21. My friend Chelsea and her husband are now at work on a new dictionary
year. B. being published C. published D. to be published
A. to publish

  22. ?Where' s your homework? -- A. It's been handed in C. It'd been handed in B. I would hand it in D. I had handed it in

  23. ?I wonder if you could go with me to the supermarket. ?Don,t disturb me. I t finished yet. A. write C. have written B. was writing D. have been writing
experiment report all the morning and haven,

  24. Many people firm ly believe a healthy lifestyle can improve the quality of life. A. that B. if C. how D. why

  25. She didn't allow the accident to discourage her. On the contrary, she began to work. I A. as twice hard C. twice as harder
  26. B. twice as hard D. harder twice
rain, the crops would be saved. B. Should C. Would D. Could
A. Will

  27. We greatly feel sorrythose who died or got injured in the disaster. A. at B. with C. for D. in

  28. I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never in all my life A. I felt C. I had felt B. did I feel D. had I felt

  29. We will be losing money this year unless that new economic plan of yours
A. is working C. will be working B. works D. worked

  30. This article may shock some sensitive readers, in advance. A. from whom C. to whom
  31. ?Will you please make yourself B. for whom
offer my apologies
D. towards whom
us, please?
??I’ m the honorary chairman of the committee. A. know
  32. Now cost of living. A.不填;a
  33. for its uniqueness and creativity. A. Being imported B. To import
  34. I'd appreciat e A. that
  35. C. Imported D. Importing B. the ; a C.不填;the D. the ; the B. to know C. knowing D. known
are much more expensive. There has been big rise in the
from other countries, sand painting is now being recognized in China
if you would like to teach me how to use the computer.
C. this D. one
B. it
are aware of the trick used in advertisements, I don't think you
are eager to buy. A. Unless B. Whether C. Once D. Although
第二节完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题
  1. 5 分,共 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。
While Andrew was getting ready for work one Friday morning, he announced to his wife that he had finally decided to ask his boss for a salary raise. All day Andrew felt 36

as he thought about the upcoming showdown(摊银杏树 www.516fc.net (
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  08.com www.qcdzsz.com 日本胶纸切割机 www.qcdzsz.com 徐州房产 www.52fengxian.com 牌) What if Mr. Larchmont 37 Andrew had worked so hard in the last 18 months and 38
a contract
which was difficult to get for Braer and Hopkins Advertising Agency. 39 he should get a salary raise.
The thought of walking into Mr. Larchmont' s office left Andrew weak 40 the knees. Late in the afternoon he was finally 41 superior. To his delight and 42 Larchmont 43

to approach his
the ever-frugal ( 一惯 节省 的 ) Harvey

to give Andrew a raise !
Andrew arrived home that evening?despite breaking all city and state speed limits?to a beautiful table 44
with their best china, and candles lit. His
wife, Tina, had prepared a delicate meal including his favorite dishes. Immediately he 45

someone from the office had told her the news.
Next to his plate Andrew found a beautiful 46
It was from his wife. It
read :“Congratulations,my love ! I knew you ’ d get the raise ! I prepared
this dinner to show 47
much I love you. I am so 48

of your
accomplishments ! “ He read it and stopped to reflect on how sensitive and caring Ti na was. After dinner, Andrew was on his way to the kitchen to get dessert .when he noticed that a second card had 49
out of Tina' s pocket onto the floor. He bent forward about
not getting the raise ! You
to pick it up. It read : “ Don' t 50 do 51
! You are a wonderful provider and I prepared this dinner to show
you how much I love you 52
did not get the increase.’
Suddenly tears welled in Andrew' s eyes. Total 53 him was not 54

Tina,s support for

upon his success at work. often softened and we can face almost any difficulty
The fear of 55
when we know someone loves us regardless of our success or failure.
  36. A. nervous
  37. A. followed
  38. A. suggested
  39. A. Totally
  40. A. by B. B. B. B. B. strange considered imagined Obviously in C. silly C. refused C. missed C. Eventually C. with D. D. upset forgot
D. succeeded D. Constantly D. for

