2011 届高考英语语法练习题精选(一)100 题 届高考英语语法练习题精选(
  1. ?I put him down for a well-educated man. ? ? ?I mean that he's a well-educated man. A. I beg your pardon B. Speak louder, will you C. What's that D. Will you repeat word for word
  2. He he would be able to leave tomorrow, but it's beginning to took difficult. A. hopes B. was hoping C. had hoped D. hoped
  3. ?ou stop me. ?Even if you it, I won't allow you to swim across the river. A. mustn't; dare not do B. may ; dare not do C. can; dare to do D. needn't; dare do
  4. she was invited to the ball made her very happy. A. If B. That C. When D. Because
  5. She had golden hair when she was a child, but she got older and older, her hair went darker and darker. A. while B. when C. after D. as
  6. I lost my way in complete darkness and, matters worse, it began to rain. A. made B. having made C. making D. to make
  7. I often have conversations with John over telephone, while keep in touch with Tom by letter. A. 不填;;the B. 不填;a C. the;不填 D. the; a
  8. The most favorite room is the tidy study with a fireplace, we can watch TV and enjoy the nice scenery outside. A. where B. when C. that D. which
  9. ?You don't seem to be quite yourself today. What's wrong? ?Oh, I'm suffering from a cold. Nothing serious, A. yet B. indeed C. though D. anyway
  10.lessons were not difficult. A. Our few first short English B. Our first few short English C. Our few first English short D. Few our first English short
  11. Mr. Smith sold that magnificent cottage of his on the sea 2,000,000 dollars. A. at B. for C. to D. by
  12. ?Which one can I take? ?-You can take of them; I'll keep none. A. both B. any C. either D. all
  13. What a pity! He the only chance of success. A. threw away B. put down C. gave in D. broke off
  14. ?Come in, please. Make yourself at home. ?I'm glad you like it. A. Thanks. You have a nice place here. B. Oh, this picture is so beautiful! C. Thanks. What nice food you've prepared! D OK. Let me look around your new house.
  15. time and labor, cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only 3 fingers and a thumb. A. To save B. Saved C. Saving D. Having saved
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  16. ?How much is the T-shirt ? ?65 dollars. A. worth B. cost C worthy D. paid
  17. ?Glad to meet you. ? A. So do I. B. How are you? C. How do you do? D. The same to you.
  18. ?Can I drive on the free way, Mr. Green? ?You can when you a bit more skilled. A. will get B. are getting C. will have got D. get
  19. It is generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever
  20. For many Beijingers, dreams of living in green area are becoming reality. A. a; a B. the; the C. 不填;不填 D. 不填;a
  21. My money . I must go to the bank to draw some of my savings out before I’ve none in hand. A. has run out B. is running out C. has been run out D. is being run out
  22. For quite students, their teacher’s advice is more important than of their parents’. A. few ; one B. a few; that C. a little ; some D. a lot; many
  23. entered the office when he realized that he had forgotten his report. A. He hardly had B. Had he hardly C. Hardly had he D. Hardly he had
  24. On the long journey, Peter a most interesting guide. We all had a wonderful time. A. practiced B. behaved C. proved D. conducted
  25. --Do you live near Jim? --No, he lives in another part of the town. A. somewhere B. nowhere C. anywhere D. everywhere
  26. This photo of mine was taken stood the famous high tower. A. which B. in which C. where D. there
  27. Some of the suspects(嫌疑犯) refused to answer and kept their mouths shut. A. questioning B. being questioned C. questioned D. to be questioned He had little idea that it was getting so late, ? A. didn't he B. wasn't it C. did he D. was it
  29. Peter won't drive us to the station. He has to take us all. A. a very small car B. too small a car C. a too small car D. such a small car
  30. You television. Why not do something more active? A. always watch B. too small a car C. have always watched D. have always been watchi
  31.? You must be excited about going to Japan for schooling. ? , but I'm afraid I can't do well because Japanese is poor. A. Never mind B. Well, I ought to C. I don’t know yet D. Certainly not
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  32. ?What do you think of your nephew? ?He be very naughty but at the same time you poor. A. will ; will B. won't; can't C. may ; may D. can; can't
  33. Exercise is as any other to lose unwanted weight. A. so useful a way B. as a useful way C. as useful a way D. such a useful way
  34. ? you the editor at the airport? ?No, he away before my arrival. A. Have... met; has driven B. Had... met; was driven C. Did... meet; had been driven D. Have... met; had driven
  35. ?Why didn't you answer my phone when I phoned you at about 11 p. m. yesterday? ?I and failed to hear the phone. A. might have slept B. must be sleeping C. might be sleeping D. must have been sleeping
  36. His parents meant him scientific research, but he showed no interest and turned poet. A. going in for B. to have gone in for C. to go in for D. having gone in for
  37. ?What would you wish to do if you were a college student again? ?That's very hard to say, but I wish I when I was a college student. A. has not studied biology B. did study biology C. had studied biology D. studied biology
  38. He when the bus came to a sudden stop. A. was almost hurt B. was to hurt himself C. was hurt himself D. was hurting himself
  39. with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain doesn't seem high at all. A. When compared B. To compare C. While comparing D. It compared
  40. If you want to see a doctor, fix the date with him ahead of time. This is a common in the USA. A. habit B. law C. rule D. custom
  41. Nothing after the terrible fire which had been caused by someone smoking in bed. A. left B. was remained C. remained D. continued
  42. Although motor car has been with us for almost a century, I have never been able to drive American one. A. the ; an B. was remained C. a; the D. the ; the
