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考点 1 介词

  1.2009 江苏卷
  30) special school accepts all disabled students, ( This __ educational level and background. A.according to B.regardless of C.in addition to D.in terms of
  2. (2009 上海卷
  25)Four Chinese models were the 14 people awarded prizes on Friday at the World Supermodel Competition. A.among B.between C.along D.beside words after they heard her
  3. (2009 海南卷
  34)Everybody was touched moving story. A.beyond B.without C.of D.in
  4. (2009 山东卷
  33)It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot easy reach. A.near B.upon C.within D.around
  5.2009 辽宁卷
  32) ( Children need friends their own age to play with. A.of B.for C.in D.at , but not as often as we
  6. (2009 山东卷
  35)Mary and I see each other used to. A.sooner or later B.once in a while C.in the end D.more or less
  7. (2008 海南宁夏卷
  24)Let’s learn to use the problem we are facing a stepping-stone to future success. A.to B.for C.as D.by
  8. (2008 江苏,
  28)?Why do you suggest we buy a new machine? ?Because the old one has been damaged . A.beyond reach B.beyond repair C.beyond control D.beyond description
  9. (2008 江苏卷
  29)?They are quiet, aren’t they? ?Yes. They are accustomed at meals. A.to talk B.to not tal C.to talking D.to not talking
  10. (2008 山东卷
  32)I began to feel familiar faces. A.at home B.at heart C.at will D.at sight
  11. (2007 海南宁夏卷
  23)The manager suggested an earlier date the meeting. A.on B.for C.about D.with
  12. (2007 山东卷
  28)I have offered to paint the house a week’s accommodation. A.in exchange for B.with regard to C.by means of D.in place of

  1.B regardless of“无论、不管” 。
  2.A among “在…之中” 。
  3.A beyond “超出…的范围” 。
  4.C within easy reach “容易够得着” 。
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in the new school when I saw some
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  5.A friends of their own age“同龄的朋友” 。
  6.B once in a while “偶尔、有时候” 。
  7.C 句意:让我们学会把我们现在所面临的问题作为将来成功的垫脚石。use…as…把…… 作为……。we are facing 是定语从句,修饰名词 problem. 此题考查介词辨析。注意 use…as 结构。
  8.B 句意:??你为什么建议我们买一台新的机器???因为那台旧机器已经彻底坏了。 beyond reach 够不着;beyond repair 无法修理;beyond control 无法控制;beyond description 无法形容,难以描绘。根据题意选 B。 此题考查介词习惯搭配。beyond repair 意为:无法修理;无法补救。
  9.D to 用作介词。
  10.A feel at home 固定搭配。
  11.B 句意:经理提议一个更早的会议日期。根据题意,此题选择的介词应表达“date” (日 期)的意图。 “on the meeting”不成立, “在会议上”应为“at the meeting”“about ; the meeting”是“关于会议” ,多为关于会议的内容; “with the meeting” 无此结构; “for the meeting”是“为此会议”“for”表目的,故选 B。 , 此题考查介词词义辨析。根据句意,只有 B 项符合语境。
  12.A 句意:我主动要求粉刷这座房子,作为交换,在这里住宿一周。A 项意为“交换” ;B 项意为“关于,至于(concerning sb./sth.);C 项意为“借助……手段(with the help ” of);D 项意为“代替、顶替(instead of) ” ” 此题考查介词词义辨析。
考点 2 名词性从句

