广州市 2011 届高三英语词汇竞赛 一. 选择最佳答案 (1x40=40%)
  1. These countries many wars during the 1930s. A. went over B. went through C. got over D. got on
  2. They were stuck in a shipwreck when they went on a to the Antarctica. A. voyage B. journey C. travel D. tour
  3. Mr. Smith is repairing his car which was in the accident. A. destroyed B. ruined C. damaged D. crashed
  4. He was slightly in the accident and went home by himself. A. injured B. wounded C. killed D. harmed
  5. He at 9 this morning and was late for school. A. took up B. took down C. turned up D. turned out
  6. As it was inconvenient for the blind people to walk outside, a dog guide them. A. used to B. was used to C. got used to D. used
  7. His father the parents’ meeting yesterday. A. attended B. joined C. joined in D. took part in
  8. The party will be held in the garden, weather . A. allowing B. permitting C. admitting D. granting
  9. The hall which was built last year can 200 people. A.involve B.include C.have D. hold
  10. Why are you so impressed with this lady? According to me, she’s just an person. A.ordinary B.common C.average D. usual
  11. The government him the title of “ A Little Hero” after he saved people in the earthquake. A. rewarded B. awarded C. prized; D. respected
  12. He at the enemy when he knew his son was killed in the battle. A. glanced B. glared C. stared D. looked
  13. The meeting at 8 o’clock as planned. A. occurred B. happened C. took place D. came about
  14. The bomb exploded along the border of the two countries. A. aloud B. loudly C. louder D. loud
  15. When walking the forest, she was robbed by a man.
A.cross B. across C. over D. through
  16. He is to be late this morning. B. possible A. likely C. probable D. probably
  17. Guangzhou is a city that is well a visit. A. worthy B. worthwhile C. worth D. valuable
  18. Come ! I want to tell you something. A. closely B. closed C. closing D. close
  19. The electricity is , so we can’t use the air conditioner now. A. cut down B. cut up C. cut out D. cut off
  20. The present you gave me is so . I like it very much. A. valueless B. special C. strange D. abnormal
  21. When the police asked her, she gave a(an) account of the accident. B. urgent A. accurate C. humorous D. correct
  22. Jimmy was in his computer game with the result that he didn’t hear what we were talking about. A. concentrated B. absorbed C. engaged D. occupied
  23. He wonders if it is the same to a part-time job online as a full-time one. A. appeal to B. intend to C. lead to D. apply for
  24. When you do exercises, your heart works better. It is able to more blood while beating more slowly. A. produce B. pump C. increase D. bump
  25. Although I had read the book assigned by the professor several times, it didn’t make any to me. A. meaning B. importance C. sense D. significance
  26. In the botanic garden we can find a (n) of plants that range from tall trees to small flowers. A. species B. group C. amount D. variety
  27. According to the recent research, heavy coffee drinking and heart disease is not necessarily and effect. A. reason B. impact C. fact D. cause
  28. According to the new research gardening is a more exercise for older women than jogging or swimming.
A. mental B. physical C. effective D. efficient
  29.Sugar is not an important element in bread, but flour is . A. especial B. essential C. natural D. adequate
  30. The teacher wrote an example on the blackboard to to point. A. illustrate B. suggest C. express D. recognize
  31. The carpet where he was warm and comfortable, so he slept soundly. A. was laying B. was lying C. had laid D. had lied
  32. I’m planning to hold a party in the open air, but I can make no guarantees because it the weather. A. links with B. depends on C. connects to D. decides on
  33. To keep healthy, Professor Smith cycling as a regular form of exercise after he retired. B. caught on A. took up C. carried out D. made for
  34. Premier Wen Jiabao noted that the two most important problems would be previous to anything else in the government report. A. annual B. accessible C. adequate D. appropriate
  35. I managed to get in touch with my old schoolmates graduated in 2003 to in the hundredth anniversary of school Day of our high school. A. participate B. perform C. possess D. punctuate
  36. After four years’ studying in college, he managed to get the as a lawyer. A. questionnaire B. qualification C. identification D. graduation.
