高二英语选择题专项训练 5
  61. is no possibility my brother will come back tomorrow because he is very busy with his study now. A. There; that B. It ; that C. There; whether D. It; whether 1
  62. What the doctor really doubts is my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. A. when B. how C. whether D. why 1
  63. We should learn to others. A. show mercy to B. have a mercy to C. show mercy for D. take pity to
  64. The Great Wall Hotel is four time s your hotel. A. the size of B. bigger as C. as bigger as D. big than
  65. At the age of 25, Ma ry a businessman of her own choice. A. had been married B. married C. had married D. was married
  66. He could feel his heart when he was waiting for the result. A. beat B. to beat C. beaten D. beating
  67. There was nothing for the king to do but the clever man out of the prison. A. to let B. let C. letting D. to be let 1
  68. ? What did he say? - This room needed if you wanted to stay in. A. cleaning B. to clean C. cleaned D. to be cleaning
  69. The young tennis player has often famous players, but so far he has always been beaten. A. compete B. competing with C. competed with D. compete against
  70. The football er has admitted the rule. A. breaking B. broke C. breaks D. break
  71. The new city, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro the capital of Brazil in 19
  60. A. replaced; for B. replaced; as C. replaces; as D. replaces; for 1
  72. Everyone knows that the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. A. is held B. are held C. was held D. will be held 1
  73. My brother as well as his friends going to watch the basketball match between China and Japan tomorrow. A. is B. are C. was D. be 1
  74. ? Would you like to us in the game? - I’d like to. A. join in B. take part in C. join D. attend 1
  75. Can you tell me how people become good this hobby? A. for B. at C. with D. of
  76. My uncle until he was forty-five. A. married B. didn’t marry C. was not marrying D. would marry
  77. He did it it took me.
A. one-third a time
B. one-third time C. the one-third time
D. one-third the time
  78. The house rent is expensive. I’ve got about half the space I had at home and I’m paying here. A. as three times much B. as much three times
C. much as three times D. three tim es as much 1
  79. He speaks English well indeed, but of course not a native speaker. A. as fluent as B. more fluent than C. so fluently as D. much fluently than 1
  80. ? How far apart do they live? - I know , they live in the same neighborhood. A. As long as B. As far as C. As well as D. As often as
  81. not long all the country rose up to fight against the enemy. A. That was; after B. It had been; when C. It was; before D. It would be; until 1
  82. that the troops have already crossed the bo rder. A. People are believed B. It believed C. it is believed D.It was believing
  83. It was on the National Day she met with her separated sister. A. that B. where C. when D. which 1
  84. It was the third time I to that city. A. have been B. had been C. came D. was 1
  85. He felt to work for human rights and progress. A. it his duty B. his duty C. that is a duty D. that is his duty 1
  86. October 1, I will go to visit the city of Beijing which is the capital of China. A. In B. On C. At D. For
  87. Buried with the old man __ some gold. A. was B. wer e C. have D. are
  88. Look! This is the oldest building in my city which Ming Period. A. dated back B. dated back to C. dates from D. dated from
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  89. In winter of 1989, the young man went to United States. A. the; / B. /; / C. /; the D. the ; the
  90. The world is seven continents and four oceans. A. made up of B. made out of C. made from D. made in 1
  91. The young tennis player has often famous players, but so far he has always been beaten. A. compete B. competing with C. competed with D. compete against
  92. Playing tricks on other is we should never do. A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing
  93. I work in a business almost everyone is waiting for a great chance. A. how B. which C. where D. that
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  94. There are two buildings, stands nearly a hundred feet high.
A. the larger B. the larger of them C. the larger one that D. the larger of which
  95. straight on and you’ll see a church, you won’t miss it. A. Go B. Going C. If you go D. When going
  96. ? Would you like to us in the game? - I’d like jto. A. join in B. take part in C. join D. attend
  97. Can you tell me how people become good this hobby? A. for B. at C. with D. of
  98. ? I can’t see is enjoyable in this hobby. - Neither can I. A. how B. when C. why D. what
  99. My grandfather needs false teeth. A. a new set of B. a new set C. new set of D. a set new of 2
  00. Have you read all the papers that this subject? A. relate B. relate to C. relates to D. relates
  65.ACAAB 176-1
  80.BDDCB 191-1
  95.CBCDA 166-1
  70.DBACA 181-1
  85.CCABA 196-2
  00.CBDAC 171-1
  75.BDACB 186-1



   1、月份 12 months:Abb. January Jan. February Feb. March Mar. April Apr. May May.June Jun. July Jul. August Aug. September Sep(t) 。October Oct. November Nov. December Dec. 2、星期 Seven days:Abb. Sunday Sun. Monday Mon. Tuesday Tue. Wednesday Wed(s) 。 Thu ...


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   2011 年高考英语词汇表 A absence n. 不在,缺席 absent a. 缺席, 不在 accent n. 口音,音调 according to ad. 按照, 根据 account n. 账目;描述 ad (缩) =advertisementn.广告 addvt.添加,增加 addition n. 增加; (算数用语)加 address n. 地址 admire v. 钦佩; 羡慕 admission n. 准入, 接纳 advance v. 推进,促进;前进 advantag ...


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高三英语全套教案 Unit 4 (人教版)

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   背单词是我们开始传说中的猪狗不如的生活的第一步,万事开头难,尤其我们背了近十年单 词,早就习惯了忘了背,背了忘的经历,当面对无数的考研核心词汇的时候,却发现考研基础词 汇自己都认不清。我想背单词确实是一个硕大的工程,在这个过程中,我们每个人都花费了很 多时间,也一定有很多的想法或体会,我在这里把我的一点心得写出来和大家分享,也算是我 初入论坛跟大家的见面礼吧!不管我写得好不好,大家是不是赞同我的观点,都希望大家能够 留言,把自己的想法写出来,也算是我们在投入到无止境的且看不到希望的伟大的背单 ...


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