2011 浙江省英语 3 月份听力原文和参考答案
1-5 BBCCC 11-15 ABCBA

  1. Where is Linda now? A. In the woman’s office B. In the classroom. C. In the library
6-10 BACAC 16-20 BAABC
原文: -Hi, David! Nice to meet you here in the library! -Me too. Do you know where Linda is? -I’m just going to meet her in my office in half an hour. She’s now having her class. 答案:B
  2. What would the man like to do? A. To visit his parents. B. To drive to the countryside. C. To travel to another country. 原文:-How about driving into the country on Thursday? -Well, I’ll see if I can get the afternoon off, and I’d like to see my parents first. 答案:B
  3. What is the man going to do? A. Talk to more students. B. Collect more information C. Work on a research paper. 原文:-How was your research going, Jack? -Well, not bad. I talked to some students and got their opinions. And now I’ve got to write the paper based on the information I’ve collected. 答案:C
  4. Where can the man get the tickets? A.From the club. B.From Susan. C.From Tom.
原文: ?Tom said he could get your club some tickets to the game if you’re interested. ?If we are interested. Look, Susan. We’ve been trying to get tickets everywhere. 答案:C
  5. What does the woman mean? A. She is warm enough. B. She has to study in. C. She likes the idea. 原文:-It’s sunny and warm. Stop studying and come into the garden with me. ?Why not? 答案:C
  6. What is the probable relationship between the speakers? A. Police officers. B.. Manager and clerk C. Shop assistant and customer.
  7. What are the speakers going to do? A. Open a store. B. Make a plan. C. Have a meeting. 原文:-Is everything going well according to the plan. ?Our store will open two weeks before Christmas. -I guess we should announce ourselves soon.Tell people we’re coming. Put up a big sign. -Sure. The minute they see the sign, they will be lining up. ?To show their anger. - Yeah. They are lining up not to buy things but to show their anger. Because some people think train stores all look the same. ?They’ll hate us in the beginning. But we’ll * them in the end. 答案:B
  8. What’s the woman’s problem? A. She missed the wake up call. B. Her room service is out of order. C. She is unable to get her breakfast in time.
  9. Who is going to deal with the problem? A. The hotel manager B. A room attendant.
C. The woman herself.
  10. How does the woman feel about the service? A. sad B. Content
C. Dissapointed
原文:- Cann’t you do something about the service in the hotel, manager? - I’m sorry maddam. What’s the problem exactly? - My breakfast, that’s the problem. - Yes? ?I ordered breakfast from room service . Oh, at least half an hour ago. - Yes? ?I’ve telephoned room service three times, but my breakfast still hasn’t come. ?I see. ?I’ve got an important meeting at nine o’clock. An now it seems I’ll have to go there without breakfast. Really, I don’t think this is good enough. ?I’m very sorry about this maddam. You ordered breakfast half an hour ago and you’ve phoned three times since then. ?That’s right. -I’m really sorry about that. You should have received your breakfast no later than five to ten minutes after you had ordered it. -That’s what I thought. -The problem may be that there are short of people in the kitchens recently. But I’ll ]look into this. And I’ll make sure that the breakfast is sent to you immediately. Full English breakfast, was it? -Yes. Full English breakfast. -very well maddam. I’ll deal with this myself and I’ll have it sent up to your room right away. 答案:CAC
  11. Where does the woman work? A. In a hospital B. In a lab.
C. On a farm.

  12. Which of the following does the woman do as a AHT? A. Produce medcine B. Bathe animals C. Do experiments
  13. What does Doctor Blake say about the woman’s work? A. It’s interesting B. It’s unimportant C. It’s helpful. 原文:-Morrie, what is an AHT? -Well, AHT stands for animal health technician. I graduated from California’s first AHT class at Peals College. Some of us may work in the countryside taking care of cattle horses or sheep. Some may work in research labs. But most of us work in pet hospitals. -I know that you work in a pet hospital. What do you do there? -We run blood and other tests, give shorts and prepare medcine. We also cut nails, clean teeth, give bathe and clean the cages. We help keep the clinic running smoothly. Making sure there is enough
of medcine and equipment. -Indeed, you have so much to do. Doctor Blake told me that he couldn’t have done so much without you. 答案:ABC
  14. What are the speakers talking about? A. see adventures B. vacation plans
  15. What has the woman paid close attention to ? A. Weather reports B. International news
  16. What do we learn about the man’s experience? A. He was caught in a storm. B. He visited storm hit islands. C. He made a voyage two weeks ago. 原文:-Where are you going on vacation this year? -Well, we were thinking about going on the voyage to the Caribbean Sea. It’s a beautiful part of the world. -It certainly is. I went on one last year. But the weather can sometimes be really bad. -I know. I have been reading weather reports for the Caibbean on the internet. They seem to have lots of storms. -They certainly do. When we went on a voyage we stopped at Jomaker. And the * islands and * had been hit by storms two weeks before. You could still see a lot of damage. -Well, if I decide to go. I’ll just have to hope for the best. 答案:BAB
  17. What was the woman’s job ten years ago? A. A director in a company. B. A college teacher. C. A writer.
  18. Who is the college girl mentioned in the talk? A. The speaker herself B. The speakers friend.
  19. Why did the woman give up her job? A. she wanted more free time. B. It was far from what she wanted. C. College life was much more interesting.
  20. How does the woman feel now? A. Regretful. B. Worried
C. Life at the Caribbean
C. Storm damage
C. A clerk in the bookstore.
C. Satisefied.
原文: Well I’ love to share with you something about my life. I was a director of labor relations d for a big company ten years ago. And I should have been happy. I had everything that I thought I wanted. But going into work everyday took away a bit of myself. Untill finally I stopped and said, “ Where is that lively college girl who used to read tens of books and do fun things? Where is she?” I knew I have to look for her. Then one day, walking through a children’s bookstore, it hit me. I loved these books. The richness of the pictures, the power of these words. I gathered an armful of books and said, “ this is what I want to do.” And since then, I have treated writing like a full time job. I wrote over twenty stories in the next year. And most of them got sent back with letters saying they were not good enough. But I didn’t give up. I think it’s because of that love that I have been able not to just write one book but nine books in the last ten years. When I worked in the company, I worked sixty-hour weeks because I had to. Now I work sixty-hour weeks because I love it. If I hadn't made that choice to take a chance to do something that really * me . I don’t think I could have lived with myself. 答案:AABC



   2011 浙江省英语 3 月份听力原文和参考答案 1-5 BBCCC 11-15 ABCBA 1. Where is Linda now? A. In the woman’s office B. In the classroom. C. In the library 6-10 BACAC 16-20 BAABC 原文: -Hi, David! Nice to meet you here in the library! -Me too. Do you know where Linda is? ...


   2011浙江省英语3月份听力原文和参考答案 1. Where is Linda now? A. In the woman’s office B. In the classroom. C. In the library 原文: -Hi, David! Nice to meet you here in the library! -Me too. Do you know where Linda is? -I’m just going to meet her in my office in half ...


   1 B. In the classroom. 2 B. To drive to the countryside. 3 C. Work on a research paper. 4 A. From the club. 5 C. She likes the idea. 6 B. Manager and clerk. 7 A . Open a store. 8 C. She is unable to get her breakfast in time. 9 A. The hotel manage ...


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