2011 年 4 月英语二试题参考答案(部分试题) 月英语二试题参考答案(部分试题)

  1、You may use my bike( )you give it back to me tomorrow morning
A:unless B:provided C:though D:because
选A unless
  2.He could not ( )his tears on hearing that he was not admitted to tluniversity A:hold up B:hold back C:get over D:get through 选 B,hold back 意思是“当他听到自己没有被大学录用的消息时他无法抑制自己 的泪水”
  3.Good parents have the abiity to communicate messages of love,trust,an self-worth ()their children A:on B:for C:with D:to 选C communicate with 趋向于双方的互动
  4.The teacher required that all errors should be ()before the studenturn in their term paper A;deported B;eliminated C:deprived D:implemented 选 B eliminated
  5.A person is lucky if his career ()with his interest and hobby A:concerns B:competes C;coincides D:compares 选 C;coincides 一个人的职业如果与兴趣和爱好一致是幸运的

  6.Our sleep influences our mood ,Our mood,()affects on performance A;in return B:in vain Cin short D:in turn 选 D in turn
  7.It was ()of you not to disturb us while we were sleeping A:considerate B:considering C:considerable D:considered 答案:A。considerate 意思是“考虑周到的,体贴的”。句子意思是:在我们睡觉 的时候你不打扰我们你很体贴。
  8.I,d appreciate it very much if you could make some ()on my recent article at the conference A:requestsB:references C:remarks D:restrictions 选 C,make some remarks 发表一些评论
9 He is ()absorbed in his own thoughts that he seems unaware of what,s going on in the room A;so B:such C:very D:much 选 so so ..... that....如此。。。以至于。。。 他是如此的专注于自己的思绪,以至于都没有意识到屋子里发生了什么。 10 No sooner ()home than Michael arrived with jane in his car A;did i reach B;I had reached C:had i reached D i reached 选 C。had I reached No sooner……句式用过去完成式的倒装结构!
完型填空 11 to 12 .at 13 years 14 costs 15 original 16 written 17 that 18 .requires 19 whose 20 effort 阅读 ONE 21 he sold..wine to his guests without a license 22 made his restaurant well-known around the world(使他的餐厅以及周围的世界知名) 23 it turned out that Mr and mrs smith were police officers(原来史密斯夫妇是警察) 24 no money 25 the records from the farmhouse TWO 讲暴力 26 six out of one hundred couples experience severe domestic violence(六百个夫妇中遇 到严重的家庭暴力) 27 domestic violence exists regardless of age race and social status(家庭暴力的存在, 不论年龄种族和社会地位) 28 violence may be a reflection of one's past experience(暴力可能是一个人的过去经验 反思) 29 making something illegal(使事情变得非法)
30 violence is not accepted as a solution to problems(暴力是不能视为一个解决问题的 方法)
第三篇,讲未来手机 文章开头第一句话: American scientists are developing an “intelligent” mobile phone capable of blocking calls depending on the owner mood…
  31. According to the passage, the “Sensay” phone is capable of 选 C. detecting the owner’s mood(检测业主的情绪)
  32.Second paragraph mainly tells us 选B how the new phone is going to function (手机的新功能)
  33.According to professor Smailagic ,the light detector will show 选 A.where the mobile phone is.(据教授 Smailagic,光检测器将显示在移动电话)
  34. The word “it” in line 5 of paragraph 4 refers to 选 A.the phone
  35.The best title for this passage is 选 D.Sensay:The Future Mobile phone Ⅳ.将下列汉语单词译成英语,每个单词的词类、首字母及字母数目均已给出,请 将完整的单词写在答题纸上。 36 容易地 乐意地 readily 37 前景 prospect 38 永恒的 不断的 constant 39 有益的 beneficial 40 进口 import
41 预报 forecast
42 元素 element
43 缩短,减少 Shortened 44 诚实 honesty
  45.有规律的 Regular 46 改变 使不同 vary 47 坦率的 Frank 48 减轻 relief
49 和谐 harmony
50 倒塌 崩溃 collapse 51 有效率的 Efficient 52 真诚的 sincere 53 建设 Construction
  54.市长 mayor 55 好奇心的 Curiosity Ⅴ.将括号中的各词变为适当的形式填入空白,答案写在答题纸上。 56 it will be interesting to see what's going to happen at the next election (elect)大选 57 for those involved the scandal has been a very painful (pain)experience(对有关人员 的丑闻一直是一个非常痛苦的经历) 58 safety(safe) needs to be improved on the railways in that country (在该国需要改进的
地方铁路) 59 the present crisis bears some similarities (similar )to the oil crisis of the 1970s (目前的危机负有一些相似之处,上世纪 70 年代 石油危机) 60 his mother becomes disappointed whenever he fails to live up to her expectation (expect)( 他的母亲变成失望时,他没有辜负她的期望 61 being a highly (high)motivated language learner he takes every opportunity to improve his english (作为一个高度积极性的语言学习者,他利用一切机会来提高自己的英语) 62 our most successful (success)product is based on a very simple idea(我们最成功的产品是基 于一个非常简单的想法) 63 local people are questioning the wisdom (wise)of spending so much money on the new road (当地居民也质疑钱花在新的道路这么多钱) 64 do not worry this is the desired (desire)weight range for your health 不要担心,这是 对您的健康所需的重量范围 65 this scientist was awarded with several titles for his accomplishment (accomplish)in biology 这位科学家荣获冠军,他与几个在生物学的成就 Ⅵ.将下列各句译成英语并将答案写在答题纸上。 66 尽管有困难,他们始终还是把工作完成了。 They finally finished the job in spite of the difficulty. 67 这次会议在促进两国友谊方面起了重要作用。 This conference plays an important role in pormoting the relationship between the two countries. 68 他长久以来梦想着成为一名足球运动员。 He has been dreaming of being a football player. 69 在过去的 20 年中,用于科学实验的动物数量大大减少了。 In the past 20 yeas ,the number of animals for experiment greatly reduced.
70 这次英语考试比我们预想的要容易得多。 The english test was much easier than we had expected. Ⅶ.将下列短文译成汉语并将答案写在答题卡上。 shy people are likely to be passive and easily influenced by others. they are very sensitive to criticism, they also find it difficult to be pleased by prasises, because they believe they are unworthy of them .A shy person may respond to a praise with a statement like this :"you are saying that to make me feel good .I know it's not true." it is clear that while self-awareness is a good quality overdoing it is harmful Can shyness be completely gotten rid of or at least reduced fortunately, people can overcome shyness with determined and patient effort in building self-confidence 害羞之人往往会显得很消极并且容易受到外界的影响。他们对批评的声音会敏感。 他们觉得他们不会得到赞美而高兴,因为他们一无是处。对于一句赞美的话,一个 害羞的人会这样反应:“你说你会让我感觉过的好,但我知道那是不可能的。”很 显然,自我意识是一个很好的品质,但做过了就会有害。一个害羞之人可以完全摆 脱或是至少减轻害羞吗?很幸运的是,人们可以通过决心和不断的努力来建立自信, 从而克服害羞.



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