2011 届高考英语单项选择题 高中英语单项选择题精选(
  1.All the citizens, young and old, walked and sang, beautifully in new clothes of all kinds , the success of their football team. A. dressed, celebrating B. wearing, to celebrate C. dressed, to celebrate D. worn, celebrating
  2.He knows so much about the film The Lord Of The Ring. He must have seen it, ? A. mustn' t he B. doesn't he C. hasn' t he D. haven't he
  3. I promise you have the money as soon as I get it. A. shall B. need C. will D. can
  4. It's unbelievable that such a small girl have so much knowledge about computer. A. could B. would C. should D. might
  5.He dropped the and broke it. A. cup of coffee B. coffee's cup C. cup for coffee D. coffee cup
  6.Mr. Smith gradually a knowledge of the subject. 一. attained B. achieved C. required D. acquired
  7. it is to go for a picnic on such a fine day! A. What a fun B. What fun C. How funny D. How a fun (
  1) Could I use your computer to type a letter? You have my computer if you don't take care of it. A. shall not B. might not C. needn't D. shouldn't
  9.Don't you want to go to a karaoke bar with us? I wish I , but I have an appointment. ① may B. could C. can D. shall
  10.I tried to get through to her, but she simply not turn on her cell phone as she was busy. A. could B. might C. would D. should
  11.We have proved great adventurers ,but we have done the greatest march ever made in the past ten years. A. needn't B. may not C. shouldn't D. mustn't
  12. The importance of saving gas be stressed too much. Automobiles use up some 70 billion gallons of gas a year. A. shouldn't B. mustn't C. can't D. may not
  13. When the man was trying to break into the bank, he was caught by the police . A. in a spot B. on the spot C. off the spot D. to the spot
  14.One of the advantage of living on the top of a high rise is that you can get a good . A. sight B. scene C. view D. look
  15.Intelligence is to some extent one is born with. A. that B. of which C. something D. which
  16.Understanding the cultural habits of another nation, especially containing as many different subcultures as the United States, is a difficult task. A. one B. it C. that D. the one
  17.We are moved because Mr. Smith always prepares his lessons into the night. A. deeply, deeply B. deep, deep C. deeply, deep D. deep, deeply
  18.The policeman to the bedclothes and tried to find out whom they__. A. got close, belonged B. got closely, was belonged to C. got closely, belonged to D. got close, belonged to
  19. As you can see, the number of cars on our roads rising these days. A. was keeping B. keep C. keeps D. were keeping
  20. Where did you put the car keys?
Oh, I I put them on the chair because the phone rang as I in. A.remembered, come B. remembered, was coming C. remember, come D. remember, was coming
  1. It's the fact he doesn't know his own birthday surprises us all. A. which, which B. which, that C. that, that D. that, which
  22.The proposal had been put forward , and then arose the question we were to get the proofs. A. what, needed B. where, to needC. what, to need D. where, needed
  23.I don't believe that little children can finish much work in short time. A. so, so, so B. such, such, such a C. such, so, such a D. so, so, such a
  24.Excuse me, do you have the time? . A. Yes, I do B. Of course, I have C. A quarter to ten D. No problem
  25. It was a matter of would take the position. A. who B. whoever C. whom D. whomever
  26. I read about it in some book or other .Does it matter it was? A. where B. what C. how D. which
  27.Upon graduation he asked to be sent to . A. where he is most needed B. where he needs C. where he is mostly needed D. where is he mostly needed
  28. Air is to man water is to fish. A. which B. that C.what D. where
  29. Bread and butter their daily food, but the bread and the butter up now. is , is eaten B. is, have been eaten C. are, have been eaten D. are, are eaten
  30.Mike ,what did our monitor say just now? Every boy and every girl as well as teachers who to visit the museum asked to be at the school gate before 6:30 in the morning. A. is, is B. are, are C. is, are D. are, is 1-5CCACD 6-10DBABC 11-15BCBCC 16-20 ACDCD 21-25CDCCA 26-30DACBD 高中英语单项选择题精选(
  1.He drank so much that he went home with his friend him. A. supported B. supporting C. raising D. lifting
  2.Della, with a sad smile on her face, lay on the grass with her beautiful-looking arms under her small head. A. crossing B. crosses C. to cross D. crossed
  3.On May 26,2007, at World Table Tennis Championship, Ma Lin and Chen Qi won the gold medal in men's doubles with score of 4:
  2. A. a, a B. /, the C. a, / D. the, a
  4.Luckily for us, when we got there the weather to be fine. A. turned up B. turned out C. turned over D. turned into
  5.The Olympic Games are being live to many countries. A. conveyed B. transmitted B. C. transferred D.demonstrated
  6.Small as it is, the ant is as much a creature as all other animals on earth. A. are B. do C. is D. is
  7.It was Alice and her husband who sent the old man to the hospital, ? A. wasn't it B. was it C. didn't they D. did they
  8.Though golden weeks over the past eight years have huge returns for China's tourism industry, voices cancellation of the national holidays are becoming even stronger.
