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  1. 单项选择:
  1) It is wrong to judge people according to their family . A. basis B. blocks C. behavior D. background
  2) Joe's friends all have a new bicycle, and he wants one, too. A. badly B. very C. quite D. barely
  3) Riding a bike helps develop a child’s sense of . A. being B. blank C. balance D. behavior
  4) Why not put your cigarettes away, John? There is a on smoking, you know. A. permit B. ban C. limit D. basis
  5) In order to save one or two pence, he is always shoppers. A. bargaining with B.dealing with C. talking with D.basing on
  6) Although they plant trees in this area every year, the tops of some hills are still . A. blank B. hollow C. vacant D. bare
  7) My mind/memory was a complete I couldn't think of a single answer. A. blank B. hollow C. vacant D. bare
  8) The company has branches all over the world, but their is in London. A. basis B. bottom C. base D. basic
  9) There is no for their belief that the sun is the center of the universe. A. ban B. reason C. basis D. back
  10) The radio stops working because the battery is . A. slow B. flat C. below D. behind
  11) We will never forget the great we fought against SARS in 20
  03. A. battle B. war C. fight D. struggle
  12) Mum, it is nice weather. I want to skate this afternoon. Don't you think the ice on the lake is too thin to your weight? A. stand B. bear C. catch D. become
  13) Your football team ours on Sunday, but we the game yesterday afternoon. A. beat; beat B. beat; won C. won; won D. won ;beat
  14) --What the boy who fell off the bike? --Nothing serious. The doctor says in a day or two, he can come back to school. A. has become of B. has happened with C. has occurred D. has become with
  15) It's bad for a man to smoke in the public places where smoking is not allowed. A. behavior B. action C. manner D. belief
  16) Are you going to have a holiday this year? I’d love to. I can’t wait to leave this place . A. off B. out C. behind D. back
  17) I don't the bird can write but I do my eyes -- I saw it with my own eyes. A. trust; believe in B. believe; believe in C. believe in; believe D. believe; trust
  18) I almost fell over the chair; put it back where it . A. belongs B. fits C. bears D. stands
  19) A large sum of money has been raised for the of the poorly-educated children in the
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mountainous areas. A. profit B. beneficial C. benefit D. advantage
  20) The hurricane damaged many houses and business buildings; , it caused 20 deaths. A. or else B. behind C. after all D. besides
  21) It’s a top secret. Yes, I see. I will keep the secret you and me. A. behind B. around C. among D. between
  22) This new model of car is so expensive that it is the reach of those with average income. A. over B. within C. beyond D. below
  23) My parents were happy about my choice. They thought I should major in medicine. A. not a bit B. a bit C. not a little D. a little
  24) I feel it is your husband who for the spoiled child. A. is to blame B. is going to blame C. is to be blamed D. should blame
  25) The river marks the between Mexico and the USA. A. boundary B. bound C. border D. edge
  26) Well, our English teacher is really . You see, he has usually not been on with his lesson for fifteen minutes when half of the students are so that they fell asleep. A. boring; bored B. bored; bored C. bored; boring D. boring; boring
  27) The head office of the bank is in Beijing, but it has all over the country. A.companies B. branches C. organization D.businesses
  28) Could you this 20-dollar bill so I can make a phone call? A. divide B. tear C. break D. cut
  29) The computer system suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet. A. broke down B. broke out C. broke up D. broke in
  30) Now that there are only five minutes to have a break, I'll make a summary of this lesson in . A. general B. brilliant C. lack D. brief
  31) Difficulties and hardships have the best character of the young geologist. A. brought in B. brought up C. brought out D. brought about
  32) The room is three meters long and two meters . A. width B. board C. broad D. abroad
  33) The government has devoted a large slice of its national to argriculture. A. budget B. arrangement C. bonus D. economy
  34) It takes a long time to a good fame, but it is quickly lost just because of one piece of bad behaviour. A. put up B. set up C. build up D. bring up
  35) Both and laughter do harm to your health. A. burst into tears; burst into B. to burst into tear; to burst into C. bursting into tears; bursting into D. tear; /
  36) the warning message, more deaths would have been caused in the village in the earthquake. A. But that B. Instead of C. But for D. Except for
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  37) Energy is usually measured , and goods are sold . A. by calories; by the weight B. by the calorie; by weight C. with calories; on weight D. in calories; by weight
  38) Not that John doesn't want to help you, it's beyond his power. A. for that B. but that C. and that D. in
  39) Mrs. Lee’ll move into her new house next Monday, it is completely finished. A. by which time B. by the time C.by this time D. by some time
  40) Books are the most lasting products of human effort. A. by means of B. by far C. as far as D. so far as
  41) I wish you’d do talking and some more work. Thus things will become better. A. a bit less B. any less C. much more D. a little more
  42) Excuse me for breaking in, I have some news for you. A. besides B. and C. but D. yet
  43) The students are kept busy for the coming exams in June. A. prepared B. preparing C. to prepare D. being prepared
  2.根据英文释义写出下列单词: bother bonus bid base bravery behavior bush brochure brand bargain
  1) the lowest part or surface of something [= bottom]
  2) manner of acting or controlling oneself
  3) to offer to pay a particular price for goods, especially in an auction (拍卖)
  4) money added to someone's wages, especially as a reward for good work
  5) to make someone feel slightly worried, upset, or concerned
  6) actions, behaviour, or an attitude that shows courage and confidence
  7) a thin book giving information or advertising something
  8) a plant with many thin branches growing up from the ground
  9) to discuss the terms of a deal in order to get a lower price
  10) a product’s name that makes it different from others
  3.选用下列词的适当形式填空: Part 1 balcony baggage back barrier balance bargain basis bad beat before
  1) The magazine is a number. You can take it out of the reading-room.
  2) Too much salt can be for you.
  3)Two pieces of went missing at the railway station.
  4) I lost my and fell on my face.
  5) My flat has got a , where I can stand and watch the sea.
  6) Some people would like to do shopping on Sundays since they expect to pick up wonderful in the market.
  7) Problems with childcare remain the biggest to women succeeding at work.
  8) In Iraq nowadays, plenty of people are short of necessities like food, water, and medicine.
  9) The room was so quiet that I could hear the of my heart.
  10) The roof fell he had time to rush into the house to save his baby. Part 2 behind belief beneficial benefit below but besides between budget belonging
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  11) The way people hold to the that a fun-filled, pain-free life equals happiness actually reduces their chances of ever obtaining real happiness.
  12) The reporter was determined to find the truth the news.
  13) Temperatures drop to 4 degrees freezing. It is very cold.
  14) The taxi driver often reminds passengers to take their when they leave the car.
  15) Cycling is highly to people’s health and the environment.
  16) The fact is that computers are of great to the development of science and technology.
  17) flowers, the pupils sent their teacher a nice greeting card for her birthday.
  18) I have read all the book you gave the last unit.
  19) A family on a can't afford meat every day.
  20) The two gentlemen are of the same age, but there seems to be ten years them. Part 3 beyond bottom brand break bitter blame breakthrough bill brain by
  21) I am sorry it’s my power to make a final decision on the project. (05 上海春季)
  22) Every day the mother seems to be busy until 10’clock at night, which time the rest of the family have fallen asleep.
  23) You will not know whether it is or sweet if you don’t taste it yourself.
  24) After a long debate the was passed and it will become law next month.
  25) The judge laid the for the accident on the driver of the car.
  26) You're so kind; thank you from the of my heart.
  27) The students who do best in examination are not always those with the best .
  28) Coke and Pepsi are the most popular of cola.
  29) The industrial park is not a very comfortable place to work in few trees or grassy areas; no cafes for staff to visit during their .
  30) They've made a major in the treatment of cancer. It is a great discovery. Part 3 burden beard booth brief brilliant burglar broad bonus breathless bond bunch business bravery

