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①on, upon, over ② side → notcentric under, belong warm, temperatur e
ephemeral epiphyte epitaph epithet hypocrisy hypothermia hypothetical thermal thermocouple thermonuclear thermocline
adj. n. n. n. n.毛病 adj. adj. n. adj. n.
short?lived non?parasiticplantgrowingonanother graveinscription descriptivenickname warmsubnormaltemperature 放置 assumed keepingwarm temperaturegauge nuclearreactionrequiringhighheat areabetweenwarmandcoldwater
n.critics insincerity

BELL war rebel antebellum bellicose belligerence belligerent PACT/PEASE ① agree ② fasten pacify pacifist pact appease HOSP/HOST host hostage hospice hostel inhospitable AM/IM love paramour inimical enamored amateur CRIM crime incriminate decriminalize criminology PROB PROV / prove / test reprobate probity disprove approbation GRAV Heavy( 心 理 /物理) gravid gravitas gravitate gravity LEV Light → raise, rise alleviate elevate leavening levity n./adj./v. adj. adj. n. adj vt. n./vt.者 n. vt.+ n. n. n. adj.- n.人 adj.- adj.+ n. vt.+ vt.- n.学科 v./n./a.- n.人格 v. n.+ adj. n.抽象 v. n. vt.+ vt. n. n. opposebyforce beforethewar quarrelsome aggressiveness inclinedoreagertofight tomakepeaceful onewhooppcoseswar solemnagreement tocalmbysatisfying personheldbypartyinaconflict Ashelterorlodgingfortravelers inexpensivelodgingplace unfriendly loverinanadulterousrelationship. injuriousorharmfulineffect fellfor Apersonwhoengagesin…(notp) counterattack accuse reducepenaltyfor studyofillegalbehavior rascal utter honesty Demonstrate (证实不) approval pregnant solemn dignity move toward as if drawn seriousness relieve lift, raise something that lightens lack of seriousness
recrimination n.

AG increase add agitate litigate prodigal synagogue VEN/VENT walk,go advent provenance venturesome venue CAP / CEP /CIP hold, take reception incipient perceptible susceptible FIN last → terminal → boundar y→limit cast infinitesimal affinity definitive finite adjacent conjecture dejected trajectory TRACT draw detract protracted retraction intractable DUC lead conducive deduction seduction induce SEC SEQU / follow consequential execute obsequious sequential AMBI/ AMPHI both sides → around amphibian amphitheater ambiguous ambient ambivalent ambulance v. v. adj./n.+ n. n.+ n.+ adj.主动 n. n. adj. adj.+ adj./n. adj./n.- n.人格+ adj.- adj. adj.+ n./v.合 adj.- n. v.- a.推迟 n.否 adj.- n. n.- n. vt.- adj. vt. adj.- adj. adj./n. n. adj. adj./n. adj. n. shakeup (letter)argueincourt lavish temple arrival origin daring place receiving beginning noticeable/obvious/apparent (sub)easilyinfluenced tiny(small) attraction/sympathy ultimate limited near/touching/borderingnearby suppose/conclude/guess downcast/depressed/forlorn curve/path/line decrease/diminish/minimize lengthened/continued/extended withdrawal/disavowal/denial uncontrollable/stubborn/untouchable helpful subtraction temptation persuade significant produce flattering ordered livingbothonlandandinwater stagesurroundedwithtieredseats havingmorethanone surrounding wavering equippedvehicleusedtotransportthe sickorinjured

POLY many much polychromatic polycentric polygamy polyphony PRIM first primogeniture primordial primparous primary HOM/HOMO uniform, same homonym homogeneous homologous homophone DIS (DI, DIF, DIV, DE) ① away ② apart diffraction dissension disseminate dissipate VOR eat herbivore omnivore carnivore insectivore CRAN flesh carnage carnation carnival incarnation CRED believe trust creed credulity creditable credence FID believe trust affidavit diffident fiduciary perfidy CURR/CURS run, walk concurrent cursory discursive precursor PED food child expedient expedite adj. adj. n. n. phone n. adj. adj. adj. n. adj. adj. n. n. n. v. v. n. glass n. all n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. adj. n. n. adj. adj./n. n. a./adj. adj. adj. n. adj./n. adj./v. having or exhibiting many colors. having several central parts plural marriage music with more parts sounded first-born or eldest child (gene) original (ordinary) parents→bear first or highest in rank word spelled or sounded the same consistent throughout of similar origin word that sounds like another breaking up of light waves (break) disagreement (sense) spread widely (seed) scatter (吮) an animal feeds chiefly on plants takes in everything available a flesh-eating animal feeds mainly on insects a massacre clove pink a festival marked by merrymaking a bodily manifestation principles superficial/easy acceptance well-down trustfulness sworn document timid, shy (←→confident) trust-based bad faith simultaneous hasty (cure) rambling (amble) forerunner convenient speed up
impediment pedestrian
n.- adj./n.
obstacle ordinary
deflect flexor genuflect inflection
v. n. v. n. adj. adj. adj./n. adj./n.死
turn aside muscle kneel (gene) change in pitch on the back occurring after death (human, humid, water, earth ) using past styles anti-modern after the event
after, back
posterior posthumous postmodern postmortem

