2010 年 6 月大学英语六级考试必背词汇 500 个打印版

  1. abnormal a. 不正常的> I’m normal, you’re !
  2. abolish v. 废除 > CET-Band 4 should be abolished ! A daydreamer
  3. abrupt a. 突然的, 唐突 的 > Your manner embarrassed her!
  4. absurd a. 荒唐的 >What an idea!
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  15. amplify v. 扩大(声音)>
  16. analogy n. 类比 by analogy
  17. anonymous a. 匿名的 I received an letter.
  18. applaud v. 鼓掌; 赞许> I your suggestion.
  19. apt a. 易于 >One is to make mistakes if given too much pressure.
  20. array n. 陈列, 一系 列>the of fruit and vegetables in the supermarket
  21. arrogant a. 傲慢的> An man is a self-important person.
  22. ascend v. 上升 > The balloons are ing.
  23. ascribe v. 归因于>He d his failure to his small vocabulary.
  24. aspiration n. 抱负 Your is your ambition or strong wish.
  25. assault n. 攻击, 袭击>A robber ed him.
  26. assert v. 断言 He ed that the thief would come again.
  27. assurance n. 保证, 把 握 >I give you my that the product is safe and reliable.
  28. attendant n. 服务员, 随 从
  29. authentic a. 真实的, 可 靠的>Is Clinton’s biography ?
  30. avert v. 避开、转移 We ed a loss .
  31. bald a. 秃顶的 A man is considered to be intelligent.
  32. barren a. 荒芜的,不能生 育的>Without dream, life is a field.
  33. betray v. 背叛; 泄露
You ed me.
  34. bewilder v. 使迷惑 The new traffic lights the man.
  35. bias n. 偏见 Bias is prejudice.
  36. blaze v. 燃烧; 发强 光 >The summer sun is blazing.
  37. bleak a. 荒凉的; 凄凉 的>a future
  38. blink v. 眨眼睛; 闪 烁 >
  39. blunder n. 大错
  40. bluntly ad. 直言不讳地
  41. blur v. 变模糊 >Fog blurred my vision.
  42. bribe v. 行贿 >Who bribed the bride? Bridegroom.
  43. browse v. 浏览 a web-page
  44. brutal a. 残酷的 =cruel/savage/
  45. capsule n. 密封仓, 胶囊
  46. carve v. 刻
  47. casualty n. 伤亡人员 Many casualties are reported in the battle.
  48. cater to v. 迎合 > cater to the consumers
  49. caution n. 小心
  50. cherish v. 珍视; 怀 有>friendship/ the hope that 来 源:考试大
  51. chronic a. 慢性 的;严重的
  52. circulation n. 循环; 发 行(量)>Reader has the largest in China.
  53. climax n. 高潮 the of the play
  54. cling to v. 紧紧抓住, 依恋;坚持, 墨守>The baby clung

  5. accessory n. 附件, 零 件 > Handbag, lipstick, etc. are women’s accessories. What are men’s ? Tie, lighter and a fine purse.
  6. accommodate v. 提供膳 宿> How can a small town the Olympic Games?
  7. addict v. 上瘾 >I’m ed to computer games. Please save me!
  8. acquaint v. 使熟悉 > Are you ed with that MM?
  9. adhere to v. 遵 守 >Adhere to your own principle
  10. adverse a. 不利的, 有害 的 >Adverse circumstances can test a person’s wisdom and courage.
  11. aggravate v. 加 重 >Smoking s cold.
  12. alleviate v. 减轻 >No one can my pain.
  13. alternate v./a 交替 (的) >a day of sunshine and rain /Day and night
  14. ambiguous a. 歧义 的 >The policeman is looking for a man with one eye. Why not use two? 你知道此幽默在何处?
to his mother./ to the hope that....
  55. coincidence n. 巧合
  56. collaboration n. 合作 in with
  57. collide v. 相撞; 冲突 The two opinions with each other.
  58. commence v. 开始
  59. commute v. 乘车上下 班 >I have to between the university town and the downtown area.
  60. compact a. 紧凑的, 结 实的 a car/office
  61. compatible a. 相容的; 兼容的>That husband and wife are very .
  62. compensate v. 赔 偿 >The insurance company d the man for his injuries.
  63. compile v. 汇编, 编辑 a encyclopedia
  64. complement v. 补充, 与。。相配 The music s the film 。 well.
  65. compliment v. /n. 赞美
  66. comply with v. 遵从
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by lowering the heat at night.
