考前第 15 天
词汇句型天天记 重点单词 terminal territory arbitrary architect architecture biology geography adj.末端的,极限的; n.终点 n.领土 adj.随意的;武断的 n.建筑师 n.建筑学 n.生物学 n.地理(学)
v.近似 approximate adj.大概的,大约的;
geology entertainment enthusiasm entry environment episode restrain restraint resume severe sexual simplicity simplify sorrow
n.地质学 n.娱乐;招待,款待 n.热情,热心 n.进入;入口处;参赛 n.环境 n.插曲,片段 v vt.阻止;抑制 n.抑制,限制 v.(中断后)重新开始 adj.严重的 adj.性的 n.简单;朴素 vt.简化 n.悲哀,悲痛
重点短语 go around have a gift for music have a good knowledge of have access to have difficulty/trouble in doing sth. 做某事有困难 接近(或进入)的方法 对……很熟悉 分配;传播,传开 有音乐天分
  1.It+be(is/was)+被强调的部分(主、宾、 状语)+that+其他成分。 It was at 3 o’clock that they received the telephone.在三点时他们接到了那个电 话。
  2.It is+形容词(possible,impossible, necessary 等)+for+sb.+to do sth. It’s important for us to have a good knowledge of English.掌握好英语对我们 来说是非常重要的。

  3.It is+(心理、品质方面的)形容词+of +sb.+to do sth.=主语+be+形容词+ to do sth. It’s rude of him to treat a child like that. =He is rude to treat a child like that. 以那种方式对待一个小孩儿,他可真够 粗鲁的。
模板作文天天诵 假如你是李华,已被推荐为交流学生,将 到英国学习半年, 经安排住在 Peter 家, 请你给 他写一封 e-mail。 要点
  3.询问有关情况(气候、注意事项等)。 注意:
  1.词数 1
Dear Peter, I’m really excited about being selected as an exchange student. Yours, Li Hua
参考范文 Dear Peter, I’m really excited about being selected as an exchange student.My name is Li Hua, from Southwest China’s Yunnan Province.I plan to take some courses at your school to experience learning in the UK.I also have plans to travel in your country to see all those famous castles and buildings.Of course, I hope I will be able to grow
immensely in my English during my stay.So I really feel lucky to be able to stay with your family.Could you tell me something about the weather in autumn and winter in your city? And is there anything I need to know in order not to offend others or suffer from a cultural shock? I believe this will be a highly rewarding experience for me.And I’m looking forward to my gorgeous six months in the UK. Yours, Li Hua
  1.Nothing in my life has meant to me
as his praise. A.as much C.that much B.more D.as good
解析 本题考查句型搭配。本题的关键部分是 as his praise(像他的赞扬一样), 由此判断前面用 as much,构成 as...as...句型。

  2.Never in my wildest dreams lead to C a career in the NBA, which has allowed me to give back to my people in Africa. A.I thought the chance would B.I thought would the chance C.did I think the chance would D.did I think would the chance
本题考查倒装句式。像 never,not a...,
hardly,little 等这样的否定词为了强调或修辞 需要提到句首时,该句在习惯上要形成部分倒 装句式,即把谓语部分中的助动词、系动词、 情态动词或把 did/does/do 助动词提到主语的前 面。

  3. ?May I put my luggage on the seat beside you, sir? ?. B A.Sure, with pleasure B.Okay, please yourself C.Well, never mind D.Yes, help yourself
解析 本题主要考查英语交际用语的应用。选 项 A 表示“愿意帮忙”; 选项 B 表示“同意”; 选项 C 表示“安慰”;选项 D 表示“招待”。 根据对方的问题,回答只能是 B。

  4.She’s fainted. Throw some water on her face
A and she’ll .
A.come round C.come on
B.come along D.come out
项 A 的意思是“绕道而来;回心转意;苏醒过 来”;选项 B 的意思是“一起来;一道走;进 展;出现”;选项 C 的意思是“进步;进展; 成长;开始”;选项 D 的意思是“(花)开放; 出版;露出”。根据句子的意思,选 A。

  5.Small as it is, the ant is as much a creature as
A all other animals on the earth.
A.are B.is C.have D.do
句子的意义可知,第三个 as 引导一个定语从句 修饰先行词 a creature;根据句子结构,先行词 在从句中作表语,从句的谓语动词的形式由后 面的主语 all other animals 决定用 are, 于是本题 的正确答案为 A。

  6.?How is it that you know she’s got back from the UK? ?She when I came out of the house C this morning. A.seemed to be passing B.happened to have passed C.chanced to be passing D.chose to be passing
解析 本题主要是对动词及不定式的不同形式的意
义的考查。选项 A 表示意义不很确定;选项 B 表示 经过的行为碰巧已经发生;选项 C 表示碰巧正好经 过;选项 D 表示选定或愿意正从那儿经过。

  7.?Is there any hope of saving his life? ?His injuries are extremely serious, but he’s
B expected to .
A.pull in C.pull up
B.pull through D.pull over
选项 A 的意思是“停站;进站;靠岸”;选项 B 的意思是“恢复健康; 度过危机; 度过危险”; 选项 C 的意思是“阻止;斥责;使停下”;选 项 D 的意思是“把……拉过来;把……划到对 岸去”。 根据句子的意思, 本题的正确答案为 B。
  8.All the task ahead of time, they
decided to go on holiday for a week. A.had been finished B.were finished C.having been finished D.been finished
句子中的逗号可知,逗号前面部分不能是单独 的句子,从而排除选项 A、B;再根据动词的过 去分词没有被动语态这一知识可知,选项 D 错 误。

