Unit 12
?考纲要求: 考纲要求:
Art and literature
◆ 考纲规定的考试范围 考纲规定的考试范围:
重点单词与短语 treat; literature; comedy; local; exhibition; power; magic; series; forehead; miserable; habit; whisper; stupid; announcement;in trouble; come across; believe in; turn around; make friends with 句型
He was just about to say something when Peter turned around. as if 的用法 when 的用法 名词引导时间状语从句 The next time you look for a tape, don't just look for Chinese or American music. It looked as if the creature had moved.
语法:定语从句(who, whom, that, which, whose, when, where, why)
◆ 复习本章要达到的目标

  1. 掌握 treat; local; exhibition; power; magic; series; forehead; miserable; habit; whisper; stupid; announcement;in trouble; come across; believe in; turn around; make friends with 等重点单词及 短语的用法。
  2. 掌握名词引导时间状语从句的用法; as if 的用法; 定语从句的引导词之间的区别等。

  1. His parents are dead and he lives with a family that treats him badly. treat 的用法: 的用法: 知识梳理: 动词的主要义项有: (
  3) 以……态度对待;以……方式对待;
They treated me as one of the family, which was very kind of them. 他们把我作为一个家庭成员来对待,他们真是太好了。
My parents still treat me like a child. 我的父母依旧把我当小孩一样看待。 (
He is seriously ill, and is being treated in hospital now. 他病得很重,现正在医院接受治疗。
She was treated for sunstroke(中暑). 她因为中暑而被治疗。 (
  3)招待;款待;请(客);买(可享受的东西)。treat sb./oneself to sth.
if i could, i surely would.
She treated him to lunch. 她请他吃午饭。 I’m going to treat myself to a cup of beer.. 我要请自己喝一杯啤酒 名词义项有:乐趣;乐事;款待。 When I was young, chocolate was a treat. 当我年轻的时候吃巧克力是一件快乐的事。 Let’s go out for lunch? my treat. 走我们去吃饭吧,今天我请客。 相关归纳:以下短语都表示“把 A 当作 B” treat A as B ;consider A as B; look on/upon A as B; think of A as B; take A as B; regard A as B; view A as B He viewed your hitting his dog as your attack its owner. 他把你打他的狗看作是对主人的攻击。
  2. Two people may speak different languages, have different habits, habit 的用法: 相关归纳: (
  1)be in the habit of =have the/a habit of 有……的习惯(或脾气) I’m not in the habit of letting strangers into my apartment. 我没有让陌生人进入我的房间的习惯。 (
  2)get into/fall into/develop/pick up the habit of 养成……的习惯 I’ve got into the habit of turning on TV as soon as I get home. 我已经养成了一到家就看电视的习惯。 (
  3)break/get out of the habit of 戒除……的习惯 I’m trying to break the habit of staying up too late. 我正试着戒除熬夜的习惯。 (
  4) give up / kick the habit of 戒除……的习惯 He has kicked the habit of smoking, 他已经戒除了吸烟的习惯。 (
  5)do sth. out of habit/from habit I smoke only out of habit. 我吸烟只是出于一种习惯。 (
  6)make a habit of it You can borrow some money this time, but don’t make it a habit of it. 这一次你可以借些钱,但下不为例。
if i could, i surely would.

