,juic e,coffee for herself,milk for her son. One day she__2__an additional breakfast.When they had eaten and walked out of the door,she stopped and said good morning to a__3__man who was sitting alone outside the restaurant and__4__him the a dditional breakfast she had bought.He__5__her, grinning,telling her it was the first meal he had in a great many days.She couldn’t help but feel__6__and was glad she finally took action. She told her son that she had__7__him every day that week outside the restaurant and that no one, herself included, had__8__to offer him food, drink, comfort, etc.She further__9__that homelessness can happen to anyone and the imp ortance of service to others and__10__acts of kindness were. And so__11__her kindness tradition...each day thereafter she and her son__12__to buy and supply the homeless gentleman with breakfast.The__13__was going on until they__14__several years later but the lesson was__15__implanted (植入) in her son by then. She__16__as she told me that this kind ness legacy__17__to her son, remembered this childhood tradition and lesson.Now a who college graduate and__18__employed, son stops every day at Starbucks for his morning cup of coffee and purchases a__19__for a her homeless person nearby before commuting to the__20__. What a great family legacy that he can pass along to his children as well... 【语篇解读】 有位母亲和她的儿子每天早晨去同一家餐厅吃早餐。从某天开始,母亲每天早晨都给餐厅外一个无家 可归的男子买一份早餐。她的儿子继承了做善事的传统,大学毕业上班后,他每天早晨都给一个无家可归的人买早餐。
  1.A.small B.same C.crowded D.ordinary 【解析】 上下文语境表明母子俩每天早晨常去同一家餐厅买早餐。 【答案】 B
  2.A.received B.demanded C.expected D.ordered 【解析】 一天她点了份额外的早餐。order 点(饭菜),符合上下文语境。 【答案】 D
  3.A.strong B.kind C.homeless D.sick 【解析】 母子俩吃完早餐,出了饭店门,母亲停了下来,向一位坐在餐厅外面无家可归的男子问好并将早餐递给了 他。 【答案】 C
  4.A.handed B.bought C.supplied D.provided 【解析】 hand 递,交。B 项与上下文矛盾,supply 与 provide 后不能直接接双宾语。 【答案】 A
  5.A.remembered B.thanked C.respected D.paid 【解析】 他谢了她,咧开嘴笑了,说这是他多日来吃的第一顿饭。 【答案】 B
  6.A.grateful B.sorry C.anxious D.good 【解析】 她情不自禁地感觉很好,很高兴终于采取了行动(帮助了他人)。 【答案】 D
  7.A.helped B.seen C.disliked D.missed 【解析】 她告诉她的儿子这一周她每天都看到他在餐厅外…… 【答案】 B
  8.A.agreed B.refused C.stopped D.appeared 【解析】 没有一个人,包括她在内,停下来向这位无家可归的男子提供食品、饮料或安慰等。 【答案】 C
  9.A.shouted B.replied C.argued D.explained 【解析】 她向她儿子继续解释,无家可归可能发生在任何人身上,给他人提供服务的重要性,以及善意的行为是什 么。 【答案】 D
  10.A.what B.which C.how D.where
【答案】 A
  11.A.ended B.began C.met D.presented 【解析】 然后她家做善事的传统就开始了。 【答案】 B
  12.A.hesitated B.hurried C.continued D.needed 【解析】 她和她的儿子继续每天买早餐给这位无家可归的男子。 【答案】 C
  13.A.moment B.life C.practice D.performance 【解析】 此处 practice 指“通常的做法,惯例” 。 【答案】 C
  14.A.moved away B.got around C.turned down D.broke up 【解析】 move away 搬走。母子俩给男子买早餐的行为一直持续到他们搬走。 【答案】 A
  15.A.hardly B.firmly C.happily D.slightly 【解析】 帮助他人的好习惯牢牢地扎根于她儿子的心中。 【答案】 B
  16.A.smiled B.cheered C.sighed D.wondered 【解析】 语境表明当时她应该是笑着讲述她家做好事的传统。 【答案】 A
  17.A.came B.occurred C.went D.belonged 【解析】 她微笑着告诉我善意“遗产”传给了她儿子。 【答案】 C C.entirely D.gainfully
  18.A.regularly B.carefully 【解析】 gainfully employed 被高薪聘用。现在她儿子大学毕业而且被高薪聘用了。 【答案】 D
  19.A.chance B.tent C.shirt D.breakfast 【解析】 她儿子继承了家庭传统,在上班前买一份早餐给一个无家可归的人。 【答案】 D
  20.A.city B.office C.house D.school 【解析】 commute to the office 上班。 【答案】 B Ⅳ.阅读理解 (2010 届河北衡水中学期中测试) Forget counting sheep.Next time you are having trouble going to sleep,try putting on a jazz CD. Researchers have shown just 45 minutes of relaxing music before bedtime can make for a restful night. The Taiwanese researchers studied the sleeping patterns of 60 elderly people with sleep problems.They told the Journal of Advanced Nursing how the technique was easy to learn and lacked the side effects of other treatments.The study participants were either given a choice of music to listen to before going to sleep or nothing at all.The music group were able to choose from six tapes that featured soft,slow music?around
  60~80 beats per minute?such as jazz,folk or orchestral pieces. Listening to music caused physical changes that aided restful sleep,including a lower heart and respiratory (呼吸的) rate,the researchers found. The people in the music group reported a 35% improvement in their sleep,including better and longer nighttime sleep and less dysfunction (机能障碍) during the day. Lead author Professor HuiLing Lai,of the Buddhist TzuChi General Hospital and the University of Taiwan,said, “The music group reported a 26% overall improvement in the first week and this figure continued to rise as they mastered the technique of relaxing into sedative (安静的) music.” Professor Jim Horne, from the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University, “If anyone is a bit agitated before they said, go to bed,then anything that can help them calm down and relax is a good thing.” “Some say making sure older people sleep less in the afternoon and get plenty of exposure to daylight can help them get a better night’s sleep.” 【语篇解读】 研究表明:听 45 分钟的放松音乐会让你轻松入睡。
  1.Listening to music before going to sleep. A.is better than other treatments to help you sleep B.can cure some diseases as well as sleeplessness C.is a nece ssary step for the elder
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D.can improve one’s taste for music 【解析】 细节理解题。依据文章第一段以及第三段中的 lacked the side effects of other treatments 可以得出答案。 【答案】 A
  2.Listening to music has some help on the elder EXCEPT. A.sleep well B.lower heart rate C.increase blood cycle D.lower breathe rate 【解析】 细节理解题。依据文章第四段可知,睡前听音乐可以帮助入睡,降低心脏跳动和呼吸的频率,A、B、D 三 项都正确,因此选 C。 【答案】 C .
  3.The und erlined word “agitated” means “” A.relaxed B.disappointed C.nervous D.surprised 【解析】 猜测词义题。依据语境可知,该词应和其后的 calm down 及 relax 相对应,因此选 nervous 紧张的。 【答案】 C
  4.Judging by Professor HuiLing Lai’s words,we know. A.he has cured his sleeplessness B.it is not easy to master the technique of relaxing into sedative music C.he thinks much of music treatment for sleeplessness D.he is worried about the spread of music treatment 【解析】 推理判断题。依据文章第六段可知,该教授认为听音乐对促进睡眠的作用非常大,因此选 C。A 选项文中 没有提及;B 选项和 D 选项与文章内容不符。 【答案】 C
  5.What’s the best title for the passage? A.People will benefit from music B.The relation between sleeplessness and music C.A research shocks the world D.Listen to music to help you sleep 【解析】 主旨大意题。本文谈论的是听音乐能够使人轻松入睡,所以 D 项正确。 【答案】 D
[ 源 xk o 来 : x C m] Z .
(限时:45 分钟,满分 100 分) Ⅰ.多项填空
  1.He visited his home village last month,and everything therehis sweet memory of his childhood. A.brought about B.brought up C.brought in D.brought back 【解析】 句意为:故地重游,那儿的一切唤起他对童年的回忆。bring back 使回想起。 【答案】 D
  2.I saw Mary dancing at yesterday’s party and on thatshe was really excellent. A.scene B.situation C.occasion D.position 【解析】 on...occasion 在……场合。 【答案】 C
  3.The girl has a gift for singing and she isto be one of the best singers if she keeps on practicing. A.supposed B.imagined C.hoped D.designed 【解析】 be supposed to do sth.意思是“应该……,理应……” 。句意为:这姑娘有唱歌天赋。如果她坚持练习,应该 能成为一名有名气的歌星。 【答案】 A
  4.Running a school is nota matter of hiring teachers?they also need to be trained. A.equally B.simply C.partly D.mainly 【解析】 not simply...不仅仅是。 【答案】 B
  5.The officer stresses that school children must be taught how to deal with d



