1. Where is Linda now? A. In the woman’s office B. In the classroom. C. In the library 原文: - Hi, David! Nice to meet you here in the library! Me too. Do you know where Linda is? I’m just going to meet her in my office in half an hour. She’s now having her class.
  2. What would the man like to do? A. To visit his parents. B. To drive to the countryside. C. To travel to another country. 原文: Man -How about driving into the country on Thursday? Woman -Well, I’ll see if I can get the afternoon off, and I’d like to see my parents first.
  3. What is the man going to do? A. Talk to more students. B. Collect more information C. Work on a research paper. 原文: Woman -How was your research going, Jack? Man -Well, not bad. I talked to some students and got their opinions. And now I’ve got to write the paper based on the information I’ve collected. 4’ Where can the man get the tickets? A. From the club. B. From Susan. C. From Tom. 原文: Woman ? Tom said he could get your club some tickets to the game if you’re interested. Man ? If we are interested. Look, Susan. We’ve been trying to get tickets everywhere.

  5. What does the woman mean? A. She is warm enough. B. She has to study in. C. She likes the idea. 原文: Man- It’s sunny and warm. Stop studying and come into the garden with me. Woman ? Why not?
  6. What is the probable relationship between the speakers? A. Police officers. B. Manager and clerk. C. Shop assistant and customer.
  7. What are the speakers going to do?
A. Open a store. B. Make a plan. C. Have a meeting. 原文:Man ? Is everything going well according to the plan. Woman ? Our store will open two weeks before Christmas. Man ? I guess we should announce ourselves soon.Tell people we’re coming. Put up a big sign. Woman- Sure. The minute they see the sign, they will be lining up. Man ? To show their anger. Woman- Yeah. They are lining up not to buy things but to show their anger. Because some people think train stores all look the same. Man ? They’ll hate us in the beginning. But we’ll * them in the end.
  8. What’s the woman’s problem? A. She missed the wake up call. B. Her room service is out of order. C. She is unable to get her breakfast in time.
  9. Who is going to deal with the problem? A. The hotel manager B. A room attendant. C. The woman herself.
  10. How does the woman feel about the service? A. sad B. Content C. Dissapointed 原文:Woman - Cann’t you do something about the service in the hotel, manager? Man - I’m sorry maddam. What’s the problem exactly? Woman - My breakfast, that’s the problem. Man - Yes? Woman ? I ordered breakfast from room service . Oh, at least half an hour ago. Man - Yes? Woman ? I’ve telephoned room service three times, but my breakfast still hasn’t come. Man ? I see. Woman ? I’ve got an important meeting at nine o’clock. An now it seems I’ll have to go there without breakfast. Really, I don’t think this is good enough. Man ? I’m very sorry about this maddam. You ordered breakfast half an hour ago and you’ve phoned three times since then. Woman ? That’s right. Man ? I’m really sorry about that. You should have received your breakfast no later than five to ten minutes after you had ordered it. Woman ? That’s what I thought. Man ? The problem may be that there are short of people in the kitchens recently. But I’ll ]look into this. And I’ll make sure that the breakfast is sent to you immediately. Full English breakfast, was it? Woman- Yes. Full English breakfast. Man ? very well maddam. I’ll deal with this myself and I’ll have it sent up to your room
right away.
  11. Where does the woman work? A. In a hospital B. In a lab. C. On a farm.
  12. Which of the following does the woman do as a AHT? A. Produce medcine B. Bathe animals C. Do experiments
  13. What does Doctor Blake say about the woman’s work? A. It’s interesting B. It’s unimportant D. It’s helpful. 原文:Man - Morrie, what is an AHT? Woman - Well, AHT stands for animal health technician. I graduated from California’s first AHT class at Peals College. Some of us may work in the countryside taking care of cattle horses or sheep. Some may work in research labs. But most of us work in pet hospitals. Man - I know that you work in a pet hospital. What do you do there? Woman - We run blood and other tests, give shorts and prepare medcine. We also cut nails, clean teeth, give bathe and clean the cages. We help keep the clinic running smoothly. Making sure there is enough of medcine and equipment. Man - Indeed, you have so much to do. Doctor Blake told me that he couldn’t have done so much without you.
  14. What are the speakers talking about? A. see adventures B. vacation plans C. Life at the Caribbean
  15. What has the woman paid close attention to ? A. Weather reports B. International news C. Storm damage
  16. What do we learn about the man’s experience? A. He was caught in a storm. B. He visited storm hit islands. C. He made a voyage two weeks ago. 原文: Man- Where are you going on vacation this year? Woman - Well, we were thinking about going on the voyage to the Caribbean Sea. It’s a beautiful part of the world. Man - It certainly is. I went on one last year. But the weather can sometimes be really bad. Woman - I know. I have been reading weather reports for the Caibbean on the internet. They seem to have lots of storms. Man - They certainly do. When we went on a voyage we stopped at Jomaker. And the * islands and * had been hit by storms two weeks before. You could still see a lot of damage. Woman - Well, if I decide to go. I’ll just have to hope for the best.
  17. What was the woman’s job ten years ago? A. A director in a company. B. A college teacher. C. A writer.
  18. Who is the college girl mentioned in the talk? A. The speaker herself B. The speakers friend. C. A clerk in the bookstore.
  19. Why did the woman give up her job? A. she wanted more free time. B. It was far from what she wanted. C. College life was much more interesting.

