牛津小学英语毕业考试模拟试题( 牛津小学英语毕业考试模拟试题(六) 毕业考试模拟试题
姓名: 得分: 姓名: 得分: 一、选择题 20*1=20’ , Mike? Yes, I do. ( )
  1、 Do you like A. jog B. joging C. jogs D. jogging ( )
  2. My birthday is the 2nd of June. Nancy’s birthday is June, too. A. on, on B. in, on C. on, in D. in, in ( )
  3. After a football match, Jim is black and blue.” ‘black and blue’ means . A.蓝色和黑色 B.青一块,紫一块 C. 黑白分明 D. 身上很脏 ( )
  4. Thank you very much. A. Thank you. B. That’s right. C. Oh, yes. D. That’s all right ( )
  5. Do you have brothers sisters in your family? A. some…and B. some…or C. any…or D. any…and ( )
  6. There is a lot of in spring there. A. rain B. rains C. rainy D. raining ( )
  7. Mr. Green is father. A. Jim and Kate’s B. Jim and Kate C. Jim and Kates’ D. Jim’s and Kate’s ( )
  8. Is this your pen, Nancy? Yes, A. this is B. it’s C. it isn’t D. it is ( )
  9. His classroom is on the second floor. is on the third floor. A. Their B. They C. Theirs D. They’re ( )
  10. The girl often home at 5:
  20. A. go B. go to C. goes D. goes to ( )
  11. Lucy is twelve. I’m as as her. A. big B. old C. older D. oldder ( )
  12. He would like a cup of tea. A. have B. having C. to have D. has ( )
  13. Tom’s hair is longer than . A. me B. her C. my D. yours ( )
  14. Last Sunday Nancy forgot the way home. A. to B. at C. of D. \ ( )
  15. Look! The dragonfly than the bee. A. fly higher B. is flying higher C. as high as D. flies high ( )
  16. What did you do yesterday? I a kite and it on the playground. A. make; fly B. made; fly C. made; flew D. make; flew ( )
  17. There a concert in the school tomorrow. A. is B. see C. has D. is going to be
  18. it often rain in spring in Nanjing? A. Does B. Is C. Did D. Has ( )
  19. do the people usually do in summer? They often go swimming. A. Why B. How C. What D. When ( )
  20. Which season do you like , spring or winter? A. best B. good C. well D. better 二、根据首字母和句意将句子补充完整 5*2=10’
  1. Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow is W.
  2. The boys run f than the girls.
  3. You b have the same hobbies.
  4. Shall we meet in f of the Garden Theatre?
  5. Mr. Zhang is our Maths teacher. He t us Maths. 三、按要求完成下列句子 26*
  1. She is good at Maths. (同义句) She Maths.
  2. Can you tell me the way to the History Museum? (同义句) can I the History Museum?
  3. He came here on foot this morning. (划线部分提问) he here this morning?
  4. It was rainy yesterday. (划线部分提问) the yesterday?
  5. Ben is going to have a picnic tomorrow morning. (改否定句) Ben going to a picnic tomorrow morning.
  6. He runs faster than the thief.(改过去式) He faster than the thief.
  7. I had a wonderful holiday. (改为感叹句) What holiday I !
  8. 蚂蚁比老鼠多。The ants than the mice.
  9. 哪部卡通你最喜欢?我最喜欢《猫和老鼠》 cartoon do you like ?I like Tom and Jerry best.
  10. --上周末谁去了农场? -- Who to the farm? -- Ben . --本去了。
  11. 我最喜欢的水果是桔子。 My fruit is orange. 四、用所给词的正确形式填空 15*2=30’
  1. Jim likes (watch) TV very much.
  2. It’s (sun) and (wind). I want (fly) kites.
  3. It often (snow) in winter.
  4. Helen (visit) her grandparents next Sunday.
  5. My daughter is good at (dance) and she wants to be a (dance).
  6. Last week I (go ) to the countryside.
  7. They come from different (country).
  8. Mr. White and his daughter, Ann (stand) under a big tree now.
  9. Everyone (want) to be the goalkeeper.
  10. ? Yesterday (be) my birthday. ? Sorry, I (do) know. (do) you have a party?
