2011 年福建省中小学新任教师招聘考试 年福建省中小学新任教师招聘考试??小学英语专业模拟试题 小学英语专业模拟试题
一.单项选择(15 points)
1. apple fell from the tree and hit him on head.
A. An; the
B. The; the
C. An; 不填
D. The; 不填
2 Just use this room for the time being, and we’ll offer you a larger one
it becomes available
A. as soon as
B. unless
C. as far as
D. until
3. It was so dark in the cinema that I could hardly my friend.
A. turn out
B. bring out
C. call out
D. pick out
4. ? My room gets very cold at night.
? .
A. So is mineB. So mine is
C. So does mine
D. So mine does
5. ? I’m sure Andrew will win the first prize in the final.
? I think so. He for it for months.

  15.It was he came bank from Africa that year he met the girl he would like to marry.
A. when; then
B. not; until
C. not until; that
D. only; when
二.完型填空(20 points)
Washoe is a young chimpanzee(黑猩猩). She is no 16 chimpanzee, though. Scientists are doing a research 17 her. They want to see how civilized(驯化) she can
  18. Already she does many things a human being can do.
For example, she has been learning how to exchange 19 with people. The scientists are teaching her 20 language. When she wants to be picked 21, Washoe points up with one finger. She rubs her teeth with her finger 22 she wants to brush her teeth. This is done after every meal.

  26. A. problemB. positionC. foodD. ceiling

  27. A. byB. onC. upD. with

  28. A. straightB. strongC. longD. big

  29. A. wallB. boxC. ceilingD. pole

  30. A. knockedB. pickedC. tookD. shocked

  31. A. livesB. actsC. thinksD. plays

  32. A. taskB. lessonC. dayD. time

  33. A. HereB. ThereC. SoD. Then

  34. A. quiteB. alreadyC. evenD. still

  35. A. observeB. discoverC. gainD. learn
阅读理解(40 points)
My father was a foreman of a sugar-cane plantation in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. My first job was to drive the oxen that ploughed the cane fields. I would walk behind an ox, guiding him with a broomstick. For $ 1 a day, I worked eight hours straight, with no food breaks.
It was very tedious work, but it prepared me for life and taught me many lasting lessons. Because the plantation owners were always watching us, I had to be on time every day and work as hard as I could. I’ve never been late for any job since. I also learned about being respectful and faithful to the people you work for. More important, I earned my pay; it never entered my mind to say I was sick just because I didn’t want to work.
I was only six years old, but I was doing a man’s job. Our family needed every dollar we could make because my father never earned more than $ 18 a week. Our home was a three-room wood shack with a dirty floor and no toilet. Nothing made me prouder than bringing home money to help my mother, father, two brothers and three sisters. This gave me self-esteem(自尊心), one of the most important things a person can have.
When I was seven, I got work at a golf course near our house. My job was to stand down the fairway and spot the balls as they landed, so the golfers could find them. Losing a ball meant you were fired, so I never missed one. Some nights I would lie in bed and dreamt of making thousands of dollars by playing golf and being able to buy a bicycle.
The more I dreamed, the more I thought. Why not? I made my first golf club out of guava limb(番石榴树枝) and a piece of pipe. Then I hammered an empty tin can into the shape of a ball. And finally I dug two small holes in the ground and hit the ball back and forth. I practiced with the same devotion and intensity. I learned working in the field ? except now I was driving golf balls with club, not oxen with a broomstick.

