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第二套试题 Section Ⅰ Use of English Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on ANSWER SHEET
  1. (10 points) Valentine's Day may come from the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia. __1__ the fierce wolves roamed nearby, the old Romans called __2__ the god Lupercus to help them. A festival in his __3__ was held on February 15th. On the eve of the festival the __4__ of the girls were written on __5__ of paper and placed in jars. Each young man __6__ a slip. The girl whose name was __7__ was to be his sweetheart for the year. Legend __8__ it that the holiday became Valentine's Day __9__ a Roman priest named Valentine. Emperor Claudius II __10__ the Roman soldiers NOT to marry or become engaged. Claudius felt married soldiers would __11__ stay home than fight. When Valentine __12__ the Emperor and secretly married the young couples, he was put to death on February 14th, the __13__ of Lupercalia. After his death, Valentine became a __14__. Christian priests moved the holiday from the 15th to the 14th?Valentine's Day. Now the holiday honors Valentine __15__ of Lupercus. Valentine's Day has become a major __16__ of love and romance in the modern world. The ancient god Cupid and his __17__ into a lover's heart may still be used to __18__ falling in love or being in love. But we also use cards and gifts, such as flowers or jewelry, to do this. __19__ to give flower to a wife or sweetheart on Valentine's Day can sometimes be as __20__ as forgetting a birthday or a wedding anniversary.
  1.[A] While
  2.[A] upon
  3.[A] honor
  4.[A] problems
  5.[A] rolls
  6.[A] cast
  7.[A] given
  8.[A] tells
  9.[A] after
  10.[A] ordered
  11.[A] other
  12.[A] disliked
  13.[A] celebration
  14.[A] goat
  15.[A] because
[B] When [B] back [B] belief [B] secrets [B] piles [B] caught [B] chosen [B] means [B] since [B] pleaded [B] simply [B] defied [B] saint [B] made
[C] Though [C] off [C] hand [C] names [C] works [C] drew [C] elected [C] makes [C] as [C] envisioned [C] rather [C] defeated [C] model [C] instead
[D] Unless [D] away [D] way [D] intentions [D] slips [D] found [D] delivered [D] has [D] from [D] believed [D] all [D] dishonored [D] eve [D] weapon [D] learnt
[B] arrangement[C] feast
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  16.[A] part
  17.[A] story
  18.[A] portray
  19.[A] Keeping
[B] representative[C] judgement [B] wander [B] require [C] arrow [C] demand [C] reinforcing 答案
[D] symbol [D] play [D] alert [D] retorting
[B] Disapproving[C] Supporting [D] Forgetting

