考前第 7 天
词汇句型天天记 重点单词 estimate n.&vt.估计, 估 量
evaluate vt.评估,评价 exceed vt.超过,越出 Exceedingly adv.非常, 极其
大声说 exclaim v.呼喊,
vt.把……排斥在外,不 exclude exclusive excursion flash flee flexible flock hardware 包括 adj.独有的,排他的 n.远足 vi.闪光,闪耀 vi.逃走 adj.易弯曲的;灵活的 n.羊群,(鸟兽等)一群; 一伙人 n.五金器具
harmony haste hatred incident index infant infect inferior infinite
n.和谐,融洽 n.急速,急忙 n.憎恶,憎恨 n.事件,事变 n.索引;标志 n.婴儿 v.传染 adj.劣等的, 次的, 下级的 adj.无限的
重点短语 放下;收起来; put away 把……放在原位; 存钱 使……整齐, 秩序 put in order put one’s heart into put through 接通电话 put up with 容忍,忍受 井然 全心全意投入
  1.主句+in order that/so that+从句 I got up early in order that/so that I could catch the first bus. =I got up early in order to/so as to catch the first bus. 我很早起床的目的是能赶上早班车。

  2.主句+so that+从句 It was very cold,so that the river froze. 天气如此之冷以致于河面都结冰了。 He stayed up late last night so that he could finish his remaining work. 昨晚他睡得很晚,以便能完成剩下的工作。
  3.So+形容词/副词+特定动词(助动词/情态 动词或系动词)+主语+that 从句 So interesting is this book that I would like to read it again. 这本书如此有趣以致于我打算再读一遍。
模板作文天天诵 某英文报社正在面向中学生征稿,讨论学 校存在的少数学生考试作弊现象。请你根据下 表提示,写一篇不少于 120 个词的文章,分析 一下产生这种现象的原因,并阐述你对这种现 象的看法。 原因
  2.一 些 学生 对学 习 不感 兴趣,学习不努力;
  3.想 取 得好 成绩 来 迎合 教师和家长。 ? 你的看法
【参考范文】 It is known to us all that some students cheat in examinations at schoo
  1. As students , we often have to take examinations,but sometimes we have too many examinations,some of which are too difficult for us.On the other hand,some of the students have little interest in what they are learning and don’t work hard at their lessons.So when taking examinations,they sometimes cheat in order to get better results to please their parents and teachers.
In my opinion,it is quite wrong to cheat in examinations because it does us more harm than good.We students should be honest and try to get good results by improving our way of learning and studying hard instead of cheating in examinations.We should always keep in mind that honesty is more important and valuable than examination results.
对点巩固天天练 对点巩固天天练
  1.Yukio Hatoyama has been elected Prime Minister of Japan,and all the Japanese
C are looking forward to new Japan
under his leadership. A./;/ C./;a B.the;a D.the;/
词;第二个空 Japan 前有 new 修饰,为泛指, 用 a。故答案为 C。

  2. There is no in trying to persuade him B to change his mind,for he never follows the advice of others. A.doubt C.difficulty
B.point D.wonder
考查名词辨析。doubt 意为“怀疑”;
point 意为“意图;理由”;difficulty 意为“难 度”;wonder 意为“惊讶,惊叹”。根据后半 句“he never follows the advice of others”可知, 答案为 B。

  3.Suppose you write with your opposite hand,
D you do not usually use for writing.
A.that C.what B.one D.the one
解析 考查代词。本句中 one 是特指,加定冠 词 the;the one 在句子中作同位语,代指前面的 your opposite hand。故答案为 D。

  4. She studied hard and later became a
C well-known artist, her mother had
expected. A.that was what C.which was what
B.what was that D.which was that
看,句子后半部分应该是一个由 which 引导的 非限制性定语从句;其后的表语从句中,expect 是及物动词,其后缺宾语,因此应该用 what 来 引导。