  41. A. active
  42. A. surprise
  43. A. hesitated
  44. A. covered
  45. A. confirmed
  46. A. card
  47. A. even
  48. A. ashamed
  49. A. appeared
  50. A. argue
  51. A. deserve
  52. A. so that
  53. A. satisfaction
  54. A. temporary
  55. A. rejection
B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B.
smart embarrassment demanded made proved box almost fond slipped worry prefer in case assistance conditional challenge
C. brave C. sorrow C. forbade C. decorated C. figured C.cheque C. nearly C. proud C. escaped C. talk C. ignore C. as if C. acceptance C. flexible C. distrust
D. D. D. D. D. D.
patient disappointment agreed set ( admitted flower
D. just D. scared D. spread D. concern
D. appreciate D. even though
Dr commitment D. subjective D. punishment
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第一节:(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,共 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将 该项涂黑。 A In this age of cell phones, text messages and computer keyboards, one Scottish school has returned to basics. It’ s teaching I children the ignored art of writing with a fountain pen. There is no clicking of keyboards in most
classrooms at the Mary Erskine and Stewart ’s Melville Junior School,although there is a full range of facilities(设施)for computer lessons and technology isn (设施) ' t being ignored. The school' s headmaster believes the old -fashioned pens have helped strengthen the academic performance and self-respect of his
  1,200 pupils.
"The pens improve the quality of work because they force the children to take care, and better work improves self-respect" , headmaster Bryan Lewis said. “ Proper handwriting is as relevant today as it ever has been. “ Students as young as 7 have been instructed to give up their ballpoint pens and begin to deal with its more artful predecessor. By the time they reach grade five, at age
  9,they are expected to write mainly with fountain pens. Lewis said the school’s 7-and 8 -year-olds use fountain pens for 80-90 percent of their work, returning to pencils for such subjects as math. “I don’ t see fountain pens as old -fashioned or out of date. Modern fountain pens are beautiful to use. It’ s not like in the old days of broken metal points and dirtying writing paper,” Lewis said. ‘We have a particular writing style and we have developed it very carefully and found a way that allows left-and right-handed people to write without dirtying paper. ” Some people argue that handwriting is becoming less important because of the growing use of cell phone text messaging and typing on computers, but the school disagrees. ‘We talk of the paperless office and the paperless world, but this is not true, ” Lewis said. “You still need to have proper handwriting skills. ”
  56. The Scottish school in the passage .
A. does not think highly of modern technology B. values fountain pens more than anything else C. pays special attention to the use of fountain pens D. takes an action which is considered stupid by many people
  57. The underlined word “predecessor” in Paragraph 2 refers to. A. the pencil C. the ballpoint pen B. the keyboard D. the fountain pen
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  58. The headmaster Bryan Lewis holds the view that.
A. children should be required to use fountain pens when they are five B. handwriting skills are more important than typing skills nowadays C. using fountain pens may slow down students ’ speed of writing D. fountain pens have helped to build up students' self-respect

  59. Which is the best title for this passage? A. Handwriting Not Useless Now B. Old-fashioned Pen Coming Back C. Stay Away from Tech and Teach Fountain Pen D. Fountain Pen Strengthens Academic Performance B Tired? Bored? Hungry? And more miles left to go? Help pass the time on your trip : play a game ! Everyone knows that a long bus ride can make even the most exciting field trip seem oring. When the bus is traveling a long distance to reach the cool field trip destination,it can eem like forever. What about when you are in the backseat waiting to reach Grandma ' s ouse? The road stretches like a rubber band for miles and miles. Here' s a way to beat the oad at its own game. Use what you have around you to play games with your family and riends. You can have fun while you travel !

  60. When you play “ Make Them LOOK ! “,you need to A. prepare a piece of paper with the alphabet on it B. focus on the license plates of the running cars C. know the traffic rules in Alaska and Hawaii D. remember the alphabet you' ve seen
  61. If a question in “ Straight Face" is successful, the person ” it" will feel A. funny B. happy C. confused D. hopeful

  62. Who is the passage written for? A. Students taking long trips. B. Businessmen travelling often.
C. Dr ivers going to other states. D. People learning to be humorous. C
Since the Second World War,there has been an obvious trend,especially among the growing group of college students,toward early marriage. Many youths begin dating in the first stage of adolescence, "go steady" through high school, and marry before their formal education has been completed. In some quarters, there is much shaking of graying heads over the unacceptable ways of youth. However, emotional (情感的)maturity does not grow with age; it does not arrive automatically at twenty 情感的) 情感的 ; -one or twenty-five. Some achieve it surprisingly early, while others never do, even in three-score years and ten. Many students are marrying as an escape, not only from an unsatisfying home life, but also from their own personal problems of loneliness. However, any marriage 'entered into as an escape cannot prove entirely successful. The sad fact is that marriage seldom solves one' s problems ; more often,it merely worsens them. What ’ s more,it is doubtful whether the home is able to carry all that the young are seeking; they might abandon one idol(幻像 ) only to have another. Young people ; ( 幻像) correctly understand that their parents are wrong in believing that success is the most important in life,but they themselves are wrong in believing that they have
found the true cen ter of life' s meaning. Their expectations of marriage are basically unrealistic and therefore can not be met. They want too much, and tragic disillusionment(幻想破灭)is often likely to follow. (幻想破灭) Shall we, then, join the chorus of those against early marriages? One cannot generalize: all early marriages are bad and all later ones are good. Satisfactory : marriages are determined not by how old one is, but by the emotional maturity of the partners. Therefore, each case must be judged on its own benefits. If the early marriage is not an escape, if it is entered into with relatively few false expectations,and if it is economically workable,why not? Good marriages can be made from sixteen to sixty, and so can bad ones.
  63. The underlined phrase ” shaking of graying heads, refers to. , A. the anger of parents B. the disapproval of elderly people C. the improper behaviors of the young D. the emotional expectations of young lovers
  64. The author thinks the idea of marriage as an escape is. A. acceptable B. controversial C. immature D. unreasonable

  65. The author argues that. A. young people can benefit little from early marriage marriages B. elderly people are wrong about early marriages C. early marriages are not always unsuccessful D. early marriages should not be encouraged
  66. What’ s the main idea of the passage? A. Young people,s failure in marriage results from disillusionment. B. Young people shouldn' t have many expectations for marriage. C. Successful marriages depend on emotional maturity.
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D. Home is the place where y c ou get rid of lone



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