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限时训练题十四 完型填空 The trip to that city was eye-opening for everyone, and near its end , all the young people in our group began to reflect on what it had meant. We __1__ the first night we had arrived. We had all gone into the markets of the city so that the young people could experience its energy. But what we actually saw simply shocked us all ?the rundown houses, the children in rags, the people begging for money… Walking home, 2under a low bridge, we came across 3 families of homeless people seeking a bit of dry ground to sleep on for the night. We had to step over bodies as we found our way through the darkness. The poverty was 4than anything my young companions had ever imagined. Back in the hotel, an air of sadness settled over the group. Many 5 and cried. Spending time in this environment moves a person to care about humanity. That evening, our group spent hours talking about what we had witnessed. Gently, I encouraged everyone to talk about the difficult 6that day’s discoveries had inspired. Sitting together in a circle as everyone had a chance to speak, we all began to realize that none of us was alone in our struggle to cope with our reactions. Based on my 7 in poverty-stricken areas, I suggested that while the emotions we had were painful, they could also be important in helping us to move forward. We all 8 that we had seen things that should never be allowed to happen. 9, what could we do about it? Together, we began to brainstorm ways we could help to ease the suffering we had seen. As I encouraged group members to focus on what they could do, a sense of determination __10 the previous sadness. Instead of despair, these young people began to feel a call to action. back to C.looked back on D.made up for
  1.A.put up with
  2.A.marching B.running C.passing D.moving B.normal C.average D.general
  4.A.stronger B.deeper C.worse D.less
  5.A.gave up B.broke down C.set off D.held on
  6.A.feelings B.decisions C.thoughts D.impressions
  7.A.experiences B.schedules D.position B.advised C.confirmed D.agreed
  9.A.Surely B.Rather C.Now D.Indeed
  10.A.replaced B.changed C.covered D.improved 语法填空 I was in a rush as always, but this time it was for an important date I just couldn’t be late for! I found myself at a checkout counter behind 1__elderly woman seemingly in no hurry as she paid for her groceries. A PhD student with not a lot of money, I had hurried into the store to pick up some flowers. I was in a huge rush, thinking of my upcoming evening. I did not want to be late for this date. We were in Boston, a place not always 2(know)for small conversation between strangers. The woman stopped unloading her basket and looked up at me. She smiled. It was a nice smile ?warm and reassuring ?and I returned her gift by
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smiling back. “Must be a special lady, whoever it is 3will be getting those beautiful flowers,” she said. “Yes, she’s special,” I said, and then to my4_(embarrass), the words kept coming out. “It’s only our second date, but somehow I am just having the feeling she’s ‘the one’. Jokingly, I added, “The only problem is that I can’t figure out 5she’d want to date a guy like me.” “Well, I think she’s very lucky to have a boyfriend who brings her 6lovely flowers and who is obviously in love with her,” the woman said.” “My husband used to bring me flowers every week ?even when times were tough and we didn’t have much money. Those were incredible days; he was very romantic and ? of course ? I miss him since he’s passed away.” I paid for my flowers as she was gathering up her groceries. There was no doubt in my mind as I walked up to her. I touched her 7the shoulder and said, “You were right, you know. These flowers are indeed for a very special lady.” I handed her the flowers and thanked her 8such a nice conversation. It took her a moment to realize that I was giving her the flowers I9(purchase). “You have a wonderful evening,” I said. I left her with a big smile and my heart warmed as I saw her smelling the beautiful flowers. I remember being(slight) late for my date that night and telling my girlfriend the above story. A couple of years later, when I finally worked up the courage to ask her to marry me, she told me that this story had helped to seal it for her ?that was the night that I won her heart. 阅读理解 Four people in England back in 1953, stared at Photo 51,It wasn’t much?a picture showing a black X. But three of these people won the Nobel Prize for figuring out what the photo really showed ?the shape of DNA. The discovery brought fame and fortune to scientists James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins. The fourth, the one who actually made the picture, was left out. Her name was Rosalind Franklin.”She should have been up there,” says historian Mary Bowden.” If her photos hadn’t been there, the others couldn’t have come up with the structure.” One reason Franklin was missing was that she had died of cancer four years before the Nobel decision. But now scholars doubt that Franklin was not only robbed of her life by disease but robbed of credit by her competitors At Cambridge University in the 1950s, Watson and Click tried to make models by cutting up shapes of DNA’s parts and then putting them together. In the meantime, at King’s College in London, Franklin and Wilkins shone X-rays at the molecule(分子). The rays produced patterns reflection the shape. But Wilkins and Franklin’s relationship was a lot rockier than the celebrated teamwork of Watson and Crick. Wilkins thought Franklin was hired to be his assistant .But the college actually employed her to take over the DNA project. What she did was produce X-ray pictures that told Watson and Crick that one of their early models was inside out. And she was not shy about saying so. That angered
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Watson, who attacked her in return, “Mere inspection suggested that she would not easily bend. Clearly she had to to go or be put in her place.” As Franklin’s competitors, Wilkins, Watson and Crick had much to gain by cutting her out of the little group of researchers, says historian Pnina Abir-Am. In 1962 at the Nobel Prize awarding ceremony, Wilkins thanked 13 colleagues by name before he mentioned Franklin, Watson wrote his book laughing at her. Crick wrote in 1974 that “Franklin was only two steps away from the solution.” No, Franklin was the solution. “She contributed more than any other player to solving the structure of DNA. She must be considered a co-discoverer,” Abir-Am says. This was backed up by Aaron Klug, who worked with Franklin and later won a Nobel Prize himself. Once described as the “Dark Lady of DNA”, Franklin is finally coming into the light.
