选修 9
Unit 2 Sailing the oceans 能力演练
一、语法填空? 语法填空? A jobless man applied for the position of “office boy” at a big firm. The HR manager 1 (interview)him,then a test:clean the floor. “You are
hired,” he said,“Give me your email address,? 2 I,ll send you the application to fill.” The man replied, don,t have a computer,? “I email.”? “that means you do not exist.And 4 “I,m sorry,” said the HR manager, doesn,t exist cannot have the job.” The man left 5 no hope at all.He didn,t know what to do,with only $10 in his pocket.? He then decided to go to the supermarket and buy a 10 KG tomato crate.He then sold the tomatoes from door to door.In less than two hours,he 6 (success)in doubling his capital.He repeated the operation 3 times,and returned home with $
  60.? 5 years later,the man is one of the 7 (big)foodretailers(零售商)in the 3 an
US.He started to plan his family,s future,and decided to have a life insurance.? He called 8 insurance broker,and chose a protection plan.When the conversation was concluded,the broker asked him his email.The man replied,“I don,t have an email.”
The broker replied 9
(curious),“You don,t have an email,and yet have you could have been if you
established an empire!Do you imagine 10 had an email?”?
The man thought for a while,and replied, “An office boy!”? 二、 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? I put a package of small gold colored foil(金箔)angels in my purse after my illness.The package was 1 and the angels fell out into my purse.? On the way home,I was at the store 2 for something and change was required.I dug in,got the change and gave it to the 3 .I didn,t realize there were also angels sticking(粘)to the 4 !Well,she said,“Oh angels
for me! Thank you!Come back and see me anytime!”? This 5 several times that day,with almost the same reaction at
different places,with different people.So now I keep the angels in there and 6 dispense(分发)them with the change.? This little 7 has led to some interesting conversations-for 8 where the lady received the
example,when I went back to the same
first angels,she told me how much she 9 them and kept them by her bed.? She then told me,“I was 10 as a child.I couldn,t walk or talk.My
grandparents told me that if I didn,t give up I would be healed because the angel was 11 me.I started praying,and within a year I was totally healed!I,m so 12 for this healing!”? me,she thought I was an
She also told me that the first time she, 13
angel!I then gave her some more angels,and 14 she acted like I had given her a million dollars!? What a lovely 15 !? I always plan on keeping the little gold angels in my purse and dispensing them everywhere.When I do,I don,t say anything?I just give them with the change.?
  1.A.lost C.opened
  2.A.calling C.looking
  3.A.salesperson C.beggar
  4.A.clothes C.money
  5.A.changed C.existed
  6.A.never C.always B.mended ? D.stolen B.paying ? D.applying B.waiter ? D.conductor B.purse ? D.package B.happened ? D.burst B.almost ? D.eventually

  7.A.reaction C.help
  8.A.company C.station
  9.A.treasured C.expected
  10.A.clumsy C.wounded
  11.A.inside C.like
  12.A.responsible C.grateful
  13.A.dreamed C.saw
  14.A.however C.later
  15.A.trade C.plan 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解?
B.fault ? D.practice B.store ? D.city B.missed ? D.needed B.blind ? D.disabled B.outside ? D.near B.sorry ? D.proud B.served ? D.found B.also ? D.again B.experience ? D.method
专题训练( 专题训练(十)
在第 1~5 题中,Susan,Mike,Jane,George 和 Tom 正计划参加一个夏令 营。阅读下面六个夏令营的介绍(选项 A、B、C、D、E 和 F) ,选
出符合各人需求的最佳选项。选项中有一项是多余选项。 ?
  1.Susan,a biology student,has a particular interest in wildlife.She is curious about how people and wildlife canco ? existpeacefully in an area.She would like to study the environment and wild animals.With information she gathers in the camp she hopes to complete her project on wildlife.?
  2.Mike is eager to stay away from the busy city life for a while.He and his classmates have decided to join a summer camp where they can learn outdoor skills and learn to solve problems all by themselves.?
  3.Jane is longing for a break from school life.She wants to 〖JP
  3〗try something different and exciting.She is especially interested in mountain biking and water sports.?
  4.George is a born leader and is popular among his classmates.As a chairman of the Student Club,he often organizes activities and games.Hed like to attend wilderness courses which offer youth a chance to lead,and succeed.?
  5.Tom is a sports fan and a lover of the outdoors.Besides water sports,he enjoys horse ? racing and hiking.He would like to go to a camp which offers a great variety of sports.?? Summer ? s almost here,and a summer camp near you provides piles of summer fun...?


Getaway(L.A.Area Council,233 Scout Way,Los Angeles,CA 90026;[2
  13]413 ? 44
  00):Backpacking(背背包徙步旅行)is the top activity at this camp,including classes in backpacking stove(火炉)operation,back country first aid,water purification (净化),and map and compass skills.

