二、词汇与结构 A
  1.After stopping for a few minutes,the bus moved (on) to is~~
  2.All the team members tried their best,we lost the game,(however) 2-
  1.A 15-year-old…(arrested)…shop 2-
  2.An adviser said in China (a sandwich)…college 2-
  3.A lecture hall is (one)…lectures 2-
  4.Ancient Greece is the (origin)...civilization. 2-
  5.Are trees (being planted) along…right now? 2-
  6.A new hotel (Is being built)….. 2-
  7.(Above) all we should…. 2-
  8.After (winning) the bid….in beijing. 2-
  9.Ann is studying (politics)at university. 2-
  10.Although I am a good swimmer,I don’t like(swimming)in the sea. 2-
  11.Are you still here?..(are you waiting)for? 2-
  12.Are you free in July?No I (am staying)..
  3.By next yeat,he (will have worked) in NewYork for five years
  4.Boggis’little~~~herself the (twelve-year-old)girl 4-
  1.(Bidding) for the Olympic Games… 4-
  2.Before I got to the cinema,the film(had begun) 4-
  3.Before she began to…(had worked)..years
  1. China is (in) the east of Asia.
  2. Could you please pay me (in) advance.
  5.Don’t worry,your watch(is being repaired) and you can~~
  6.Do you think tommy is (telling)the truth
  7.Don’t forget to write to me,(will you)
  8.Dr,hoffman proposed that we(put off) the meeting~next week. 8-
  1.Did you have a neighour…(poking his nose into)your business?
  9.Everything(would have been destroyed) if albert hadn’t~~

  10.Edgar began(work)as an office boy years ago 10-
  1.(Exercise)every day for 20 minutes.
  1.Frank plays(a lot better than)Alex.
G “Good-bye,miss Liu,I’m very Pleased (to have met you).”
  11.Hardly (had I got )home when it began to rian
  12.He has lived here for years(though)nobody knows what he is
  13.Having heard so much about~~they were(eager)to meet and
  14.He, a well as I,(is) astudent.
  15.He spoke so quickly that I didn’t(make out ) what he said
  16.How the fire in the ~started(remains) a mystery 16-
  1.He (adjusted) himself quickly …work. 16-
  2.He speeds a quarter of the day (sleeping) 16-
  3.History is the story of (whatever)..today. 16-
  4.He asked me where (I came) from. 16-
  5.He is very keen (on) football 16-
  6.He is over fifty…(were)…thirties. 16-
  7.He seldom does his homework..(does)he 16-
  8.He speaks so quickly that…(catch)… 16-
  9.He asked me (about)English culture. 16-
  10.He is looking forward(to writing)his thesis 16-
  11.He was(engaged in)the preparation… 16-
  12.His attitude toward us seems(friendly) 16-
  13.He is a kind-hearted and(respectable)… 16-
  14.(Has…been chopped)down? 16-
  15.He (has been working)in the laboratory… 16-
  16.He carried on(working)after his accident. 16-
  17.He(treated)the children…him. 16-
  18.He has (written)four successful books
  17.I tried ( finishing) the book in a few days~~`
  18.I didn’t know what to do but then an ~(occurred to)me
  19.I spent half an hour (woking on )this difficult~~
  20.It is difficylut to (carry on) a conversation ~~

  21.I hope he’s remembered(to buy)some bread~~
  22.It is because English is useful(what we study hard)
  23.If there were life on mars,such life forms (would be) unable
  24.I (scarcely) know himl,so I can’t tell you ~~
  25.If you don’t promise to ~~houses,ordinary people(will not benefit).
  26.I’m old enough to wash(my,yours)chothes by myself~~
  27.I wonder why they (charged) you so much~~a book
  28.It was unwise of him to (refer to ) the unreliable ~
  29.In this factory each~~ a(two-month) training course.