  20. How does the woman feel now? A. Regretful. B. Worried C. Satisefied. 原文: Well I’d love to share with you something about my life. I was a director of labor relations for a big company ten years ago. And I should have been happy. I had everything that I thought I wanted. But going into work everyday took away a bit of myself. Untill finally I stopped and said, “ Where is that lively college girl who used to read tens of books and do fun things? Where is she?” I knew I have to look for her. Then one day, walking through a children’s bookstore, it hit me. I loved these books. The richness of the pictures, the power of these words. I gathered an armful of books and said, “ this is what I want to do.” And since then, I have treated writing like a full time job. I wrote over twenty stories in the next year. And most of them got sent back with letters saying they were not good enough. But I didn’t give up. I think it’s because of that love that I have been able not to just write one book but nine books in the last ten years. When I worked in the company, I worked sixty-hour weeks because I had to. Now I work sixty-hour weeks because I love it. If I hadn't made that choice to take a chance to do something that really * me . I don’t think I could have lived with myself.



   2011 浙江省英语 3 月份听力原文和参考答案 1-5 BBCCC 11-15 ABCBA 1. Where is Linda now? A. In the woman’s office B. In the classroom. C. In the library 6-10 BACAC 16-20 BAABC 原文: -Hi, David! Nice to meet you here in the library! -Me too. Do you know where Linda is? ...


   1. Where is Linda now? A. In the woman’s office B. In the classroom. C. In the library 原文: - Hi, David! Nice to meet you here in the library! Me too. Do you know where Linda is? I’m just going to meet her in my office in half an hour. She’s now hav ...

2011年江苏省英语听力口语(第二部分 话题简述文字材料)

   2011年江苏省英语听力口语(第二部分 话题简述文字材料) 第二部分 话题简述 1. 个人介绍 Self-introduction 例一 要点: 1. 我叫李雷,16岁;初中九年级学生,今夏毕业; 2. 学习英语将近五年,学习情况良好; 3. 在北京出生,现在和父母住在上海; 4. 我有一只狗,名叫埃迪,我很喜欢他。 例二 要点: 1. 李雷是九年级学生,将于今夏毕业;数学很好,喜欢集邮; 2. 他有礼貌,乐于助人,老师、同学都很喜欢他; 3. 1994年出生于上海;他现在和祖父母生活在一起。 ...


   福州市 2010?2011 学年第一学期九年级期末质量检查 英语试卷听力材料 I. 听句子,选择正确的图画。每小题念一遍。 1. It is said that the first car was invented in 1885. 2. Another new satellite has been sent up into the space. 3. Riding a bike will save energy and reduce air pollution. 4. I often wa ...