  36. The writer’s first job was .
A. to stand down the fairway at a golf course
B. to watch over the sugar-cane plantation
C. to drive the oxen that ploughed the cane fields
D. to spot the balls as they landed so the golfers could find them

  37. The word “tedious” in Paragraph 2 most probably means .
A. difficultB. boringC. interestingD. unusual
38 The writer learned that from his first job.
A. he should work for those who he liked most
B. he should work longer than what he was expected
C. he should never fail to say hello to his owner
D. he should be respectful and faithful to the people he worked for

  39. gave the writer serf-esteem.
A. Having a family of eight people w.w.w.k.s.
B. Owning his own golf course
C. Bringing money back home to help the family
D. Helping his father with the work on the plantation
C. NevadaD. Badwater

  42. The name of the valley comes from .
A. an Indian name B. the death of the miners
C. the local people D. a National Movement

  43. From the passage we can learn that .
A. no one had ever known the desert before the miners
B. it’s still not easy to travel across the desert
C. people can find gas-stations, cafes and hotels in the desert
D. people have changed the natural sight of the desert

  44. Devil Golf Course is famous for .
A. the frequent wind B. the colors of the sand
C. dream-like sights D. the sand sculptures

  45. From the passage we can see that the writer the Death Valley.
A. appreciates B. is fearful of
C. dislikes D. is tired of
TODAY, Friday, November 12
JAZZ with the Mike Thomas Jazz Band at The Derby Arms. Upper Richmond Road West, Sheen.
DISCO Satin Sounds Disco. Free at The Lord Napier, Mort lake High St., from 8a. m. to 8p. m. Tel: 682?11
SATURDAY, November 13
JAZZ Lysis at The Bull’s Head, Barnes. Admission 60p.
MUSICAL HALL at The Star and Garter, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, provided by the Aba Daba Music Hall company. Good food and entertainment fair price. Tel: 789?67
FAMILY night out? Join the sing-along at The Black Horse. Sheen Road, Richmond.
JAZZ The John Bennett Big Band at The Bull’s Head, Barnes. Admission 80p.
THE DERBY ARMS, Upper Richmond Road West, give you Joe on the electric accordion(手风琴). Tel: 789?4536
SUNDAY, November 14
DISCO Satin Sounds Disco, free at The Lord Napier, Mort Lake High Street, from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m.
FOLK MUSIC at The Derby Arms. The Short Stuff and residents the Norman Chop Trio. Non-remembers 70p. Tel: 688?46
HEAVY MUSIC with Tony Simon at The Bull, Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen.
THE DERBY ARMS, Upper Richmond Road West, give you Joe on the electric accordion.

  46. Where and when can you hear the Norman Chop Trio?
A. At the Bull’s Head on Sunday.
B. At the Derby Arms on Sunday.
C. At the Bull on Saturday.
D. At the Black Horse on Saturday.

  47. Where and when can you hear the Mike Thomas Jazz Band?
A. At the Derby Arms on Friday.
B. At the Black Horse on Friday.
C. At the Star and Garter on Saturday.
D. At the Derby Arms on Sunday.

  48. You want to enjoy the electric accordion on Saturday. Which telephone number do you have to ring to find out what time it starts?
A. 789?67
  49. B. 789?45
  36. C. 682?11
  58. D. 688?46

  49. You want to spend the Saturday by joining the entertainment with your family. Where should you go?
A. Disco at The Lord Napier.
B. The sing-along at The Black Horse.
C. The electric accordion at The Derby Arms.
D. Jazz at The Bull’s Head.

  50. You want to spend the same day at two different places and don’t want to cross any street. Which of the following is your best choice?
A. The sing-along at the Black Horse and Jazz at The Bull’s Head.
B. The sing-along at The Black Horse and Folk Music at The Derby Arms.
C. Folk Music at The Derby Arms and Heavy Music with Tony Simon at The Bull.
D. Musical Hal lat The Star &Garter and Disco at The Lord Napier.
Motherhood may make women smarter and may help prevent dementia(痴呆) in old age by bathing the brain in protective hormones(荷尔蒙) , U.S. reseachers reported on Thursday.
Tests on rats show that those who raise two or more litters of pups do considerably better in tests of memory and skills than rats who have no babies, and their brains show changes that suggest they may be protected against diseases such as Alzheimer’s(早老痴呆症). University of Richmond psychology professor Craig Kinsley believes his findings will translate into humans.
“Our research shows that the hormones of pregnancy(怀孕) are protecting the brain, including estrogen(雌 激素), which we know has many neuroprotective (保护神经的) effects,” Kinsley said.
“It’s rat data but humans are mammals just like these animals are mammals,” he added in a telephone interview. “They go through pregnancy and hormonal changes.”
Kinsley said he hoped public health officials and researchers will look to see if having had children protects a woman from Alzheimer’s and other forms of age-related brain decline.
“When people think about pregnancy, they think about what happens to babies and the mother from the neck down,” said Kinsley, who presented his findings to the annual meeting of the Society of Neuroscience in Orlando, Florida.
“They do not realize that hormones are washing on the brain. If you look at female animals who have never gone through pregnancy, they act differently toward young. But if she goes through pregnancy, she will sacrifice her life for her infant?that is a great change in her behavior that showed in genetic alterations(改变) to the brain.”