  30.In china,children (have to start)school at seven
  31.I must tell you how(pleased I was to receive)a letteer from
  32.I will never forget the time(when) we both stayed~~
  33.I haven’t read (the whole)book,but I read half of it ~~~
  34.If we (adopt) the plan you suggest,we are~
  35.If you go toAmerica,you will~~better(communications),by road,rail~~london
  36.I don’t want you to make any touble,(on the contrary),I urge~`
  37.I know this ie the sedret~~~,and I promise never to(mention)it to anyone else. 37-
  1.I stopped (smoking) last year. 37-
  2.If the man (is to)succeed,he…he can 37-
  3.I can do that job (by) myself. 37-
  4.If you have made a decision,please stick(to)what you want. 37-
  5.In addition to rice We need to (supplement)…vegetable. 37-
  6.If you want to learn something,you had better pay (attention) in class. 37-
  7.I prefer to live in the country side..(advantages)…life. 37-
  8.It’s not safe (playing)in the street. 37-
  9.I prefer the TV (to) the radio. 37-
  10.I (asked) her to marry me and she agreed. 37-
  11.I was busy with my paper..(moring about) 37-
  12.I’d like to know what you(did with)… 37-
  13.I am pleased to take(this opportunity).. 37-
  14.I thought that this would be a funny trick(to play on) Jim. 37-
  15.If you want to visit someone…arrangement (in advance) 37-
  16.I have lived here (since) 19
  97. 37-
  17.It’s very convenient (living) here. 37-
  18.It was convenient(living)close to work. 37-
  19.If you go by car,you’ll get there (within) 40 minutes. 37-
  20.It is assumed that students…(command)…Eenglish. 37-
  21.I don’t think he will be back in an hours (will he)? 37-
  22.It (happende)that I met one…yesterday 37-
  23.I saw she was in a difficulty…(services) 37-
  24.I started looking after other…(whose)... 37-
  25.I’m leaving for New York(in)… 37-
  26.I’m in Greece at the monent…(there).
  27.If I get the new job,I (will)… 37-
  28.I have (alreadly) finished… 37-
  29.If I had more money,I (would)travel… 37-
  30.I have spent a lot of time(不填) 37-
  31.I (don’t have to)finish my homework.. 37-
  32.I have given(up)… 37-
  33.In the fifties last…(grew up)… 37-
  34. I prefer classic music(to)… 37-
  35.It is hoped that the weather will(stay) 37-
  36.I prefer tea(to)coffee. J
  38.John,(having lost)the bet ,had to pay ~~
  39.John fell asleep (while)he was listenoing to the music
  40.John(used)to be a teacher before the war 40-
  1.John and Mary (had been in love) for year…married. 40-
  2.John Preston was tired (of)…death. 40-
  3.Jean could be a very…but she (pays no attention) to her clothers. 40-
  4. Jean did not have time to(preparing)
  41.Let’s finish our homework in a few seconds;it’s time we(played football)
  42.Let’s not wait any longer, he~not(turn up)
  43.Look at the terrible~~only I (had followed)your advice
  44.Last month,he paid a visit to ~~(where)he had once five years 44-
  1.Let me (look into) the case carefully 44-
  2.Let’s go to the cinerna,(shall we)? 44-
  3.Last week I bought a flat(whose)…
  45.Mother was busy,although she was~~on tv,she(was listening to ) in on the radio
  46,Mark is a clerk (with) a job in a top bookstotr 46-
  1.My Liu ,(whose wife I met)….now. 46-
  2.My father (would) take me…child. 46-
  3.Mr Smith,together with his wife…(is) going to…weekend. 46-
  4.My aunt has lived in New York (since) 1995 46-
  5.More and more people in china now (drive). 46-
  6.Mr smith (played) a most… 46-
  7.My teacher told me(to talk)…english. 46-
  8.(Most of)these children… 46-
  9.My car was being(repaired)…
  47.Now Helen works(more carefully)than before.
  48.No one can possibly recall~~,since it (took place)
  49.No sooner hand they got ~~up(than)it started raining hard
  50.Not always(pople cannot do what)they wants to 50-
  1.Not until most of the people…the airport (did he see)his sister was there. 50-
  2.Next year,I (不填)plan to …
  51.On his first sea (voyage), he was
  52.One day while mr.king wa~,he had a/an(accident)and~~ 52-
  1.One of the benefits of...(to operate) 52-
  2.Once you’re into basketball...(it) 52-
  3.Once he starts a job...(until)
  53.Please look after my parents during my (absence)
  54.Peter often makes himself(understood)by ~~
  55.Please leave the key~door (in case)you go out 55-
  1.Parliament didn’t think...(therefore) 55-
  2.Please stop (shouting)...situation
  56.Since this road is wet and sliooery this morning ,it(must have rained)last nighr
  57.Some pop singers have much influence(on)the young~~
  58.Sorry, I didn’t know he is a friend of (your brother’s)
  59.Sadam (was married) for 25 years 59-
  1.She comes from (the)People’s... 59-
  2.She likes to spend time(playing)... 59-
  3.Smith drove all the(way)... 59-
  4.She (owes)her success to hard.... 59-
  5.Silk (has been used)by chinese for... 59-
  6.She has lived here (for)three years 59-
  7.She (keeps)talking when ... 59-
  8.She has convicted(of)murder. 59-
  9.She has brought(up)...herself 59-
  10.Somebody asked her,(didn’t they)? 59-
  11.(Spending)all you money...
