2011 年中考英语一轮复习专项测试题(十) 年中考英语一轮复习专项测试题(
Ⅰ. Choose the best answer from A,B or C according to the meaning of the sentenc e. ( )
  21. Let’s the afternoon. A. going in ( B. go on C. go in -It’s black and white. C. How often
  22. - is the animal? A. What color
B. What time
  23. ? Do you have any plans for your summer vacation? -I am for London next Sunday. A. going to B. will go C. leaving -This is a necklace. C. man-made -Yes, . C. his; its
) 24 ?What a beautiful necklace! A. men-made B. man-make
) 25 ?Is this Chinese book? A . your; it is B. you; it is
  26. We have two . A hundred books B. hundreds books C. hundreds book
( )
  27.-Why didn’t you go to the movies yesterday? -Because I it before. A. had watched ( )
  28. the time? A. ( What’s B. have seen
C. had seen
-It’s six o’clock. B.How’s C. what
  29. English is now language for science.
A. the most popular
B. popularest
C. popularer
[来源:学科网 ZXXK]
( )
  30.Do you have many friends? A. you do B. you don’t
-Yes, C, I do
( )
  31.It’s difficult to find a time that everybody. A. suits B. fit C. suitable -I prefer grapesbananas
( )
  32. ?Do you prefer grapes bananas? A. to; or B. or; to
C. than; to
( )
  33. The customer said they weren’t .. A. crispy enough B. enough crispy C. salt enough
( )
  34. He has the flu, he go swimming. A. has better B. had better C. had better not
( )
  35.- The girl isn’t allowed to go out at night, A. either Ⅱ. Cloze test Choose the best answer to complete the passage. This story happened in a small mountain village. One day there was an earthquake(地 震). Nothing was destroyed and 36 was hurt. But a huge rock fell from a nea rby mount ain and stopped in the middle of the road. When the earthquake 37 , many people came to the huge rock. Some of the strongest m en tried to lift the rock 38 the road. But they couldn’t move it. They tried to push it b ut failed. They tried to 39 it with ropes but nothing worked. “Well,” they all agreed, “There’s nothing we can do about it. We’ll have to change the 4 0 .”At this time a boy of 10 years old said, “I think I can help you to move the rock.” B. too C. also
“You?” they shouted, “What are you talking about?” The men all 41 at boy. The next morning some people came into the street. One of them shouted, “The rock is 42 !” More people ran out to see. It was true. The rock wasn’t in the road any more. It wasn’t 43 near the road. “This is 44 ,” they said, “Where did it go?” The boy stood in the street, 45 , “I told you I could move it last night.” The boy walked over to where the 46 had been and uncovered some earth. “I buried it,” he said. The people looked 47 . “You see,” he said, “I dug a deep hole next to the rock and I d ug a small incline(斜坡)up to the rock and the rock 48 down into the hole by itself. I c overed it with earth.” The crowds shouted, “What a 49 boy!” And some of them said, “Why haven’t we thoug ht of this good 50 ?” ( )
  36. A. somebody ( )
  37. A. stopped ( )
  38. A. over ( )
  39. A. push ( )
  40. A. road ( )
  41. A. looked ( )
  42. A. gone ( )
  43. A. very ( )
  44. A. heavy ( )
  45. A. crying B. nobody B. started B. into B. lift B. stone B. laughed B. missed B. quite B. dangerous B. smiling C. anybody C. happened C. off C. pull C. rope C. called C. broken C. even C. impossible C. thinking
( )
  46. A. street ( )
  47. A. surprised ( )
  48. A. lay ( ( )
  49. A. clever )
  50. A. boy
B. town B. sad B. dropped B. strong B. hole
C. rock C. happy C. ran C. brave C. way
Ⅲ. Communication (B) Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences. (Li Lei arrives at the school library) Miss Yang ? A Li Lei - B
A: (
  56)? B: I’d like to borrow a now book called Standing Room Only. A: Standing Room Only? What kind of book is it? B: It is a book about (
  57). A: I see. Maybe it’s on that shelf. Oh, sorry, we haven’t got one at this moment. B: What a pity! You know, Miss Yang, the world’s population is growing (
  58) .So i t is in China.
[来源:学#科#网 Z#X#X#K]
A: Yes, our government now i s doing its best to(
  59).I think it is very import ant for everyone. There are also some other books about population, maybe you like one of the m. B: It’s nice talking to you, Miss Yang. Let me see other books (
  60) A: You’re welcome! Ⅳ.Reading comprehension. (D)
Most of us have seen the full moon rising(升起)over the horizon(地平线). How big the moon seems at this time! Yet hours later, when the full moon is high in the sky above u s, it seems to have become much smaller ?almost as if a dome(圆盆). In fact, many peop le do think that the full moon has changed smaller in size(尺 寸)in its ride across the nig ht sky. Scientists have taken photos of the full moon at both its rising time and its late-night tim e. When the diameter(半径)of the moon is measured(测量)in these photos, it is exactly the same! The big-moon experience that we have an optical (视觉的)illusion(错觉)-a trick pla yed on our eyes. An ancient Greek scientist, Ptolemy, supposed that the moon on the horizon looks larg er t o us because we are comparing it with trees, buildings, and other things along the horizo n. Yet, on the open sea-where there are no smaller things with which to compare the risi ng moon-the sam e optical illusion takes place. Much more recently, scientists are guessing that the moon looks smaller when it is high in the sky because most things look smaller when we see them with raised(抬起的)eyes. Fill in the blanks according to the passage. Only one word for each blank.
[来源 学 科 网 Z&X&X&K] 来源:学 科&网 来源 学&科 网 学 科
The full moon seems to have become much 76 when it is high in the sky. The size of t he full moon at different time of the night is exactly the 77 . The great 78 Ptolemy’s id ea was not right because be didn’t know that the same illusion(错觉) 79 at sea. From the article, we know the old saying “Seeing is believing” is 80 . 英语试卷( 英语试卷(十) Ⅰ. 21-
  25. CACCA Ⅱ. 36-
  40.BACCA 26-
  30. ACBAC 41-4
  5.BACCB 31-
  35. ABACA 46-
  57. the world’s population
Ⅲ. (B)
  56.Can I help you/What can I do for you
  58. faster and faster

  59. slow down the population increase

  60. Thanks/Thank you. Ⅳ. (D)
  76. smaller
  77. same
  78. scientist
  79. happens
  80. true



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