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2011 届高三英语分类练习??单项选择热点题型探究
结构型题目常见的解题方法有: 结构型题目常见的解题方法有: 一、化简法:去掉冗余信息(如插入语、同位语、定语从句等) ,如: Personally I think it is the sales manager, (rather than the sales girls,) to blame. A.is B.that is C.are D.who are 二、补全法:有些题目被挖去一些成分,如补上所缺部分就能找到答题突破口。 ?Who is making so much noise in the garden? ?the children. A.It is B.They are C.That is D.There are 三、还原法:如题目是以疑问句、强调句、感叹句、倒装句、被动句等出现,将其变 成正常词序或主动语态。如: Is this research center you visited the modern equipment last year? A.where B.that C.the one that D.the one where 练习】 【练习】
  1.Pleasant as they made it , we felt tired. A.to travel B.traveling C.traveled D.travel
  2.Among the most important questions people want is how to keep the present economic growth without causing the damage to the environment. A.answered B.answering C.being answered D.to answer
  3.In my opinion, it is better to spend more time on your school work than time at tutorial matters. A.waste B.wasted C.to waste D.wasting
  4.?You ought to have tried to stop them from doing that. ?, but who would listen to me? A.So I ought B.So ought I C.So I did D.So did I
  5.?Who should be responsible for the accident? ?The boss, not the workers. They just carried out the order . A.as told B.as are told C.as telling D.as they told
  6.?Where did you get to know him? ?It was on the farm we worked. A.that B.there C.which D.where
  7.How pleased the boy was what his parents said! A.hearing B.heard C.hear D.to hear
  8. what the six blind men said sounded!
A.How foolishly B.How foolish C.What foolish D.What foolish
  9.The students are to hand in the exercises before class. A.wished B.hoped C.enjoyed D.promised
  10.He turned off the head lamp of the car to keep the light from flashing in through the window of Jack's house and Jack up. A.woke B.waking C.wake D.to wake
  11.Not far from my family, there is a garden, owner seated in it, reading Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens. A.its B.whose C.which D.his
  12.No bread eaten by man is so sweet as earned by his own labor. A.one B.that C.such D.what
  13.Computers have been put into robots and to make phones as well as with medical operations. A.used; to help B.used; help C.using; helping D.using; helped
  14. a mobile phone can you ring you want to talk to anywhere. A.Using; whoever B.Only on; whoever C.Only by; whatever D.With; anyone
  15.Praise is like sunlight to the human spirit; without we can't flower and grow. A.them B.it C.that D.which 分隔现象在结构型题目中经常出现,解题时剔除冗余信息,准确定位。 分隔现象在结构型题目中经常出现,解题时剔除冗余信息,准确定位。
  16.The time is not far away modern communications will become widespread in China's vast country. A.as B.until C.before D.when
  17.The question occurred to me we should go to get the car repaired. We were in the middle of the forest at that time. A.where B.that C.which D.when
  18. should do more such exercises in the future, I think, these we did yesterday. We A.as B.like C.about D.than
  19.He will tell you he expects will win such a match. A.why B.whom C.that D.who
  20.At five she was by her mother, who was a famous dancer when young, to go into training. A.led B.enjoyed C.imagined D.forced
09 届高三英语分类练习??单项选择热点题型探究
  21.Jack is late again. It is of him to keep others waiting. A.normal B.ordinary C.common D.typical
  22.Speaking of all the songs he has written, I think this is probably his one. A.better-known B.well-known C.best-known D.most-known
  23.What's the of having a public open space where you can't eat, drink, or even simply hang out for a while? A.sense B.matter C.case D.opinion
  24.The fact that she never apologized a lot about what kind of person she is. A.says B.talks C.appears D.declares
  25.In the library, he managed to find the book. A.ancient valuable yellow Chinese medical B.valuable Chinese medical ancient yellow C.valuable ancient yellow Chinese medical D.medical ancient valuable yellow Chinese (形容词的排列顺序应是:描绘性形容词+新旧大小形容词+颜色+产地+用途)
  26. are allowed to take part in the outdoor activities. A.Old enough children to dress themselves B.Children enough old to dress themselves C.Children old enough to dress themselves D.Enough old children to dress themselves
  27.His youngest daughter arrived home very late last night, early this morning. A.or rather B.in reality C.generally speaking D.in other words
  28.If you let pressure benefit depress you, much more can be accomplished than you thought possible. A.more than B.other than C.less than D.rather than
  29.Managers in excellent companies have a strong for doing things rather than talk about situations. A.opinion B.feeling C.idea D.preference
  30.You shouldn't be too curious about anything that doesn't you at all. A.touch B.reach C.cover D.concern
  31.The young housewife can't be too if she is to help her husband in his career. A.economic B.economy C.economics D.economical
  32.What a pity! Considering his ability and experience, he better. A.need have done B.must have done C.can have done D.might have done
  33.The companies are working together to create they hope will be the best means of transport in the 21st century. A.which B.that C.who D.what
  34.?I wonder how long you in Hawaii? ?Just for the weekend, then I had to attend a meeting. A.will stay B.stayed C.have stayed D.were staying
  35.I found the sentence smooth enough. A.hadn't read B.wasn't reading C.wasn't read D.didn't read
  36.?Where did you put the car keys? ?Oh, I I put them on the chair because the phone rang as I in. A.remembered; come B.remembered; was coming C.remember; come D.remember; was coming