MAL bad ill evil down malevolent malicious malign malnourished CATA cataclysm catacomb catalyst catatonic PROT/ PROTO in front of the first protagonist protocol protoplasm prototype ANTE in front of before anterior antechamber antedate ante meridiem ORTH/ ORTHO direct, straight orthodox orthodontics orthopedics orthography RECT direct, straight rectitude rectify rectilinear rector EU good, well eugenic euphemism adj. adj. adj./v. adj. n. n. n. n./adj. n. n. n. n. adj. n. n./v. adv. adj. n. n. 学科 n.语言文字 n.品德 vt. adj. n. adj.+ n. wishing evil mean speak ill (design, sign) fed poorly natural disaster underground cemetery agent of change (loose) motionless (move) hero or heroine rules of behavior cell contents madel towards the front waiting room to date before before noon conventional dentistry for crooked teeth treatment of skeletal defects correct spelling integrity make right moving in a straight line headmaster promoting superior (gene) polite term
euphoria evangelism DYS/DIS against dysfunctional dyslexia dyspeptic dystrophy ROG ask request abrogate arrogate derogatory prerogative QUIS ask request inquisition perquisite acquisitive requisition PLE PLI PLY MATR ① fold ② multiply ③ full measure complement deplete implement replete metric odometer symmetrical tachometer
n. n. n. n. n./adj. n.奖品 vt. v. adj. n. n. n. adj. n./vt. n./vt. vt. n./vt./v+ adj. adj. n. adj. n.
great happiness crusading zeal impaired reading disorder (read) beset by indigestion (digest) muscular deterioration neglect, abolish, ignore claim, seize, grab critical, unflattering, scornful right, power, privilege interrogation, inquiry privilege, bonus, right grasping, grabby, greedy purchase order, request, demand number required, counterpart draw down, drain put into practice, put to use abundantly, full relating to poetic rhythm, relating to a measuring system distance measurer (distance) balanced (same) speed measurer

AUD hearing auditor auditory audition inaudible SON sound dissonant resonance sonic ultrasound ERR stray→walk aberrant errant erratic erroneous CED/CES pace, walk, progress accede antecedent concession n. adj. n. adj. adj. n. adj. n. adj. adj. adj./n. adj. v. n./adj. n. financial examiner relating to hearing a critical hearing impossible to hear unharmonious continuing or echoing sound involving sound diagnostic technique (alt→out) deviating from the proper roving having no fixed ,wandering. mistaken to give one's consent one that precedes another. the act of conceding
precedent VID/VIS appear, look, vision visage vis-à-vis visionary visitation SPIC/ SPEC look, watch auspicious conspicuous introspection perspicacious VOC/VOK sound, voice equivocate irrevocable provoke vociferous PHON sound cacophony phonetic polyphonic symphony CUR cure→care curative curator procure sinecure PERI around perimeter periodontal peripatetic peripheral SENT/ SENS sense sensational sentient sentiment sensuous SOPH wisdom sophistry sophisticated sophomoric theosophy
n. n. n./prep./ad v. adj./n. 人 n. n.+ adj. 一起 n. 自己 adj. 提前 vi. 等 adj.- v. adj. n. adj. adj. 多 n. n./adj. n. v. n. 罪恶 n. adj. n./adj. n./adj. adj.抽 adj./n. n. adj. n. adj. adj. n.
an example in dealing subsequent similar instances appearance compared to prophet official call favorable, promising noticeable self-examination shrewd to avoid statement making an
impossible to retract or revoke to incite to anger or resentment vehement outcry (carry) discordant sound (disorder) representing the sounds of speech with a set of distinct symbols two or more phonetic values, music of polyphony complex sonata (same) healing caretaker obtain easy job, effortless boundary around a tooth wandering supplementary outstandingly overconfident receiving perceptions opinion colored by emotion gratifying the senses false reasoning highly complex immaturely overconfident doctrine of God and the world

