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届高三英语一轮阅读理解练习( ) 江苏省 2011 届高三英语一轮阅读理解练习(
  1) A Ever since news of widespread food recalls caused by a carcinogenic dye broke, there has been confusion (混淆) over possible links to the country of the same name, but Sudan officials say there is no connection whatever. Sudan 1 is a red industrial dye that has been found in some chilli powder, but was banned in food products across the European Union (EU) in July 20
  03. Since the ban was put in place, EU officials have been striving to remove some food products from the shelves. So far 580 products have been recalled. Last week Sudan’s Embassy in the United Kingdom asked the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for clarification of the origin of the dye’s name. Omaima Mahmoud Al Sharief, a press official at Sudan’s Embassy in China, explained the purpose of the inquiry was to clear up any misunderstanding over links between the country and the poisonous dye. "We want to keep an eye on every detail and avoid any misunderstanding there," she said. "Our embassy to Britain asked them how the dye got that name and whether the dye had something to do with our country. But they told us there was no relationship." The FSA, an independent food security watchdog in Britain, received a letter from the Sudanese embassy last week. "They asked us why the dye is named Sudan, however, we also do not know how it got the name," she said. "People found the dye in 1883 and gave it the name. Nobody knows the reason, and we cannot give any explanation before we find out." Sudan dyes, which include Sudan 1 to 4, are red dyes 颜料) used for colouring solvents 溶 ( ( 剂), oils, waxes, petrol, and shoe and floor polishes. They are classified as carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.
  1. What does the underlined word mean in paragraph one? A. Causing cancer. B. Having side effect. C. Containing poison. D.Poisonous.
  2. How did the Sudan 1 get its name? A. The dye is often produced in Sudan. B. The dye has something to do with the country named Sudan. C. Nobody is sure of the origin of the name. D. Many foods produced in Sudan contain the dye.
  3. We can infer from the passage that. A. the Sudan government is paying much attention to the food safety B. Sudan 1 is often used to be added to the food C. people didn’t realize the danger of Sudan 1 until 2003 D. many food shops will be closed down
  4. Which of the following is the best title? A. Keep away from Sudan 1 B. No Sudan 1 dye links to the country C. How Sudan 1 dye got its name?
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D. Pay attention to the food safety B Long bus rides are like television shows. They have a beginning,a middle,and an endwith commercials (商业 广告) thrown in every three or four minutes. The commercials are unavoidable. They happen whether you want them or not. Every couple of minutes a billboard glides by outside the bus window. "Buy Super Clean Toothpaste.""Drink Good Wet Root Beer.""Fill up with Pacific Gas."Only if you sleep,which is equal to turning the television set off,are you spared the unending cry of "You Need It! Buy It Now!" The beginning of the ride is comfortable and somewhat exciting,even if you’ve traveled that way before. Usually some things have changednew houses,new buildings,sometimes even a new road. The bus driver has a style of driving and it’s fun to try to figure it out the first hour or so. If the driver is particularly reckless (鲁莽的) or daring,the ride can be as thrilling (惊心动魄的) as a suspense story. Will the driver pass the truck in time? Will the driver move into the right or the left hand lane? After a while,of course,the excitement dies down. Sleeping for a while helps pass the middle hours of the ride. Food always makes bus rides more interesting. But you’ve got to be careful of what kind of food you eat. Too much salty food can make you very thirsty between stops. The end of the ride is somewhat like the beginning. You know it will soon be over and there’s a kind of expectation and excitement in that. The seat of course,has become harder as the hours have passed. By now you’ve sat with your legs crossed,with your hands in your lap,with your hands on the armrestseven with your hands crossed behind your head. The end comes just at no more ways to sit.
  5.According to the passage,what do the passengers usually see when they are on a long bus trip? A.Buses on the road. B.Films on television. C.Advertisements on the billboards. D.Gas stations.
  6.What is the purpose of this passage? A.To give the writer’s opinion about long bus trips. B.To persuade you to take a long bus trip. C.To explain how bus trips and television shows differ. D.To describe the billboards along the road.
  7.The writer of this passage would probably favor . A.bus drivers who aren’t reckless B.driving alone C.a television set on the bus D.no billboards along the road
  8.The writer feels long bus rides are like TV shows because . A.the commercials both on TV shows and on billboards along the road are fun B.they both have a beginning,a middle,and an end,with commercials in between C.the drivers are always reckless on TV shows just as they are on buses D.both traveling and watching TV are not exciting.
  9.The writer thinks that the end of the ride is somewhat like the beginning because both are . A.exciting B.comfortable C.tiring D.boring C Modern man has cleared the forests for farmland and for wood,and has also carelessly burned them. More than that,though,he has also interfered (干涉) with the invisible bonds between the living things in the forests. There are many examples of this kind of destruction. The harmfulness of
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man’s interference can be seen in what happened many years ago in the forest of the Kaibab plateau (凯亚巴布高原) of northern Arizona. Man tried to improve on the natural web of forest life and destroyed it instead. The Kaibab had a storybook forest of largesized pine,Douglas fir,white fir,blue and Engelmann spruce. In 1882 a visitor noted,"We,who ... have wandered through its forests and parks,have come to regard it as the most enchanting region it has ever been our privilege (特权) to visit."This was also the living place of the Rocky Mountain mule deer. Indians hunted there every autumn to gather meat and skins. The forest also had mountain lions,timber wolves and bobcats that kept the deer from multiplying too rapidly. Then,in 1906,President Theodore Roosevelt made the Kaibab a national game preserve. Deer hunting was forbidden. Government hunters started killing off the deer’s enemies. In 25 years’ time,6,250 mountain lions,wolves and bobcats were killed. Before the program,there were about 4,000 deer in the Kaibab,by 1924,there were about 100,0
  00. The deer ate every leaf and twig they could reach. But there was not nearly enough food. Hunting of deer was permitted again. This caused a slight decrease in the deer herd (鹿群) ,but a far greater loss resulted from starvation (饥饿) and disease. Some 60 percent of the deer herd died in two winters. By 1930 the herd had dropped to 20,000 animals. By 1942 it was down to 8,0
  10.The destruction of the environment of the Kaibab resulted from . A.turning the forest into cultivated land B.interfering with natural cycle of forest life C.forest fires caused by man’s carelessness D.cutting the trees for building materials
  11."Engelmann spruce"(Para.