  31) It was impossible to see everything during our visit to Paris.
  32) She bore the of caring for her sick mother.
  33) The got in through the kitchen window and took away the jewelry.
  34) Tom, you should not do like that to our teacher! That’s no of yours.
  35) In ancient China, men with long were often thought to be wise.
  36) She is but her work lacks organization.
  37)The bank is reported in the local newspaper to have been robbed in daylight yesterday.
  38) The firm recognized Tom's outstanding work by giving him an extra .
  39) I'll give him a call from the phone on the corner.
  40) His was seen by everyone when he saved the child from the burning house.
  41) I was completely when I got to the top of the mountain.
  42) I received a of red roses on my birthday.
  43) Common tastes form a between the two men.
  4.选用下列动词的适当形式填空: Part 1
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behave boycott beat become bother bless blame benefit bear book

  1) We all products tested on animals. It is so cruel.
  2) The priest the ship before it left port.
  3) The flight was already fully ; no more seats were available.
  4) I cannot being ignored/to be ignored.
  5)The storm slowly died down with the golden waves the shore in peace.
  6) Such language doesn’t the lady like you.
  7)I don't want to her with my problems.
  8) The mother didn't know who to for the broken glass as it happened while she was out.
  9) both the present and the future, the loving care project is considered to be a great undertaking.
  10) It's hard to train children to well at the table. Part 2 block bleed brush brighten build broadcast break bounce brake bite betray burn bury burst better
  11) His nose is . Call in a doctor;otherwise he'll lose too much blood. Did you go to the museum yesterday? No. two meters of snow fell during the night, and so the main road was .
  13)Tommy! Stop up and down on the sofa.
  14) The driver had to suddenly to avoid a dog in the road.
  15) Strangely he dropped the bottle of milk on the ground, it into pieces.
  16) The smoke from cooking the presence of the enemy.
  17) The football match was live all over the world and millions of people saw it on TV.
  18) Don't forget to your teeth twice a day.
  19) The new teacher the life of all his pupils.
  20)The bridge being over the river is about 1500 meters long. It will be completed at the end of this year.
  21) I don’t know why they had the light all day long.
  22) The balloon will if you continue blowing it.
  23) The great writer died in 1956 and was in the churchyard of St Mary's.
  24) Bush, president of the USA said he would try to the relationship between the USA and China.
  25) Don't worry about the dog;he won't .
  5.选用下列短语及词组的适当形式填空: Part 1 belong to out of breath base on bargain with become of fall behind benefit from on the basis of believe in beg for
  1) Tired and , we reached the top of the mountain and stopped to admir



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