2011 届九年级第一次联考英语试卷 九年级第一次联考英语试卷
一、听力测试(25 分) 听力测试( A)听下面十段对话,每段对话读两遍。
  1. What will the girl probably buy for her father?

  2. What does the boy want to be when he grows up?
  3. What was the weather like last Saturday?
  4. How did the man find his trip? A. He didn’t enjoy it at all. A. For a few weeks. A. Because they’re smart.
  7. What’s the time now? A. 7:45
  8. Where will Linda stay? A. At home A. Tokyo A. $15 B. 8:00
B B. He found it interesting. B. For half a year.
C C. He enjoyed it very much. C. For several days. C. A and B

  5. How long are they going to stay with the Greens?
  6. Why does the woman like cheetahs (印度豹)? B. They’re the fastest animals in the world. C. 8:15 C. In the hospital C. Paris C. $45
B. In the school B. Sydney B. $30

  9. Where did the woman go on vacation?
  10. How much should the woman pay for the blouses? B) 听下面三段对话,每段对话读两遍。
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Conversation 1
  11. How does Steven usually go to London? A. By train A. £16 B. By bus B. £32 C. By taxi C. £60
  12. How much does a travel card for a year cost?
  13. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Steven can’t buy cheap train tickets. B. Lily needs 2 photos to get a travel card. C. Lily must show her ID card to get a travel card. Conversation 2
  14. What did Andy do when he saw a boy in the garden? A. He played basketball with him. B. He asked the boy some questions. C. He introduced himself and talked to him.
  15. Why was Andy confused (迷惑的)? A. The boy got angry. B. The boy cried suddenly. C. The boy asked him the same question again.
  16. What’s the relationship between the two boys? A. Friends Monologue
  17. When is the Earth Day? A. On March 1st. A. To have a big party. A. At 2:30 at the school gate. B. At 2:30 at the park gate. C. At 2:00 at the school gate.
  20. What should we bring? A. A hat B. A plastic bag. C. A pen. C) 听下面一段短文完成表格,短文读两遍。 Ten rules for a long and happy life Who have revealed (揭示) the 10 rules? What even allowed? Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule (
  24) Rule 9 Rule 10 二、单项填空(15 分) 单项填空(
  26. This is that all of us believe it is very interesting .
B. Classmates
C. Twin brothers
B. On April 22nd. B. To play outside.
C. On April 21st. C. To take care of the earth.

  18. Why do we celebrate the Earth Day?
  19. When and where will you meet if you want to volunteer on Saturday afternoon?
  21). Sunbathing, drinking alcohol (酒精饮料) and eating chocolate. (
  22). Where you live also has a great effect on (
  23). Seeing the doctors. It advises you to learn new technologies. You should smile and (
  25). in life.
A. such wonderful music C. such a wonderful music A. when B. while
B. so wonderful music D. so wonderful a music C. after D. before

  27. Newton was playing under an apple tree an apple fell onto his head.
  28. Smoking in the library. Please stop. A. is allowed; smoking C. isn’t allowed; to smoke ?. A. Yes, please open it C. Of course not
  30. ?Jim! The coffee is good. ?That’s right .It will taste with some milk. A. good A. who A. is made; well A. succeed A. No B. better B. whose B. made; good B. success B. Not C. None C. best C. which D. the best D. whom D. made; well D. succeeded
  31. The room door faces the south is mine.
  32. The silk in China sells . C. is made; good C. successful D. Nobody
  33. He is very happy because he was in passing the exam.
  34. everybody likes watching in my family. My parents like doing outdoor activities.
  35. I am tired of the busy life and want to go on vacation. A. somewhere relaxing C. somewhere boring
  36. ?Bad luck! It’s too late. ?It doesn’t matter. The movie for only a few minutes. You can’t miss it . A .has begun B. began C. has been on D. was on
  37. ?Do you often see Maria on the playground ? ?No, but she is often seen the guitar in the park? A. run ; play A. was; met B run ;to play B. has been; met C. running ;play C. was; met D. running ;to play D. is; meet
  38. It ten years since we last in Beijing. But you look younger.
  39. ?What’s the low-carbon lifestyle like ? ?Save energy, produce carbon . A. move; more B. less; more C. less; less D. more; less
  40. ?Could you tell me when Mr. Li in Huanggang? ?Sure. When he , I’ll call you. A. arrives; will arrive C. arrives; arrives 三、完形填空(25 分) 完形填空( A Denny Crook was a famous photographer. He traveled all over the world, talking pictures for magazines and newspapers, and won many prizes.
B. isn’t allowed; smoking D. is allowed; to smoke

