2011 年 4 月江苏自考英语 2 试题解析 答案
单选题:括号内的为选项单词请牢记单词 并理解句子意思
  1.you may use my bike (A.unless) you give it back tomorrow morning
  2.he couldn't (B.hold back) his tears...
  3.good parents have the ability to coummunicate messages of love, trust, and self worth (C.with) their children.
  4.the teachers required that all errors should be (B.eliminated) before the....
  5.a person is lucky if his career (c.coindides) with his interest and hobby.
  6.our sleep influence our mood, our mood, (D.in turn), affects our performance.
  7. it was (A.considerate) of you not to disturbe us ....
  8. i'd appreciate it very much if you could make some (c.remarks) on my recent article.
  9. he is (A.so) absorbed in his own thoughts that ....
  10. No sooner (c.had I reached) home then Michael arrived with Jane in his car.
II 完型填空 本部分题目顺序不会换 只有可能换选项顺序, 请记住单词并注意考点和上下文。 本篇文章主要讲述的意思是看电视浪费时间, 看电视浪费的时间其实可以做很多 事情,看电视让我们不努力。
  11. A.to 考点:be exposed to 暴露于
  12. C.after 考点:在 20 岁以后 after the age of 20
  13. B.hours 考点:这些小时中发生什么事情

  14. A.spends 考点:spend on
  15. D.original 考点:in the original 原始文献(文中意思是读莎士比亚的 原始著作)
  16. C.written 和前文一致 应该用完成时
  17. A.that (that it discourages the connections).宾语从句

  18. D.requires 需要
  19. D.who. 上下文: who never concentrate on anything
  20. C.effort. 努力
III 阅读理解 注意:基础较好的朋友,看完所有内容,基础相对比较差的同志们,就直接看关 键词,进去去题目里面找这些词,找到哪个选哪个 第一篇: 文章开头句子是:Michael Stadtlander 本文讲述的是 Michael Stadtlander 的餐厅世界闻名,但是他在 1994 年放弃了 他的餐厅,离开城市到一个多伦多北部两小时车程的的的农村,他在他的农场提 供餐食需要顾客自己带酒水,本文后面主要讲述他们被 Mr 和 Mrs smith 钓鱼执 法,说他们无证售卖酒的故事。 21 到 25 的关键词是: 21 he sold.. 22 made.. 23 police.. 24 no 25 the receipt
  21. Stadlander was acused because(Stadlander 被起诉的原因是:) 选择:D.he sold wine to his guests with out a license.(他无证卖酒)
  22.in the 1980s, Stadtlander(在 90 年代,Stadtlander:) 选择:B:made his restaurant well-known around the world.(让他的餐 馆世界闻名)
  23.it turned out that Mr and Mrs Smith were(smith 夫妇实际上是:) 选择 D:police officers
  24.Nobuyo stadtlander claimed that in the wine case they made???(挣 了多少钱) 选择 B no money (他们声称没挣钱)
  25.which of the following could be used as evidence against Stadtlander? 选择:c the receipt with the wine price(最能控告 stadtlandr 的证据是酒 的发票)
第二篇 文章开头句子为:a recent study shows that sixten out of every 100 american couples.... 26 到 30 的关键词: 26 six out 27 domestic 28 violence may 29 making 30 violence
以下为 26-30 的具体题目:
  26.which of the following is true?(下列那句话正确) 选择 C:six out of one hundred couples experienced severe domestic violence(一百个中间有 6 个家庭经历严重的家庭暴力)
  27. the example concerning a university president’s wife shows that(关于大学校长的妻子的这个例子表明了什么?) 选择Ddomestic violence exists regardless of age, race ,and social states. (不论何种年龄种族以及社会地位 家庭暴力都存在)
  28. What Gelles says shows that(Gelles 所说的表明了什么?) 选择 B violence may be a reflection of one’s past experience.(家庭暴 力是一个人过往经历的反映)
  29. the word “outlawing” in line 5 of the last paragraph means?(最 后一段第五行的 outwing 是什么意思?) 选择 A making something illegal(使某物不合法)(该单词本义为:取缔 也就 是使得什么是不合法的)
  30. according to the sociologist, it is ….. 选择 C violence is not accepted as a solution to problems(暴力不能作为 解决问题的方式)
第三篇 文章开头第一句话:American scientists are developing an “intelligent” mobile phone capable of blocking calls depending on the owner mood…… 31 到 35 的关键词: 31 the owner's 32 the new
33 where ..user is 34 the phone 35 sensay your

  31. According to the passage, the “Sensay” phone is capable of 选 C.…the owner’s mood
  32.Second paragraph mainly tells us 选 B.…the new phone is going to function
  33.According to professor Smailagic ,the light detector will show 选 A.where the mobile phone is.
  34. The word “it” in line 5 of paragraph 4 refers to 选 A.the phone
  35.The best title for this passage is 选 D.Sensay:The Future Mobile phone
Ⅳ.将下列汉语单词译成英语,每个单词的词类、首字母及字母数目均已给出, 请将完整的单词写在答题纸上。
37 前景 prospeet 39 有益的 beneficial 41 预报 foreeast 43 缩短,减少 shorten 45 有规律的 regular 47 坦率的 frankly
38 永恒的 constant 40 进口 import 42 元素 element 44 诚实 honest 46 改变
48 减轻 relief 50 倒塌 collapse 52 真诚的 sincere 54 市长 mayor
49 和谐 harmony 51 有效率的 efficient 53 建设 construct 55 好奇心的 curiosity
.将括号中的各词变为适当的形式填入空白,答案写在答题纸上。 将括号中的各词变为适当的形式填入空白,答案写在答题纸上。 将括号中的各词变为适当的形式填入空白 56 、election 57 、painful 61 、highly
  58、 safety 、
  59、 similarities 、
  63、 wisdom 、

  60、 expectation 、 64 、desired

  62、 successful 、
65 、accomplishment
将下列各句译成英语并将答案写在答题纸上。 Ⅵ.将下列各句译成英语并将答案写在答题纸上。 将下列各句译成英语并将答案写在答题纸上
66 尽管有困难,他们始终还是把工作完成了。 They finally finished the jobin spite of the difficulty. 67 这次会议在促进两国友谊方面起了重要作用。 This conference plays an important role in pormoting the relationship between the two countries. 68 他长久以来梦想着成为一名足球运动员。 He has been dreaming of being a football player. 69 在过去的 20 年中,用于科学实验的动物数量大大减少了。 In the past twentieth century,the number of animals for experiment greatly reduced. 70 这次英语考试比我们预想的要容易得多。 The english test was much easier than we had expected.
腼腆的人很容易被动且易受别人影响,他们对于批评很敏感,他们也发现表 扬很难令他们高兴,因为他们认为他们不值得表扬。一个腼腆的人对于赞扬可能 会这样去回答:“你那样说是为了使我高兴,我知道我并不是真的值得表扬。” 很明显,自知之明是一种好品质,但自谦过度也不好。 能否完全克服腼腆,或至少让自己不那么腼腆,幸运的是人们能够通过努力耐心 地建立自信来克服腼腆。


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