  5.She began to take science and technology
A when she was still in the middle
school. A.seriously C attentively C.attentively B.strictly D specially D.specially
解析 考查副词辨析。take...seriously 是固定搭 配,意为“严肃(认真)对待……”,根据句意可 知,答案为 A。其他选项意思不符合题意。

  6. ?Why didn’t you go fishing with your firends yesterday?
B ?Well,fishing is an activity which
a great deal of patience,which I don’t have. A.calls in B.calls for C.calls on D.calls up 解析 考查动词短语辨析。call in 意为“召
集”;call for 意为“需要”;call on 意为“号 召;拜访”;call up 意为“打电话”。根据句 中 a great deal of patience 可知, 这里指“钓鱼需 要耐心”,故答案为 B。

  7.She started to try every material the A best way to do it. A.known to find C.knowing finding B.knowing to find D.known finding
解析 考查非谓语动词。过去分词 known 作后 置定语修饰 material,与所修饰的词之间是动宾 关系;动词不定式 to find 作目的状语。

  8.The two naughty boys in the class started
D fighting and the monitor tried to
them. A.divide C.share B.seize D.separate
解析 考查动词辨析。divide 意为“划分”; seize 意为“抓住”;share 意为“分享”; separate 意为“分开,隔开”。根据句意可知, 答案为 D。
  9.Little that we were watching her
every move,as she seemed to be going her own way in this business. A.she realized B.she didn’t realize C.did she realize D.didn’t she realize 解析 考查倒装结构。 半否定词 little 放在句首,
句子要用倒装结构;little 本身表示否定,故谓 语动词用肯定形式。
  10. is an easy-going student, he Jim but
be difficult to deal with. A.must 解析 B.can C.shall D.will 考查情态动词。前后半句为转折关系,
由此可推断句意为:Jim 是个随和的学生,但他 可能不好对付。这里用 can,表示不确定性,故 答案为 B。
  11. I wished that I her the news,and
then she worried now. A.didn’t tell;wouldn’t be B.hadn’t told;wouldn’t have been C.hadn’t told;wouldn’t be D.didn’t tell;wouldn’t have been
解析 考查虚拟语气。前者与过去的事实相反, 故用过去完成时;后者与现在的事实相反,故 用 wouldn’t be。

  12. have made up my mind, nothing you say I and
D it.
A.changes C.is changing
B.has changed D.will change
说什么都不会使我改变主意”可知,这里用一 般将来时,答案为 D。
  13. Women have big advantages men in
space because they need less food and oxygen and they stand up to radiation better. A.on B.over C.with D.to 解析 考查介词。 have an advantage over sb.为固
定搭配,表示“比某人有优势”,故答案为 B。
  14. from heart trouble for years ,
Professor White has to take some medicine with him wherever he goes. A.Suffered C.Having suffered 解析 B.Suffering D.Being suffered
故前半句用非谓语动词。根据句中 for years 可 知,用分词的完成式作原因状语。故答案为 C。

  15.?Your car is in the way.Could you move it a little,please? A ?. A.With pleasure B.Not at all C.My pleasure D.Yes,please 解析 考查交际用语。Not at all 意为“一点也
不”,不合语境;My pleasure 用于回答 Thank you 之类表示感谢的话; With pleasure 用于礼貌 地表示乐意做别人让自己做的事,意为“非常 愿意”。故答案为 A。
二、阅读理解 A We bet that on cold wintry days, many of you love to stay in your warm home and, every now and then, come out into the kitchen for a snack. Unfortunately, plenty of creepy-crawly critters(爬 行生物) like to do the same thing! Winter is the time when bugs(虫子) invade your house without an invitation. The season can be tough for such creatures. In winter the air is cold, the ground is hard and many trees have no leaves. So bugs do what they have to do to survive.
Monarch butterflies head south to warmer climates. Ants crowd in deep underground colonies and eat food they have been storing all year. Many insects go into a deep sleep called diapause. There’re different kinds of diapause, There re but all are similar to hibernation, a time when bigger animals become inactive in the cold. Insects go into an inactive period, too, but it often isn’t when the temperature drops.
They rely on more dependable signals in the environment. For example, many insects can tell how much sunlight there’s each day. They use that to tell them when to shut down. Bugs are cold-blooded, meaning that their inside temperature is the same as the outside. They can’t move much when it gets below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So they search for any warm place.
They’re looking for protection. These guys have been doing this for 300 million years, so they don’t really know they’re coming into your house. The home is a recent event in terms of their evolutionary behavior. They enter through tiny cracks or come in unnoticed on your clothes or shoes. Remember that they may be invading your homes for warmth and food, but they don’t care about humans.