  3. …Harry comes across at Hogwarts help him understand the real world. come across 相关归纳: (
  1)+sb./sth.(偶然)遇见,碰到,发现 I came across children sleeping under bridge. 我偶然碰见了睡在桥下的那些孩子。 (
  2)被理解,被弄懂,给人以……印象,使产生……印象 He spoke a long time but his meaning didn’t really come across. 他讲了很长一段时间,但是他的意思没有真正的被理解。 She comes across well in interviews. 在采访中她给人留下了深刻影响。 注意:come across 当(偶然)遇见,碰到时等于 run across = run into = meet sb./sth. by chance = meet with
  4. Harry offers to help the poor. offer 的用法: 知识梳理: (
  4) offer sb. sth / sth. to sb 向某人提供/提出…… He offered me a glass of wine. 他端给我一杯酒。 (
  2)offer (sb) some money for sth (向某人)出价……购买…… We offered him the calculator for US$
  50. 这计算器我们向他开价五十美元。 (
  3) offer to do sth 主动提出干某事 He offered to lend me some books. 他表示要借给我几本书。 (
  4) 提供,提议 Thank you for your kind offer of help. 感谢你想给予帮助的好意。 He made an offer of help, but I refused politely. 他提议要帮助我但是我谢绝了。
  5. The play will be on the air. on the air/in the air/by air/in the open air 的用法区别: (
  1)on the air 表示(用无线电、电视)播送节目。 What’s on the air this evening? 今晚的广播内容是什么? These programs come on the air everyday. 这些节目每天广播。 其反义词为 go off the air“停止广播”。 This radio station goes off the air at midnight. 这家广播电台于午夜停止广播。 (
  2)in the air 表示“在空中、在流传中、(问题,计划等)悬而未决(未确定的)”。
if i could, i surely would.
Before the matter was publicly announced, it had long been in the air. 这件事在公诸于世之前早就传得满城风雨了。 The plan is quite in the air. 这个计划还很渺茫。 (
  3)by air 表示“乘飞机、由航空”。 He went to Shanghai by air. 他乘飞机去上海. (
  4)in the open air 表示“在户外、在露天里”。 People love life in the open air. 人们喜欢露天生活。
  6. His friends help him when he is in trouble. in trouble 处于困境中,有麻烦 A person with good manners never laughs at people when they are in trouble. 一个有礼貌的人绝不会嘲笑身处困境的人们。 相关归纳: (
  1)be a great trouble to 对……来说很麻烦 The naughty boy is a great trouble to his busy parents. 那个淘气的小男孩对他的父母来说是一个大麻烦。 (
  2)ask for trouble 自找麻烦 Don’t ask for trouble. 别自找麻烦。 (
  3)have trouble (in) doing sth. 做某事困难 They dad trouble in finding the answer to the problem. 他们在找到问题的答案上费了很大的困难。 (
  4)get into trouble 陷入困境 What he said in the meeting got him into trouble. 他在会议上说的话使他陷入了麻烦。 (
  5)make trouble 制造麻烦
My little brother often makes trouble in my study. 我的小弟第常在我的书房捣乱。