  37. Many new couples are eager to the children losing their parents in the earthquake. A. advocate B. assume C. allocate D. adopt
  38. A good teacher must know how to his ideas. A. convey B. display C. consult D. confront
  39. He refused to say anything not to the present question. A. radioactive B. random C. relevant D. reasonable not relevant to 和...无关的 无关的 at random 随便地 胡乱地 漫无目的地 随便地, 胡乱地,
reasonable 合理的;懂道理的,通情达理的 适度的,不高的(价钱) 合理的;懂道理的,通情达理的;适度的 不高的(价钱) 适度的, a reasonable man 通情达理的人 a reasonable price 公平的价格
  40. In modern society, people accept to use plastics as a for steel. A. substitute B. section C. skyscraper D. souvenirs[su:vEniE] substitute A for B 用 A 代 B substitute sb. by [with] another 用别人接替某人 When Uncle Bill went abroad to live, he left me his watch as a souvenir.比尔叔叔出国 比尔叔叔出国 时把表留给我作为纪念品。 时把表留给我作为纪念品。 完成句子。 二. 完成句子。 根据情景,完成下面的单词,并使句子的意思完整。 (一) 根据情景,完成下面的单词,并使句子的意思完整。 (
  10) )
  1.He is such a determined man that he refuses to give up no matter what problems he faces.
  2.These days most people are communicating with each other using the Internet.
  3.Michael was so good a student that he was admitted to Oxford University.
  4.Having been injured in the accident , he could not attend the meeting in the flesh.
  5.They put an advertisement in a newspaper looking for a qualified mechanic.
  6.Graduating from college, he got his teaching qualification.
  7.She bargained with the seller and managed to get them for half price.
  8.Outdoor sports are beneficial to our health.
  9. South Korea has become a popular destination with tourists from all over the world.
  10. Zhang Haidi, though disabled, is optimistic about her life, which touches people all over the country.
  11. He told me that he preferred living in the countryside to living in the city.
  12. To my delight, I’ve succeeded in persuading my father to give up smoking.
  13. All the applicants for the job must fill in a form before the interview.
  14. The boy is so troublesome that I really don’t know how to deal with him.
  15. She quickly adapted to the new surroundings and made a new life there.
  16. Tangshan earthquake destroyed the whole city, which turned into ruins all of a sudden.
  17. The most challenging task for the director was that the ceremonies had to be held outside the stadium.
  18. Do you know the history of the scenic spot without the guide’s explanation?
  19. The girl stuck the stamp to the envelope and put the letter into the mailbox.
  20. All the competitors performed well in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. 根据情景和括号内的中文,写出相应的词或短语,并使句子意思完整。( 。(每小题 (二)根据情景和括号内的中文,写出相应的词或短语,并使句子意思完整。(每小题
  0.5 分,
  15) )
  1. Students who do well in studies are good at making good use of their time. (好好利用)
  2. Some people enjoy making friends with those whom they have a lot in common. (与…有很多共同之处 have nothing in common (with)(与...)没有共同之处)
  3.What he saw reminded him of what his teacher said in class. (使他想起了)
  4.Our parents provide us with everything that we need but ask for nothing in return.
