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2011 年宝安区高考英语基础知识过关练习题 年宝安区高考英语基础知识过关练习 基础知识过关练习题
(一)并列连词 副词 并列连词/副词 连词
  1. When very small dinosaur bones were found in a Germany mine, people thought they were from baby dinosaurs. scientist Martin Sander’s work shows that they were probably fully grown and belong to the smallest giant dinosaur species ever found.
  2. Besides, the whole body of an ox is full of treasures, with their meat and milk as food full of nutrition, their skin used to make clothes and shoes.
  3. Only a brave man, a very rich one, dares to buy and sell on the Stock Market.
  4. Some people think examination is the only way to test how the students have mastered the knowledge.
  5. Hitler didn’t congratulate him. Having returned from Berlin, he received no telephone call from the president of his own country, .
  6. Eye diseases usually attack adults, regular check-ups are also recommended for children and even babies.
  7. As I walked down empty streets under tall buildings, I felt very small and cold, I began running, to keep warm and to keep away from any possible robbers.
  8.Strangers often call out to him, by name or by saying : Are you the guizi on TV ?
  9. Dave is a popular Chinese restaurant in Paris among people in the fashion business. Nobody recommends Dave for the food, , which is adequate, or the prices, which is always high.
  10.The English language learnt by immigrants from Africa who were forbidden an education in American society had the influence of their primary language., black English was born.
  1. But
  2. and
  3. or
  4. well
  5. either
  6. but
  7. both (二)代词
  1.This man might have needed the umbrella for later during the day but preferred to give it to me.
  2.I turned and saw a tribesman pointing a gun at me. of us could speak each other’s language.
  3.It is common mistake to assume that the duration of effectiveness of a sunscreen can be calculated simply by multiplying the SPF by the length of time takes for one to suffer a burn without sunscreen.
  4. was the damage that it would cost thousands to repair.
  5.Say all you know and say without reserve.
  6.The famous actress said her parents worked happily and were nice and healthy, and some others said it was the same with .
  7.The symptoms of swine flu in people are similar to of a regular human flu and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches , headache, chills and fatigue.
  8.It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and he has an assignment, that he has handled for the last eight years.
  9.What’s amazing , Pluto can understand everything dad says. And it’s not just Pluto who understands, it’s dad , too. seems to know what the needs at any time.
  10.The CDs are on sale! Buy one and you get completely free.
  1. himself
  2. Neither/Both
  3. it
  4. such
  5. it
  6. theirs
  7. those
  8. one
  9. Each; other
  10. one (三)动词时态 语态 动词时态/语态 时态
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  8. either
  9. however
  10. Thus
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  1.When very small dinosaur bones were found in a Germany mine, people thought they were from baby dinosaurs. But scientist Martin Sander’ s work shows that they were probably fully (grow) and belong to the smallest giant dinosaur species ever found.
  2. He hurried to the station only (find) that the train had left.
  3.Almost (freeze), the old man could not get off the ground.
  4. Your evidence is not enough to make the judge (convince) of your innocence.
  5.The actor’s biggest dream is to play Chinese characters, although he admits that his Mandarin needs (improve) first.
  6.The dinosaur(force) to adapt and evolved into a smaller animal(need) less space and food.
  7.(express) their love for oxen, people in some other areas will run to shake off diseases on the 16th day of the first month by the lunar calendar, and during their run they will take their oxen along, which(indicate) they regard the creature as human.
  8. The silence was finally broken when Mickey , his face (fill ) with joy, (hug) my son tightly .
  9. (frighten) by the bullets (whistle)by, the fellow hid his head in the bushes, (leave) his body (expose).
  10.No one had told Smith about there ( be) a lecture the following day.
  11. Hong Kong was the most successful British colony, maybe the longest (keep) too.
  12. But the government (build) another five prisons by next year.
  13. What if the lifeblood of modern civilization (stop) flowing?
  14. If these fuels were (become) the “new oil”, nations would face a choice between growing crops for food and growing crops for fuel.
  1. grown
  2. to find
  3. frozen
  4. convinced
  5. improving / to be improved
  6. was forced ; needing
  7. To express ; indicates
  8. filled; hugged
  9. Frightened ; whistling ; leaving ; exposed
  10. being
  11. kept
  12. will have built
  13. stopped
  14. to become (四)定语从句
  1.I stood there astonished, barely believing that the man existence was unknown to me only moments ago, could be so thoughtful.
  2. Children often form bad habits, some of remain with them as long as they live.
  3. He is the person in the red suit rides the back of the Santa Train from Shelbina, Kentucky, to Kingsport, Tennessee.
  4. It is one of the few places in the world the bones and footprints of dinosaurs have been found together.
  5. We should keep away from all the bad habits and try to form such habits will be good for ourselves and others.
  6. A cup of tea! I had feared for my life was being offered a cup of tea!
  7. They spend three to ten hours outside their cells they exercise ,eat, study, learn skills, watch TV and talk to their prisoners.
  8. Here I am going to offer some advice on collecting antique clocks, I personally consider are among the most interesting of antiques.
  9.The economy right now is the biggest issue with we are faced right now.
  10. Finally the day came the boy didn’t lose his temper at all.
  1. whose
  2. which
  3. who
  4. where
  5. as
  6. who
  7. when
  8. which
  9. which
  10. when
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  1. I didn't develop a deep understanding of the war I came to China, because there are seldom movies or television programs about the war in Japan," he says.