  57. What is the text mainly about? A. The disagreements among DNA researchers. B. The unfair treatment of Franklin. C. The process of discovering DNA. D. The race between two teams of scientists.
  58. Watson was angry with Franklin because she . A. took the lead in the competition B. kept her results from him C. proved some of his findings wrong D. shared her data with other scientists
  59. Why is Franklin described as “Dark Lady of DNA”? A. She developed pictures in dark labs. B. She discovered the black X-the shape of DNA. C. Her name was forgotten after her death. D. Her contribution was unknown to the public.
  60. What is the writer’s attitude toward Wilkins, Watson and Crick? A. Disapproving. B. Respectful. C. Admiring. D. Doubtful. 读写任务 请阅读下面这篇新闻报道,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 There are many poems describing the scenes of hard-working peasants. Now, if you want to experience the fun of planting vegetables and getting income from that, you just need to click on the Internet. Recently, growing vegetables on the Internet has become popular quickly. Many people grow vegetables in the major websites and steal vegetables crazily in their spare time or during the break of study or work. So, "Online vegetables" has become a trend. The so-called "Online vegetables" game is a "Happy Farms" program. The players only need to apply for one space on some websites like QQ space, they can have a vegetable garden, as well as a hut, a food storeroom, a shovel(铲子), a watering can and other tools. With the rising game level, they can buy at the store a variety of crop seeds, and then plant the seeds, water and fertilize the plants, while anxiously awaiting the harvest. The kinds of plants, once ripe, need to be harvested in a rush. That’s because if not gathered in timely, the fruits may be stolen or sold out for money. As the game becomes a fashion, the common greeting “Good morning!”has been
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replaced by “Have you stolen any vegetables today?” 【写作内容 写作内容】 写作内容
  1. 以约 30 个词概括上文的内容要点。
  2. 然后以约 120 个词就“开心菜园”谈谈你的想法,包括: (
  1) 以你或他人的经历来说明“开心菜园”对生活带来的影响。 (
  2) 你认为“开心菜园”是不是值得做的一件事,为什么? 【写作要求 写作要求】 写作要求
  1. 在作文中可以使用自己亲身的经历或虚构的故事,也可以参照阅读材料的内 容但不得直接引用原文中的句子;
  2. 作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 【评分标准 评分标准】 评分标准 概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章连贯。 【思考要点 思考要点】 思考要点
  1. In what aspect can we be affected by the game?
  2. What does the experience show us?
  2. Is it a worthwhile thing to do? Why? 【可能用到的词汇 可能用到的词汇】 可能用到的词汇 have an influence on, spend time and efforts, devote one’s time to…; distract sb. from…; get addicted to; relieve pressure; have a break from the busy work/study; gain satisfaction; a way to relax oneself; entertain oneself; play a trick on others; have fun; keep in touch with sb. put one’s heart into… ; incredible; unreasonable; beyond one’s comprehension; be obsessed to…;

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答案解析 完型填空
  1.C. 考查动词短语辨析。A 忍受;B 返回,恢复;D 弥补均不和句意; 由上句…..began to reflect on what it had meant. 现在要"回想"一下在城市旅游的所闻所见,选 C。
  2.C. 动词词义辨析。前有 walking home , 由 under a low bridge 可知是从很底的桥下“经过, 通过”,选 C.
  3. A. 考查形容词词义辨析。normal "正常的";average"平均的;一般的,普通的";general" 大体的,笼统的"; entire"整个的,全部的";此处意思是作者见到的是无家可归的“一满家 人”,选 A。
  4. C. 考查形容词比较级。此处的关键是 than,所以句意是"比我们年轻的同伴想象的要更加 糟糕",选 C.
  5. B. 考查动词短语辨析。 由上句 an air of sadness settled over the group, 可知悲伤地气氛围绕 着队员,很多同学心情低落,可知只有"break down"意思为“身体(情绪)等跨了”,选 B 符合。
  6. A. 考查名词词义辨析。此处意思是我鼓励



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