  2) is most likely the name of . A.a tree B.an animal C.a mountain D.a game
  12.The number of the deer in the Kaibab had increased enormously in years’ time. A.25 B.6 C.18 D.12
  13.Years later,large numbers of deer in the Kaibab died mainly because of . A.the cold B.the organized kill C.the shortage of food D.the poor management D In the USA Forbes magazine has published its annual list of the richest people in the world. Bill Gates of Microsoft is the richest man again for the eleventh successive year with a fortune of forty four billion dollars. There are a record 691 dollar billionaires according to Forbes magazine. Between them they have a fortune of two point two trillion dollars. The highest concentration of the ultra rich is in New York followed by Moscow and San Fransisco and then London and Los Angeles. But in total the very wealthy live in forty seven different countries with Iceland Kazakstan Ukraine and Poland entering the list for the first time this year. Laksmi Mittal,an Indian born steel tycoon (巨头)enjoyed the biggest increase in personal fortune. His net worth has quadrupled (变成四倍)to thirteen billion dollars making him the world’s third richest man. Ingvar Kamprad founder of the Swedish furniture chain Ikea also saw a big increase in wealth taking him to the sixth place. Developing countries make more of a showing
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than in past years ? there are for example three Russians and four Indians in the top sixty richest people, though surprisingly perhaps none from China excluding Hong Kong. Asian wealth is probably under represented as its usually spread among families whereas Forbes looks at individuals. Relatively few women feature in the list ? among them is JK Rowling,author of the Harry Potter novels ranked 620th with a fortune of 519 million dollars. New entrants to the list include the founders of the Internet search group Google Sergie Brin and Larry Page each worth more than seven billion dollars after their company’s recent stock market debut. The richest Italian is the prime minister Silvio Berlusconi ranked number 25 in the global wealth league.
  14. Which of the following persons has the largest fortune according to this year’s Forbes magazine? A. Laksmi Mittal. B. Ingvar Kamprad. C. JK Rowling. D. Silvio Berlusconi.
  15. There are about persons with a fortune between 100 million dollars and 519 million dollars in the world. A. 300 B. 180 C. 70 D. 150
  16. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. No Chinese has entered the top sixty richest people in the world. B. Russia is a developing country. C. This is the first time that Sergie Brin and Larry Page has been included in the list. D. There are more billionaires(亿万富翁) in New York than any other city in the world. 17 We can infer from the passage that . A. There are more billionaires in London than in Moscow. B. Ukraine is a very rich country in the world. C. JK Rowling’s novels have sold very well. D. The IT industry is a profit making industry.
E Ad. 1 April fool’s party On Friday, April 1, Inner Affair goes back to the days of funk! Classic Tunes from the 70’s and 80’s by DJs Den & Sion. 9pm till late. Tickets: Free entrance for those in costume, otherwise 50 yuan (US$
  6) Time/date: 9 pm, April 1 Place: Inner Affair, 1/F Qiankun Dasha, 6 Sanlitun Xiliujie, Chaoyang District Tel: 8454 0321 Ad. 2 Language in use Enjoy free in house coffee, tea and beer as well as music and dancing. Practice your Chinese, make friends and have fun. Time/date: 7 to 9 pm, March 25 Place: Language In Use Club, 2/F, Science Fortune Center, 8 Xueqing Lu, north of Xueyuan Lu,
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Haidian District Ad. 3 The "worst" party Organized by o zone productions, the party is set to be "the worst ever", with the lamest music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Special prizes will be awarded to the worst dressed or for bad fashion sense. Tickets: Free entrance Time/date: 9 pm, April 1 Place: Pula Pula, Tianze Lu, Oriental Seven Colours Plaza, Chaoyang District Tel: 6466 8575 Ad. 4 La Nuit Francaise Again on the 2nd Thursday of the month La Nuit Francaise will be held at Le Rendez vous. The monthly event is an opportunity for all French people and everyone interested in France or speaking French to gather together. The evening features three glasses of wine and canapes for participants and a special exhibition. Time/date: 7 to 10 pm, April 14 Place: Le Rendez vous, 3 Gongti Beilu, accross from the Pacific Century Plaza, Chaoyang District Tel: 6462 9110
Ad. 5 Marco V Dutch DJ Marco V drops by Banana for a gig which is supported by Hong Kong’s DJ Spark. Marco V has been around for many years, as an inventive, style blending deejay and a successful and devoted producer. His spinning is energetic, crowd pleasing and never sees an empty dance floor. He was ranked No. 15 in this year’s international DJ MAG DJ Top1
  00. Tickets: 40 yuan (US$
  80) in advance, 50 yuan (US$
  6) at the door, both include a free drink Time/date: 10 pm to 4 am, March 31, April 1 Place: Banana,



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