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   英语听力考试技巧 你是否已经做好聆听的准备...... 听力测验分为 4 部分,每部分都是独立的,而整个听 力测验只播放一次。因此,当您听到“Section 1”,“Section 2”等字的时候,您必须做好准备,预备聆 听声带的指引留意接着的内容(包括 who? what? where? when? why? how?) 在聆听每一个部分前,您应先找出问题的位置。在正 式开始每部分前都会有大概 10 至 30 秒的空白时间,您应 该争取在这段时间内了解和预测您将会需要注意的要点。 当对话或 ...


   Part 1 (Questions 1-12) 第一部分大多情况下是电话对话.答题纸上分为 3 个部分,以表格,发票,日程安排, 留言条等形式出现,每部分有 4 个空格,要求考生听录音填空(听两遍) . 考生拿到试卷后应抓紧时间将题目看一遍, 根据文字信息, 揣测填充题中可能要填什么 词.一般来说,这部分要填的内容是:公司名称,人名,号码(电话号码,定单号码等) , 日期等,这一题主要是考考生的辨别词汇的能力.在听第一遍时,考生要尽可能的记下有关 的名称,地点,号码等内容,听第二遍时检查所填 ...


   (带星号的是那位神人听不出来的。据说是老师录音录下来之后写的) 1. Where is Linda now? A. In the woman’s office B. In the classroom. C. In the library 原文: - Hi, David! Nice to meet you here in the library! - Me too. Do you know where Linda is? - I’m just going to meet her in ...


   2010 年 6 月大学英语四级考试全真预测 (一) 妖妖 2010 年 04 月 28 日 10:42 来源:未知 点击 Part IWriting(30 minutes) Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic 2209 次 Occupation. Choosing an Occupation You should write at least 120 ...


   华师一附中 2009-2010 学年度第二学期期中考试 七年级英语听力材料 一 听句子,选择所听到的单词.(5 分) 1. I like dolphins. They’re cute. 2. My brother works in a hospital. 3. It’s down Center Street on the right. 4. I think the man is a reporter. 5. When do you take a shower? 二、听对话,选择正确答案。共两 ...



   给英语课插上诗意的翅膀 内容摘要:英语是一门语言,是交流的工具,语言有其自身的魅 内容摘要: 力,语言应该是优美的,动听的,荡漾着激情的。所以英语课不应是 简简单单的讲授,也不是枯燥单调的操练,更不是大量的题海战术。 英语课更应该是美丽的, 学生可以在教师的带领下体验与享受英语课 的。英语新课程标准阐述到英语课在教学模式与方法上要重体验、实 践、参与、创造。有效的英语课堂教学,应该注重教学艺术,应该提 倡让学生体验美感的英语教学,参与其中,并创造性地输出语言。 关键词: 关键词:体验 童心 ...


   高中英语词汇表(第八册) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. polar adj.极地的 penguin n.企鹅 explorer n. 探险者 Antarctica n.南极洲 annual adj.每年的 r ...


   Can you guess the meanings of the following words? 1. He is a resolute man. Once he made up his mind to do something, he won't give it up halfway. A. strong B. firm C. kind D. clever 2. The official asked the man what his occupation was. The man to ...


   英语学习之自考综合英语二语法总结 一,语法 Grammar & Usage Subject-Verb Agreement (I) 1.主谓一致的三条原则 1)语法一致,即在语法形式上取得一致. Human beings enjoy learning. Everybody's understanding is incomplete. 2)意义一致,即根据意义来处理一致关系. The people there are fighting for the independence of th ...


   新视野大学英语课 新视野大学英语课文翻译第三册 Unit 1 威廉斯勋爵代价昂贵的贵族梦 苏格兰托明陶尔??周六晚,在"牢骚酒吧",村民依旧乐意向"威廉斯勋爵"祝酒,尽管这个头衔现在只能引来阵阵笑声。 如今他们就叫他 " 托尼"。 这个美丽的山村座落在苏格兰山区,总共只有 320 人,其中一些村民说,他们一直不太了解安东尼?威廉斯。这位有钱的贵族说话和气,1986 年和他穿着入时的妻子一同来到这里。 还有一些人说,他们的怀疑是与日俱 ...