  29. ?Would you mind my opening the window ? B. It doesn’t matter D. Thank you
B. pleasant somewhere D. interesting somewhere
B. will arrive; arrives D. will arrive; will arrive
“I’ll do anything to get a good photo,” he often said. “I’ll go anywhere at any time, even if it is _41__ .” And he told the 42 . He had photos of earthquakes, forest fires, floods and even wars. If something interesting “I’ll travel for my or a bath for days. happened, Denny went to photo it. He was a married man and his wife often asked him to take her with him, but he always 43 work ,not for 44 ,”he told her. You won’t enjoy yourself, and I won’t have 45 there’s not even anywhere to You won’t like it.” “Denny, I’m not a child,” his wife didn’t you go overseas.” Denny did not say anything, but he too uncomfortable.” His wife was very 51 , and at first she had a very enjoyable time. 52 some lions to photo. His wife went with him, but before long they became Then Denny went off to Suddenly, Denny heard her 49 about it, and when he was asked to go to Africa he said to his wife. You 50 there. It should be interesting and not can come to Africa with me if you want to. I’ve got to take photos of wild 48 .” I can look after myself. Please take me with you the next time 46 , and I have to sleep outside. I often don’t have a good 47 to look after you. Sometimes
separated. She walked down one path while he walked down the other. 53 . He ran back and saw her running toward him. A huge lion was chasing her. 54 it at his wife and the lion. D. impossible D. truth D. joked D. luck D. ability D. stay D. party D. complain D. thought D. people D. disappointed D. shoot D. cheering D. pointed D. Go ahead Quickly Denny took his camera out of its case and
  55. A. dangerous A. lie A. allowed A. wealth A. money A. meet A. meal A. agree A. worried A. land A. confused A. find A. singing A. threw A. Hurry B. natural B. reason B. refused B. prize B. time B. work B. picnic B. understand B. forgot B. flowers B. excited B. feed B. crying B. fired B. Look out
Then he shouted, 55 , woman! I can’t get you both in the picture!” C. convenient C. news C. failed C. pleasure C. interest C. shop C. room C. reply C. asked C. animals C. surprised C. drive C. laughing C. showed C. Slow down B big, produce, believe, die, possible, say, opera, while, crowd, world, find, borrow Hans Anderson, the well-known Danish writer, was born in 18
  05. At that time no one could 56 this boy, the son of a poor shoemaker, would one day become a famous writer. As he was the only child, his parents and grandma loved Anderson very much. He lived in a dream 57of his own, full of glorious (美好的) imagination, and all the pots and pans were his friends. When he was 11years old, his father 58and the boy had to leave school. His mother made a living by washing clothes, 59 Anderson spent much time making toy theatres and puppets and reading as many books as he could 60 _. His mother wanted him to learn to make clothes, but this was not his idea. The boy tried his best to become an 61 _ singer, so at 14 he left for the capital. For three years he lived in a
62house, writing and singing, until he successfully 63 a job in the theater. The director of the Royal Theatre (皇家剧院) thought that he had talent, but needed further training. With his help, Anderson got a scholarship (奖学金) , which made it 64for him to finish his education. Anderson spent much of his time travelling and 65 especially children, still like them now. 四、阅读理解(40 分) 阅读理解( A Qian Xuesen (191120
  09), China Famous as the “Father of Chinese Rocketry”, he worked hard and made important contributions to the missile (导 弹)and space programs of China . Gandhi (1869?19
  48), India He gave up his rich life for his ideas and fought for his country to be free from the UK in a peaceful way. Indians called him the “Father of the Nation”. Nelson Mandela (1918-- ), South Africa He fought for the black people and was in prison for 30 years .He helped the black people to get the same rights as white people .In 1993 ,he was given the Nobel Peace Prize for his devotion to his country. Norman Bethune (1890?19
  39), Canada He fought against the German Nazis(纳粹)and Japanese invaders during World War Ⅱ.He worked in China as a doctor and saved many Chinese soldiers.
  66. Of the four great person ,only worked in China . A. Qian Xuesen and Norman Bethune C. Gandhi and Norman Bethune A. space programs C. some good ideas A. 政治家 B. 科学家 B. Qian Xuesen and Nelson Mandela D. Nelson Mandela and Gandhi B. good treatment from Bethune D. the same rights as white people C. 医生 B Wang Fengqin, a 61-year-old woman in Beijing, volunteers to sort(分类)rubbish in her living area in Beijing’s Chaoyang District. At 6:30 every morning ,while half of Beijing is still in sleeping dreams in bed or enjoying a delicious breakfast ,Wang rushes through her busiest hours in the day .She gets up ,gives her face a quick wash ,takes a simple breakfast and rushes to the four rubbish dustbins beside the gate of her living area. There she checks the waste left by her neighbors to make sure it is sorted correctly. “Sorting rubbish will improve the environment for all of us and it only takes a minute,” Wang said .“I want to help my neighbors develop good habits,” As Wang spoke ,an old man came by and threw a plastic bag full of rubbish into the dustbin marked “recyclable(可 回收)”. “Hey, please there are some orange peels and fish bones in your bag ,so they are supposed to be put into the dustbin marked ‘kitchen waste ’,”Wang told him . Learning the old man was in a hurry, Wang let him go, opened the bag herself, picked out the kitchen waste and threw it in the right dustbin. Wang has been doing this every day from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. since March
  10. She says people usually go downstairs and throw out rubbish at this time.
__novels, travel books and fairy tales. People,