WISCONSIN:Gardner Dam Scout Camp(Bay ? Lakes
Council,P.O.Box 267,Appleton,WI 54912; [ 920 ] 734 ? 57
  05):Whitewater canoeing(激流独木舟运动)is offered if you want to have fun on the river.A 35 ? mile overnight mountain biking trip is for those who prefer to stay on dry land.The camp is for boys and girls 12 ?
  18. C ☆ KANSAS:Spanish Peaks Scout Camp(Santa Fe Trail
Council,1513 E.Fulton Terrace, Garden City,KS 67846;[6
  20] 275 ? 516
  20):Rock climbing around the camp and mountain climbing,including an attempt of topping East Spanish Peak.Join us and meet new friends and learn new activities.

IDAHO:Camp Aspen Ridge(Trapper Paths Council,1200
East 5400 South,South Ogden,UT 84403; [ 801 ] 479 ? 54
  60):Horseback riding and hillwalking are popular on the paths.Swimming,canoeing,rowing and fishing activities are offered on the lake.Learn about the culture and have fun! E ☆ NORTH CAROLINA:Camp Bud Schiele(Piedmont
Council,1222 E.Franklin Blvd,Gastonia,NC 28053;[7
  04] 864 ? 26
  94):Learn about the environment of the area while taking trips deep into the woods.Then spend Friday testing what you ? ve learned against other groups.Activities are in some of the most untouched wilderness areas across the state. F ☆ MAINE:Camp Roosevelt(Katahdin Area Council,Bangor,ME 04402; 2
  07] 866 ? 22
  41):The log cabin dining house was built [ in 1929 and offers good camp food.Once you get your fill,take on the camp ? s Leaders Today program,which will have you climbing,jumping and working your way to better leadership skills.

  1.解析:这里应填谓语动词的过去时,HR manager:人力资源部经理。
? 答案:interviewed
  2.解析: “Do sth.,and sb./sth.will...”是一个常见句型,例如:Use your head,and you ? ll find a way.? 答案:and
  3.解析:若上句是否定句,则后一句常用 neither 或 nor 表示“也不, 也没有” ? 。 答案:neither/nor/or
  4.解析: whoever 在这里作主语引导主语从句,整句意思是“凡是不存在的人 都不能拥有这份工作。 ”? 答案:whoever
  5.解析:with no hope at all=without any hope:不抱任何希望。? 答案:with
  6.解析:此处缺少谓语动词。? 答案:succeeded
  7.解析: “one of the+形容词最高级+名词复数”是固定结构。? 答案:biggest
  8.解析:an insurance broker:一个保险经纪人。? 答案:an
  9.解析:这里应填副词作状语修饰动词 replied。? 答案:curiously

  10.解析:what 引导宾语从句,在从句中作 have been 的表语。整个宾 语从句用了虚拟语气,意思是: “要是你有 email,那你又该成了什么 样的人哪?”? 答案:what 二、? 分析:作者通过无意中送给别人金箔做的纸天使的经历,阐释了信念 对人生的重要性。
  1.解析:本来这些金箔折的天使在一个小袋里,但是这个小袋开口了 (opened) ,于是它们散落在了“我”的钱包中。? 答案:C
  2.解析:从本空前的 store 可推知, “我”在一家商店里买东西,故需 要付钱(paying) 。? 答案:B
  3.解析: “我”把零钱给了售货员(salesperson) 。? 答案:A
  4.解析: “我”在付钱时,几个纸折的天使粘在了钱(money)上。? 答案:C
  5.解析:由本段叙述可知,同样的事那天发生了(happened)好几次。 答案:B
  6.解析:于是从那天开始, “我”总是(always)在付钱时送给别人纸 天使。? 答案:C

  7.解析:这种做法也引发了几次与别人有趣的对话。此处 practice 指 作者在给别人付钱时,夹几个纸天使的做法。? 答案:D
  8.解析:上文 store 有提示:有一天“我”又去了那家商店(store) 。 答案:B
  9.解析:她把这些纸天使一直摆放在床头, 这说明她非常珍惜 (treasured)它们。? 答案:A
  10.解析:下一句中“你不能走路,也不能说话”的信息告诉我们: 她曾经是一个残疾人(disabled) 。? 答案:D
  11.解析:句意为:因为天使在我心中。此处爷爷奶奶在鼓励她只要 有坚定的信念,只要心中有天使,就会得到天使的帮助。inside sb.意 为“在某人心里,在内心深处” 。? 答案:A
  12.解析:能够奇迹般地恢复健康,她非常感激(grateful) 。? 答案:C
  13.解析:句意为:她还告诉“我” ,她第一次看见(saw) “我”时就 认为“我”是一个天使。? 答案:C
  14.解析:显然当“我”给她纸天使时,她又一次(again)表现得很 激动,像得到一大笔钱一样。?
  15.解析:句意为:这真是一次美好的经历(experience) 。作者在此指 上文叙述的在零钱中夹上纸天使送人的经历。? 答案:B 三、?
  1~5 EABFD ?


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