  51. How do scientists know “Motherhood may make women smarter”?
A. Some researchers have told them.
B. Many women say so.
C. They know it by experimenting on rats.
D. They know it through their own experience.

  52. What does the phrase “litters of pups” mean in the second paragraph?
A. Baby rats.B. Animals.C. Old rats.D. Grown-up rats.

  53. What can protect the brain of a woman according to the passage?
A. Estrogen.
B. The hormones of pregnancy.
C. More exercise.
D. Taking care of children.

  54. “It’s rat data but humans are mammals just like these animals are mammals.” What does the sentence suggest?
A. The experiments on the rats have nothing to do with humans.
B. The experiments on the rats are very important for animals.
C. The experiments on the rats are much the same on humans.
D. The experiments on the rats are much the same on other animals.

  55. Which title is the best for this passage?
A. Do You Want to Be Smarter?
B. Motherhood Makes Women Smarter
C. Mysterious Hormones
D. An Important Study
.短文改错(10 points)
Dear Mr Johnson,
2011 年福建教师招聘考试小学英语专业知识预测卷答案
A。考查冠词的用法。一个苹果第一次出现,用 an,后面特指该人的头,所以用 the。
.A。考查短语。根据句意只有 as soon as “一.......就......”符合要求。
D。考查动词短语。turn out“结果是,证明是”, bring out“取出、说出、使明显” call out“大声说出、 召集”, pick out “挑选、分辨出”,根据句意只有 D 合适。
C。考查倒装。只有 C 项语法表述正确。
B。考查虚拟语气。表示对过去的虚拟,用 would / should / could / might + have +过去分词。
B。考查 remain 和 seat 的用法。在英语中,过去分词是可以充当形容词表达状态的。remain 意为保 持某种状态,所以保持坐着,就用的是 remain/keep seated。另外,注意 seat 是一个 vt,所以后面需要跟宾 语或者是用被动语态。英语中,表示请坐的时候,常说 seat yourself 或者 be seated, please。
C。考查定语从句。先行词在从句中作状语,in which 相当于 when。
A。考查词义辨析。根据回答,every other day “每隔一天”,可知提问是在问浇花的频率。
D。考查词义辨析。Cheer up“使高兴起来”, well done “做的不错”,go ahead “开始、领先”, congratulations“祝贺”。根据上下文只有 congratulations 符合题意。
C。考查主谓一致。当主语后面跟有 with, together with, except, but,as well as 等词引起的短语时,谓语 动词与前面的主语一致.
C。考查感官动词的用法。see, hear, feel, watch, look,这五个动词均可作连系动词,后面接形容词作表 语,说明主语所处的状态。其意思分别为"看/听/闻/尝/摸起来……"。除 look 之外,其它几个动词的主语往 往是物,而不是人。
C。考查强调句。强调句的结构是 It is/ was + 被强调部分(通常是主语、宾语或状语)+ that/ who(当 强调主语且主语指人)+ 其它部分。强调句可以强调除谓语以外的一切成分

  16. B。句中的 though 是副词,意为“可是”,根据下文描述的实验情况可知“这只黑猩猩不是一只 ordinary(普通的)黑猩猩”。

  17. D。do a research on 意为“对…进行研究”。

  18. D。四



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