  6)take trouble to do sth. 不辞辛劳做某事 Thank you for the great trouble you have taken to help me with my English. 谢谢你不辞辛劳的帮助我学习英语。 (
  7)put sb. to trouble 给某人添麻烦 I am very sorry to have put you to trouble. 非常抱歉给你添了那么多烦恼。 (
  8)put sb. to the trouble of doing 麻烦某人做某事 Can I put you to the trouble of change such a large note? 麻烦你给我调换一张大的纸币。
  7. You must believe in what you do and who you are… e believe 的用法总结: (
  1)believe in 的用法: ①信仰 Christians believe in Jesus.
if i could, i surely would.
基督徒信仰耶稣。 ②信任=trust ab. We believe in him.= We trust him. 我们信任他。 ③相信...的效用 Jim believes in fresh air and morning exercises. 吉姆坚信新鲜空气及早操有益处。 He believes in getting up early. 他相信早起床的价值。 (
  2)It’s believed that 从句 It is believed that he will win the first prize in the contest. 人们相信他会在竞赛中获得一等奖的。 (
  3)believe it or not 信不信由你 Believe it or not, there will be a film tonight. 信不信由你,今晚将有一场电影。 (
  4)beyond belief What he said is beyond belief. 他说的话难以置信。
  8. “Did you hear that?” he whispered. whisper 的用法: (
  1)vi. ①低语,耳语;私语 She is whispering to him. 她正对他窃窃私语。 ② (风,树叶等)飒飒地响 The wind was whispering in the trees. 风在树林中飒飒作响。 (
  2) vt. ①低声说出;私下告诉 "She is coming," he whispered. "她来了,"他低声地说。 n.(可数名词) 耳语,私语 They debated it in whispers. 他们低声辩论。
  9. He was just about to say something when Peter turned around. be about to do sth. when 从句表示“正要做某事的时候什么事情发生了” =be on the point of doing sth. when 从句 We were about to set out when it began to rain. =We were on the point of setting when it began to rain. 我们正要出发这时天下雨了。
  10. It was as if the creature was watching
as if/though 从句的作用 (
  1) 在 look, seem 等系动词后引导表语从句。 She looks as if she were ten years younger.
if i could, i surely would.
她看起来好像年轻了十岁。 It seems as if our team is going to win. 看来我们队要胜了。 (
  2) 引导方式状语从句。 She loves the boy as if she were his mother. 她爱这男孩,就好像她是他的母亲一样。 The child talked to us as if he were a grown-up. 那孩子跟我们谈起话来,像个成年人似的。 (
  3) as if 还可用于省略句中 如果 as if 引导的从句是“主语+系动词”结构,可省略主语和系动词,这样 as if 后就只剩下名词、不定式、形容词(短语)、介词短语或分词。 He acts as if (he was) a fool. 他做事像个傻子。 Tom raised his hands as if (he was going) to say something. 汤姆举起手好像要说什么。 She left the room hurriedly as if (she was)angry. 她匆忙离开房间好像生气的样子。 (
  4.)as if 从句用虚拟语气的情况。 当说话人认为句子所述的是不真实的或极少有可能发生或存在的情况 时。从句虚拟语气动词时态的形式如下: ①如果从句表示与现在事实相反,谓语动词用一般过去时。 You look as if you didn’ t care. 你看上去好像并不在乎。 He talks as if he knew where she was. 他说话的样子,好像他知道她在哪里似的。 ②从句表示与过去事实相反,谓语动词用“had+过去分词”。 He talks about Rome as if he had been there before. 他说起罗马来好像他以前去过罗马似的。 The girl listened as if she had been turned to stone. 那女孩倾听着,一动也不动,像已经变成了石头似的。 ③从句表示与将来事实相反,谓语动词用“would/could/might+动词原形”。 He opened his mouth as if he would say something. 他张开嘴好像要说什么。 It looks as if it might snow. 看来好像要下雪了。 (
  4) as if 从句用陈述语气的情况。 当说话者认为句子所述的是真实的或极有可能发生或存在的事实时。: It sounds as if it is raining. 听起来像是在下雨。 He talks as if he is drunk. 从他谈话的样子来看他是醉了。
重点/热点 : 比较级, 重点 热点
  1:the + 比较级,the + 比较级 越……,就越 ,就越…… 第一个 the + 比较级相当于条件状语从句要用现在时表示将来时;第二个 the + 比较级 相当于主句。 ① The busier he is ,the happier he feels。 越忙他越高兴。 ②The harder you work, the greater progress you’ll make. 你学习越努力,取得的进步就越大。
if i could, i surely would.
③ The more happily we live ,the more we realize how much we owe to the Party。 我们过得越幸福,就会更加认识到共产党的恩情。 ④The more I hear, the more I laugh. 越听我笑得越厉害。 重点/热点
  2:be +of + n.的用法 重点 热点 (
  1)of + n.(抽象句词)相当于该名词相应的形容词,在句中可用作表语,补语或在名 词后做定语,能用于该句型的名词 help/use/ value/ importance/humor/determination 等其对应 的形容词分别为:helpful/ useful/ valuable/ important/humorous/determined . ① This book is of great use/ very useful.这本书很有用。 ②His advice is of great value/ very valuable.他的建议很有价值。 ③English is of great importance/ very important to us.英语对我们来说很重要。 ④He is a man of great determination and we all admire him. (
  2)be +of +a +n.用来表示相同或相似 ① They are of a height. 他们身高一样。 ②The flowers are of a color .这些花颜色一样。 (
  3)be +of +the same + n.也用来表示相同或相似 ① They are of the same height. 他们身高一样。 ②The flowers are of the same color .这些花颜色一样。 If 易混易错点
  1: only they could find a way to get to the room, or whatever it was, behind the wall. 他们要是能够找到一条通道进入墙壁后面的那个房间,或无论什么地方,该有多好! If only 与 only if (
  1)if only 要是怎么样就好了,后接句子必须要虚拟语气: ①had done sth 指过去的情况 If only you hadn’t told Jackie what I said, everything would have been all right. 要是你没把我的话告诉杰克就好了,那样就不会出什么问题了。 ② did sth 指现在的情况 If only I were a bird 要是我是一只小鸟就好了。 ③ would/could do sth 指将来的情况 If only I would go to Beijing next year. (



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