中考选择填空精编 500-4 题

  1.This place is really well worth a second time. A.to visit B.visits C.visiting D.visited 2I’m in what you. Well,don’t follow suit. Just do what you like. A. interesting,interests B.interested ,interests C.interest,interests D.interest,interesting
  3. I think he lives No.386 West St. Are you sure that? A. at ,/ B. in ,of C. in ,about D. at ,of
  4.Saddam and his followers from Baghdad before the air raids took place. A.had escaped B.has escaped C.was escaping D.escape
  5. Have you finished your work yet? No,not yet. I think it’ll take ten minutes A.another B.other C.others D.more
  6.If you want to prevent yourself from catching diseases, you must keep your living environment . A.clean B.to clean C.cleaning D.dirty
  7. How long have you been away from your hometown? two years ago. A.Since B.For C.In D.From
  8.George W.Bush encourages the US soldiers to fight their own country. A.with B.against C.for D.about
  9.The earthquake victims in the hospitals. A. are well treated B. are taken good care C. treated D. are well treating
  10.Tom won the first prize in the competition. He it because he is the most hard-working student. A.needs B.deserves C.is sure of D.should get
  11.Most of the deserts to be covered with bushes and trees. A.used B.were used C.use D.got used
  12.The hospital is doing its best tothe patients with the best treatment and services. A.offer B.give C.provide D.serve
  13.Many SARS patients and are allowed to leave the hospitals. A.have been healed B.have healed C.are healed D.healed
  14. Listen,can you hear someone for help? A.to cry B.cry C.crying D.cries
  15.The beautiful scenery tourists to Guilin from the world over. A. attracts B. attacks C. causes D. catches
  16.The PRC was on October 1st 19
  49. A.found B.find C.founding D.founded
  17. the help of the computer, information can every corner of the world quickly. A.With, arrive B. With, reach C.Under, arrive D. Under,reach
  18.My mother a second-hand camera for me.
A.gave B.showed C.passed D.bought
  19. How do you think the war will come to a stop? I’m not sure, maybe in another month’s time. A. long B. soon C. often D. far
  20. The boy put his money in his inside pocket,he? A. doesn’t B. didn’t C.won’t D.isn’t
  21.He used the money he first made a used bike for himself. A.buying B.buy C. to buy D.bought
  22.Here’s a shirt of Size
  70. Would you please try? A.on it B.try out it C.try it on D.try it out
  23.This pair of socks is worn out.I’ll have to buy a new . A.one B.ones C.pair D.pairs
  24.is your father? A doctor in a local hospital.. A.Who B.Where C.How D.What
  25.The Smiths live in building. They use a lift to go up and down. A.a 8-story B.a 8-stories C.an 8-stories D.an 8-story
  26.No matter you do, you must do it as well as possible. A.what B.how C.when D.where
  27.We like him not only because he teaches us but aslo he treats us . A.good,friendly B.good,kindly C.well,friendly D.well,kindly
  28.My father prefers to stay at home rather than on May Day. A.travel B.to travel C. travelling D.travels
  29. The rain came to a stop the night before.The fields are still full of water. It for nearly a week. A. had rained B. has rained C. would rain D. was raining
  30.The moonlight shone the window and fell on my bed. A.from B.on C.through D.across
  31. Could you please tell me the way to the station? Sorry,I’m a stranger too.You ask the policeman over there. A.must B.may C.need D.should
  32.You’ve made mistakes this time than ever before. A.few B.litlle C.fewer D.less
  33.Travelling by air is more expensive than by train even though the air tickets are on discount( 打折). A.very B.a lot of C.many D.far
  34.Though the price of the camera is OK, I don’t think I’ll take it. A.but B.and C.yet D.so
  35.The city is trying to the living environment of the people. A.improve B.rise C.lift D. increase
  36.What was the score of the match? Did you beat them? . We lost to the girls. A.Sorry, I don’t know B.I don’t want to talk about it B.It’s a secret D.Don’t ask me