  1)They provide us with food. 他们供给我们食物。 他们供给我们食物。
  2)We provided food for the hungry children.我们为饥饿的孩子们提供食物。 我们为饥饿的孩子们提供食物。 我们为饥饿的孩子们提供食物 :(常与 连用)预防, 拓展
  1:(常与 for, against 连用)预防,防范 :(
  3)It's wise to save some money and provide for the future.积蓄点钱 为将来使用作些 积蓄点钱,为将来使用作些 积蓄点钱 准备是明智的。 准备是明智的。
  4)He has a wife and seven children to provide for.他需要赡养妻子和七个孩子。 他需要赡养妻子和七个孩子。 他需要赡养妻子和七个孩子 :((常与 连用) 假若; 假如, 拓展
  2:((常与 that 连用)(=on the condition that)假若;倘若;倘使 假如 如果 倘 :(( 假若 倘若;倘使,假如 如果, 若..., 在...条件下 条件下
  5)You may keep the book a further week provided (that) no one else requires it. 倘若这本书没有其他人想借的话,你可以再续借一个礼拜 续借一个礼拜。 倘若这本书没有其他人想借的话,你可以再续借一个礼拜。
  5. She applied to her university for a scholarship. (向…申请要…) apply to the consul for a visa 向领事申请签证 apply a theory to practice 把理论应用于实践 apply a plaster to a wound 给伤口贴上膏药 apply paint to a house 油漆房屋 apply one's mind to 专心于 专心于... apply one thing upon another 将一件东西放在另一件之上 We must apply our energies to finding a solution.我们必须全力想出一个解决的办法。 我们必须全力想出一个解决的办法。 我们必须全力想出一个解决的办法 be applied to 适用于 应用于 施加于 用来表示 与...接触 适用于, 应用于, 施加于, 用来表示, 接触 apply for 申请 请求 接洽 申请; 请求, apply oneself to 致力于 集中精力做某事 致力于, apply sth. to 把...施于 施于...; 把...运用于 运用于... 施于 运用于 apply to 关系到 牵涉到;适用于 运用于;向...询问 向...接洽 关系到, 牵涉到;适用于; 运用于; 询问, 询问 接洽
  6. He is liked by all those around because he is more concerned about others than himself. (关心) care about be cautious of 留意 谨防 留意,
  7. My parents didn’t oppose me taking part in singing competitions. On the contrary, they would enter my name for some important ones. (相反)
  8. Waking up on graduation day, she saw the dress hanging by her bed, the one she had dreamed of/about having for weeks. (梦想)
  9. To be frank/ to tell (you) the truth (说真的,老实说), I’m not at all interested in Christmas parties.
  10. After just 3 months of learning, she was able to express herself fluently in English. (表 达自己的意思)
  1)express oneself 表达自己的思想 感情 意见 表达自己的思想[感情 意见] 感情,
  2)express one's gratitude 表达感激之情
  3)She expressed her thanks.她表示感谢。 她表示感谢。 她表示感谢
  4)He can express himself in good clear English now after four years' hard learning. 经过四年的艰苦学习,现在他能用清楚流畅的英语表达自己的意思了 现在他能用清楚流畅的英语表达自己的意思了。 经过四年的艰苦学习 现在他能用清楚流畅的英语表达自己的意思了。
  11. From what is discussed above, we can safely draw/come to a conclusion that it’s necessary to ban students from taking mobile phones to school. (得出一个结论)

  1)arrive at a conclusion 得出结论, 告一段落 得出结论,
  2)come to a conclusion 得出结论, 告一段落 得出结论,
  3)draw a conclusion 得出结论, 告一段落 得出结论,
  4)reach a conclusion 得出结论, 告一段落 得出结论,
  5)at the conclusion of 当...完结时 完结时
  5)bring to a conclusion 使结束; 谈定(买卖等) 使结束; 谈定(买卖等)
  6)come to the conclusion that...所得结论是 所得结论是..., 断定 所得结论是
  7)draw the conclusion 得出结论, 推断 得出结论,
  8)in conclusion 最后, 总之 最后,
  12. Knowledge based on experience is not always precise or believable. (基于,建立在… 的基础上)
  13. Parents play a very important role in the development of their children’s characters. (起重要的作用)
  14. Although she didn’t mention any names, everyone knew what the teacher was referring to. (指到,提到,说到)
  15. Londoners have long been unreasonably proud of a health service that does not serve them well. (因…而感到自豪)
  16. I feel sorry for the children who have to drop out of school simply for lack of / lacking money. (缺乏)
  17.To be in the current situation, we have had to overcome difficulties of all kinds. (克服困 难)
  18.The prices of houses remain high in spite of/despite/ regardless of all the newly-introduced policies of governments at different levels. (尽管)
  19.There has been an increase in the number of kids addicted t



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