2011 年中考英语一轮复习专项测试题(七) 年中考英语一轮复习专项测试题(
Ⅰ. Choose the best answer from A,B or C according to the meaning of the sentence. ( )
  21.Betty always takes active part in sports after school. A. / ( day.. A. he ( B. his b C. him B. an C. the
  22. ?Ste ven talked with a friend of on the Internet for a long time yester
  23. Mr Smith lives that building. His hou se is the fifth floor. A. in, on B. of, to C. on, in
) 24 Help! Wang Qiang an accident A. was having B. had had C. has had
) 25 The man also wrote of beautiful pieces of music for the orchestra. A . hundred B six hundred C. hundreds
  26. ?We don’t know -It is said that he was born in Canada. A what he is B. when he was born C. where he comes from
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( )
  27.It takes more time to go there by ship than by bus. It’s by train of the t hree. A. faster B. the fastest C. much fast
( )
  28. ? I’m going to take my driving test tomorrow. - !
A. Good luck (
B. Cheers
C. Come on - No, none of us.
  29. ? Are you from America? A. both B. all C. either
( )
  30. ? Hurry up, Jack! -Just give me five minutes to put my desk in . A. time B. line C, order
( )
  31. ?Is Lucy knocking at the door? -No. It be Lucy. She is in Japan now. A. needn’t B. must C. can’t
( )
  32. There is snow everywhere. A. too much B. much too C. too many
( )
  33. his father’s death, the young boy was very sad. A. Because of B. For C. Since
( )
  34. I like watching Sports News on channel of at 18:00 in the evening. A. MTV B. CCTV C. WTO
( )
  35.They there on a rainy night. A. arrived Ⅱ. Cloze test B. arrived at C. got to
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Choose the best answer to complete the pas sage. How do you feel when you have to make a report in 36 of your classmates? What abo ut when you go to a birthday party? Do you get 37 shy? Shyness means feeling nervous or 38 when you’re round other people.
Everyone experiences(体验)this shyness 39 they grow up. Most people have red faces an d talk in broken sentences when they are in the center of attention. It’s OK if it takes yo u a while to feel 40 again when you go to a new place or meet strangers. 41 , everybo dy gets a little shy sometimes. It’s just a case(事)of how much. But many teenagers th ink that they themselves and that they won’t fit in the future at some point. Stop the neg ative(消极的)thoughts about yourself. If shyness doesn’t keep you 42 something you want to do, being shy isn’t a very big problem. Some experts say shy people are not only cle verer, 43 better at working with others, because they think more and talk 44 . Some gre at people in history were shy, too. You see, being shy isn’t all 45 . But remember not to let good chances 46 just because of it! Your shyness will 47 . When you grow 48 year after year, you’ll become 49 to speak to anyone. But now, you need practice! If you have to sing a song at a party, jus t do it! There’s nothing to be afraid of! Remember, though you’re shy , you do not lack in(缺少)
  50. Come on, our shy friends! ( )
  36. A. the front ( )
  37. A. true ( )
  38. A. comfortable ( )
  39. A. as ( )
  40. A. yourself B. front B. real B. frightened B. since B. you B. In fact C. by C. your C. For example C. from doing C. but C. less C. wonderful C. before C. really C. proud
( )
  41. A. What is worse ( )
  42. A. to do ( )
  43. A. but also ( )
  44. A. much ( )
  45. A. good
B. doing B. and B. more B. had
( )
  46. A. go down ( )
  47. A. past ( )
  48. A. up ( (
B. go over B. pass B. on
C. go by C. passed C. down
  49. A. brave enough )
  50. A. confidence
B. Enough brave B. confident
C. bravely enough C. confidently
Ⅲ. Communication (B) Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences. A: Good morning! What can I do for you?. B: I want to buy a sweater. A: (
  56)? B: Light green.. A: (
  57)? B: Yes, it is made in China. A: How much is it? B: 480 yuan. A: (
  58).Have you got anything cheaper? B: Look at this one, please. It is cheaper and nice. A; (
  59)? B: Yes, please. The changing room is over there. A: Oh, it is very comfortable. OK. (
  56). Ⅳ.Reading comprehension.
(D ) When Kyle walked into Ernie’s Pet W orld, he looked very anxious. The shop owner, Erni e, jumped out of his seat to greet Kyle. He was the shop’s first customer of the day. “Good morning, sir!” Ernie said, “What can I help you with?” “Well, I…” Kyle stared to say. “Wait, don’t tell me,” Ernie stopped him. “You’re looking for a … a little dog… for you daughter’s birthday, right?” “Not really, I just…” Ernie didn’t let him finish. “Ah, I’ve got it. You just moved to a new office and you wa nt fish for it. I have some very nice fish bowls over there.” “In fact, I…” Kyle was starting to look very nervous and strange. “No fish? Ah, a cat! You look like a cat person. At Ernie’s Pet World, we have the best cats. Take a look a t this lovely one with long, white hair. She is looking at you. She’s thinking, ‘Take me home. Take me home.’ Would you li ke some cat food and toys, too ?” “No, thank you,” Kyle said. By this time, he was walking up and down. He had a terribl e look on his face. “Really, I’m not interested in cats or fish or little dogs.” “What do you want, then?” Ernie asked. Kyle looked like he was going to cry. “I just want to know if I can use you toilet!” he said at last. Fill in the blanks according to the passage. Only one word for each blank. Ernie owned a pet shop 76 name was Ernie’s Pet World. Kyle was the shop’s first 77 of the day. As soon as Kyle walked into the shop, Ernie jumped out of his seat to 78 Kyle. Ernie tried to introduce his goods. He thought he was clever 79 to guess what t
he man wanted instead of waiting for the man to finish speaking. As a result, Kyle looke d terrible and told him h e would like to buy nothing but use his 80 .
英语试卷( 英语试卷(七) Ⅰ. 21-
  25. BBACC Ⅱ. 36-
  40.BCBBA 26-
  30. CBABC 41-
  45.BCACB 31-
  35. CAABA 46-
  57. Is it made in China?
Ⅲ. (B)
  56.What colour do you like?
  58. That’s too expensive
  60. I’ll take it.

  59. Can I try in on?
Ⅳ. (D)
  76. whose
  77. customer
  78. greet
  79. enough
  80. toilet


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