  37.-- is the population of the town? Over 20,000 .And a third of the population workers of the car factory. A. What, are B. How many , are C. What , is D. How many, is 38Alice,why didn’t you come here yesterday? I , but my son suddenly fell ill and I had to take him to the hospital. A.had B.did C.was going to D.didn’t
  39.Could I speak to Tom, please? Sorry, he isn’t here at the moment. He Hangzhou on business . A.went to B.has gone to C.goes to D.has been to
  40.Good luck to you your trip! Thank you your kind words. A.to, for B.with, to C. with, for D. to, for
  41.So many kinds of shirts! I really don’t know . A. what to buy B.which to buy C.to buy which D. to choose which
  42.By the time I got to the check-out, I realized that I had my purse at my office. A.forgotten B.left C.laid D.put
  43.Don’t shout in public, my boy, please,? A.won’t you B.don’t you C.do you D.will you
  44.My computer doesn’t work at all. Don’t worry.I think I can put it for you. A.well B.right C.good D.up
  45.I turned back only to find myself by a group of beggars. A.follow B.following C.to follow D.followed
  46.As soon as the news came into our ears,we all cheered and became . A. exciting , exciting B.excited, .excited C. exciting, excited D. excited, exciting
  47.The American soldiers are the country over for Saddam and his followers. A. searching B. looking C. searching in D. finding
  48.Nobody told us to go there. A.if B.whether C.why D.where
  49.It doesn’t whether the cat is white or black, as long as (只要) it catches the mouse. A.work B.mind C.matter D.mean
  50.You be very tired after the long flight. Yeah, though I am tired, I feel excited and happy. A. must B. probably C. can’t D.can
  51.The price of the jacket is not too and its colour is OK.I’ll take it. A.cheap B.low C. expensive D.high
  52.All except Tom have passed the exam because he lots of classes. A.left B.forgot C.missed D.lost
  53.Does Tom write more than Larry? Yes.He is a writer than Larry. A.neatly, neater B.neatly, more neatly C.neat,neater D.neat, more neatly
  54.Tom to many places of interest since he moved to China with his family. A.traveled B.travels C.has traveled D.will travel
  55.We allowed to leave school until the summer holidays start.
A. aren’t B. will be C. wouldn’t be D. won’t be
  56.Why did you buy the jacket you didn’t like it? A.since B.that C.which D./
  57.I in Shanghai since I was a child. A.used to live B.lived C.have lived D.live
  58.There are more people in Class 2 than in Class
  1. A.many B.a lot of C.a little D.much
  59.Is that man an ? Do you mean the one who’s wearing a different T-shirt? A. American B. English C.Australia D.India
  60.When did Tom leave for Britain? He’s for two weeks. A.left B.gone C.been away D.leaving
  61.I’ve the house since I moved here. A.lived B.bought C.sold D.had
  62.Do you mind my asking you a personal question? --, any questions are welcome. A.Never B.Sure C.Of course D.Yes
  63.What interesting ! The wrong answer is: A.deer B.sheep C.news D.animal
  64.I looked out and found the ground with white snow. A.covered B.covering C.to cover D.is covered
  65.I I would win the first prize of the competition. A.wish B.hope C.think D.believe
  66.--Would you please pass the message on to Tom? . A.I’d like B. I’ll be glad to C.That would be fine D.It’s a pleasure
  67.About 20 firemen were killed in the fire which brokein Yueyang,Hunan Province last week. A.down B.into C.out D.in
  68.The mountain fire wasn’t until the next day. A.put off B.put up C.put out D.put down
  69.The man is very ill.A doctor must be right now. A.sent for B.sent up C.sent to D.sent out
  70.My memory is not good enough. Could I have a piece of paper to your e-mail address on? A.put away B.put into C.put down D.put up
  71.His parents died when he was very young, so he was by his uncle. A.brought up B.grown up C.got up D.risen
  72.I’ll never what I’m doing, even though many people think it impossible for me to make it. A.give in B.give to C.give out D.give up
  73.More and more people have lost their jobs and become . A.rich B.strong C.fragile D.lazy

  74.The moon the earth and it is our satellite. A.circles B.moves C.turns D.goes
  75.This room is used a reading room. A.as B.for C.by D.in
  76.Edison is said tothe first telephone. A.find B.discover C.invent D.found
  77.--Are you getting on well with Tom? Not very well, but we used to be friends. The more I know him, I like him. A. the more B. the less C. the little D .the least
  78.Bob, sure to come to the meeting early tomorrow! A.is B.make C.be D.makes
  79.I told the truth to my parents they wouldn’t worry about me any more. A.and B.or C.so that D.that
  80.The population of China is lager than of India. A.that B.this C.the one D.it
  81.The girl red plays the piano well. She is often invited to give performances by TV and radio stations. A.on B.with C.in D.wearing
  82.My friend was riding too fast and the wall. Luckily he was not badly hurt. A. knocked at B.put into C.crashed D. knocked into
  83.He died and was buried(葬) in the mountain village he was born. A.that B.which C.where D./
  84.The book by the young writer sells well. It is popular among middle school students. A.was written B.writing C.wrote D.written
  85. great fun to walk in the rain it will be! A.What B.How C.What a D.How a
  86.You’ll deserve to fail again you try your best. A.if B.because C.after D.unless
  87. China's first spaceman, Yang Liwei, with Shenzhou V successfully to earth on Thursday morning after more than 21 hours’ travel along the earth's orbit. A. returned back B.arrived C.reached D.returned
  88. Will he be able to come back tomorrow? I’m afraid not. He told me that he come back until his holiday ended. A. won’t B. wouldn’t C. didn’t D. would 89--The boy was frightened to see the animals he couldn’t move. -- In fact, they don’t attack people unless they are cornered. A. too, to B. so, that C. very, that D. such ,that
  90.--How often do you phone your family? . A.sometime B.sometimes C.some time D.some times
  91.How happy we are each other here away from home! A.seeing B.to see C.seen D.meeting
  92.Poul doesn’t have to be made .He always works hard. A.to learn B.learn C.learning D.learns

  93.He is so fat that the chair is not large enough for him to. A.sit B.sit on C.sit down D.take a seat
  94.It takes my daughter about an hour to practice playing piano after supper every day. A.the,the B.the,/ C./,/ D./,the
  95.His wife died and him nothing but two sons. A.offered B.gave C.sent D.left
  96.Look!There’s a train coming. A.at B.out C.around D.over
  97.Tom hasn’t phoned us for a long time. What do you suppose to him? A.was happening B.to happen C.has happened D.happened
  98.--Do you know Jim quarreled with his wife? --I don’t know. . A.I don’t care also B. So do I C. Neither do I D.too
  99.Congratulations you winning the competition! A.to,on B.for,for C.for,on D.to,on 1
  00.My boys!You are too shy. You should have more confidence in . A. you B. yourselves C. yourself D.themselves Answers: 101-105CBDAA 106-110AACAB 111-115ACACA 116-120DBDBB 121-125CCCDD 126-130ADAAC 135-140BACBC 141-145BBDBD 146-150CABCA 151-155DCACD 156-160ACAAC 161-165DADAA 166-170BCCAC 171-175ADCCA 176-180CBBCA 181-185CDCDA 186-190DDBBB 191-195BABBD 196-200BCCAB



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