2011 届中考英语专题复习二:形容词、副词考点讲解 届中考英语专题复习二:形容词、 和训练
  1. 形容词的用法;
  2. 副词的用法;
  3. 形容词和副词原级、比较级、最高级的用法;
  4. 形容词和副词在句中的区别和位置。 【名师点睛】
  1. 形容词的用法 (
  1) 形容词在句中作定语, 表语, 宾语补足语。 例如: Our country is a beautiful country. (作定语) The fish went bad. (作表语) We keep our classroom clean and tidy. (作宾语补足语) (
  2) 形容词修饰 something, anything, nothing, everything 等不定代词时,形容 词放在名词后面。 I have something important to tell you. Is there anything interesting in the film. (
  3) 用 and 或 or 连接起来的两个形容词作定语时一般把它们放在被修饰 的名词后面。起进一步解释的作用。 Everybody, man and woman, old and young, should attend the meeting. You can take any box away, big or small. (
  4) the+形容词表示一类人或物 The rich should help the poor.
  2. 副词的用法 (
  1) 副词在句中可作状语,表语和定语。 He studies very hard. (作状语) Life here is full of joy. (作定语) When will you be back (作表语) 副词按其用途和含义可分为下面五类:

  1)时间副词 时 间 副 词 通 常 用来 表 示 动 作 的 时 间 。常 见 的 时 间 副 词 有 :now today, tomorrow, yesterday, before, late, early, never, seldom, sometimes, often, usually, always 等。例如: He often comes to school late. What are we going to do tomorrow He is never been to Beijing.
  2)地点副词 地点副词通常用来表示动作发生的地点。常见的地点副词有:here, there, inside, outside, home, upstairs, downstairs, anywhere, everywhere, nowhere, somewhere, down, up, off, on, in, out 等。例如: I met an old friend of mine on my way home. He went upstairs. Put down your name here.
  3)方式副词 方式副词一般都是回答“怎样的”这类问题的,其中绝大部分都是由一个形 容词加词尾-ly 构成的, 有少数方式副词不带词尾-ly, 它们与形容词同形。常见的 方式副词有:anxiously, badly, bravely, calmly, carefully, proudly, rapidly, suddenly, successfully, angrily, happily, slowly, warmly, well, fast, slow, quick, hard, alone, high, straight, wide 等。例如: The old man walked home slowly. Please listen to the teacher carefully. The birds are flying high. He runs very fast.
  4)程度副词 程度副词多数用来修饰形容词和副词,有少数用来修饰动词或介词短语。常 见的程度副词有:much, (a) little, a bit, very, so, too, enough, quite, rather, pretty, greatly, completely, nearly, almost, deeply, hardly, partly 等。例如: Her pronunciation is very good. She sings quite well. I can hardly agree with you.

  5)疑问副词是用来引导特殊疑问句的副词。常见的疑问副词有:how, when, where, why 等。例如: How are you getting along with your studies Where were you yesterday Why did you do that (
  1)多数副词作状语时放在动词之后。如果动词带有宾语,则放在宾语之后。 例如: Mr Smith works very hard. She speaks English well.
  2)频度副词作状语时,通常放在行为动词之前,情态动词,助动词和 be 动 词之后。例如: He usually gets up early. I’ve never heard him singing. She is seldom ill.
  3)程度副词一般放在所修饰的形容词和副词的前面, 但 enough 作副词用时, 通常放在被修饰词的后面。例如: It is a rather difficult job. He runs very fast. He didn’t work hard enough.
  4)副词作定语时,一般放在被修饰的名词之后。例如: On my way home, I met my uncle. The students there have a lot time to do their own research work. (
  1) very, much 这两个副词都可表示“很”,但用法不同。Very 用来修饰形容词和副词的 原级,而 much 用来修饰形容词和副词的比较级。例如: She is a very nice girl I’m feeling much better now. Much 可以修饰动词,而 very 则不能。例如:
I don’t like the idea much. They did not talk much.
  2) too, either 这两个副词都表示“也”,但 too 用于肯定句,either 用于否定句。例如: She can dance, and I can dance, too. I haven’t read the book and my brother hasn’t either.
  3) already, yet already 一般用于语肯定句,yet 一般用于否定句。例如: He has already left. Have you heard from him yet He hasn’t answered yet.
  4) so, neither so 和 neither 都可用于倒装句, 但 so 表示肯定,neither 表示否定。 例如: My brother likes football and so do I. My brother doesn’t like dancing and neither do I.
  3. 形容词和副词的比较级和最高级 (
  1) 两个人或事物的比较时(不一定每一方只有一个人或一个事物),用比较 级。 Our teacher is taller than we are. The boys in her class are taller than the boys in your class. (
  2) most 同形容词连用而不用 the,表示 极,很,非常, 十分。 It’s most dangerous to be here. 在这儿太危险。 (
  3) The+形容词比较级..., the+形容词比较级...表示 越... 就越...。 The more you study, the more you know. (
  4) 形容词比较级 + and + 形容词比较级 , 表示 越来越... 。 It’s getting hotter and hotter. (
  5) 主语+谓语(系动词)+as+形容词原形+as+从句。表示两者对比相同。 This box is as big as mine.
  6) the + 形容词 表示某种人。 He always helps the poor. (
  7) 形容词和副词最高级用于三个或三个以上的人和物进行比较。 Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in China.



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