2011 考研复试英语口语面试自我介绍
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Good morning, my respected professors! It is my honor to be here for your interview. First, let me introduce myself to you. I am wuyini, 21years old, born in huaian, I am a senior student in huaiyin Normal University. Now, I am doing my best to obtaining a chance to Nanjing University of Science and Technology
In the past 4 years, most my time has been spent on study or class activities. I had passed the CET-6 and visual basic. helped me know the importance of cooperation and communication. Class organization committee Furthermore, taking parting in The Mathematical Contest in Modeling had given me great interest in applied mathematics. the experience of being
Class organization committee
As to my characters, I don’t want to use any beautiful word to praise myself. Just like my mother, I strive to be an honest, upright and modest man. In my spare time, I like reading masterwork such as Dream of the Red Chamber andA Surrounded
City writen by qianzhongshu. Also English movies are my favorite.( the shawshank redemption 肖申克的救赎,Twilight - Biss zum Morgengrauen 暮光之城)
There is a aphorism in China, ‘mile journey starts with the first step ’.
I always believe we
should cherish our time, and sense any change for self-development, and we will have a good prospects. Diligence is the mother of success, Efficiency is the only way.
That is all for my self-introduction, thank you! 考研英语复试自我介绍注意事项:
  1. 2010 考研英语复试自我介绍需要注意哪些? 基本上每个院校每个专业的口试中都会涉及这一方面。 考官其实是要借此了解你的口头表达 能力以及你的报名表之外的一些信息。自我介绍时间以 2-3 分钟为宜。思路要清楚,要突 出重点,口语尽量流利(不要太流利了,有背诵之嫌)。
  1) 考官要求你作自我介绍时,不要用…let me introduce myself briefly / please allow me to introduce myself to you 等句子,重复、?嗦。开头可以只用一句话引入:Dear professors, I feel so glad to meet all of you here.然后就可以进入主题,介绍姓名、 年龄等等。

  2) 自我介绍的主体内容。 ① 姓名。介绍自己姓名时,发音一定要准(南方考生要多加注意)。 ② 年龄。年龄可以跟在姓名后带过(I am XXX, 25 years old)。 ③ 原来的院校、专业。注意:一定要把原来学校的英文名称、专业的英文名称弄清楚(尤其 是跨校、跨专业的学生)。 所属的公司、职位。注意:在职考生则应将自己公司、自己职位/职称的英文名称弄明白。 ④ 性格、能力。可以着重强调你的个性对你报考的专业有何积极的作用。如果报考的是学 术性的专业,可以说自己细心(carefully,detail-oriented)、条理分明(logical)、踏实 (steady)等;如果是研究性、应用性更强一点的专业,可以说自己负责(responsible)、可 靠(dependable)、有效率(efficient)等。 其他的一些表示性格、能力的形容词有:active, aggressive(有进取心的), adaptable, amicable(友好的), analytical(善于分析的), cooperative, creative, disciplined, dutiful, energetic, faithful, gentle, independent(有主见的), innovative, motivated, modest, objective, precise, punctual, precise(一丝不苟的), temperate 等等。 在职考生或有过工作经验的考生还可以强调一下你的工作成绩,如:As the assistant to the General Manger of XXX Company, I have helped to negotiate a $200,000 deal for the corporation. ⑤ 爱好。All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. 除了强调你的学习的重视,同 时也要避免给考官一种“书呆子”的感觉。一般可以从体育、音乐、电影等方面来说,同时要 简单说明这些爱好对你的积极意义(build my body, relax myself, open my mind…); 注意避免提到那些可能引起考官反感的爱好,如:playing computer games,watching TV 等。 ⑥ 你对报考的专业有兴趣(be interested in/be fascinated with/be obsessed with…),可适当举出一些例子,如经常看相关的书籍、论文、文章、新闻等。在职考生可 以强调知识教育对工作的影响: In my work, I find it necessary to broaden my horizons in communication. That’s why I long for entering your prestigious university.
  3) 结束时可以用说:That’s all about me. / Well, that’s who I am. Thanks for your attention.
  2. 2010 考研英语复试注意事项??家庭、家乡、学校篇。 考官其实是要通过你的家庭、家乡或学校来了解你的成长的环境。
  1) 家庭。需要注意的是,考官并不是为了做人口调查而提出这个问题的,所以应该避免流 水账似地介绍家庭成员;要尽量说明家人(尤其是父母)对你造成哪些方面(性格、职业规划、 做事风格等)良好的影响。可以参考以下句式结构:Just like my father, I am especially interested in history. / Though my father is an ordinary worker, his responsible attitude towards work has a great influence on me.

