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2011 届高考英语语法练习题精选( 三)100 题 届高考英语语法练习题精选(

  1. --Hello, this is 775538
  61. A. How are you? C. Can I take a mesage? B. Will you come tonight? D. Is that Mike?

  2. Tom suggested that we such a meeting, but Jenny insisted that it of great importance. A. not hold ; should be C. hold ; was B. didn't hold ; be D. not hold ; was

  3. You should take the medicine after you read the . A. lines B. instructions C. words D. suggestions

  4. --Hi, Tracy, you look tired. --I am tired. I the living-room all day. A. painted C. had painted B. have been painting D. have painted

  5. I'm sorry. I you to me. A. don't know; are speaking B. don't know ;were speaking C. didn't know; were speaking D. didn't know; are speaking
  6. "Please why you're so late," said his girlfriend. A. excuse B. explain C. apologize D. tell

  7. The rescue team made every to find the missing mountain climber. A. force B. energy C. effort D. possibility

  8. --" Would you mind the window? It's hot here!" May said. --". "Tom replied. A. to open ; No, please C. opening; No, of course not B. open ; Yes, please D. opening ; Yes, please

  9. The murderer was brought in, with his hands behind his back. A. to be tied B. being tied C. tied D. having tied

  10. The reason he didn't come was he had to take care of his sick mother. A. why ; that C. which ; why B. why ; which D. that ; for
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  11. We so tired. We've only been to a party. A. mustn't have felt C. shouldn't have felt B. wouldn't have felt D. couldn't have felt

  12. The girl on the ground to me that she had the book on the shelf. A. lying ; lay ; laid C. lie ; lied ; lay B. lay ; lied ; laid D. lying; lied ; laid

  13. --I heard that as many as 4 000 people were killed in 9 --Yes. news came as shock to us. A. the ; the B. the ; a C, / ; / D. / ; a

  14. Neither of them knew what A. other B. others
was doing. C. the other D. another

  15. Sometimes words alone were not enough to pupils along the path of knowledge A. provide B. persuade C. advise D. cause

  16. --What when I phoned you? A. had you done; finished B. were you doing; had just finished C. did you do; had just finished D. were you doing; was finishing
  17. My uncle until he was forty-five. A. married C. was not marrying B. didn’t marry D. would marry

  18. Scientists say it may be five or ten years it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. A. since B. before C. after D. when

  19. --I can't find Mr. Smith. --It was in the hotel he stayed. A. that B. where C. which D. since

  20. Our new house is very for me as I can get to the office in five minutes A. convenient B. comfortable C. natural D. helpful

  21. --I don't think we have met before. --Yes, once at a party, but we. A. weren't introduced C. haven't introduced B. didn't introduce D. were not introducing
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  22. You look so tired tonight. It is high time you. A. went to bed B. went to sleep C. go to bed D. to sleep

  23. People greatly in their views of life. A. lead B. differ C. bring D. struggle

  24. she couldn't understand was fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons. A. What; why B. That ; what C. What ; because D.

  25.The is just around the corner and you won't miss it. A. bicycle's shop C. bicycles shop B. bicycle shop D. bicycles’ shop

  26. --The prison was fire last night. --Someone must have set fire it. A. on ; with B. on ; to C. over; with D. should

  27. Keep up good state of mind even if you fail plenty of times. A. must B. will C. can D. should

  28. Sandy could do nothing but to his teacher that he was wrong. A. admit B. admitted C. admiting D. to

  29. I know nothing about the young lady she is from Beijing. A. except B. except for C. except that D. besides

  30. --Have you any oranges and apples? -- A. Yes, madam, on the second shelf over there B. The oranges are very cheap. C. You like apples, don’t you? D. Of course, we have some fruits.
  31. We had wonderful timethe party other day. A. a,on,the B./,at,on C. a,at,the D./,on,/

  32. It's said that is going to give us a lecture. A. an American famous young C. a famous young American B. a famous American youg D. a young famous American

  33. Nearly of the surface of our planet is covered by water. A. seven-ten B. seven-tenth C. seven-tenths D. seventh-ten
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  34. You must have waited here for a long time ,you? A. mustn't B. didn't C. haven't D. hadn't

  35. China has hundreds of islands, is Taiwan Island. A. among them the largest C. and the largest of them B. and the largest of which D. but in which the largest

  36. --You don't look so well, Mary. What's the matter with you? --Why?. A. I'm quite myself C. I felt bad B. Fine, think you D. I'm not myself

  37. This new-type machine little room. A. takes up C. has been taken up B. is taken up D. is taking up

  38. It is impossible for little room. A. so, such B. so, so C. such a, so D. such, such

  39. --You forgot your keys when you left home in the morning. --Good heavens,. A. so did I. B. so I did. C. so you did. D. so did you.

  40. it rain, the crops. A. Shall,would be saved C. Would, should be safe B. Should, would be saved D. Were, might be safe

  41. ?Do you regret paying 500 dollars for your necklace? --No, I would gladly pay for it. A. two times as much C. twice as much B. twice as many D. as twice as much

  42. is quite natural,a beginner can't read the books written in English very quickly. A. Which B. As C. What D. It

  43. Take a taxi, you'll miss your train. A. in B. during C. throughout D. within

  45. I coutdn't have got to the meeting on time an earlier train. A. if I had not caught C. if ! did not catch B. unless I had caugh D. unless I caugh

  46. The black horse is of the pair.
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A. the strongest C. the strong
B. the stronger D. quite strong

  47. It is a rule in his family that comes home earlier should cook the dinner for the family. A. anybody B. who C. who that D. whoever