  37.Such the case, I couldn't help but him. A.being; support B.is; to support C.has been; support D.be; supported
  38.Great changes have taken place in the museum. It's no longer it was twenty years ago, it was poorly equipped. A.what; which B.that; which C.what; when D.which; that
  39.?I saw his sister yesterday afternoon, she is so fat! ?But as far as I know, she very little. A.eats B.ate C.is eating D.has eaten
  40.China's population is expected to increase to about
  1.5 billion in 2040, after it will start to decline slowly. A.where B.which C.when D.that
  41.A lot of high buildings stand on used to be a river. A.which B.what C.where D.that
  42.Tom hid himself behind the door, he rushed out to scare his mother. A.which B.where C.from which D.from where
  43.As far as I know, his house lies there is a very clean river. A.what B.that C.which D.where
  44.Those successful deaf dancers think that dancing is an activity sight matters more than hearing. A.when B.whose C.which D.where
  45.Would you like to help me to think out a situation these phrases can be used at the same time? A.which B.that C.as D.where
  46.If you are traveling the customs are really foreign to your own, please do as the Romans do. A.in which B.where C.when D.what
09 届高三英语分类练习??单项选择热点题型探究

  47. it as a basic principle of the company that suppliers of raw materials should be given a fair price for their products. I A.make B.take C.look D.think
  48.Fred entered without knocking and very out of breath, sank a chair. A.on B.off C.into D.to
  49.When she first arrived in China, she wondered what the future might have for her, but now all her worries are gone. A.in need B.in time C.in store D.in preparation
  50.You have to be a fairly good speaker to listeners interest for over an hour. A.hold B.make C.improve D.receive
  51.Have you all paid me? I'm about 9 dollars . A.cheap B.short C.little D.few

  52.The discovery of new evidence led to . A.the thief having caught B.catch the thief C.the thief being caught D.the thief to be caught
  53.Last night Mr. Crook didn't come back at the usual time. , he met some friends and stayed out until midnight. A.Meanwhile B.However C.Intend D.Yet
  54.To greatly raise people's living conditions, . A.all kind of measures have been taken B.they have taken all kinds of measure C.it is said that they have taken all kinds of measures D.I think they have taken all kinds of measures
  55.Having been shaken by the big earthquake, . A.doctors came to their rescue
B.the tall building collapsed C.an emergency measure was taken D.warning was given to the tourists
  56.Greatly frightened of the latest movie "Painted Skin" (画皮), . A.tears came to my eyes B.my heart was full of fright C.my body trembled D.I could not help crying out
  57.He was busy writing a story, only once in a while to smoke a cigarette. A.to stop B.stopping C.to have stopped D.having stopped
解决交际用语试题应遵循以下三个原则: 解决交际用语试题应遵循以下三个原则: 一、礼貌优先的原则 ?Jane, will you come with me to the game? ?, Bob, but I promised Mary I'd go with her. A.My pleasure B.Thanks C.Take it easy D.Forget it 二、习惯或自然的原则 ?Oh, dear! I've just broken a window. ?. It can't be helped. A.Never mind B.All right C.That's fine D.Not at all 三、上下文含义通顺的原则 ?I have some big news for you. You've been accepted as a member of our club. ?. That's great. A.Have I? B.Pardon? C.Congratulations D.Good idea!
  58.?I think you'd better type this letter again before Mr. Smith sees it. ?Oh, dear! . A.Who cares? B.No problem C.I don't mind at all D.Is it as bad as that?
  59.?Are you all right? ?. A.That's OK B.I think so C.Take it easy D.It's very kind of you
  60.?Would you tell me the date of the class meeting? ?! A.No doubt B.No question C.No comment D.No matter
  61.?It's 3 years since I lived in Beijing. ?? A.Are you used to living there B.Where have you been living now, please C.How long have you been there D.Are you going to stay there longer
  62.?Where Margaret have put the empty bottles? ?She them away. They must be somewhere. A.must; can't throw B.can; can't throw C.could; must have thrown D.can; can't have thrown
  63.?What present shall we make Simon for his birthday? What kind of things does he like, football, pop music, model planes or ships? ?. Let's make him a model plane. A.It's a good idea B.That's it C.That's true D.That's right
  64.?I worry about this driving test very much because it is said to be very difficult. ?! You are sure to pass it, because you have practised a lot. A.Take your time B.You're welcome C.It doesn't matter D.Come on
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