2011 考研英语作文模板大全:论证观点之情感类
这种类型的文章主要分析论证一些具体的观点。 一般情况下三段的分布为: 第一段描述 图画内容,第二段提出观点、进行理论分析和事例分析,第三段总结观点、表明态度。
  1: :
As is shown in the picture above, n surmise that .
. Obviously from
we ca
It goes without saying that the primary purpose of the picture lies in eulogizing the practice of . As a matter of fact, it is not rare to find in our everyday life deeds of similar nature. For instance, . Additionally, we can also hear many stories about es of . . Not to mention those moving cas
All in all, I firmly believe that a harmonious society is based on a ot only harvest , but also gain
. By
, people n
that can never be purchased via money.
  2: :
, just as is depicted in the picture. It is not difficult to find that in today’s society, more and more people begin to . It is rather good news to .
The picture reminds us that in China, due to dition, we should not forget .
. Moreover, there are
. In ad
is a good way to express human love. To some extent, it also reflects individuals’ sense of s ocial responsibility. It is also a feeling from deep heart that is beyond words and is difficult to obtain n o matter how rich one is. Therefore, I strongly advocate that be more beautiful because of . . I am sure our society will hence
通过研究历年的考研英语真题,我们可以发现,英语考察实际上就是考察听、说、读、 写。 而这四个方面归结到一点就是阅读。 阅读理解在英语考试大纲中占的比重最大, 共分为阅读 理解 A、阅读理解 B(新题型)、阅读理解 C(翻译)三部分。接下来我们主要谈一下阅读理解 A 题型的一些做题规律和技巧。

  1、 答题顺序 、
考研英语阅读理解题每篇有五个选项, 一般情况下五个题目的顺序是按照文章的顺序逐 段出题,两者是相互照应的。偶有跳段的情况,但是先后顺序基本不变。所以带着问题回到 原文相应的段落中寻找答案是最节省时间准确率又最高的答题办法。
其中比较例外的是文章主旨题, 在个在阅读理解题目里面是必考的。 有的主旨句出现在 文章的第一段,可以一目了然,同样对应的题目就可能出在第一题。但是主旨句大部分是在 文章末端才出现, 或者文章开始的主旨句恰好是文章要驳斥的观点, 所以考生要通读全文之 后才能解答。因此在面对主旨题时,万学海文提醒考生尽量在通读完全文之后再作答。

  2、 阅读方法 、
阅读方法根据每位考生的阅读习惯的不同, 各有千秋, 在这里万学海文介绍两种比较行 之有效的常用阅读方法。
方法一,三遍法:先浏览全文,再看问题, 方法一,三遍法:先浏览全文,再看问题,最后回原文定位
先浏览全文, 带着“文章在讲什么”的问题大致略读一遍文章, 用尽量短的时间扫视全文, 着重留意第一段的第一句和末段的最后一句。 因为全文的主题句一般是在第一段的句首, 而 文章的最后一句很可能是概括总结。 略读的目的是掌握短文的主旨大意, 做到对内容心中有 数,有一个思考的方向。这样就能把握住关于文章内容的题目的大方向,迅速排除题目中的 无关信息选项,做到更快更有效的答题。同时,在进行第二步时,能让我们更迅速的定位。
第二遍阅读的时候,先读题目,看题目的要求。可以一次看 5 个问题,也可以逐一看, 为了能快速的回到原文找答案。 看的同时就要揣测出题者出此题的目的并侧重阅读短文相关 部分。由于对所问问题及文章主旨都已了解,在阅读时就会更有目的性,知道哪些地方得细 读哪些地方可一带而过甚至跳过不读。 所有问题都是根据文章内容提出的, 基本反映并覆盖 了文章的主要内容。先阅读问题再阅读全文,这种方法的优点是:可在较短的时间内有针对 性地阅读相关内容,便于给相关问题定位,有的放矢,事半功倍。
第三遍阅读的时候,实际是作为检查的一个步骤。迅速的扫视全文,看看每一道题是否 都能在文章中找到对应的答案句,做到选项必有出处。
方法二,两遍法:先看题目,带着题目回原文找答案。 方法二,两遍法:先看题目,带着题目回原文找答案。 题目回原文找答案
读文章、 做题速度较慢的考生可选用这种方法以节答题的时间。 这种方法是在方法一的 基础上去掉第一步骤。
相应的,在读题的时候,就需要考生能够通过细读阅读题目和选项,提炼出关键词以把 握文章的主题,有时候还能够通过题目的提问方式,提问口气,判断出作者的写作文章的侧 重方向,以及所持的态度,这对文章的总体把握比较有帮助。当考生从题目中了解到文章概 况时,就可以带着问题去阅读文章了。

  3、 快速定位 、
阅读理解题型的每道题目其实都有原文出处。在读问题的题目时,可以针对考点,对应 题目和选项判断关键词,在原文中定位考题源。首先可以关注阿拉伯数字,阿拉伯数字的范 围涉及到数据、年份、时间、年龄等;其次可以关注一些特定名词,这些名词大都含有大写 字母,比较好找,如人名、地名等;还可以关注术语、固定短语等比较容易识别的词;接下来 可以用一些不常用的生僻单词予以定位。 考生通过这样的方法可以快速找到出题点, 结合出 题点的上下文以及段落主题句, 针对出题含义进行分析答题, 这就节省了通读时在非有效信 息上所耗费的时间。