  74. consolidate v. 巩固
  75. conspicuous a. 显眼的 The girl in red in the snow field is very .
  76. contaminate v. 污染 If you something, you make it dirty.
  77. contemplate v. 沉思; 凝 视 >You must the results of the action.
  78. contempt n. 轻 视 >Before the competition, Williams held the little known player in contempt.
  79. contend v. 主张=assert > The lawyer contends that the man is guilty.
  80. contradict v. 相矛盾
  81. contrive v. 谋划, 图 谋>The terrorists d to hijack a plane.
  82. converge v. 会合, 聚集 (meet at a common point) The two rivers converge here.
  83. cordial a. 热情的
  84. corrupt a./v. 腐败的; 腐 蚀 officials
  85. cozy a. 舒适的 a bedroom
  86. counterpart n. 对应的人 或物
  87. criterion n. 标准 =standard
  88. curb v. 控制, 约束 =restrain /restrict/> I my curbed my appetite for food.
  89. cynical a. 愤世嫉俗的> a young man is a angry young man
  90. dazzle v. 眩目;使赞叹不 已> The sunlight dazzles me./ Her dance d me.
  91. deduce v. 推断
  92. dedicate v. 献给

  93. defendant n. 被告
  94. deficiency n. 缺乏, 不 足 a vitamin in his diet
  95. defy v.(公然) 违抗 The union defied the management and went on a strike.
  96. degenerate v. 退化
  97. degrade v. 降低身份
  98. deprive v. 剥夺 You d him of his right to privacy.
  99. descendant n. 后代 1
  00. destiny n. 命运=fate 来源:考试大-英 1
  01. destructive a. 破坏性 的 The weapon has a great power. 1
  02. deteriorate v. 恶化 His health has d. 1
  03. deviate from v. 偏离 He d from the society by becoming a drug addict. 1
  04. dignity n. 尊严 1
  05. dilemma n. 困境 A doctor’s to lie or to tell the truth? 1
  06. diminish v. 变少 1
  07. disable v. 丧失能力
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  67. compulsory a. 必做的 education
  68. conceive of v. 构想 I can’t of why he did such a stupid thing!
  69. confidential a. 机密的
  70. conform to v. 遵守 to the local customs
  71. consensus n. 意见一致> If everyone consents to something, they reach a consensus.
  72. consequent a. (作为后果) 随之发生的 lack of electricity and the loss in economy
  73. conserve v. 保护, If you conserve something, you use it carefully and will not waste it. >In winter some people energy
  08. disastrous a. 灾难性的 1
  09. discern v. 看出, 识别 the differences of the two 1
  10. dispatch v. 派遣;发送> a representative/ message 1
  11. disperse v. 分散, 消散, 驱散 my attention/ The wind d the fog. The children d after the class. 1
  12. disposition n. 性情 =temperament 1
  13. distort v. 歪曲 1
  14. divert v. 转移, 使转 向> A loud noise diverted my attention from the work. 1
  15. dizzy a. 头晕的 1
  16. donate v. 捐献>Have you d blood?
  17. doom v./ n. 注定; 劫 数>He is doomed to failure. 1
  18. drastic a. 严厉的 measures 1
  19. drawback n. 缺点 =disadvantage> One of the s of living in the XIASHA is inconvenience in daily life. 1
  20. duplicate v. /n. 复制 (品) make a of the letter 1
  21. dwell on v. 总是想;详 述 Don’t on the past. 1
  22. elevate v. 提高;抬升 An elevator can to the top floor very soon. 1
  23. elicit v. 诱出, 引出 the truth from the witness 1
  24. eligible a. 合适的,有 资格的 =qualified >John is an bachelor. 1
  25. elite n. 精英 1
  26. eloquent a. 雄辩的 Martin Luther King was an speaker. 1
  27. energetic a. 精力充沛 的=vigorous 1
  28. epidemic n./a. 流行病; 流行性的 Sars, the bird’s flu. 1
  29. erupt v. 喷发 A volcano s. /The audience ed with laughter. 1
