2011 年理工 C 考题
  1、 EventuallyFinally The herb medicine eventually cured her disease. (词汇学习 1-
  7) 中药最终治好了她的疾病。
A nicely B apparently C finally D naturally
近义词 finally
in the end
词义 adv. 最终

  2、 varychange
  3、 thoroughcareful
  4、 proposedsuggested I propose that we discuss this at the next meeting. (2010 年理工 C 词汇选项题第三 题) 我提议我们在下次会议上讨论此事。 A demand B suggest C order D request The chairman proposed that we should stop the meeting. (词汇学习 8-
  12) 主席提议我们停止会议。
A stated B declared C suggested D announced
近义词 suggest
词义 recommend v. 建议

disappointingunsatisfactory exploredinvestigated a lotgreatly relied ondepended on
She has proved that she can be relied on in a crisis. (词汇学习 8-
  14) 她证明了自己在危急关头是值得信赖的。
A lived on B depended on C lived off D believed in
depend on
近义词 rely on
词义 v. 依靠

  9、 convertedturned
In the process, the light energy converts to heat energy. (2010 年理工 C 词汇选项题 第十三题) 在这个过程中光能转化为热能。 A reduces B changes C leaves D drops

  10、 goalaim 近义词 aim goal
词义 n. 目标

  11、 rootcause
  12、 briefshort 近义词 brief short
词义 adj. 短暂的

  13、 impactinfluence 近义词 effect influence
词义 n. 影响

  14、 shinedpolished You must shine your shoes. (词汇学习 3-
  13) 你必须擦亮你的鞋子。
A lighten B clean C wash D polish

  15、 confessedadmitted 二、阅读判断 文章主旨:对于湖水温度增长的科学研究
  16、 for over 30 years.wrong
  17、 temperatures of lakes increased greatly between 1985-20
  18、 faster in Asianot mentioned
  19、 poisonous for fishesright
  20、 generally focus on air temperatureright
  21、 less threatening to small countrieswrong
  22、 UNFCCC…next year in Mexiconot mentioned 三、概括大意与完成句子 文章主旨:飓风 第一段对于飓风的定义,第二段给出了不同地点发生的飓风具体名称不同,第三 段讲述飓风造成的损害, 第四段教大家在遭遇飓风的时候应该怎样做才是正确的
  23、 What is a hurricane?(什么是飓风?)

  24、 What are different names of hurricanes?(飓风的不同名称是什么?)
  25、 What damages can a hurricane cause?(飓风造成的危害有哪些?)
  26、 What should you do during a hurricane?(在飓风灾害中应该怎么做?)
  27、 Different labels
  28、 Natural disaster
  29、 Early warning
  30、 Windows and glass doors 四、阅读理解 第一篇 Weaving with Light(理工类教材上阅读理解第六篇)
  31、 题干:The Huichol don’t use electricity because (题干大意为:为什么维克人不能使用电力?) 答案:it costs too much to string power lines.
  32、 题干:To make a living, the Huichol create artwork and 答案:sell it in cities far away from their villages.(与教材原文练习题第一题, 题干一致,备选项一致)
  33、 题干:The central part of the Portable Lights technology is 答案:HB LEDs. (与教材原文练习题第四题,题干修改,备选项一致)
  34、 题干:All of the following are disadvantage of incandescent lights EXPECT(题 干大意为:下列哪一项是关于白炽灯缺点的不正确说法?) 答案:They are not bright enough.
  35、 题干:LEDs are different from light bulbs is that 答案: LEDs can send out light of different colors. (与教材原文练习题第五题, 题干一致,备选项修改) 第二篇:The book of life 文章主旨:描述一个对地球上物种进行全面介绍的网站。主要介绍了网站成立的 目的,数据获取的来源,展示的方式,如何从中获取感兴趣的知识等等。
  36、 题干:“Spider” and “bird” mentioned in Paragraph 1 are examples to illustrate 答案:there are numerous living species on Earth.
  37、 题干:The goal of the creation of the EOL is to 答案:work out an easy-to-use catalog of every living species on Earth.
  38、 题干:At the starting stage, the EOL will get information from 答案:the existing scientific databases.
  39、 题干:The word “novice” in Paragraph 5 could be best replaced by 答案:beginner
  40、 题干:Which of the following statement is NOT true? 答案: scientist will review every piece of information added to EOL (大概意思) 第三篇:How to be a successful businessman(如何成为一名成功的商业人士?) 文章主旨:讲述关于一位餐饮行业成功人士的故事。主要内容为主人公为何进入 KFC,如何成为一位餐厅经理,购买自己的餐厅,以及逐步发展成为拥有 168 间 餐厅的老板。
  41、 题干:小时候的梦想是
答案:to be an airplane pilot
  42、 题干:为什么去 KFC 兼职 答案:save on food
  43、 题干:成为一间新餐厅的经理,是因为 答案:he worked hard
  44、 题干:每次购买新的餐厅,要采取以下哪项之外的措施 答案:advertised it
  45、 题干:与文章当中“It’s a mess”相近的表达 答案:it’s dirty 五、补全短文 Some unusual holidays(一些不寻常的节日) 文章主旨: 介绍世界上一些不同寻常的节日。 比如愚人节, 西班牙的西红柿大战, 爱尔兰的“布克节”为野山羊加冕,以及睡眠日、牙疼日等等稀奇古怪的庆祝日。
  46、 some of them, people celebrate them, but not serious(大概意思)
  47、 Jokers…… make everyone laugh(大概意思)
  48、 Then begin the world’s biggest food flight. (大概意思)
  49、 They brought him back to the town,……(大概意思)
  50、 That’s supposed to be Toothache Day. (大概意思) 六、完形填空 What is the coolest gas in the universe? (理工类教材上完型填空第三篇)
  51、 occurred
  52、 space
  53、 whether
  54、 safely Obviously, -120℃ is colder than our body can safely endure.
  55、 system
  56、 away Obviously, it is hotter closer to the Sun and colder as we travel away from the Sun.
  57、 location
  58、 impossible
  59、 cooled Two scientists, whose names are Cornell and Wieman, have successfully cooled down a gas to a temperature barely
  8(above) absolute zero.
  60、 theory
  61、 convincing
  62、 would
  63、 more
  64、 every
  65、 travel


2011年3月26日职称英语理工C考题 试卷代码:31

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