工程应用英语 Professional English Test A Part I Vocabulary and Structure (20’)
  1. Engineering is a profession, which means that an engineer must have a specialized a. elementary school b. high school c. middle school d. university d education.

  2. Computer programming is now included in almost all engineering b. a. courses b. curricula c. lessons d. areas

  3. Current trend is to require students to take courses in the c science and the language arts. a. computer b. chemical c. social d. biology

  4. Active b__ for engineers often begins before the student’s last year in the university. a. employ b. recruiting c. hire d. firing

  5. Indeed, the civil engineer’s choice is c__ and varied. a. small b. fine c. large d. tiny

  6. Computers can’t solve complicated problems unless they are given d. a. a good air-condition c. a good computer engineer
  7. Construction can be very _a. a. dangerous b. safe c. easy d. secure b. a young civil engineer d. a good program

  8. Civil engineering projects are almost always _a. a. distinctive b. the similar c. alike d. the same

  9. Thrust is the pressure exerted by each part of a structure on a__. a. its other part b. itself c. the wall d. the ground

  10.The weight of all the people, cars, furniture, and machines and so on that the structure will support when it is in use is b__. a. dead load
  11.In tension, a. pressed
  12.a__ force acts up and down. a. vertical b. horizontal c. rotating motion
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b. live load
c. impact
d. safety factor
the material is b__. b. pulled apart c. pushed d. compressed
d. turning motion

  13.Both a__, the two most important construction materials of modern times, were introduced in the nineteenth century. a. steel and cement c. stone and tile b. wood and brick d. ash and plastic

  14.The transit is used to measure angles in both vertical and horizontal planes, and the level to measure c__. a. distances b. central angles c. elevation difference d. length

  15.Electronic distance measuring(EDM) not only can measure the distance between objects but also determine a. a. the direction b. the size c. the frequency d. the width

  16.Prestressed concrete is an b form of reinforcement. a. original b. improved c. same d. low

  17.A simple contract consists of an agreement entered into by d. a. engineers c. company b. one party d. two or more parties

  18.b change would result in differential settlement or swell between adjacent areas. a. weight b. volume c. area d. no

  19.There are two basic procedures for controlling the embankment density: ‘manner and method’ and ‘a__’. a. result b. combination c. layer thickness d. moisture control

  20.A main source of accidents, the problem of b driving is the most serious of all. a. drink b. drinking c. drunken d. drank
Part II
Filling Blanks (10’)