  67. Nelson Mandela fought for the black people and helped them to get though once in prison 30 years.

  68. The underlined word “invaders” probably means in Chinese . D. 侵略者
Most people had no idea about sorting rubbish at first, but now 90 percent can put rubbish in the correct dustbin, Wang says. However, she plans to keep doing this job until all her neighbors sort correctly.
  69. When does Wang Fengqin usually get up in the morning? A. At 7:30 B. At 6:30 C. At 9:00 D. At 8:00
  70. The old man didn’t sort his rubbish probably because . A. he was afraid of Wang C. he was in a hurry A. orange peels B. broken toys B. he thought it was Wang’s job D. he didn’t know where the dustbin was C. terribly smelly food D. fish bones

  71. According to the passage, one shouldn’t put in the dustbin marked “kitchen waste”.
  72. From the passage, we can say that Wang Fengqin is . A. always busy with her housework C. very cruel to others B. always careless to throw out rubbish D. warm-hearted and ready to help others C When we talk about intelligence (智力), we do not mean the ability to get good scores on certain kinds of tests or even the ability to do well in school. By intelligence we mean a way of living and behaving, especially in a new situation. If you want to test intelligence, we need to find out how a person acts instead of how much he knows what to do. For example, when in a new situation, an intelligent person thinks about the situation, not about himself or what might happen to him. He tries to find out all he can, and then he acts immediately and tries to do something about it. He probably isn’t sure how it will all work out, but at least he tries. And if he cannot make things work out right, he doesn’t feel ashamed (羞愧) that he failed, he just tries to learn from his mistakes. An intelligent



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