2011 年北京小升初英语专项练习题

  1. Gao Shan’s uncle is
  2. The horse is as
  3. Who’s taller than
  4. That isn’t my coat.
  5. I want to ( short) than his father. ( thin) as the goat . ( she). (My) is over there.
(visit) him one day. (long) than Mr Monkey’s. (do) it.

  6. Mr Elephant’s tail is
  7. Let me
  8. You can
  9. Why don’t you
  10. Look! The children
  11. What’s your
  12. The red skirt is
  13. We (show) you how
(play) the computer games. (make) a puppet? (have) an English lesson. (high)? (small) than the bule one.
(have) a birthday party yesterday. (them) up for me? (excite).

  14. Can you pick

  15. It’s Children’s Day. All the students are very
  16.Ben an Benny are good at
  17. She wants
  18. It often
  19. Sometimes they
  20. Look! The bus
  21. He
  23. Miss Li
  24. My brother
  25. He
  26. She
  27. Sam and I students in our classes.
  28. Look! What They
  29. What would you like
  30. What She
  31. they (do) now? (China).
(buy) a new pen. (rain) in summer. (not have) lunch at home. (come).
(make) many cakes for his friends yesterday. (be) there any tea in the cup? (teach) you English next term. (see) his classmate’s photo in the newspaper yesterday. (like) making a snowman in winter. (go) to the cinema with her classmates tomorrow evening. (be) in different classes. There (be) one hundred
(pick) the apples. (eat)? I want to eat some cakes.
(do) Su Hai do on last Sunday morning? (go) for a walk in the park. (do) you go swimming last Saturday?
No. We
  32. What He usually
(watch) a film. (do) Wang Bing usually do after school? (go) home and (draw) some pictures.

  33. Is Miss Li in the teacher’s office now? No. She’s
  34. It’s (take) photos in the garden. ( rainy / raining) in spring in New York. (hot / hotter) as Nanjing. (weather / the weather) in Shanghai.

  35. Summer in New York is as
  36. Su Yang wants to know about
(There is / There are) a lot of rain in spring in the city. (are / do) you like best? (want) a penfriend in China. (like) (draw) horses. (swim) and (dance).

  38. Which season
  39. Ben
  40. Miss Li
  41. My hobbies are
  42. I
  43. I am
  44. David is
  45. I
(read) newspapers last night. (do ) my homework now. (show) his photos to his classmates. (have) a birthday party last week. My penfriend (come) to
my party, and I was very happy.
  46. Do you like No, I don’t.
  47. Yes.
  48. Do you like Yes, I do.
  49. What are you going to do? I’m going to
  50. Last Friday, I
  51. What He (have a picnic). (take part in) a sports meeting. (do) he like? (like) playing table tennis. (old) as Miss Wang, but she looks (young) than (row)? (there be) any shops near your school? (yellow flower)?

  52. Miss Yang is as Miss Wang.
  53. My sister
  54. We
  55. My mother
(go) to the supermarket every Sunday. (do not) watch TV last night. (look) (young) than my aunt.

  56. Is Gao Shan in the bedroom?
No, he in the garden.
  57. Let’s go
  58. I’m the only
  59. Yesterday I to see each other.
(is) there a moment ago. Now he’s
(water) the flowers
(camp) on Sunday. (children) in my family. (meet) my friend Jack in the street. We (be) very glad

  60. He asked me how
  61. Turn left at the first
(get) to the shopping center. (cross). (two) stop.

  62. You can take bus No.6 and get off at the
  63. (that) are apples. (fast), you can take bus No.
  7. (go) shopping with (I)?

  64. To get there
  65. Would you like
  66. There are month of a year.
  67. How many
  68. Is there
(twelve) months in a year. December is the
(season) are there in a year? (some) tea in the bottle? (in /on) the newspaper.

  69. Liu Tao is reading a story
  70. David wants
  71. Listen! The girl
  72. He usually
  73. What day
(draw) a picture. (read) in her bedroom. (come) to school at 7:30 in the morning. (be) it yesterday?
(be) there any water in the glass? (fish)?

  75. Are you good at
  76. We saw
(he) playing football on the playground. (read) the new words for us? (swim) in the lake. (watch) a football match next Sunday. (have) a Maths lesson.

  77. Who would like
  78. Look! The children
  79. The girls
  80. Don’t talk! We



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