  9.?He ought to have been warned of the danger.
B ?, but he wouldn’t listen to me.
A.Yes, he ought to B.So he was C.So was he D.So it was with him
调“我的确警告他了,但是他没有听从我的建 议”。选项 A 最具有迷惑性,学生容易受思维 定势的影响。“ought to have done sth.”表示 “该做的事而没有做”,注意上下文的联系。

  10.Lang Ping, who is said to have started her
A coaching career in America,
volleyball in China for almost twenty years. A.played C.was playing
B.have played D.had played
出 句 子 的 主 干 , “ Lang Ping volleyball in China for almost twenty years.”。 然 后用代入法即可选出答案。

  11. actor can not well play the role without life An experience more than a dancer can A make a difference without much practice. A.any B.no C.not D.much
any 和前面的 not 构成“not any more than
=no more than”短语,意思是“和……一样 不”。句意为:一个没有生活经验的演员和没 有大量实践的舞蹈演员一样,不会扮演好自己 的角色。

  12.Each of the 400 people received from their boss gift?“Who moved my cheese ? ”? best-seller in the B US?to understand how to deal with changes in their lives and work. A.the;/ C.a;/
B.a;a D.the;a

  13. Passenger:Look out! There’s a kangaroo wandering on the road!
B Driver: it! That was lucky. It can
damage my car really badly. A.Missing C.To miss B.Missed D.Miss
鼠,司机回答,“已经绕过去了,我们的确很 幸运”,“That was lucky”,说明事情发生在 过去,所以应用过去时。

  14. Most of the audience wondered what idea a man who’s deaf from birth can have music. C A.with
C.of D.at
想知道一个天生聋哑的人会对音乐有怎样的理 解。搭配结构为 the idea of music。

  15.?Were you busy last weekend? ?Very. Rather than time playing cards as usual, I devoted every effort to an advertisement. A A.wasting; making B.waste; make C.to waste; make
D. waste of; making a
本题考查短语 devote oneself to doing
something 的用法,以及短语 rather than 要求句 子前后保持平衡,所以本题应选择 A。
二、阅读理解 A Special trees that grow faster , fight pollution , produce better wood,and even sense chemical attacks are being planted by scientists in the US. When 40 per cent of Hawaii’s $14 million-a-year papaya (木瓜) industry was destroyed by a virus five years ago,work began on creating genetically engineered (转基 因的) trees. Researchers successfully introduced seeds that were designed to resist the virus.Since then,more and more people have been testing genetically engineered trees.
Some researchers put a special bacteria into trees to help them grow faster and produce better wood.Others are trying to create trees that can clean polluted soil. Meanwhile fruit farmers are looking for trees that are strong enough to resist worms,and paper companies want trees that produce more wood and therefore more paper. The Pentagon (五角 大楼) even gave the researchers $500,000 this year after they developed a pine tree that changes its colors if it senses a chemical attack.
So far,the poplar (杨树),eucalyptus (桉树),apple and coffee trees are among those being engineered.All this can be done today because we have a better understanding of tree genomes (基因组). However, some people fear that the genetically engineered trees will cause dangerous results.They are worried that the new trees will breed with natural species and change the balance of the forest environment. “It could be destructive , ” said Jim Diamond , an environmentalist.“Trees are what is left of our natural environment and home to many endangered species.” But researchers insist that science could give nature a fighting chance against both natural and man-made dangers. They hope to answer the critics by stopping the new trees from breeding,so their effect on the environment can be controlled.

  1. What caused the American scientists to work on special trees? A.They think science could give nature a fighting chance against both natural and man-made dangers. B.Great numbers of trees have been lost due to attacks by viruses. C.Researchers successfully introduced seeds designed to resist the virus. D.Tree genomes are mapped out so scientists know how to improve trees.
细节理解题。从第二段“When 40 per
cent of Hawaii’s $14 million-a-year papaya (木 瓜) industry was destroyed by a virus five years ago , work began on creating genetically engineered (转基因的) trees.”可知。
答案 B

  2.Which of the following was probably the first kind of trees being engineered? A.Papaya. C.Apple. B.Pine. D.Poplar.
细节理解题。从第二段“When 40 per
cent of Hawaii’s $14 million-a-year papaya (木 瓜) industry was destroyed by a virus five years ago,...”此句可以推测出。
答案 A

  3.The best title of the passage is . D A.The Improvement of Environment B.The Side Effects of Special Trees C.The Development of Special Trees D.The Program of Genetically Engineered Trees
B Last week my youngest son and I visited my father at his new home in Tucson,Arizona.He moved there a few years ago,and I was eager to see his new place and meet his friends. My earliest memories of my father are of a tall, handsome,successful man devoted to his work and family, but uncomfortable with his children.As a child I loved him; as a schoolgirl and young adult (成年人) I feared him and felt bitter about him. He seemed unhappy with me unless I got straight A’s and unhappy with my boyfriends if their fathers were not as “successful” as he was.Whenever I went out with him on weekends, used to struggle to think up I things to say,feeling on guard.
On the first day of my visit,we went out with one of my father’s friends for lunch at an outdoor café.We walked along that afternoon, some shopping,ate on the street table,and laughed did over my son’s funny facial e



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