  1. What is the purpose of the first paragraph? A.To point out that humans like to stay at home in winter. B.To mean that humans and bugs have the same living habits. C.To mean that bugs will invade the house for their winter. D.To put forward the idea that bugs are not welcome in winter.
类一样,也喜欢呆在温暖的屋里,结合文章的后 面几段,本段暗示虫子在冬天会入侵人类住所。
答案 C

  2.According to the text, what is diapause? A.It is the same as the animals’ hibernation. B.It often appears in warm areas all the year. C.It is done to keep bugs active in winter. D.It is a deep sleep similar to hibernation. 解析 细节理解题。根据文章第三段,虫子经过
“diapause”的目的是度过缺少光照等条件的冬 季,类似于冬眠的长时间睡觉,但并不是冬眠, 更不是为了确保冬天的活跃状态。
答案 D

  3.What often decides bugs’ diapause? A.The lower local temperatures. B. The amounts of sunlight. C. Kinds of environmental signals. D. The insects’ inside temperature. 解析 rely 细节判断题。根据文章第四段的“They on more dependable signals in the
environment”可知,虫子的“diapause”是由它 们的多种依赖因素的变化所决定的,不一定全靠 温度或者光照。
答案 C

  4.According to the text, bugs invade humans’ homes to . C A.attack humans B.look for enough food C.seek for protection D.show their evolutionary results
屋是为了寻求保护,把自己置身于安全形势之 下,而不仅仅是寻求食物。

  5.What would be the best title for the text? A.Bugs’ life on cold wintry days B.Why bugs invade your home in winter? C.Good relations between humans and bugs D.What does diapause mean? 解析 标题概括题。整篇文章主要是告诉了读者
答案 B
B It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and Maggie and I were returning from our walk through the woods. We were only a couple of blocks from home when I spotted a cellphone and credit card sitting on the road. We took them home. We find amazing things on the street. She looks upon it as a movable dinner. Chicken wings here and there. I found another cellphone a few years back, too, and called a number in its phone book. I explained the situation to the guy who answered. He said it was his sister’s and that he’d swing by to pick it up, which he did.
And that was that. No verbal(口头的) thank you, no written thank you, no“Here’s a box of chocolates” thank you. I didn’t have time to call anyone on my latest found cellphone. I was pouring myself coffee when it started to vibrate(颤动) and dance across the kitchen counter. “Who’s this?” someone asked when I picked up. “Who’s this?” I countered. “Sarah?”
She was taken aback until she realized her name was on the credit card I also had recovered. “Could you send it to me?” she asked. She lives in Arlington, which is 2 miles from my house. “Hmm, no, I replied, adding that I thought ” she could come to get them, and that if I wasn’t home, they would be in my mailbox.
A day later, when I was out for a run, someone retrieved them. But I got nothing. In this age



   考前第 7 天 词汇句型天天记 重点单词 estimate n.&vt.估计, 估 量 evaluate vt.评估,评价 exceed vt.超过,越出 Exceedingly adv.非常, 极其 大声说 exclaim v.呼喊, vt.把……排斥在外,不 exclude exclusive excursion flash flee flexible flock hardware 包括 adj.独有的,排他的 n.远足 vi.闪光,闪耀 vi.逃走 adj.易弯曲的;灵活的 n ...