牛津小学英语毕业考试模拟试题( 牛津小学英语毕业考试模拟试题(七) 毕业考试模拟试题
姓名: 姓名: 一、选择填空 15*1=15’ ( ( ( ( ( )
  1、Whose hair is longer, yours or ? A. me B. my C. mine )
  2、The woman red is my grandmother. A. with B. in C .of )
  3、 your friend from the UK? A. Does B. Are C. Is )
  4、Be quick, or you late for school. A. will B. will be C. are )
  5、-- Thank you verymuch. -- You are . A. welcome B. OK C. all right )
  6、You can bus No.3 here and at the sixth stop. A. take, get off B. by, get off C. get on, get off )
  7、Jim gets up than . A. earlier, me B. earlier, I C. early, me )
  8、The post office is Jianguo Street. A. on B. in C. at )
  9、How far is it ? A. away B. from here C. from to )
  10、How can I the Sun Park?. A. go B. get C. get to )
  11. She to school at 7:40 every day, but yesterday she to school at 7:
  00. A. goes, goes B. goes, went C. went, goes )
  12. It’s the third day of the week. It’s . A. Monday B. Sunday C. Tuesday )
  13.Would you like after you finish the school? A. a teacher B. be a teacher C. to be a teacher )
  14. David likes model planes, Mike doesn’t. A. make, but B. making, but C. make, and )
  15.The coats are over there. A. twins B. twin’s C twins’ 得分: 得分:
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
二、根据句意填入适当的单词,每空一词 10*1=10’ 根据句意填入适当的单词,
  1、 很高兴见到你, 年轻的朋友。 to see you , friend.
  2、我的爸爸又高又壮。 My father is and .
  3、你能告诉我去淮海路的路吗?Can you tell me the to Huaihai .
  4、让我们慢点走。 Let’s . No.1 Hospital?
  5、我怎样才能到达第一医院? How can I
三、句型转换 12*1=12’
  1. It’s time to have lunch.(改为同义句) It’s time .
  2. He has eight lamps. (对画线部分提问) lamps he ?
  3. They have an English lesson everyday.(用 now 改写) They an English lesson now.
  4. He saw some public signs in the park. (改为否定句) He public signs in the park.
  5. after, they, cows, school, often, milk (.) (连词成句) 四、根据所给中文及提示完成句子 28*
  1. 你有些爱好吗? 是的,我喜欢集邮。 Do you have __ ? Yes, I like __ .
  2. 有许多公共标志。他们意思指不同的事。 many here. They things.
  3. ?今天几月几号? ?三月三日。 ?What is it today? ?It’s the of March.
  4. 上周三我在农场拔萝卜了。 I up carrots on the farm .
  5. 你想要什么生日礼物? What you like a birthday present?
  6. 我们能从这个故事里学到许多。 this story. We can
  7. 昨天你为什么会缺席? Why you yesterday?
  8. 这个吹风机不是我的。我能用你的吗? The hairdryer isn’t . May I use ?
  9. -- 这个计算器是给谁的? --是给他的。 -- is this calculator ? -- It’s . 五、句型转换 21*1=21’