  30. essence n. 实质; 精华 the of his theory/ in 1
  31. eternal a. 永久的 =perpetual/permanent/forever 1
  32. evoke v. 唤起,引起 =elicit> The song d a feeling of love in the listeners. 1
  33. expedition n. 远征(队); 考察(队) 1
  34. expel v. 开除,驱逐 =dismiss; the trouble-making student 排出=emit>expel the smoke in the kitchen
  35. expire v. 期满 Your passport s in a month. 1
  36. expertise n. 专门知识 1
  37. explicit a. 明确的 His statement is , not implicit. 1
  38. extravagant a. 奢侈的; 过度的>You’re while I’m thrifty. 1
  39. fabricate v. 捏造=make up/fake >The man’s statement is `d. 1
  40. facilitate a. 使便利 The multi-languages signs the tourists 1
  41. fascinate v. 迷住 I’m d by the beauty of Li jiang and Da li. 1
  42. feeble a. 虚弱的 =weak/faint 1
  43. flaw n. 缺陷 I can’t find a , the painting is perfect! 1
  44. fluctuate n. 波动 1
  45. formulate v. 构想 1
  46. foster a. 培养 =develop/nurture/cultivate/领养> a child 1
  47. fragile a. 易碎的;脆弱 的 1
  48. furious a. 暴怒的 1
  49. glamour n. 魅力 >The of old town, such as LiJiang, Dali. 1
  50. glitter v. 闪光 =sparkle >All that s is not gold. 来源:考试大-英语六级考试 六级考试 1
  51. gloomy a. 忧郁 的;阴暗的 a day/future 1
  52. gossip n./ v. 流言; 说 长道短> Gossips are like rumors. 1
  53. grief n. 悲伤 =sorrow 1
  54. hamper v. 妨 碍 =hinder> Rescue work was
托运 1
  57. haunt v. 萦绕于心 He was ed by the terrible scene. 1
  58. hinder v. 阻 碍 No difficulties can me. 1
  59. hoist v. 升起, 吊起 1
  60. homogeneous a. 同质 的 >The population of Japan is . 1
  61. hospitality n. 好客 1
  62. immerse v. 沉 浸 于 She d herself in English. 1
  63. implicit a. 内含的;含 蓄的> If it is , it is implied. 1
  64. impulse n. 冲动 1
  65. incidence a. 发生率 1
  66. indignant a. 愤怒的 1
  67. infectious a. 传染的
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  68. ingenious a. (人)灵巧的; (设计等)巧妙的 handicraftsman 1
  69. inherent a. 固有的 the defects of planned-economy 1
  70. initiate v. 开始;发起 a new plan 1
  71. integral a. 构成整体所 必须的;不可缺的 Rice is an part of Chinese diet. 1
  72. intelligible a. 明白易懂 的 1
  73. intensify v. 加剧 The noise intensified. 1
  74. intermittent a. 断断续 续 the rain showers 1
  75. intimidate v. 恐吓 1
  76. intricate a. 错综复杂的 1
  77. intrinsic a. 固 有 的 value 1
  78. intuition n. 直觉 Your is your sixth sense. 1
  79. invalid a. 无效的 an license 1
  80. invariably ad. 不变地; 始终 1
  81. irritate v. 使 恼 怒 =annoy
hampered by the heavy rain. 1
  55. handicap n./v. 缺陷, 残 疾 ; 妨 碍 >He survived the accident, but has a now. 1
  56. haul a. (用力) 拖;(用车)
  82. jeopardize v. 危 及 =endanger>You your job by being late often. 1
  83. junk n. 废物 food 1
  84. kidnap v. 绑架 1
  85. legend n. 传奇 1
  86. legitimate a. 合 法 的 =legal/lawful 1
  87. liability n. 责任;=legal obligation 不利条件=drawback 1
  88. literacy n. 读写能力 1
  89. literally ad. 逐 字 地 ; 确实地 1
  90. litter v. 乱 扔 littering! 1
  91. magnify v. 放大,扩 大> the photo 1
  92. manifest v. 显示,表明 The illness s itself with a high fever. 1
  93. marginal a. 微小的 1
  94. masculine a. 男性的 1
  95. mediate v. 调解 He d in a salary dispute between the union and the management. 1
  96. merge a. 合并 1
  97. migrate v. 迁 徙 ; 移 居> Birds migrate with seasons 1
  98. mingle v 混合 1
  99. mobilize v. 动员 2
  00. na?ve a. 天 真 的 =innocent 来源:考试大-英语六 级考试 2
  01. negligible a. 可以 忽略不计的 the cost 2