  4、 小心陷阱 、
很多考生反映,读懂了文章,但是为什么就是做不对题?这样的失分就显得很冤枉了。 这是因为考生没有了解到出题者的出题目的和考察点。其实考察的题目可以大致分为几类, 主旨题、细节题、感情色彩题、理解推理题、生词考察题等。而设置的陷阱有例如主语宾语 互换题、偷换概念题、深义浅谈题等。“磨刀不误砍柴工”,万学海文提醒广大考生在答题时 首先一定要注意思考分析出题目的和考点,不要盲目答题,也不要主观臆断,以避免不必要 的失分。
总之,考研英语阅读理解既需要打牢基础,提升英语阅读能力,在做题时也需要把握技 巧,把力用在刀刃上。只有这样双管齐下,才能在考试中取得理想的成绩。
Dear Mr. Wang,
I am much grateful to be employed by you two months ago as an editor for your m agazine Design & Fashions. I appreciate the opportunity of having worked here with you and other colleagues. The experiences will be unforgettable throughout my life.
However, as a young man whose primary interest is in computer science rather than fashion designing, I find my present job doesn't fall in with my previous training and stre
ngth. I therefore decide to quit this job for something else that may conform to my form er preparation.
Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience my leaving may cause.
Yours truly,
Li Ming
考研英语作文必背范文 2
Dear Sir or Madam,
Moved by the noble cause of Project Hope and encouraged by what has been achiev ed so far, I would like to contribute my bit to the project by offering financial aid to a child in a remote area of your province.
I would be much grateful if you could help me seek out a girl who has just started schooling but whose family cannot afford her education. My plan is to pay for her tuition on an annual basis till she finishes her secondary education. I would like to remit my d onation directly to a bank account opened by her family in her local area.
Yours truly,
Li Ming
考研英语作文必背范文 3
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a student in this university who regularly comes to the library to spend my spa re time. Generally speaking, the services you offer here are quite good; however, I have s ome suggestions for you to adopt. And I would like to extend my greatest appreciation if you are so kind as to take my suggestions into consideration.
To begin with, will you please prolong the time for reading? In the daytime, most of the students are having class, so they can’t come to the library. Moreover, some of the books on shelves are out of date. If you are so kind as to provide us some books such a s the latest magazines, we will be very pleased.
I really wish to have a more comfortable library. Thank you for your time and consi deration.
Sincerely yours,
Li Ming
考研英语作文必背范文 4
Dear Bob,
I am writing to make an apology to you for I forgot to return a music CD which I borrowed from you last week. Yesterday I have come back from Canada and I found it i n my luggage. I am so sorry that you cannot listen to it at present.
The CD which I borrowed from you is made in Canada, so I believe you can find a nother one in your local store. How about your buying another CD by yourself and I will pay for it? If you cannot find the similar one, I would send it back to you through a p ost office. And if there are any other solutions you like, please let me know.
I am sorry again for my carelessness. Looking forward to your reply.
Yours sincerely,
Li Ming
考研英语作文必背范文 5
Dear editor,
I’m a sincere reader of your newspaper and I like your discussion of the social probl ems. Now I would like to give some opinions of myself about the “White Pollution”.
As we know, regulation was made to solve the problem in June 1st of 20
  08. The us e of plastic bags for free was restricted in the supermarket and many other shops. At the beginning, it was carried on well, but now I find plastic bags are used in some small sh ops for free or with no pay.
I am writing to inform you that we should solve this problem soon with the help of your newspaper. You could make some investigations about it and write some reports of it, so as to appeal to all the people’s attention of our society.
考研英语作文必背范文 6
Volunteers Needed
January 9, 2010
To improve students’ability and enrich extracurricular activities, the Postgraduate Asso ciation is recruiting volunteers for an international conference on globalization to be held on December 9, 2010 in Beijing. To begin with, applicants should have Chinese nationalit y, a strong professional spirit, cheerful personality and be aged under
  35. In addition, can didates must have outstanding skills at English listening comprehension and the ability to speak Chinese and English fluently. Finally, students with relevant professional experience are preferred. Those graduate students who are interested in taking part in it may sign up with the monitor of their classes before February 1, 20
  10. Everybody is welcome to join in it. (107 words)
Postgraduate Association
考研英语作文必背范文 7
Date:January 8, 2011
To:George Gordon Byron, Vice President
From:Li Ming, President
Subject:Computer Training of the Staff
As we discussed earlier this week, I agree with you that our firm is faced up with p roblem of the high rate of computer illiteracy of the staff. We need to make up a plan f or training our employees in the new field.
I would like you to design our own in-house computer-training program. We had bett er classify the employees and put them through the program in turn.
Write up a brief proposal, describing what you think the program should cover. Assu me the class runs four hours a week for ten weeks. Also, assume people have no prior c omputer knowledge or any formal course work in computer science.
考研英语作文必背范文 8
Main Reasons of Economic Globalization
Since the early 1950s, economic globalization has been developing rapidly. Briefly sp eaking, its reasons mainly include the following ones. The first reason is the technical fou ndation of economic globalization. Advancements in science and technology have provided the material basis and the technical means for the rapid development of globalization. Th e second reason is the economic foundation of globalization. Firstly, the market economy has become the preferred choice of promoting economy for every country in the world. S econdly, multinationals which are expanding continuously have become the center of econo mic globalization. Lastly, international economic organizations have been the organic safeg uards for the development of economic globalization. (104 words)
考研英语作文必背范文 9
Li Ming
P. O. Box 237, Beijing University
5, Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100871
Tel: 62768888 Email: Liming@1
Career Objective: A position with management potential in the banking business speci alizing in international corporate financing
Educational Background:
Sept 2007 to Beijing University
July 2011 Major in International Business Management
Main courses include English, Computer, Business Management, Accounting, Internatio nal Commercial Law
Work Experience:
July 2010 to Bank of China



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