  14.2009 江苏卷
  34) ( Many young people in the West are expected to leave __could be life' s most important decision marriage almost entirely up to luck. A.as B.that C.which D.what
  15. (2009 上海卷
  37)It is not immediately clear the financial crisis will soon be over. A.since B.what C.when D.whether
  16. (2009 浙江卷
  12)?Is there any possibility you could pick me up at the airport ? ?No problem. A.when B.that C.whether D.what
  17. (2009 安徽卷
  27)A good friend of mine from I was born showed up at my home right before I left for Beijing. A.how B.whom C.when D.which
  18. 2009 海南卷
  24) ( Could I speak to is in charge of International Sales please? A.who B.what C.whoever D.whatever
  19.2008 山东卷
  23) ( was most important to her, she told me, was her family. A.It B.This C.What D.As I have the time to spend a day
  20. (2008 山东卷
  26)Occasions are quite rare
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
with my kids. A.who B.which C.why D.when
  21.2007 山东卷
  22) ( Could I speak to is in charge of International Sales, please? A.anyone B.someone C.whoever D.no matter who

  14.D 宾语从句中缺少主语,这里要用 what。
  15.D 主语从句。根据句意用 whether。
  16.B 同位语从句。从句中不缺少任何成分用 that。
  17.C 宾语从句。从句中缺少状语。
  18.C 宾语从句。Whoever 相当于 anyone Who。
  19.C 句意:她告诉我,对她来说最重要的是她的家庭。句子可以调整为:What was most important to her was her family.注意:命题者故意在句子插入了 she told me,这要求考生 能快速地识别出来。 此题考查 what 引导主语从句的用法。
  20.D 句意:在一天的时间里我很少有机会和我的孩子待在一起。本题是 when 引导的从句 作 Occasions 的同位语。整个句子调整一下顺序:Occasions when I have the time to spend a day with my kids are quite rare.这样就容易理解了。 此题考查 when 引导同位语从句的用法。
  21.C 句意:我可以同负责管理国际销售部的人谈一谈吗?句中 to 为介词,其后是名词性从 句,而从句中缺少主语和关联词,故选择 C。D 项只能引导状语从句。 此题考查 whoever 引导宾语从句的用法。 件状语从句的用法。
考点 3 冠词

  1. (2009 安徽卷
  21)We can never expect create less polluted world. A.a; a B.a; the C.the; a bluer sky unless we D.the; the

  2. (2009 海南卷
  22)Let’s go to the problem for A.the; the B.the; a
cinema-that’ll take your mind off while. C.a; the D.a; a

  3. (2009 辽宁卷
  26)This area experienced heaviest rainfall in month of May. A.不填; a B.a ; the C.the ; the D.the ; a
  4. (2009 浙江卷
  2)I don't understand what the engineer means , but I’ve got rough idea of project plan . A.the ;a B .不填; the C.the;不填 D.a ; the
  5. (2008 山东卷
  21)Students should be encouraged to use Internet as resource. A./; a B./; the C.the; the D.the; a sea instead
  6. 2008 江苏卷
  21) went right round to the west coast by ( We
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of driving across continent. A.the; the B./ ; the C.the; / D./ ; / 此题考查固定搭配中零冠词的用法以及定冠词表特指的用法。
  7. (2007 江苏,
  21)We have every reason to believe that 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be success. A./ ; a B.the; / C.the; a D.a; a
  8. (2007 山东卷
  21) walk is expected to last all day, so bring packed lunch. A.A; a B.The; / C.The; a D.A; /

  1.A 不定冠词,表泛指。
  2.B 固定搭配中的冠词。
  3.C 第一空形容词最高级前要用定冠词,第二空特指。
  4.D 第一空泛指,第二空特指。
  5. 句意: D 应该鼓励学生把因特网作为一种资源来使用。 本题第一空 the Internet 为专有名词;第二空是不定冠词 a 加可数名词 resource,意为“一种资源” , 所以选 D。 此题考查定冠词和不定冠词用法的区别。the Internet 是专指,不定冠词表类 指,即“因特网是一种资源” 。
  6. B 句意:我们乘船绕道去西海岸,而没有开车(直接)穿过大陆去。by sea 坐船,等于 by ship,不需加冠词,类似的还有 by bus, by air. continent 这里是 特指,为说话双方所知道,故其前加定冠词 the。
  7. C 句意:我们有理由相信 2008 年北京奥运会将会取得成功。在由普通名词 构成的专有名词前用定冠词 the。 success 表 “成功” 时为不可数名词, “成 但作 功的人”或“成功的事”讲时,前须加不定冠词“a” ,故选 C。 此题考查由普通名词构成的专有名词和抽象名词具体化后与冠词搭配的用 法。
  8. C 句意:这段路程预计要走一整天,所以要带上一份盒饭。定冠词 the 用于 .... 名词前表示特指,指具体的一段路程。三餐前有形容词修饰时,与不定冠词 a(n)连用, 表示泛指, “一顿……餐” 如: business lunch; a working lunch; 意为 , a a late lunch。此题考查定冠词表示特指和不定冠词表泛指的用法。
考点 4