A. brought on , called up B. brought up, called in C. brought in, calling in D. brought about, calling for
  9.I went to the beach and got plenty of rest. .You looked tired last time I saw you. A. You'd better not B. Why not travel abroad C. I'm glad you did D. Sounds like a good idea
  10.Is Bob still working in Scrooge's office? I'm afraid not. He is said his position already as he has been fired. A. to have left B. to leave C. to have been left D. to be left
  11.Be careful to avoid my feet. A. stepping B. stepping on C. walking on D. to step on
  12.I've already asked Suzy three times to come with us and she said no. . She is upset with numerous troublesome problems. A. It's nothing serious B. Don't be sillyC. I have no idea D. Forget it then
  13.At the meeting they discussed three different to the study of mathematics. A. approaches B. means C. methods D. ways
  14.Walter offered us a lift when he was leaving the office, but our work ,we refused the offer. A. not finishing B. had not been finished C. not having finished D. not being finished
  15.Do you have any idea of any chance left? A. how much not B. there not being C. there was not D. not there being
  16.The police found few people at the station and all the buses . A. staying, gone B. stayed, gone C. staying, have gone D. to stay, had gone
  17.Cultural exchange plays an important role in healthy and stable Sino-American relations. A. furthering B. having C. increasing D. fastening
  18. The fact that she never apologized a lot about what kind of person she is. A. says B. talks C. appears D. declares
  19. I’m still working on my project. Oh, you will miss the deadline. Time is . A. running out B. going out C. giving out D. losing out
  20. Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still __ the traditional customs. A. perfom B. possess C. observe D. support
  21. The present situation is very complex, so I think it will take me some time to its reality. A. make up B. figure out C. look through D. put off
  22. In modern times, people have to learn to all kinds of pressure although they are leading a comfortable life. A. keep with B. stay with C. meet with D. live with
  23.He has always kept an ideal due to constant and regular physical exercise. A. body B. figure C. appearance D. form
  24.Finding a job in such a big company has always been his wildest dreams. A. under B. over C. above D. beyond
  25.”Long time no see” is sort of informal, but it is part of language that Americans use daily. A. the, a B. a, the C. /, the D. a, a
  26.We are late. I expect the film by the time we get to the cinema. A. will already have started B. would already have started C. shall have already started D. has already been started
  27.We could ask someone to do the work privately without it . A. know B. be known C. being known D. to be known
  28.He was driving so fast as to get himself into a dangerous situation he is likely to lose control over his car.