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   学位英语考试网上辅导 《学位英语》 学位英语》 购买视频 QQ:107007297 http://shop64222414.taobao.com/ 或淘宝 http://jyuspin.taobao.com 完型填空 一、完形填空 1. Around the world young people are spending unbelievable sum of money to listen to rock music. Forbes magazine claims that __1__ l ...


   《抢救上班族英语??办公室用语》 应聘新工作 Job Interview Why we learn this union? 应国际化趋势,英语能力是企业招聘人才的重要标准之一。本单元将告诉你,如何用英语 通过面试,找到一份理想的工作。 这个单元你会学到: 1.面试常用句型: 整理面试时常用到的句子,让你说一口流利的英文,同时给对方留下好印象。 2.应聘现场:针对面试情境特别设计,告诉你如何准备面试,如何调整状况,以及如何应 对面试者。 3.简历充电站: 提供给你简洁又精炼的英文求职信模版.让 ...


   conscientious 凭良心的;谨慎的;尽责的 conscious 有意识的;神志清醒的 council 政务会;理事会;委员会;顾问班子 counsel 劝告;忠告;建议 critic 批评家, 评论家; 鉴定家 critical 苛求的;批判性的 dying 快结束的; 快熄灭的; 快消灭的 dyeing 染色; 染色法; 染业 emigrant 移居的; 移民的, 侨居的 immigrant (从外国)移来的, 移民的, 侨民的 empire 帝权; 绝对统治(over) emp ...


   2008 年福建省初中毕业生学业考试大纲 (英 一, 命题依据 以教育部制订的 《全日制义务教育英语课程标准》 (以下简称为 《课程标准》 ) 为依据,结合我省课改实验区英语教学实际,参照《课程标准》中关于九年级结 束时的"五级目标"要求进行命题. 二, 命题原则 严格按照教育部制订的《课程标准》和英语教学实际.坚持以学生为本,立 足基础,难易适中,听,说,读,写四项技能全面考查.做到思想性,科学性和 技术性的统一.正确发挥考试的导向功能,做到有利于激发和培养学生学习英语 ...