  43. It was not a good idea to go skating. You your leg. A. can break B. could break C. could have broken D. could have been broken
  44. ?What were you doing when she dropped in? ?I for a while and some reading. A. was playing; was going to do B. played; did C. had played; was going to do D. had played; did
  45. The queen will visit the town in May, she will open the new hospital. A. when B. then C. while D. but
  46. good, the food was soon sold out. A. Tasted B. Being tasted C. Tasting D. Having tasted
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  47. I feel silly in these clothes. Everyone will me. A. worry about B. make fun of C. get rid of D. take interest in
  48. ?How did you find your visit to the museum, Jane? A. Oh, wonderful, indeed B. By taking a number 3 bus C. I went there alone D. A classmate of mine showed me the way
  49. Up to Tuesday's attack, the worst school shooting in the U. S. was in March 1998 in Jonesboro, two boys, aged 11 and 13, shot and killed a teacher and four girls. A. while B. where C. when D. then
  50. When I tried to find that prevented so many people from taking part in the program, it seemed to me that there were two main reasons. A. why it did B. that it did C. what it was D. why it was
  51. I tried hard to get some information about the new technology out of his mouth, but he remained. A. quiet B. secret C. silent D. calm
  52. ?Why ! Where's my passport? Maybe I left it on the plane. --My Goodness ! You things behind. A. had never left B. didn't leave C. never left
  53. ? Show me your permit, please. ?Oh, it's not in my pocket. It A. might fall out B. could fall out C. should have fallen out D. must have fallen out
  54. ?I'd like to have some lunch but I have to stay here doing my work. ? what you want and I can get it for you. A. To tell me B. Telling me C. If you tell me D. Tell me
  55. "Who Moved My Cheese?", is a best-selling book, is written by Spencer Johnson. A. which B. that C. it D. what
  56. ?Our holiday cost a lot of money. ?Did it? Well ,that doesn't matter you enjoyed yourselves. A. unless B. in case C. as far as D. as long as
  57. O'Neal works hard. He is often seen heavily before his teammates have even arrived at practice. A. sweated B. to be sweated C. sweating D. being sweated
  58. Travelers that they should bring their ID cards with them. A. have reminded B. are reminded C. were reminding D. had been reminded
  59. ?Look at these tracks. It be a wolf. ?It needn't be. It be a fox. A. must ; could B. may ; might C. need ; must D. could ; need
  60. I've visited a lot of different places and stayed in lots of different hotels, but none of them this one. A. makes B. beats C. compares D. matches 61 --I hope he won't get ill during the examinations. -- . He has been very well recently. A. Certainly B. No C. Not D. Yes 62 The movie is boring; it is, in fact, rather exciting and interesting. A. anything but B. nothing but C. no more' D. all but
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63 Why didn't you tell me there was no meeting today? I all the way here through the heavy snow. A. needn't have driven B. can't have driven C. mustn't have driven D. shouldn't have driven 64 The shop manager always says to his assistants, "We can never be customers. A. so B. too C. that D. more 65 Mr. Smith the roll of film as soon as he arrived home A. got down to wash B. got down to develop C. got down to washing D. got down to developing 66 --The two pairs of shoes are the same colour. --But they are different colour. A. of; from B. of; in C. in; from D. in; in 67 The gas tank twenty gallons of gas, but now it may only three gallons. A. holds; contain B. holds; be contained C. is held; contain D. is held; be contained 68 They suggested not only to the party but also give a performance. A. did we go B. should we go C. we should go D. thought 69 The president of the country was well of when he was in power. A. praised B. fond C. appreciated D. thought 70 --Why has he been staying at home these days? --He since a month ago. A. has been out of work B. was out of work C. has lost his work D. had left from his work
  71、he reason their failure you know is they didn't get fully prepared for the experiment. A. why.., that B. that.., why C. for.., that D. why.., because
  72、 great help, I could get rid of all the difficulty and succeeded. A. Offered B. Having offered C. Being supplied D. Having supplied
  73、ack's won holiday in London. -- lucky fellow ! A. a; A B. the; The C. a; The D. the; A
  74、 think you're clever, but that doesn't give you the right to order me about! A. should B. would C. could D. might
  75、hich play shall we go and see? A. I'm afraid we can't B. I don't think it's interesting C. Yes, I quite agree with you D. I'll leave it to you
  76、I didn't know this was a one-way street, officer. A. That's all right. B. I don't believe you. C. How dare you say that? D. Sorry, but that's no excuse.
  77、e Bunsen Burner is so named because it is thought by Robert Bunsen. A. to be invented B. having been invented C. invented D. to have been invented
  78、'm told that John had another car accident this morning. --I believe not. He so careless. A. shouldn't have been B. wouldn't have been
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C. couldn't have been D. mustn't have been
  79、ould you give me a hand from the car, please? A. to carry the shopping B. for carrying the shopping C. and carrying the shopping D. carrying the shopping
  80、hy haven't you finished your homework yet? You to have finished it by last Sunday. A. are supposed B. were supposed C. are supposing D. were supposing
  81、-The news is spreading from mouth to mouth. --Yes, it has become talk of town. A. a ; a B. the ;不填 C. the ; the D. a ;不填
  82、heir tent, light as a feather, remained firm in the storm last night. A. as if B. even C. though D. if
  83、he amount of money for the seriously sick child was soon collected. A. to need B. needed C. needing D. which needed
  84、 was it they discovered the entrance to the underground place? --Totally by chance. A



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