  12.Some of the citizens have been(awared)... 59-
  13.She asked me whether(i was)... 59-
  14.She paid the builder(to repair)...
  60.There people,(including a child),were ~~
  61.The farmer caught the boys(stealing)his apples
  62.The children (are taken good care of) by the nurse
  63.That’s the(very) gentleman I,ve~~
  64.The teacher spoke so fast~~~student to (take in)what he~~
  65.The old man is used to (exercising)early in the morning.
  66.They handed in their paper(in turn)
  67.The sun heats the earth,(which)is very important
  68,The heavy rain stopped us (from arriving)at the sraion on time
  69.The president claimed the~~~responsible (for)the explosions~~
  70.The mother didn’t know (who) to blame for the broken
  71.The father wished the twind to be ~,but(neither) of them
  72.There’s no need to ~~,he’s quite(harmless)
  73.The population of the city(is;are)increasing fast~
  74.Tha lab was being(rebuilt) when we visited the university
  75.The roof of our~~~so it needs(repairing).
  76.The work(will have been done) by thetime you get there
  77.The united states is composed of fifty srates,two of(which)are separated
  78.The mistake was (caused) by the ~~
  79.Tennis is a (game) invented by an englishman~~
  80.The hall was almost empty.there were(few)people in it
  81.The big man has always~~on the go,(so) he has got stomachache. 81-
  1.The patient acted on the doctor’s(advice)... 81-
  2.The restaurants(there...ones)... 81-
  3.There wasn’t any paper...(was there)? 81-
  4.These plants are..(to look after) 81-
  5.The man (made for)the gate...him 81-6They walked(through)the woods. 81-
  7.The bedroom needs (decorating)... 81-
  8.They all (asked for)the job. 81-
  9.The beef i ate...(twice as much) 81-
  10.That place is(in)the South... 81-
  11.The next train to beijing(is due)... 81-
  12.The boy (has been taken)to school already. 81-
  13.The policeman was attacked(with) 81-
  14.Three people,(including a child)... 81-
  15.The act of speaking will...(to some extent)... 81-
  16.The refrigerator is(empty)...
81-17This is the problem(to which)...yet 81-
  18.The blue whale is(the)... 81-
  19.The definition leaves(much room)... 81-
  20.The picture is pleasant(to look at) 81-
  21.Those cakes look nice.can i have(one)? 81-
  22.The road(was)...year. 81-
  23.That is the dog(whose)... 81-
  24.This is the house(where)he... 81-
  25.The play(had...started)...theatre. 81-
  26.The problem is(caused)by pollution. 81-
  27.There are nations whose...(resulted in)... 81-
  28.The volunteers starts looking after...(whose)... 81-
  29.They (have been driving)for hours. 81-
  30.(The) majority of people are highly~~
  82.Unfortunately the poor girl can’t ~~but(sell)all her~~ 82-
  1.(Until ) you told me,I had heard nothing of what happened. 82-
  2. (Unless) he studies hard ,he will~~
  83.We consider (it necessary that) the instrument~
  84.We are (confident) in the future of~~
  85.We are going te have our office(rearranged)to make room~~
  86.Wealthy as he is ,he is not(generous)with his money~~
  87.We have our house(cleaned)every week~~~
  88.What time is (last)the train to London
  89.While(raising)money,he had to work very long hours 89-
  1.We are told that it is(where)... 89-
  2.Where (have you put,put)the recorder? 89-
  3.We advised him to give up...(and do)... 89-
  4.We need(to repair)the machine. 89-
  5.We failed in our(attempt)... 89-
  6.We’ll(carry on)our discussion... 89-
  7.(What...that) i enjoy most is... 89-
  8.What(have you been doing)all this moring? 89-
  9.Who is responsible(for)... 89-
  10.(What)they are doing has never... 89-
  11. (What) I saw was two men crossing the street 89-
  12. (Who do you think) is the richest man in our city~
  13.We lived on a(side street)...student. 89-
  14.When was the building(complete)? 89-
  15.We want to sit...(it has been taken)... 89-
  16.When i was a child,we(had to)... 89-
  17.When (is...being demolished)the old block of flats... 89-
  18.We (have painted...to paint)...year. 89-
  19.Why (is...being)demolished... 89-
  20.We have kept(up)... 89-
  21.We have our office(cleaed)...
  90.You (ought) to lock the door at night
  91.Young children soon(pick up) words they~~
  92.Your tutors will be ~~you(keep u whit)your work
  93.Your brother has made an (appointment)for you to see~
  94.You look (tired,have...been doing)?
  95.You like playing football,(don’t)?
  96. You (ought) to exercise more.
  98.(Every) of them has a bedroom and a stuly
  99.(Having received) an answer,he decided to write~



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