  17. (2009 安徽卷
  24)?Do you think it's a good idea to make friends with your students? ? A.Really , I do. I think it's a great idea. B.Obviously C.Actually D.Generally

  18. (2009 海南卷
  23)How much
she looked without her glasses!
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net

  19.(2009 辽宁卷
  25)Usually John would be late for meetings. But this time, to my surprise, he arrived on time. A.title B.much C.ever D.even
  20. (2009 辽宁卷
  33)Peter’s jacket looked just the same as Jack’s, but it cost his. A. as much twice as B.twice as much as C.much as twice as D.as twice much as
  21. (2009 江苏卷
  27)Compared with his sister, Jerry is even more to, and more easily troubled by , emotional and relationship problems. A.skeptical B.addicted C.available D.sensitive
  22. (2009 天津卷
  12)It was a nice house, but too small for a family of live. A.rarely B.fairly C.rather D.pretty
  23. (2009 天津卷
  13) not surprised that he became a writer. Even as a child he had I’m a imagination. A.clear B.cautious C.funny D.vivid , unskilled
  24. (2009 浙江卷
  5)The incomes of skilled word went up . workers saw their earnings fall. A.Moreover B.Therefore C.Meanwhile D.Otherwise 25 . 2009 浙 江 卷 10 ) It took ( building supplies to contract these energy-saving houses. It took brains , too . A.other than B.more than C.rather than D.less than
  26. (2009 浙江卷
  15)John is very ??if he promises to do something he’ll do it . A.independent B.confident Creliable D.flexible recovering
  27. (2009 浙江卷
  19) the good care of the nurses , the boy is In from his heart operation . A.quietly B.actually C.practically D.gradually
  28. (2008 山东卷
  33)Would it be take me to the airport? A.free B.vacant C.handy D.convenient to spend money on preventing illnesses by
  29. (2008 江苏卷
  30)It is promoting healthy living rather than spending it trying to make people after they are ill. A.good; good B.well; better C.better; better D.better; good
  30. (2007 江苏卷
  29)With April 18’s railway speedup, highway and air transport will have to compete with service for passengers. A.good B.better C.best D.the best
  31. (2007 山东卷
  31) is not socially It for parents to leave children unattended at that age. A.accessible B.adorable C.adaptable D.acceptable
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for you to pick me up at four o’clock and
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  32. (2008 海南宁夏卷
  28)You’re driving too fast. Can you drive A.more slowly a bit B.slowly a bit more C.a bit more slowly D.slowly more a bit

  21.D actually “实际上” 。 much 修辞形容词的比较级。 much,副词,修辞介词短语。 表示倍数关系的句型。 sensitive “敏感的” 。

  22.C rather “相当地” 。
  23.D vivid “生动形象的” 。
  24.C 表示对比。
  25.B more than “不仅仅” 。
  26.C reliable “可靠的” 。
  27.D gradually “迅速地” 。
  28.D convenient “方便的” 。
  29.C 句意:通过促进人们健康的生活,把钱花在预防疾病上要比把钱花在人们生病之后的 治疗上好。 第一空 better 的原形是 good, 强调预防比治疗好, 第二空 better 的原形是 well, well 这里是形容词,指身体的健



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