TEND/ stretch, tendentious adj. marked by a strong implicit point of view
portend distend extenuate
v. pro v. vt. n. vt. n. n. n. n. n. n. adj. adj. v. n. adj. n. n. n. vt. ex adj. n. adj. n. a./n. n. v. adj. n. adj. adj. a.+ a.- n. n.+ n. n./v. 人 a./n. n. n./a. n.
to serve as an omen or a warning of; presage to swell out or expand from palliate, to make thin or emaciated an adjunct to lay out; spend predilection a fixed and regular payment a cure-all a very noisy place an encomium ceremonial attire with all accessories irrelevant, extrinsic occurring or existing outside of the universe estimate by projecting known information. an individual interested in others glowing visually appealing elemental 光子 production of organic matter (综合) clarify brightly clear hard study passing diffused light endless life about to die funeral director to cause to experience wounded pride ruinous or fatal to both sides death of cells injurious to health deadly (throw out) inherited confused unity follower underhanded (plot) musical form escapee moving outward for the sake of appearance decryption of the universe (boundary) (gene) (shift)
appendage expend propensity stipend
general all complete extra
panacea pandemonium panegyric panoply extraneous extramundane extrapolate extrovert
phosphorescent photogenic photon photosynthesis
elucidate lucent lucubration translucent
immortality moribund mortician mortify 物质
damage injury
internecine necrosis noxious pernicious
inherent incoherent cohesion adherent
flee escape
subterfuge fugue fugitive centrifuge
order harmony
cosmetic cosmology
cosmopolitan cosmos SCI know understa nd connect join conscientious omniscience prescient unconscionable JUNCT adjunct disjunction injunction junta PART local limit→ part send partisan participle impartial impart MIT MIS emissary 人 manumission missive remittance PEL PULS drive compel expel impel repulsion
n./a. n. adj. n. adj. a.- n./a. n. n.- n. n. n. adj. vt. n. ex n. n. n. vt. v. vt. n.
sophisticated universe scrupulous, observable universal knowledge (all, complete) having foresight inexcusable 意识 addition break order group supporter verb part fair disclose agent emancipation, release, liberate (hand) letter payment drive irresistibly drive out force by moral pressure disgust (force)

PUT think disputatious impute putative reputed LOG word→ speech eulogy monologue neologism genealogy TERR earth parterre subterranean terrarium terrestrial MAR sea aquamarine marina mariner maritime PATH affinity apathetic adj.- vt.- adj.+ adj.- n.+ n. n. n. n. adj. n.地点 adj. n. n. n. adj. adj.- argumentative attribute assumed believed high praise speech new word family history theater area (part) under the ground contained earthly blue-green gem small harbor seaman near the sea indifferent (single)
① attraction, same PEN/ PUN
②sympathy emotion, suffering ☆ punish
empathy pathology sociopath impunity penal penance punitive
n. in n. n. n.- adj. n./vt. adj. n./adj. v./n. adj. adj. vt. adj./n. vt./v./n n. n.- n. n. v. vi. n. adj. n. n. n. n. adj. vt.- vt. adj. n. v. n. adj. adj. n.- n. adj. adj. n. adj. adj. n.
pity pathobiology antisocial behavior exemption from punishment prescribing punishment voluntarily to show sorrow punishing motherhood, motherliness enroll, sign up at school through the mother's (female)family urban, city scold, gently correct cautionary, giving warning watch, regulate forewarning, early suspicion ritual chant sung composition singer added melody refer illegal cooperation laughable introduction an apparition a constantly changing scene a occurrence that is perceptible by the senses. to be transparent or translucent assert confirm, substantiate appearing to be true or real; probable factual, or real upset, disturb engine, turning engine churning, seething confused, murky handing down, degeneration process of development, progress talkative, fluent winding, circulation, complicated candy easy sense of smell expert
maternity matriculate matrilineal metropolitan
warn criticize
admonish monitory monitor premonition
incantation cantata cantor descant



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