  20.[A] constructive [B] damaging

  1. B
  11. C

  2. A








  20. B

  18.A 19D.
总体分析 本文介绍了情人节的由来. 第一段介绍情人节的前身牧神节以及该节日里抽签选恋人的庆祝活动. 第二段介绍情人节是为了纪念一位罗马牧师. 第三段指出情人节已经成为爱的主要象征. 试题精解
  1.[精解]本题考查连词用法辨析.空格处填入的连词应反映空格所在分句和下一句之 间的逻辑关系.四个选项,while 表时间或让步,意为"当……的时候"或"虽然,尽管" ; when 表时间,意为"当……的时候" ;though 表让步,意为"尽管,虽然" ;unless 表条件, 意为"除非" .根据文意,两个分句之间是时间关系,因此需要在 while 和 when 之间选择. when 既可指一段时间,也可指一个时间点,既可表示持续的动作,也可表示一时性的动作; while 则只能表示持续性的动作或状态. When she comes, 指一个时间点, 如: ( 不能用 while) I shall tell her to wait for you.(她来的时候我会叫她等你的. )When Jim was reading,(指一段 时间,可用 while)Jack was writing.(吉姆阅读的时候,杰克在写东西. )空格所在分句中的 动作 roamed 不是持续性的动作,只能用 when, [B]正确.
  2. [精解]本题考查短语动词辨析.空格处填入的介词或副词与 call 构成短语动词,接 sb. to do sth.作复合宾语.符合要求的是[A] ,call upon sb. to do sth.意为"请求/要求某人做 某事" ,如:We call on every friend to support the plan. 我们请求每一位朋友支持这项计划. ( ) call back 意为 "回电话; (某人) 叫 回去" 如: was about to leave when her secretary called , She her back.(她正要离开突然秘书叫她回去. )call off 意为"取消,停止进行" ,一般接 sth.作 宾语,如:call off a deal/trip(取消交易/旅行) .call away 意为"叫走,叫到别处去" ,如: He was called away by his friends.(他被朋友叫走了. )
  3. [精解] 本题考查固定短语.不存在 in sb's belief 的搭配,所以首先排除[B] .其它 项构成的固定搭配是:in sb.'s/sth.'s honor 意为 "向……表示敬意" 其形式也可以是 in honor , of sb./sth.,如:a ceremony in honor of those killed in the explosion(为纪念爆炸中的死难者 所举行的仪式) sb's hands 意为"受某人照料,被某人控制" .in ,如:The matter is now in my lawyer's hands.(这件事现在由我律师处理. )in sb's way 意为"以某人特有的方式"或"挡
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某人的路" ,如:She does love you in her (own) way.(她的确是以她特有的方式爱你. )You'll have to move?you're in my way.(你得挪一挪,你挡了我的路. )根据文意,应选[A] ,表 示"向他(即,牧神卢帕克斯)表示敬意" .
  4. [精解]本题考查根据上下文选择恰当的词.从空格所在的句子起到本段末为一个意 群,其内容是关于抽签选恋人的活动.由本段末句的 name 可知,本题应选[C] ,表示"女 孩的名字被写在纸上" .其它项, [A]问题, [B]秘密, [D]意图,都不符合上下文文意.
  5. [精解] 本题考查根据上下文选择恰当的词. 空格处填入名词, of paper 搭配. 与 rolls of sth.意为"卷" ,如:rolls of carpet/film(几卷地毯/胶卷) .piles of sth.意为"成堆的东西" 或"大量的东西" ,如:piles of dirty washing(成堆待洗的脏衣服) ,piles of work(大量的工 作) .works 意为"著作,作品;工厂" ,不与 paper 搭配.slip 本身意为"纸条,便条,小 纸片" ,它常与 of paper 搭配,还是表示"纸条" .由于下文即本段倒数第二句出现了 a slip, 根据文意,应选[D] .
  6. [精解]本题考查根据上下文选择恰当的词.选项为四个动词的过去式形式.cast 意为" (用力)投,掷,抛" ,如:cast anchor(抛锚) ;catch 意为"接住,拦住;捉住" , 如: catch the keys as they fall 接住掉下来的钥匙) catch mice ( , (捉老鼠) draw 意为 (签, ; "抽 牌) ,抓(阄),如:He drew the winning ticket.(他抽到中奖彩券了. " )find 意为"发现" . 根据文意,应表达"年轻男子从中抽出纸条"的含义,因此选[C] .
  7. [精解]本题考查根据上下文选择恰当的词.选项为四个动词的过去分词形式,与 was 构成被动式.give 意为"给" ;choose 意为"选择" ;call 意为"呼叫" ;deliver 意为"递 送,传送" .由上文可知, "年轻男子抽出了写有女孩名字的纸条" ,因此女孩的名字是被"选 中"[B]正确. ,
  8. [精解]本题考查习惯搭配.Legend has it 意为"据传说" ,后面接宾语从句,是 it 替代的内容.又如:Legend has it that the lake was formed by the tears of a god.(据传说这个 湖是一位神仙的眼泪积聚而成的. )因此,本题选[D] .
  9. [精解]本题考查介词辨析.空格处填入一个介词,后面接名词短语 a Roman priest, 过去分词 named Valentine 作后置定语修饰 priest. A] [ after 意为 "模仿, 依照" 如: named , We the baby after her grandmother.(我们以婴儿祖母的名字给婴儿取名. )该用法符合文意,空 格所在句子相当于 Valentine's Day was named after a Roman priest.其它项虽然都可作介词, since"自从" ,as"作为" ,from"从" ,但不符合文意.