A. why B. where C. how D. which
  29.The police suspected him if carrying drugs so they his bag, but found nothing. A. looked up B. turned in C. searched for D. went through
  30.Was Martin sorry for what he had done? . It was just like him! A. Never mind B. All right C. Not really D. Not surprisingly 1-5 BDDBB 6-10AADCA 11-15BDADB 16-20 AAAAC 21-25 BDBDC 26-30 ACBDC 高中英语单项选择题精选(
  1.I wonder why you won't do it as . It's the third time you so. A. told you, do B. be told, did C. told to, have done D. you told, are doing
  2.Sanya is not at all a traveler who has never seen the sea before can imagine. A. that B. what C. which D. where
  3.Operations which patients exhausted and in need of long periods of recovery now leave them feeling relaxed and comfortable. A.leave B. had left C. left D. will leave
  4.His good work for the company was with a bonus. A. designed B. performed C. acknowledged D. Acquainted
  5.We want to purchase the same computers in your office. A. which are being used B. as are being used C. that are being used D. as they are being used
  6.It's said that the whole project will be completed by the end of next year, , personally, I doubt very much. A. it B. that C. which D. what
  7.Many of our country's workers get very little, if , attention. A. some B. any C. none D. many
  8.Many experts suggested that the tax on shares at once. A. should cut B. must cut C. be cut D. could cut
  9.She had been absent from school for nearly two weeks, so she had a lot of homework to . A. make up B. pick up C. take up D. add up
  10.You say we shouldn't tell Tom about the trip. This is I disagree with you about. A. where B. why C. which D. what
  11.All the plants now being grown on farms have developed from plants in the wild. A. once they grew B. they grew once C. that once grew D. grew once
  12. The couples present today all for over 50 years. A. marrying, have married B. married, have been married C. marrying, married D. married , have married
  13.The streets were full of crowds, all the Italian victory. A. celebrated B. having congratulated C. celebrating D. congratulating
  14.She the book sometime in the past as there is no way she could have answered the questions so accurately. A. ought to read B. must have read C. must read D. should have read
  15.The workers who attended the strike demanded that their wages by 10 percent. A. would be raised B. were raised C. be raised D. had been raised
  16.Your teacher telephoned to inform me of your test results, or I you failed again. A. wouldn't know B. wouldn't have know C. didn 't know D. hadn't known
  17. is none of your business. A.I shall take which course B. Which course shall I take
C. It is which course I shall take D. Which course I shall take
  18. the fact that Hobson was not a trained economist his achievements were remarkable. A. In consequence of B. In view of C. In case of D. In sight of
  19.After losing $20,000 on my last business venture, I any chances this time. A. haven't taken B. don't take C. wouldn't take D. am not taking
  20.Before you resign you should consider the effect will have on your family. A. it B. the one C. as D. what
  21. Living in the western part of the country has its problems, obtaining fresh water is not the least. A. with which B. for which C. of which D. which
  22. Coins may be different sizes, weights, shapes, and different metals as well. A. of B. in C. for D. to
  23. Greater efforts to increase agricultural production must be made if food shortage avoided. A. is to be B. can be C. will be D. has been
  24. High import taxes give their products a(n) advantage in the market. A. analytical B. artificial C. intelligent D. physical
  25. the instructions carefully so as not to get hurt. A. Following B. to follow C. Followed D. Follow
  26. The days are gone you could leave your door unlocked at night. A. when B. which C. before D. until
  27.quite recently, most mothers in Britain did not take paid work outside the home. A. Before B. Until C. From D. Since
  28. Won’ t you have more meat? No, thanks. I’ve has enough already. A. beyond B. more than C. greater than D. more plenty
  29. The band themselves “the Beatles” was a great hit that year. A. calls B. called C. calling D. to call
  30. Don’t more work than is good for your health. A. take up B. take on C. take in D. take down 1-5 CBCCB 6-10 CBCAD 11-15 CBCBC 16-20 BDBDA 21-25CAABD 26-30ABBD B 高中英语单项选择题精选(
  1. To my great frustration, the computer I had went wrong again. A. to repair B. repairing C. had repaired D. repaired
  2. Emergency line operators must always calm and make sure that they get all the information they need to send help.



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