  21. Engineers often work as consultants to architectural or construction firms.
  22. Young engineers may choose to go into __environmental or sanitary engineering.
  23. When planning a structure, an engineer must take into account four factors: dead load, live load, impact and safety factor.
  24. One party to the contract is liable for breach of contract if he fails to perform his part of the agreement.
  25. clearing the site precedes all grading and most other construction operations.
  26. Loose rock includes materials such as weathered or totten rock, or earth mixed with boulders.
  27. No attempt was made to control moisture content or to secure compaction.
  28. The rearview of windshield wipers, fresh air ventilating systems, had result in greater vehicle safety.
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  29. The safe performance of the brake system has been ensured by the use of heavy duty brake fluid.
  30. Relocation and reduction in height of the brake pedal has meant that the driver’s total reaction time has been reduced.
Part III
Reading Comprehension (40’) Passage One Research is one of the most important aspects of scientific and engineering practice. A researcher usually works as a
member of a team with other scientists and engineers. He or she is often employed in a laboratory that is financed by government or industry. Areas of research connected with civil engineering include soil mechanics and soil stabilization techniques, and also the development and the testing of new structural materials.
  31. Research is one of b aspects of scientific and engineering practice. a. the most useless b. the most important c. the most unnecessary
  32. A researcher is often employed __c. a. on a farm b. in a library c. in a laboratory
  33. A researcher usually works as a member of a team with __c. a. farmers and scientists b. engineers and farmers c. scientists and engineers
  34. Which of the following is true? a. Civil engineering research doesn’t include only soil mechanics and soil stabilization, but also the development of new structural materials b. Civil engineering research doesn’t include soil mechanics and soil stabilization c. Civil engineering research doesn’t include the development of new structural materials
Passage Two
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The current tendency is to develop lighter materials. Aluminum, for example, weighs much less than steel but has many of the same properties. Aluminum beams have already been used for bridge construction and for the framework of a few buildings. Attempts are also being made to produce concrete with more strength and durability, and with a lighter weight. One system that helps cut concrete weight to some extent uses polymers, which are long chainlike compounds used in plastics, as part of the mixture.
  35. The current trend of structural materials is b. a. to develop heavier materials b. to develop lighter materials c. to develop less materials
  36. Aluminum weighs a. a. much less than steel b. the same as steel c. much heavier than steel
  37. Aluminum has c. a. no properties of steel b. few properties of steel c. many of the same properties of steel
  38. Which of the following is true? a. Aluminum beams can’t be used for bridge construction b. Aluminum beams can be used for not only bridge construction but also the framework of a few buildings c. Aluminum beams can’t be used for the framework of a few buildings
Passage Three Steel and concrete also complement each other in another way: they have almost the same rate of contraction and expansion. They therefore can work together in situations where both compression and tension are factors. Steel rods are embedded in concrete to make reinforced concrete in concrete beams or structures where tension will develop. Concrete and steel also form such a strong bonds?the force that unites them?that the steel cannot slip within the concrete. Still another advantage is that steel does not rust in concrete. Acid corrodes steel, whereas concrete has an alkaline chemical reaction, the
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opposite of acid.
  39. Steel and concrete have c__. a. different rate of contraction b. different rate of expansion c. almost the same rate of contraction and expansion
  40. Reinforced concrete is a. a. steel rods which are embedded in concrete beams b. concrete which is embedded in steel rods c. steel rods which react with concrete
  41. Which of the following is true? a. steel can rust in concrete b. concrete can corrode steel c. steel does not rust in concrete
  42. Concrete has b__. a. some kind of chemical that corrodes steel b. an alkaline chemical reaction, the opposite of acid c. some kind of acid C
Passage Four The employer or promoter of civil engineering works normally determines the conditions of contract, which define the obligations and performances by some form of competitive tendering and any contractor who submits a successful tender and subsequently enters into a contract is deemed in law to have voluntarily accepted the conditions of contract adopted by the promoter. The obligations that a contractor accepts when he submits a tender are determined by the form of the invitation to tender. In most cases the tender may be withdrawn at any time until it has been accepted and may, even then, be withdrawn if the acceptance is stated by the promoter to be ‘subject to formal contract’ as is often the case.
  43. The conditions of contract are normally determined by c. a. the government official b. the contractor
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c. the promoter
  44. This conditions define the obligations and performances to which __c will be subject. a. the employer b. the official c. the contractor
  45. The obligations that c accepts when he submits a tender are determined by the form of the invitation to the tender. a. the employer b. the auditor c. the contractor
  46. in most cases the tender may be withdrawn at any time until b. a. the promoter has enough money b. it has been accepted c. the tender approved by the government
Passage Five Materials are usually described as ‘rock’, ‘loose rock’, or ‘common’, with ‘common’ signifying all material not otherwise classified. Rock, sometimes called ‘solid rock’, nearly always must be drilled and blasted, then loaded with a front-end loader or power shovel into trucks or other hauling units. Blasted rock may be moved or drifted for short distances by means of a bulldozer, which is, in effect, a huge tractor-mounted blade. Loose rock often is dug with loaders or shovels without any previous blasting.
  47. According to the passage, which material signifying all material not otherwise classified. a. loose rock b. common c. rock
  48. Which of the following is NOT true? a. rock, is sometimes called ‘solid rock’ b. rock, is sometimes called ‘loose rock’ c. rock, is usually called ‘hard rock
  49. According to the passage, which of the following is true?
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a. loose rock nearly always must be drilled and blasted b. loose rock is often dug without any previous blasting c. blasted rock may be moved for long distances by bikes
  50. Loose rock often is dug with without any previous blasting. a. track or ripper b. loaders or shovels c. roller or bulldozer
Part IV Translate the sentences into Chinese (15’)
  51. Engineering graduates have to pass an examination, similar to the bar examinations for a lawyer.工程专业的毕业生必需通 过考试,就类似于律师要通过职业考试一样
  52. Conventional ground surveys were the original location techniques available to highway engineers until developments in electronics. The most important equipments used were the transit, the level, and the tape. 最初的公路定位技术一直使用 传统地面测量技术直到电子技术的发明为止。这些重要的设备是经纬仪、水准仪、和卷尺。
  53. If a beam supports a load above, the beam itself must have sufficient strength to counterbalance that weight. 一旦梁上面 有负载,那么这根梁必需有足够的强度来支撑这个负载。
  54. An urban transportation system is a basic component of an urban area’s social, economic, and physical structure. 城市的 交通系统是城市的社会、经济和物质结构的基本组成成分。
  55. Selection of equipment depends on the nature of the material, how far it is to be moved, and the method of disposal. 设备 的选择要看材料的特性、运输距离的远近和处理的方法 Part V Translate the following into English (15’)
  56. 由于施工会很危险,所以安全因素必须考虑在内。Safety factors must also be taken into consideration account ,since construction can be very dnagerous
  57. 当然,计算机能比人更快捷、精确地解决许多有关计算问题。Computer, of course ,can somlve involving calculations with greater speed and acuracy than a human being
  58. 承包商必须按照合同的条款履行自己的责任。The conditions of contract define the obligations and performances to which the contractor will be subject
  59. 推土机、铲运机和自卸汽车的经济运距各不相同。The economical haul distances of bulldozers ,scrapers and dump trucks are different
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many problems

  60. 交通事故的原因主要包括人、车辆、道路和环境因素。A traffic accident denotes the event in which personal injury or death or property damage is caused by cehicles in trafic
Professional English Test B
Part I Vocabulary and Structure (20’)
  1. Computers are b unless they are given clear and accurate instructions and information. a. used uselessly
  2. The relationship between engineering and society is getting c. a. higher
  3. b. farther c. closer d. lower b. useless c. useful d.
For the student who is preparing to become a c engineer, these specialized courses may deal with such subjects as geodetic surveying, soil mechanics. a. computer b. social c. civil d.
  4. The civil engineer may work in research, design, construction, b, maintenance, or even in sales. a. analysis b. supervision c. plan d. fee

  5. Civil engineers work on many different kinds of c. a. buildings b. projects c. structures d. roads

  6. In designing buildings, civil engineers often work as b to architectural or construction firms. a. workers b. consultan



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