  10. [精解]本题考查动词辨析.空格处填入的动词需接不定式的复合结构,即,sb. not to do sth.作宾语.符合要求的只有[A] ,order sb. to do sth.意为"命令/指挥/要求(某人做 某事), " 如: The officer ordered them to fire. 军官命令他们开火. 从含义上判断也只有 ( ) [A] 正确. 其它项动词的用法:plead 的搭配是 plead with sb. to do"恳求(某人做某事),如:She " pleaded with him not to go. 她恳求他不要离开. envision 意为 ( ) "展望, 想象" 一般只接 sth. , 作宾语,如:envision an equal society(向往一个平等社会) .believe 意为"相信" ,可接 sb., sth.或从句作宾语,但不接不定式,如:I don't believe you.(我不相信你的话. )Don't believe a word of it.(千万别相信那些话. )People used to believe that the earth was flat.(人们一度认
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为地球是平的. )
  11. [精解]本题考查固定结构.would rather... than...意为"宁愿……而不愿" ,rather 和 than 后都接省略 to 的不定式,如:She would rather die than lose the children.(她宁愿死 也不愿失去孩子们. )因此[C]为正确项. [A]other 只能作形容词或代词,表示"别的, 其他的"或"另一个人或事" ,放入空格中不符合语法. [B]simply(仅仅)和[D]all(全 部,都)可作副词,放入句中只能修饰 stay home,而与后面的 than 无法呼应.
  12. [精解]本题考查根据上下文选择恰当的词.选项中的四个动词分别是:dislike"不 喜欢,厌恶" ;defy"藐视,挑衅" ;defeat"击败" ;dishonor"使……蒙羞" .上文提到, "国 王禁止士兵结婚" ,而下文则提到, "瓦伦丁秘密让年轻人成婚" .显然,这是"藐视国王"的 做法.正确项是[B] .
  13. [精解]本题考查根据上下文选择恰当的词.空格部分"the of Lupercalia"与上文 "February 14th"是同位语的关系.Lupercalia 一词在第一段首句中出现,指"牧神节" .第 一段第三句提到该节日的时间是 2 月 15 日. 因此 2 月 14 日是该节日的前夕, 故本题应选 [D] eve.celebration 意为"庆祝" ;arrangement 意为"安排" ;feast 意为"节日;宴会" .
  14. [精解]本题考查根据上下文选择恰当的词.由下文可知,牧师们设定了一个专门 的节日来纪念瓦伦丁,而不再纪念牧神.可见瓦伦丁变成了一个"圣人" ,而不是"山羊" , "模范"或"武器" .因此,正确项是[B]saint.
  15. [精解]本题考查固定短语.空格处填入的词与介词 of 搭配,连接两个并列的名词 Valentine 和 Lupercus. [A]和[C]与 of 构成介词短语:because of 意为"因为" ,后面一般 接原因,如:We win the game because of his participation.(由于他的参与,我们赢了比赛. ) instead of 意为"代替,而不是" ,如:I gave him advice instead of money.(我给了他忠告, 而不是钱.[B]和[D]则构成了过去分词短语, ) (be) made of 意为"由...构成" ,如: Bread is chiefly made of flour.(面包主要由面粉做成. )learn of 意为"听到,获悉" ,如:I was sorry to learn of your illness.(听说你病了,我感到不安. )从语法和含义上符合要求的是[C] instead.
  16. [精解]本题考查名词辨析. [A]part 作可数名词时,意为"部分,片断,一点" , [B] representative 意为 "代表" 这两个词都强调整体与部分之间的关系, We have done , 如: the difficult part of the job. (我们已完成了工作的困难部分. The tiger is a representative of the ) cat family.(老虎是猫科动物的典型.) [C] judgement 作可数名词时,意为"看法,意见, 评价" 如: refused to make a judgement of the situation. 他拒绝对形势作出评价. symbol , He ( ) 意为"象征" ,如:White is a symbol of purity.(白色是纯洁的象征. )由下文可知,人们通过 情人节的一些举动来表达爱意,因此它是爱的象征,应选择[D]symbol.
  17. [精解]本题考查文化常识.god Cupid 指"爱神丘比特" ,他手持具有爱情魔力的 弓箭,被其射中者将坠入情网.因此本题应选[C]arrow.另外,从搭配上看, [A]story "故事,叙述"和[D]play"游戏,玩耍,比赛"都不与介词 into 搭配. [B]wander 可与 into 搭配, 意为 "闲逛, 游荡, 流浪 (进入某地), " 如: Cows and goats sometimes wander into minefields, getting killed.(母牛和山羊有时游荡到矿区里而被杀死. )显然, [D]不符合文意.
  18. [精解]本题考查根据上下文选择恰当的词.空格处填入动词,其主语是"爱神丘
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比特和他的箭" ,宾语是"爱上某人或谈恋爱" .portray 意为"描绘,描画;表现" ;require 意为"需要,要求" ;demand 意为"要求" ;alert 意为"向……报警,使警觉" .根据句意, 应选[A]portray.
  19. [精解] 本题考查动词辨析. 空格所在句子为全文的最后一句, 其主干结构为__19__ to give flowers can be as... as forgetting a birthday.该句中有一个比较结构,因此相比较的事 物应具有一定的可比性. 首先从语法上看, 能接不定式作宾语的只有 [D] forget, He forgot 如: to pay me. 他忘了付给我钱. keep 一般接动名词作宾语, keep smiling ( ) 如: (继续保持笑容) . disapprove 接 of sth./sb.作宾语,如:He strongly disapp