   考前第 2 天 词汇句型天天记 重点单词 favorite gallery gallon gap garbage gaze gear gene lest liable adj.特别受喜欢的; n.特别喜爱的人 (或事物) n.画廊 n.加仑 n.间隔,差距 n.垃圾,废物 v.凝视,注视 n.齿轮;传动装置 n.基因 conj.唯恐,免得 adj.可能的, 大概的; (to)易于…… 的 liberty licence n.自由 n.许可证;执照 moisture n.潮湿 motivate ...


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   考前第 8 天 词汇句型天天记 重点单词 mist noticeable notify notion resemble reveal revenue shelter shield n.薄雾 adj.显而易见的 vt.通知,告知 n.观念;信念;理解 vt.像,类似于 vt.揭露 n.收入;税收 n.掩蔽处;住所 n.防护物, vt.保护, 盾; 防护 vital vitally urban urge urgent usage violence violent violet weed welf ...


   考前第 2 天 词汇句型天天记 重点单词 favorite gallery gallon gap garbage gaze gear gene lest liable adj.特别受喜欢的; n.特别喜爱的人 (或事物) n.画廊 n.加仑 n.间隔,差距 n.垃圾,废物 v.凝视,注视 n.齿轮;传动装置 n.基因 conj.唯恐,免得 adj.可能的, 大概的; (to)易于…… 的 liberty licence n.自由 n.许可证;执照 moisture n.潮湿 motivate ...


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   Unit 4 Earth and Environment Part I Warming Up Training focus: Select information: “What, who, how” in news items. News Item 1 Pre-listening questions: Everest: The Mount Everest A mountain of the central Himalaya Mountains on the border of Xizang ...


   优秀学生英语 、 优秀学生英语 A、B 级经验交流会 一、活动主旨: 活动主旨: 级考试时所有在校大学生缩共同关心的问题。 全国大学英语 AB 级考试时所有在校大学生缩共同关心的问题。 在考试之前举行优秀学生 级经验交流会旨在为大一新生提供良好的英语学习方法及备考方案 让同学们熟悉 为大一新生提供良好的英语学习方法及备考方案, 英语 AB 级经验交流会旨在为大一新生提供良好的英语学习方法及备考方案, 考试流程,并对今年的考试趋势有所了解,同时树立榜样传授经验,交流学习, 考试流程,并对今年的 ...


   A 根轨迹 简介 控制系统三个基本的性能指标是稳定性、满意的稳态精度和满意的暂态响应。如果已知系统的传递函数,劳斯-胡尔维茨判据会告诉我们系统是否稳定。如果系统稳定,可以确定各种类型输入时系统的稳态精度。为了确定暂态响应的特性,我们需要知道特征方程的根在s 平面上的位置。遗憾的是,特征方程通常不能分解成因式并且是高阶的。 根轨迹技术是一种当任意单一参数,如增益或时间常数,从零变到无穷时确定特征方程的根的位置的一种绘图方法。因此,根轨迹不仅提供系统绝对稳定性而且提供稳定裕量 ...


   2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题十 "书面表达 年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题十 " 考点一 考点一、话题作文 (2010 湖南省娄底市,Ⅲ、C)书面表达,10 分) Zhou Hui 和 Ge Bin 是“一帮一”活动中结成的一对学习伙伴。 Zhou Hui 在 Ge Bin 的帮助下 有了明显的进步。请根据下表信息写一篇 60 字左右的短文。(开头已写出,不计入总词数) Zhou Hui Ge Bin In the past Now didn’t listen car ...


   国外生活必备英文词汇全搜索 price 价格,价钱 住宿篇1 dollar 美元 -住宿篇 service 服务,服侍 前台: company 陪伴,同伴 of course 当然 single room 单人房 rate 价格,费用 double room 双人房 tax extra 另加税金 intend 想要,打算 look forward to 期待,希望 一批,receive 接待,接见,欢迎 party (参加共同活动的) 一组,一组人 guest 旅客,宿客 date 日期,日 ...