  2) 家乡。正所谓“一方水土养育一方人”,考官实际上是想从你对家乡的介绍中找出有关你 性格、 志向的线索。可以从历史、 历史人物、 著名景点、独特风俗或特产等方面来简单介绍, 注意要表达热爱家乡的情感。
  3) 学校。如果是本校考生的话,在自我介绍中就可以点到(拉近跟考官的关系)。如果是外 校,考官通常会问:Why did you choose our university? 那么我们就可以说说它与报 考院校之间的异同,然后说明为什么你选择这个学校(I do love the atmosphere in your university. It is full of youthful spirits.);要注意的是:一定要说明你对在原来的院校接 受教育心存感激之情 appreciation(从好的方面说一说),着重强调希望能被录取,表达自 己坚定的决心、展望一下未来。
考研英语复试口语常见问题 30 例
  1. Where do you come from?
  2. What kind of landscape surrounds your hometown?
  3. What do you do during the Spring Festival?
  4. Tell me something about the customs of your hometown.
  5. Could you tell me something about your family?
  6. What social responsibilities should a post-graduate take?
  7. Which kind of professor do you like best?
  8. What does friendship mean to you and what kind of people do you make friend with?
  9. What is your major? How do you like your major?
  10. When and where did you graduate? What qualifications have you obtained?
  11. What impressed you most when you were at university?
  12. What is the best university in your opinion?
  13. Do you think the subjects you are studying today are relevant to present-day society? Why ?
  14. What do you do for a living?
  15. What are your job prospects?
  16. If you had the opportunity to change your subject, what would you do with it?
  17. What are your spare time interests?
  18. Where have you been traveling to? Which place interested you most?
  19. What kind of differences in the system of higher education between China and other countries?
  20. Do you think you will be able to cope with English-demands of your intended study program?
  21. What difficulties do you think you'll encounter in your studies?
  22. Why did you choose our university?
  23. If there were an opportunity of studying abroad, what would you do?
  24. Should you study more theory or do more practice? Give your reasons, please.

  25. What do you intend to do after you finish studying?
  26. How serious is unemployment among young people and what will you do if you cannot find a job after graduation?
  27. In your opinion, what are the most serious problems associated with modern life?
  28. What do you think have been the most important changes in your study field over the past 5 years?
  29. How do you afford your tuition?
  30. Does your family support your decision on studying? What help do they offer?
  1.自我介绍(self-introduction) Good morning, my dear professors. It’s my pleasure to be given a chance for your interview. My name is XXX,I am XXX years old. I come from XXX, a very beautiful city. My undergraduate period will be accomplished in XXX university in July, 2009, and now, I am striving for obtaining a key to your prestigious universuty. In the past two years I have been prepareing for the postgraduate examination for it has been my dream to be a postgraduate. I am open-minded ,quick in thought and very fond of XXX .In my spare time,I have broad interests like many other youngsters and I will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is..I like reading books, especially those about XXX.Frequently I exchange with other people by making comments in the forum on line.In addition, I am a person with great perseverance. During my college years, I found web sign very interesting, so I learned it very hard. Therefore, I have a comparative good command of network application and I am skillful in searching for information on Internet. Well, in my spare time, I like basketball, tennis and Chinese chess. Also English is my favorite. I often go to English corner to practice my oral English, and write compositions to improve my written ability. I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning .Of course, if I am given a chance to study XXX in this famous University, I will concentrate on my study and make great efforts to master a good command of advance XXX. Ok, that is all, thank you for your attention.
  2.考研原因 (reasons for my choice) There are several reasons accounting for my endeavor.
Above all, I have been deeply impressed by the academic atmosphere when I came here last summer.this is a beautiful and suitable place for research. it provides people with enough room to get further achievement. This is the first reason. . secondly, further study is still urgent for our youngsts to realize self-value. Life is precious. It is necessary to seize any chance for self-development, especially in this competitive modern world. In a word, I am looking forward to making a solid foundation for future profession after two years study here.
  3.研究生期间你的计划 (plans in the postgraduate study) First, I hope I can form systematic view of future professional direction .last summer I taked part in The Mathematical Contest in Modeling ,,From then on I ,take great
interest on operations research .but unfortunately the school did not opening related courses. If possible I hopei can make somewhat development in this aspect
4 .介绍你的家乡(about hometown)
I am from huaian .a famous city with a long history over 2,200 years. Many celebrities
were born here, for instance,our great premier, zhouenlai, the founding general of Han
and wuchengen, the writer of Journey to the West. Huaiyang cuisine is another .Urban business card of huaian .The city lies in the northern part of the province. as a historical and cultural city, its long history, splendid culture and the formation of its
Han Han unique food culture attracts millions of tourists from home and abroad with its unique charm,
. ..There is my beloved hometown.
  5.你的家庭(about family)
There are six
members in my family: my parents, greadparents ,younger brother
And me. My mother is pre-school teacher ,her optimistic and cheerful character bring me
tremendous influence.when I meet dicficity in The procedure of the Master Degree examination ,mum;s support gives me great courage which
Makes me go down bravely
.chatting at weekends is our common interest. The Relaxed and happy atmosphere can help us get rid of tiredness. .During my prepareing for coming here, my parents’love and support have always been my power and I hope in the future I wil be able to repay them.
  6.你的大学(about university)
normal University. Which is a Full-time higher undergraduate colleges and universities. It was founded in 1997 and covers an area of over
  16.6 acres . It develops into a comprehensive university with efforts of generations, especially after the reform and opening up. During my 4 years school life I studied in Huaiyin
what imperssed me most is our libarary for it almost Accompanied me with the most hard
and striving time.where I absorb Professional knowleage and could stand here.
My college offers me many channces to develop my abilities. During my college years, I have made rapid and great progress in many areas, as a student, I work very hard and obtain scholarship many times. These are credited
to my school.I appreciate it very much.and nomatter where I amdan what I do in the future,I always a number of huaiyin normal university.
  8: ( For the On-Job Candidates) :
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