2011 年中考英语一轮复习专项测试题(八) 年中考英语一轮复习专项测试题(
Ⅰ. Choose the best answer from A,B or C according to the meaning of the sentence. ( )
  21.We go to school 7o’clock in the morning. A. at ( B. in C. on
  22. This is my twin brother Bob Both he and I good at drawing. A. am B. are C. be
  23. she is only 6 years old, She knows more about science than her sister. A. But B. Though C. Because
) 24 I didn’t sleep last night. I feel t ired now. A. well B. nice C. good
) 25 I learned to play piano at the age of four. A . a B / C. the
  26. Of all the vegetables, I like best. A potatoes B. eggs C. apples
( )
  27.Tell her tomorrow. OK? A. come B. comes C. to come
( )
  28. ? Kind girl Nancy is! - Yes, she is always ready to help others. A. What ( B. What a C. How
  29. To Keep our classroom clean, please waste paper whenever you see it. A. take up B. pick up C. put up
( )
  30. ?
Shall I get something for you? What’s your favorite?
-It’s very kind of you! Please don’t waste money. A. too many B. too much C, much too
( )
  31. you are, mistakes you’ll make. A. the careful; the few careful; the fewer ( )
  32. It can K eep you . A. healthy B. strongly C. happily -
  35. C. How wide B. the more careful; the less C. the more
( )
  33. - shoes do you wear? A. How long B. What size
( )
  34. ? I can’t stop smoking, doctor. - For your health. I’m afraid you . A. may B. need C. have to
( )
  35.There is going to a sports meeting next week. If it , we’ll have to cancel it. A. be; will rain Ⅱ. Cloze test Choose the best answer to complete the passage. B. have; will rain C. be; rains
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The 1990s saw great changes in the way people communicate. People could 36 mail wit hout going to the post office, and go shopping without leaving home. 37 like e-mail and download became part of people’s vocabulary. The cause of this great change was the 3 8 .
The idea for the Internet began 39 the early 1960s in the United States. The Department of Defense wanted to connect their computers together in order to 40 private informatio n. In 1969, the ARPA net(an early form of the Internet) first 41 computers at four Amer ican universities. One computer successfully sent information to 42 .In 1972, scientists sha red ARPA net with the world. They created a way 43 person-to-person messages using A RPA net. This was the 44 of e-mail. Over the next few years, there was a lot of progress 45 in the world of computing. Ho wever, most people were not using the Internet. Then in the 1980s, 46 computers becam e more common. In the early 1990s, 47 important things happened: the birth of the Worl d Wide Web in 1991, and the creation of the first Web browser(浏览器)in 19
  93. The We b made it easier to find information on the Internet, and to move from place to place usi ng links. The web a nd browser made it possible to see information as a website 48 pict ures, sound, and words. Today, 49 people connect to the Internet to send emails, visit websites, or store informati on on servers. Computers ar e now an important part of our lives and are changing 50 w e learn, work, shop, and communicate. ( )
  36. A. write ( )
  37. A. Words ( )
  38. A. computer ( )
  39. A. on ( )
  40. A. share ( )
  41. A. sold ( )
  42. A. other ( )
  43. A. to send B. send B. Sentences B. web B. in B. get B. made B. another B. of send C. make C. Phrases C. Internet C. at C. gather C. connected C. the other C. sent
( )
  44. A. begin ( )
  45. A. to make ( )
  46. A. personal ( )
  47. A. many ( )
  48. A. has ( ( )
  49. A. millions )
  50. A. why
B. h istory B. person B. person B. two B. carries B. millions of B. where
C. beginning C. office C. office C. three C. with C. million of C. how
Ⅲ. Communication (B) Complete the dialogue with proper words or sente nces. A: Excuse me, are you Miss Brow from Los Angeles? B: Yes, And you are… A: I’m an English guide from Beijing China Travel Service. This is my Membership Card. Would you please show me your passport? B: OK. (
  56). A: (
  57), Miss Brow. I am so glad that the first one I asked is the guest I w ill receive. B: Thank you, Miss Chen. (
  58) that I can meet my guide as soon as I got off the plane. A: Let me help you with your luggage. (
  59). The car will take us right to th e hotel. B: Thank you very much for your excellent service. A: (
Ⅳ.Reading comprehension. (D) Jay was an English teacher at a college. He moved to New York City with all the memb ers of his family. Jay was an excellent teacher, so we all missed him very much after he left. It was not long before jay came back to North Carolina for a short visit. The teach er and students held a small party for him. At the party, people walked around and talked with each with each other. I certainly woul d not give up that good chance to learn English. So I tried to think of all kinds of topic s to talk with Gina, another English teacher. Just before I was about to run out of my topics, suddenly I heard Jay say to others loudl y, “I dig New York!” I asked Gina, “Is it difficult to find a job in New York? Why doe s Jay have to do heavy work since he is such a good teacher?” Gina didn’t understand what I said. “Why do you think that?” she asked. “Haven’t you h eard him say that he is digging New York? Is he building an underground passage?” I as ked. When she finally realized what I meant, Gina laughed to tears. She then asked us whethe r we knew the meaning of “I dig New York”. All of us shook our heads and said no. S o Gina asked Jay to explain it to us. It turns out that “I dig New York” means “I love New York” in American slang(俚语). T hough few people say that now, we still hear it from time to time. Fill in the blanks according to the passage. Only one word for each blank. One day at a party, Jay said to somebody. “I dig New York!” I didn’t 76 What he mea nt. I 77 that he must be doing a heavy job. “Is it really not 78 for a good teacher lik e him to get a job in New York City?” I asked Gina. “His job is 79 holes in the city, isn’t it?”
When she realized what I meant Gina laughed and laughed till 80 came out. And then Ja y said that it was American slang and it means, “I love New York”. 英语试卷( 英语试卷(八) Ⅰ. 21-
  25. ACBAC Ⅱ. 36-
  40.BACBA 26-
  30. ACBBB 41-
  45.CBACB 31-
  35. CABCC 46-
Ⅲ. (B)
  56.Here you are
  58. I’m so lucky
  60. With pleasure

  57. Welcome to Beijing
  59. Our car is waiting for us just at the entrance
Ⅳ. (D)
  76. understand
  77. thought
  78. easy
  79. digging
  80. tears


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