  48. I really wonder he has posted me many parcels we didn’t work together.
  49. --How long each other before they married? --For about a year. A. have they known;get C. do they know;are going to get B. did they know; were going to get D. had they known; got

  50. Michael here to see you and he a note on your desk. A. has come; had left C. has come; left B. has been; has left D. has been; left

  51. ?When and visit our exhibition next month? ? When, I will let you know. A. will he come; he will come C. does he come; he will come B. will he come; he comes D. does he come; he comes

  52. What worried the child most was to visit his mother in the hospital. A. his not allowing C. his being not allowed B. his not being allowed D.having not been allowed

  53. I you somewhere before, but your name has escaped me. A. must see;for a moment C. must see;for the moment B. must have seen; for a moment D. must have seen; for the moment

  54. We're leaving at six o'clock ,and hope most of the journey by lunch time. A. to do B. to have done C. to make D. to have made

  55. She was afraid the dog in case it became dangerous. A. of exciting C. that she excited B. to excite D. to be exciting

  56.The bad weather meant the rocket launch(发射)for 48 hours,. A.delaying C.to delay B.having delayed D.to have delayed

  57.D0 you consider it any goodthe truck again?
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A.to repair C.repaired
B.repairing D.being repairing

  58.to somebody,a British person often shakes hands with the stranger. A.Introducing C.To be int.roduced B.To introduce D.On being introduced 。

  59. in thought,he almost ran into the car in front of him. A.Losing B.Having lost C.Lost D.To

  60.Mary to see you.She. for you downstairs at the moment. A.has come;is waiting C.has come;waited B.came;is waiting D.came;was waiting

  61. --Have you ever seen Peter recently? --Yes. He me to ask you how you along with your new job these days. A. has asked;have been getting C. often asks;are getting B. asked ;were getting D. asked;are getting

  62. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see the next year A. carry out C. carried out B. carrying out D. to carry out

  63. --I'll help you whenever you need me, --I would love. A. you helping C. you to help B. that you'll help D. that you help

  64. I hope the job she's applied for(申请). A. she's going to get C. she is to get B. she'll get D. she decides to get

  65. Mrs. Green wants to buy that kind of cloth because she that the cloth very well. A. has been told;washes C. has been told ;is washed B. is told;is washed D. is told ;is washed

  66. Let us not waste time we have left. A. the little B. little C. a little D. a little more

  67. I think the doctor is able to cure of A. all B. what C. whatever D. anything

  68. , we'll come to see you again.
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A. If time will permit C. Time permitting
B. Time permits D. Time permited

  69. --Nancy is not coming tonight. --But she ! A. promises C. will promise B. promised D. had promised

  70. some maddals came to live in the sea is not A. Which B. Since C. Although D. How

  71. --Paul, I'd like to have a talk with you at tea break. -- Have what with me? A. Yes, please. B. Sorry? C. Thanks. D. You're welcome.

  72. If you stop smoking, you can only expect to have a bad cough. A. won’t B. would not C. do not D. can not

  73. He's unlucky,and he's always suffering luck one after another. A. a sick B. an ill C. sick D. ill

  74. The news about the terrible flood there greatly discouraged there for a sightseeing. A. us from going B. us to go C. our going D. our to go

  75. If I had , I’d visit Europe, stopping at all the small interesting places. A. a logn enough holiday C. a holiday enough long B an enough long holiday D. a long holiday enough

  76. Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights happened to. A. put up B. give in C. be turned on D. go out

  77. Besides Tom, Crosettes have two other sons, of whom are all interested in making model planes. A. 不填; two C. the, three B. 不填; the two D. the, the three

  78. Mr. Zhang gaVeall textbooks to all the pupils, except who had already taken tem. A. these B. dnes C. the ones D. the others

  79. professional violinist practices for several hours a day, but violinist has his own way of playing the Beethoven concert. A. Each, every B. Every, each C. One, a D. All, each

  80.?Who has taken my pen away?
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?. He was here a moment ago. A. It must be Li Ping C. Li Ping is B. It is Li Ping take D. Li Ping must take

  81. My dictionary. I have looked for it everywhere but still A. has lost;do not find C. has lost;have not found B. is missing;do not find D. is missing;have not found

  82. Shortly after the accident, two police were sent to the spot to keep order. A. dozens of B. dozens C. dozen of D. dozen

  83. ?May I have another chocolate? ?Yes, of course.. A. Take it yourself C. Help yourself B. Eat it, please D. Have it yourself

  84. We will take wants to go there for a sight - seeing. A. whoever B. who C. anybody D. all that

  85. I caught the last bus from town, but Harry came home that night. A. very late B. even later C. the same late D. the last one

  86. --What was the party like? --Wonderful. It is years I enjoyed myself so much.
  87. Isn't it very kind your parents to do that for us? A. for B to C. about D. of

  88. There is a of 1000 dollars for the return A. reward B. prize C. thank D. prsise

  89. A man does not know the difficulty of anything he does it personally. A. although B. if C. because D. unless

  90. I don't remember to the airport that year. A. to be taken B. being taken C. having D. to take

  91. We liked the oil painting better we looked at it. A. as B. while C. the D. the more

  92. I don't skate now, but I when I was a kid. A. used to B. am used to it C. sued D. used to do

  93. He didn’t seem to mind TV while he was trying to study A. them to watch B. that they watch
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C. their watching
D. watching

  94. Flight BA 123 to Vienna is now boarding at A. Gate 21 B. 21St Gate C. the Gate 21 D. 21 Gate

  95. --Did you enjoy yourself yesterday? --Yes. As you saw , party went on in most pleasant atmosphere. A. the; a B. the; the C. a; the D. a; a

  96. ?



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