2010?2011 学年度第二学期期中测试 2010?2011 学年度第二学期期中测试 八年级英语听力材料
A. 听句子,选出句子中所包含的信息。 本题读一遍) 听句子,选出句子中所包含的信息。 本题读一遍) (
  1. You could write a letter to him .
  2. He is working on the space station these days.
  3. My answer is different from yours.
  4. Li Mei was sorry to hear that his brother was ill.
  5. Don’t copy my homework , Xiao Ming . 听句子,选出该句的最佳答语。 本题读一遍) B. 听句子,选出该句的最佳答语。 本题读一遍) (
  6. What were you doing at 9:00 yesterday ?
  7. I need some money to buy gifts for my family .
  8. How beautiful your dress is !
  9. Will kids go to school in 100 years ?
  10. What did the teacher say about the TV play ? C. 听对话和问题,选择适当的选项。 本题读两遍) 听对话和问题,选择适当的选项。 本题读两遍) (
  11. M: There’s a test tomorrow, so we can’t have the party. W: Let’s have it on weekends. Q: When will they have the party ?
  12. M: What were you doing when the UFO arrived, Mary ? W: I was buying a souvenir. Q: Where was Mary when the UFO arrived ?
  13. M: Will we meet at school or in the park tomorrow? W: In the park Q: Where will the two speakers meet tomorrow? 14 .M: Mum, is it very cold outside? W: Yes, Davy. You’d better put on your sweater before you go to school. Q: What does mum ask Davy to put on?
  15. M: Excuse me, I want to go to the airport. Which bus should I take? W: There’s no bus near here. You’d better take a taxi. M: Thank you. Q: Where does the man want to go? 听短文填空。短文读两遍。 D. 听短文填空。短文读两遍。 Ann’s grandpa was very rich and he had some shops. The old man began to learn drawing when he was sixty, he loved it very much. He wanted to be an artist one day. For twelve years he drew a lot and there were many pictures in his room. He liked them very much and kept them well. One day, the old man was ill. He had to stay in hospital. Before he died, he said to Ann, “I want to give my pictures to a school.” “You are great!” said Ann.
2010? 2010?2011 学年度第二学期期中测试 八年级英语【参考答案】 八年级英语【参考答案】
听力部分( 听力部分(20 分) 1?5: B B C C B
  16. to learn
  17. an artist 6?10: B C A C A
  18. 12 / twelve 11?15: C B A B C
  19. hospital
  20. great
笔试部分( 笔试部分(80 分) 一、单项选择(10 分,每小题 1 分) 单项选择( 21?25: B C A C B 26?30: D C C D C
二、完形填空(10 分,每小题 1 分) 完形填空( 31?35: C B C D C 36?40: C D A C B
三、阅读理解(25 分,41?50 题每小题 2 分, 51?55 题每小题 1 分) 阅读理解( 41?45: C A B B A 46?50: C B D C A 51?55: A G F D C
(10 分,每小题 2 分) 四、句子翻译。 句子翻译。 (
  56. What should he do ?
  57. Will there be more pollution in the future?
  58. She said she felt happier than before.
  59. Predicting the future can be difficult.
  60. If I work with children, I will become a teacher. 看图填词,根据提示及图片完成电子邮件。 (共 五、看图填词,根据提示及图片完成电子邮件。 共 10 分,每小题 1 分) (
  66. near / next to
  62. home / house
  67. from
  63. train
  68. to
  64. take
  69. on foot
  65. to

  70. have a good time / have fun / enjoy yourself 六、读写部分(总分 15 分,A 部分 5 分,B 部分 10 分) 读写部分( A、任务型阅读 任务型阅读(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,计 5 分) 任务型阅读
  71. October 28th,1955
  72. science and math
  73. wrote a software program with the old computer sold the software program for $4200
  74. 3 years B、 仅供参考】 【仅供参考】 Dear grandpa, How’s it going? I have a problem these days, and I need your help . I have many good friends at school, and we get on well with each other .But one day one of my friends lost one hundred yuan, he thought it was me who took away the money . And he told it to my other friends . All of my friends are not so friendly as before . I’m very sad and don’t know what to do . Could you please give me some advice, grandpa ? Please write to me soon . Yours , Tim
  75. Microsoft



   2010?2011 学年度第二学期期中测试 2010?2011 学年度第二学期期中测试 八年级英语听力材料 A. 听句子,选出句子中所包含的信息。 本题读一遍) 听句子,选出句子中所包含的信息。 本题读一遍) ( 1. You could write a letter to him . 2. He is working on the space station these days. 3. My answer is different from yours. 4. Li Mei was so ...


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   新的一个学期又开始了开始了。新年新目标。本学期我将完成初二学年的英语教 学。并向初三学年过渡。为了顺利完成教学任务,计划如下; 一、课标要求 以“英语课程标准”为宗旨,适应新课程改革的需要,面向全体学生,提高学生 的人文素养,增强实践能力和创新精神。正确把握英语学科特点,积极倡导合作 探究的学习方式。培养学生积极地情感态度和正确的人生价值观,提高学生综合 素质为学生全面发展和终身发展奠定基础。 二、教材编写特点 本册八年级(下册)英语教材,全书共有十个单元,另两个复习单元,每个单元 都列出了 ...


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