  1. I’d like a bike as my birthday present. (对画线部分提问) like as birthday present?
  2. My father goes to work by car every day. (对画线部分提问) father to work every day?
  4. I milked cows on the farm last Sunday. (改为否定句) I cows on the farm last Sunday.
  5. There are some umbrellas behind the door.(改为单数句) behind the door.
  6. I went to the supermarket last Sunday. (对划线部分提问) you last Sunday?
  7. Were there any umbrellas on the ground just now? ( 改成单数句子 ) there on the ground just now?
  8. The post office is about 3 kilometres away. (对划线部分提问) is the post office from here ?
牛津小学英语毕业考试模拟试题( 牛津小学英语毕业考试模拟试题(八) 毕业考试模拟试题
姓名: 得分: 姓名: 得分: 一、选择填空 15*3=45’ a lesson now. ( )
  1.Mr. Wang and his students A.are having B.had C.have D.are have ( )
  2.? Yang Ling like football? Yes,she . A.Does;does B.Do;do C.Do;does D.Does;do ( )
  3.?What under the bed? 一There are some footballs. B.is C./ D.were A.are ( )
  4.Look,the boy can . A.skating B.skate C.skates D.is skating ( )
  5.?Do you like chess? ?Yes,I do. A.playing B.plays C.play D.played a book in his hand is my uncle. ( )
  6.The man A.and B.of C.with D.for blue? ( )
  7.Who’s the lady A.in B.on C.at D.with Saturday afternoon. ( )
  8.We usually stay home A.at;in B.at;on C.in;at D.on;on your new sweater me,please. ( )
  9. A.Show;to B.Give;for C.Have;for D.Shows;to ( )
  10.How long does it you to go to work by car? B.takes C.to takes D.take A.taking ( )
  11.All my to my birthday party last night. B.friend came C.friends come D.friend come A.friends came ( )
  12.The Walkman is in Su Hai’s pocket. A.the B./ C.a D.that ( )
  13.?Here’s a card for you. Happy birthday! ? . A.Thanks. B.No, thank you. C.Yes,please. D.OK. ( )
  14.?What day is it today? 一 A.It’s February
  10. B.It’s a Wednesday. C.It’s fine. D.Friday. ( )
  15.“Keep off the grass” means . A.we shouldn’t make any noise on the grass B.we shouldn’t walk on the grass C.we shouldn’t eat or drink on the grass D.we shouldn’t smoke on the grass 二、用所给词的正确形式填空 10*2=20’
  1.The boys like to listen to music when they do (they) homework. (make) our city safe.
  2.My mother’s work is
  3.One day, Mr. Green asked Mrs. Green (go) shopping for him.

  4.We would brush our (tooth) twice a day.
  5.This book is the lightest and (thin)of all the books.
  6.?Did he (fly) the kite? ?Yes, he did. (stay) at home next Friday.
  7.The Greens
  8.Tom (not sing) very well.
  9.There are five basketball (play) in every team.
  10.September 10th is (teacher) Day. 三、用所给单词的适当形式填空 10*2=20’
  1. Is Liu Jie as (tall) as Mike?
  2. Rose (go) to school (late) than Yang Li every day.
  3. I (go) to the supermarket with my friend yesterday.
  4. Look! Wang Bing (do) the long jump now.
  5. There (be) a lot of rain in spring here.
  6. Would you like to join (we)?
  7. The girl over there is good at (run).
  8. What are your (hobby)?
  9. (do) you have a good time last weekends? 四、选择题 10*
  1.5=15’ ( )
  1. Look! Tom is the bus. A. getting on B. get on C. gets on ( )
  2. Who goes to school , David or Jim? A. early B. earlier C. farther ( )
  3. Those are coats. These are coats, . A. to B. too C. two ( )
  4. school bus isn't here. A. Their B. They're C. He's ( )
  5. I don’t like the red skirt. A. What about the blue one? B. You are right. C. No, you can’t. ( )
  6. What's the second day of the week? It's . A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday ( )
  7. You can turn left the third crossing. A. at B. on C. in ( )
  8. Let's and give them the teacher. A. go; to B. to go; to C. go; / ( )
  9. This is a photo my family. girl is me. A. in; The B. of; A C. of; The ( )
  10. Boys and girls, it's time class. A. for B. of C. to
牛津小学英语毕业考试模拟试题( 牛津小学英语毕业考试模拟试题(九) 毕业考试模拟试题
姓名: 得分: 姓名: 得分: 一、选择 15*
  22.5’ blue? A. in B. on C. with ( )
  1. Who’s the woman ( )
  2. We usually stay home Saturday afternoon. A. at; in B. at; on C. in; at ( )
  3. any milk in the room? A. Is there B. Are there C. There isn’t ( )
  4. The coats are over there. A. twins B. twin’s C. twins’ than that one. ( )
  5. We like this zebra, because this zebra is A. big B. bigger C. biger ( )
  6. Who’s fatter than ? A. your B. his C. him ( )
  7. --Whose school bag is that? --It’s . A. Tom B. my sister C. mine is the first day of the week. ( )
  8. A. Monday B. Sunday C. Saturday ( )
  9. -- What’s your father? -- He’s . A. at home B. ill C. a bus driver ( )
  10.--Hello! Is that Liu Tao? --Yes, Liu Tao speaking. A. I am B. that is C. this is ( )
  11. Here a pen and two books for you. A. is B. are C. have ( )
  12. she milk cows last Sunday? A. Did B. Does C. Do ( )
  13. It’s time school. Let’s . A. to; go B. for; go C. for; to go ( )
  14. I usually go to school seven the morning. A. at, on B. at, in C. about, on ( )
  15. Mr. White is from . He’s . He speaks . A. America, American, English B. A



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