  2. Secondly, don’t hesitate to ask for help, from a friend or fellow student, your teacher or a private tutor.
  3.The answer somehow slipped from my tongue I realized it : “ No, sir.”
  4. Scientists think that water levels rose, there was less and less land and food available.
  5. Remember the British colonial government in HK ran continuous huge surpluses every year, a clear sign that they were not spending the money they earned it. The money was deposited in the British Treasury and major banks.
  6. I thought how much she must love her job as she smiled kindly at each person attending to their needs.
  7. For the British people to know: Hong Kong is a big deal it’s a tiny dot on the map.
  8. not promptly diagnose and treated, every person with active TB disease of the lungs or throat could infect other people.
  9. They were taking some coins out of the case they heard a car pull up outside the house.
  10. Liberty is the only thing you cannot have you give it to others.
1 until
  2. whether
  3. before
  4. as/when
  5. where
  6. while
  7. though/although
  8. If
  9. when
  10. unless
  1.Obviously this is a situation set to get out of control. Call it you want: a time-bomb or a powder
  2.Economic experts predicted the 2008 Olympic Games would exert an extensive effect on China’s economic and social development and the influence on such specific industries as sports , tourism, construction and commercial services would be more direct.
  3.We may look at the world around us, but somehow we manage not to see it until we’ve become used to suddenly disappears.
  4.The divorce rate among the movie star is so high that it is difficult to know is married to whom.
  5. we manage to be different at all interests me.
  6.The fact is some eye problems do not start with any symptom, is something you need to remember and consider.
  7.The man might have needed the umbrella later during the day but he preferred to give it to me. It was a lesson it’s possible to give without expecting anything in return.
  8.We tend to rush through our meals , forgetting to actually taste the flavors and feel the textures of is in our mouths.
  9. To tackle credit card out, the SPC is also drafting a legal explanation on to handle such cases.
  10.I asked him he’d placed a “Sold out” sign on the door on a light when there were thirty empty tables.
  1. what
  2. that
  3. what
  4. who
  5. That
  6. that; which
  7. that
  8. what
  9. how
  10. why (七)冠词
  1.Because of the contribution of oxen in their lives, the Chinese people are very grateful to animal.
  2. If another animal has made kill, they will drive it off and take the dead animal for .
  3. Since so many people have begun to take more casual view of marriage, it is interesting to know that the cost of getting a divorce is lower.
  4. What if there were no more oil? Life as we know it would come to end.
  1. the
  2. a ; themselves
  3. a
  4. an
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  1. According to a recent World Health Organizations report, an estimated 5
  00,000 cases of multidrug resistant tuberculosis occurred in 2007, 55 countries reporting an increase.
  2. Today it seems that one of the best ways to protect your savings and even increase your wealth is to buy beautiful objects the past.
  3. arrival, he parked his bike outside the back door as he usually does..
  4.It was a lesson to me that it is possible to give expecting anything in return.
  5.But the assumptions their observations need to be examined.
  6.Research shows that many people get sick and even die eating sea turtle meat.
  7.Angus decided to attend the event person and two months later arrived in Barcelona.
  8. 3 o’clock on the Sunday morning, the fire’s glow had become so bright that Jane woke her husband to watch it.
  9.There’s a problem, however, Poe’s importance in American Literature.
  10.It’s easy to drop leaves, but it’s impossible to get them back, so it is gossip.
  11.I wouldn’t let anyone a doctor touch her!
  12.Recently divorced my 30s, I had no job and was my way downtown a rainy day to go to the employment offices.
  13. Being adventurous boys, they know it would be more exciting to camp in the woods lying the river.
  1. with
  2. from
  3. On / Upon
  4. without
  9. about
  10. with
  11. but
  12. at ; on ; on
  5. behind
  13. beyond
  6. from
  7. in
  8. By
(九)倒装句/强调句 倒装句 强调句
  1. He had never owned a radio or television, had he travelled further than forty kilometers from his birthplace.
  2.Not until I reached my apartment building and unlocked the door __ I realize the noise had been.
  3.Among those leading the way (be) biofuels, which are fuels obtained from recently dead biological material.
  4. Without oil, almost all transport would stop, and would nearly all factories.
  5. On the north wall of the room (hang) a red bow, which was reflected in Du Xuan’s cup.
  6. With the education of Black English, not only African-American children feel accepted in school, but also they will understand that they speak another language.
  7. the oil to be used up, scores of millions would be unemployed.
  8. What’s amazing , Pluto understand everything dad says. And it’s not just Pluto understands, it’s dad , too. Never once __ I heard anyone shout at Pluto or even raise their voices.
  9. It is in this area husbands and wives find themselves having to face many confusing and conflicting feelings.
  10.He refused to listen to the suggestions that he give up and said he would try. He try, and the results are in the record book..
  11.They say it’s not just the amount that teenagers consume is worrying them but also what they do when they ‘re drunk.
  1. nor
  2. did
  3. are
  4. so
  7. Were
  8.did; that ; had
  9. that
  10. did
  11. that
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  1..In the past, oxen played an important role in the (spirit)life of the Chinese.
  2.Some are for (begin) and others are for (advance) students.



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