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   考研英语一和二 一和二翻译真题和答案 2011 考研英语一和二翻译真题和答案 说明: 原文选自一本非常著名的书 Fifty Self-help Classics(见图),主要选自这本 书的第 11 页和 12 页,经过命题专家改写,有些变了模样。该书是一本励志类的 读物,是一部书评,所以翻译起来并不轻松,甚至还有一些哲理性的语言,颇费 思量。 以下为考试原文和译文, 仅供参考; 时间仓促, 不对之处, 敬请指出并谅解。 祝福各位考研的朋友。 北京新东方学校国内部 唐静 With its th ...

2011考研英语(一)大纲全新解读(大纲综述 )

   万学? 万学?海文第一时间深入分析 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语( 考试大纲》 《2011 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语(一)考试大纲》 万学教育? 万学教育?海文考研 公共课教研中心英语教研室 在同学们的千呼万唤中,《2011 全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语(一)考试大纲》 终于与同学们见面了, 万学? 海文根据 2011 年考研英语大纲与 2010 年考研英语大纲的对比, 对 2011 年考研英语(一)的考查要求和内容进行了全面分析。 2011 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试《英语 ...


   万学 万学海文第一时间深入分析 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语( 考试大纲》 《2011 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语(一)考试大纲》 万学教育 万学教育海文考研 公共课教研中心英语教研室 在同学们的千呼万唤中,《2011 全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语(一)考试大纲》 终于与同学们见面了, 万学 海文根据 2011 年考研英语大纲与 2010 年考研英语大纲的对比, 对 2011 年考研英语(一)的考查要求和内容进行了全面分析。 2011 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试《英语(一)考试 ...



   Book 4 , Unit 1 Ex.6 1. With his promotion, he has taken on greater responsibilities. 2. He felt he did not have to make such a commitment to John any more.3. Mary likes to go shopping in her spare time, as opposed to Lucy, who prefers to stay at h ...


   『激活中考』教学网[] 做出我们的精彩 2009 年朝阳区初中毕业生学业考试模拟试题 一)英语 年朝阳区初中毕业生学业考试模拟试题(一 亲爱的同学: 经过三年的学习,你在英语学科方面一定有了更大的进步.希望你在这次模拟测试中, 能发挥自己的最佳水平.本试卷由 5 部分组成,满分 120 分,答题时间 120 分钟.祝你取得 更加优异的成绩!OK,现在就开始熟悉听力题吧. 一,听力(25 分) 听力 I.听句子,根据所听到的句子,选择正确的答语.(5 分) 1.A.Su ...


   专家总结: 专家总结:考研英语长句的翻译基本技巧与方法 英语习惯于用长的句子表达比较复杂的概念,而汉语则不同,常常使用若干短句 作层次分明的叙述。因此,在进行英译汉时,要特别注意英语和汉语之间的差异,将 英语的长句分解翻译成汉语的短句。在英语长句的翻译过程中,万学海文归纳出以下 的一些方法。 (1)顺序法 顺序法 当英语长句的内容叙述层次与汉语基本一致时,可以按照英语原文表达的层次顺 序翻译成汉语,从而使译文与英语原文的顺序基本一致。例如: But now it is realized th ...


   高考资源网( ,您身边的高考专家 2009 年高考英语语言知识考点经典试题(三) 1 Would you have gone shopping had it been possible? Yes, but I busy doing my homework. A. was B. were C. had been D. would be 2. How I wish it! If it in a couple of days, the crops would surviv ...


   大学英语 B 统考模拟试卷及参考答案 5 第一部分 交际英语 此部分共有 5 个未完成的对话,针对每个对话中未完成的部分有 4 个选项,请你 从 A, B, C, D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1.? How often do you take the medicine? ? four hours. A. Since C. For 正确答案:B 题目解析: 译文:我应该隔多长时间吃一次药呢?解析:从 how often 的提问可以看出来, 是对事件频率的提问,只有 Beve ...