2011 年中考英语一轮复习专项测试题(二) 中考英语一轮复习专项测试题(
Ⅰ. Choose the best answer from A,B or C according to the meaning of the sentence. ( )
  21. ?Where is Tom? - He left a saying that he has something important to do. A.excuse ( B.news C. message
  22. ?Do you know the woman in the red dress ? -Certainly. She’s Mrs. Xu, she teaches Chemistry. A. our B. us C.we
) 23 . people watched Beijing Olympic Games on TV in 20
  08. A .Million of B Millions of C Five millions
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) 24 What do you think he will ten years? A .be in B .be at C .is in
) 25 Please take this medicine three times a day, it won’t work well . A . and B .but C. or
( )
  26. ? Have you decided whi ch you’d like to buy, the black skirt or the pink skirt?. ? Of the two, the pink on is . A. the nicest B. the nicer C. nice
( )
  27. His wife got hurt in the accident. It is really bad news for his family. A. a B. the C. /
( )
  28. - Do you know when Dr. White for dinner this evening? - No, but I think he when he is free.
A. will come, comes
B. will come , will come C. comes, comes
( )
  29.To make our city more beautiful, rubbish into the river. A. can’t throw B. mustn’t be thrown C. needn’t be thrown
( )
  30. It’s important the piano well A. of him to play B. for him to play C, of him playing
( )
  31. ? Would your sister go to Hainan this summer? ? If I don’t go, .. A. n either will she B. neither does she ( )
  32. Who can tell me at the meeting? A. what he said B. he said what C. what did he say C. so will she
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( )
  33.I can’t forget the person and the scenery I saw in that city. A. which B. that C. who
( )
  34. ? We needn’t finish the work tonight, ? - No, we needn’t. We can do it tomorrow. A. don’t we B. need we C.needn’t we
( )
  35. dangerous it is to play in the road! A. What Ⅱ. Cloze test Choose the best answer to complete the passage. Since the earliest times, trees have always been very useful and important to man 36 made use of them in many ways. Even today trees continue to serve man 37 many way s. B. How C. How a
Trees provide man with fruits and buildings in the form of wood. 38 trees it would be i mpossible to build house, boats and even bridges. Furniture(家具) such as tables. chairs and beds 39 wood. In the tropics(热带地区) where it is very hot all though the year, trees 40 man from t he terrible heat. They are also used in preventing good and rich top soil from 41 during heavy rains which are so 42 in the tropics. 43 there were no trees or vegetation of some kinds to hold back the soil with their roots heavy rains would wash the rich surface soil away. 44 is so important and necessary to agriculture(农业). The result i s that the land becomes a desert. There are 45 many desert areas in world. A long time ago those desert areas must have been very rich fertile (肥沃的) areas, but since our ancestors (祖先) in the 46 hadn’t 4 7 knowledge about science of nature, they cut down all the trees in the areas where they lived and never planted new 48 . By and by, the rich surfaces soil 49 away and washed away by strong winds and heavy rains. In the end the land was turned into 50 deserts where nothi ng could grow. ( )
  36. A. which ( )
  37. A. at ( )
  38. A. Have ( )
  39. A. are made of ( )
  40. A. protect B. who B. for B. Wit h C. he C. in C. Without C. is made from
B. is made of B. help
C. make B. washing away C. being washed away
( )
  41. A. be washing away ( )
  42. A. common ( )
  43. A. But ( )
  44. A. that
B. commonly B. And B. what C. If
C. usually
C. where
( )
  45. A. such ( )
  46. A. pass ( )
  47. A. any ( )
  48. A. ones
B. so B. past B. some B. one
C. very C. passed C. enough C. some C. blows
( )
  49. A. was blew ( )
  50. A. use Ⅲ. Communication
B. was blown B. useful
C. useless
(B) Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences. A: Hi, Alice B: Hi, Bob. A: The summer holidays will come next month. (
  56) B: I’d like to go swimming. A: That will be very interesting. (
[来源 学 科 网 Z+X+X+K] 来源:学 科+网 来源 学+科 网 来源 学 科
B: Yes, my dad will go with me. He is very goo d at swimming. I need a teacher. I just started to learn it last year. (
  58) ?
A: I’m going to help my father with his farm work. It’s the busiest time of the year for him. B: (
  59) ?
A: Maybe three or four weeks. There I can do some other things f or myself, like playing football or swimming. B: (
  60) !
A: Thank you. The same to you!
Ⅳ.Reading comprehension. (D) Many people know Kappa’s logo-a man and woman sitting back to back, supporting each other. It means that women and men need each other. It is a new and modern attitude t oward life. This attitude(态度) brings Kappa a lot of fans. Maybe it is hard to believe that such a modern company is a hundred years old. The trut h is that Kappa was founded as a sock and underwear(内衣裤) company in 1916 in the Italian city of Turin(都灵). At that time, the company wasn’t called Kappa, but “m. c. t”
In the 1960’s, young people preferred casual dress, and the company m. c. t. successfully changed its business to fit this trend(趋势). As a result, the two new brands Robe di kapp a and Jesus attracted great attention. In the 1970’s and the 1980’s Kappa had a lot of success. In the late 1970’s, m, c. t. cha nged its name to Kappa. In the 1980’s, Kappa was one of Europe’s leading sport brands (品牌). International clubs like AC Milan, Roma and Paris SG all wore Kappa. Kappa also entered the Danish Market by sponsoring(赞助) its football team. Kappa likes sports and now it has become world-famous through sports. Fill in the blanks according to the passage. Only one word for each blank. The band “Kappa” means that women and man (
  76) each other and need each other. The company of “Kappa” is a (
  77) years old. It was first founded as a (
  78) and underwear company in 19
  16. At that time, it was called (
  79) . In the late (
  80) _ m. c. t. changed its name to Kappa and became one of Europe’s leading sport brands. Now it has become world-famous. 英语试卷( 英语试卷(二) Ⅰ. 21-
  25. CBBAC 26-
  30. BCBBB 31-
  35. AABBB
Ⅱ. 36-
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Ⅲ. (B)
  56.What are you going to do
  58. What about you

  57. Is there anybody going with you

  59. How long will you have to work

  60. Wish you have a good time Ⅳ. (D)
  76. support
  77. hundred
  78. sock
  79. m. c. t.
  80. 1970s


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