  02. norm n. 标准 reach the 2
  03. notable a. 著名的 2
  04. notorious a. 臭名昭著 的 If one has a scandal, he becomes 2
  05. nourish v. 养育 2
  06. obedient a. 顺从的 If you are ready to obey orders, you are 2
  07. obscure a. 费解的,模 No
糊 不 清 的 ; 不 著 名 的 >Is the sentence still to you?/ His name was 3 years ago. 2
  08. odor n. 气味 I smelt a strange . 2
  09. offset v. 抵 消
  33. prevalent a. 流行的 2
  34. prey n. 捕获物 2
  35. probe v. 探究> a matter to the bottom 2
  36. proficiency n. 熟练 2
  37. profound a. 深 刻 的 ; 深奥的 2
  38. prolong v. 延长 2
  39. prospective a. 预期的, 未来的 >his father-in-law 2
  40. provocative a. 挑 衅 的>His language provoked Peter. 2
  41. random a. 随意的 at 2
  42. reap v. 收 获
=compensate for 2
  10. optimum a. 最佳的 2
  11. orient v. 使 适 应 oneself to 2
  12. overwhelm v. (感情上) 使 受 不 了 ; 压 倒 >be ed with sadness/ majority 2
  13. paradox n. 自相矛盾 =contradiction 2
  14. participant n. 参加者 2
  15. patent n. 专利 2
  16. patrol v./n. 巡逻
=harvest>reap crops 2
  43. reassure v. 使放心 2
  44. reconcile v. 使和解 2
  45. rectify v. 纠正 2
  46. refrain from v. 抑制 2
  47. refute v. 驳倒 2
  48. remainder n. 剩余的部 分 2
  49. repel v. 使厌恶;击退; 排斥>The odor s me./The odor can mosquito. 2
  50. reproach v. 责 备 =blame 来源:考试大-英语六级 考试 2
  51. resemblance v. 相似 2
  52. resent v. 怨 恨 >He resented being called his
  17. patriotic a. 爱国的 2
  18. pave v. 铺路 the way for women’s Lib 2
  19. permeate v. 弥漫; 渗 透 A bad smell s the
building./Water d all the books in the room. 2
  20. perpetual a. 永久的 2
  21. pertinent a. 有 关 的 =relevant>skills to the profession 2
  22. plead v. 恳求;(法庭)申 诉 2
  23. ponder v. 思考 She ed his marriage proposal for a week. 2
  24. portray v. =describe/depict 2
  25. precede v. 先于 2
  26. precedent n. 先例 2
  27. preclude n. 阻止 (from) 2
  28. predecessor n. 前任 2
  29. predominant a. 主导的 2
  30. premise n. 前提 >your is wrong. 2
  31. prescription n. 处方 2
  32. prestige n. 威望> enjoy high 描 绘
nickname. 2
  53. retort v. 反驳 2
  54. retrieve v. 取 回 (get back, bring back) 2
  55. reunion n. 团 聚 =get-together>an family 2
  56. revelation n. 揭示 2
  57. revive v. 使 复 苏 > economy 2
  58. rigorous a. 严 格 的 training for doctors 2
  59. rip v. 撕裂 2
  60. ritual n. 仪 式 occasion for
=ceremony/routine>His morning is to make coffee, take a shower and have breakfast. 2
  61. robust a. 健壮的 2
  62. rot v. 腐烂 =decay 2
  63. safeguard v. 保护
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   Hour in the Sun 阳光下的时光 “…I was rich,if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days.” Henry David Thoreau 梭罗) (梭罗 When Thoreau wrote that line, he was thinking of the Walden. Pond he knew as a boy. the Walden 瓦尔登湖 " Woodchoppers and the Iron Horse ...


   D B D A C A D D A C D 返回 ...


   第一单元 SectionA 图片你的笔友来自哪?他来自澳大利亚。你的笔友来自 图片 哪?她来自日本。 2d 约翰的笔友来自哪? 他来自日本。他住在哪?他住在 东京。 Grammar Focus 你的笔友来自哪? 他来自澳大利亚。 约 翰的笔友来自哪?他来自日本。他住在哪?他住在巴黎。 3b 这是我的新笔友。 她来自澳大利亚。 他讲什么语言? 她 讲英语。 4 问题:悉尼在哪儿?答案:在澳大利亚!悉尼在哪儿? 在美国。不,在澳大利亚。 SectionB 2a 她叫什么名字?她来自哪?她有兄弟姐 ...


   在美国如何教移民的孩子们学英语 In the US we have free compulsory public education for all children from grade 1 to grade 12. Children must stay in school through grade 12, or at least until they are 16. Public schooling is truly free: no book fees, no music fees ...