2010 年高考英语单词拼写专练(按字母顺序)
  1.His parents are really about his returning home late.(焦虑)
  2.Living in the countryside has many over living in the city.(优势)
  3.As most of the population in China are farmers, plays an important part.(农业)
  4.There are many honored guests today's conference.(参加)
  5.There are 60 students in class 12 Senior III .(总共)
  6.You are not to smoke here.(允许)
  7.If we do things nature, we will be punished by it.(违背)
  8.On (平均), he has an income of 3,000 yuan per month.
  9.You should pay more to your pronunciation.(注意)
  10.Please write your telephone number and here.(地址)
  11.When I arrived at the , the plane had taken off.(机场)
  12.They restarted the Long March, at experiencing the hardship that the Red Army had suffered.(主旨)
  13.He succeeded in reaching the summit at his first .(尝试)
  14.There are four seasons in a year, namely, they are spring, summer, a and winter.
  15.He was so tired that he fell a quickly.
  16.(无论如何) I must finish the work today.
  17. to the agreement, Shylock can have a pound of flesh near the chest.(根据)
  18.Egypt is an country.(非洲)
  19.Only through hard work can we our goals.(实现)
  20.The teacher is very with Peter as he is always telling lies.(生气) 答案:
  1. anxious
  2. advantages
  6. allowed
  8. average
  9. attention
  10. address
  11. airport
  12. aiming
  13. attempt
  14. autumn
  15. asleep
  16. Anyhow,Anyway
  18. African
  19. achieve
  20. angry B
  1. The whole city was (美丽) lit up on the mid-autumn night.
  2. He is to b for he has done a great fault.
  3. The World Service (播放) program in English and 35 other languages all over the world.
  4. At a height of four miles the air becomes so thin that it almost impossible to (呼吸).
  5. China is a country (属于)to a developing country.
  6. (生物学) is the science of life and living things.
  7. The knife is sharp, please put it b the children's reach.
  8. The road was (堵住)by the big fallen tree,so all the cars had to take a round about route.?
  9. The man (洗澡),dressed and went downstairs for supper.
  10. George was born on June1, so Children's Day is also his (生日)
  11. Eric came running into the room, out of (呼吸)
  12. We had great difficulty in (呼吸), for the air is thin.
  13. The car was a (廉价货) at that price.

  14. They traveled across the world in 80 days with a hot (气球).
  15.At the sight of his former girl friend, he felt his heart (心跳) fast
  16.Most of the tourists are struck by the (美丽) of the West Lake
  17. KFC has many (分店) in China.
  18. It being cold tonight, you might as well cover yourself with the (毛毯).
  19. Don't disturb him, as he is (埋葬) himself in study.
  20. Press this (按纽), and the door will open of itself.
  21.Please sign your name at the (底部) of this article
  22.--Look, your milk is (沸腾) ! Sorry, I was just listening to what you said.
  23.He lost his sight gradually, and at length he became totally (瞎的).
  24. He is a handsome man with wide eyes and (宽的) shoulders
  25. Bread and (奶油) is his favorite food.
  26. Though this medicine is a little (苦的), it does good to your health
  27. The patient is being operated on, and he is in great need of (血). 答案:
  1. beautifully
  2. blame
  3. broadcasts
  4. breathe
  5. belonging
  6. Biology
  7. beyond
  8. blocked
  9. bathed
  10. birthday
  11. breath
  12. breathing
  13. bargain
  14. balloon
  15. beating
  16. beauty
  18. blanket
  19. burying
  20. button
  21. bottom
  22. boiling
  23. blind
  24. broad
  25. butter
  26. bitter
  27. blood
  1. In face of danger, you should keep . (冷静)
  2. You were so (粗心的)that you made so many mistakes in your homework.
  3. David Beckham, (队长)of the UK football team, is playing football in Spain.
  4. Bring your umbrella in (万一) it rains.
  5. Nowadays, many teenagers waste time (聊天)on the Internet.
  6. It is said that Father Christmas climbs down the (烟囱)on Christmas Eve.
  7. There are many islands off the (海岸)of China.
  8. Columbus was (认为) to have discovered America in 14
  9. The old tend to raise pets to keep their .(陪伴)
  10. If the bad weather ,(继续) we will put off the conference
  11. If it is (方便), please write back to me quickly.
  12. The MNET is around the (即将到来),so you can never be too hard-working.
  13. The connection of telephones and (电脑)gave birth to the Internet.
  14. When in the foreign countries, you should follow the local (风俗).
  15. The newly-married (夫妇)decided to adopt that orphan.
  16. My uncle's son, my (表弟), has won a scholarship to Cambridge University.
  17. It is their wisdom and (勇气) that won over the hardship.

  18. As the play begins, the (幕布) is drawn slowly.
  19. The famous singer announced that he would give two (音乐会)recently, one is in Beijing, the other in Hangzhou .
  20. Would you like to go to the (电影院)to see the film called "Titanic" tonight?
  21. As we all know, (牛) mainly feed on grass.
  22. I'd like to have an appointment with whoever is in (负责)of your company.
  23. After years' hard work, he is a (首要的)leader now.
  24. We have no (选择) but to wait. He (选择) teacher as his job when he was young.
  25. Can you fetch me a box of (粉笔)?
  26. Don't you think it is a good (机会) to learn English? 答案:
  1. calm,
  2. careless,
  3. captain,
  4. case,
  5. chatting,
  6. chimney,
  7. coast,
  8. considered,
  9. company,
  10. continues,
  11. convenient,
  12. corner,
  13. computers,
  14. custom,
  15. couple,
  16. cousin,
  17. courage,
  18. curtain,
  19. concerts,
  20. cinema,
  21. cattle,
  22. charge,
  23. chief,
  24. choice, chose,
  25. chalk,
  26. chance
  1. is the twelfth month in a year.(十二月)
  2.To our country is the duty of each citizen.(保卫)
  3.This food tastes , so would you like to have a try?(美味的)
  4.The patient lost a lot of blood, so now he is in .(危险)
  5.Having failed in the English exam many times, he made a(决定)to study hard.
  6.He has developed a good habit of keeping a (日记) every day from his childhood.
  7.The postman's job is to have the letters .(递送)
  8.To learn English well, you should have a .(词典)
  9.Do you know the between AE and BE?(差别,不同)
  10.I have (困难) in working out this problem. Can you help me out ?
  11.Radium was (发现) by Madam Curie.
  12.Yesterday we had a heated (讨论) about " the mobile phone at campus."
  13.The (疾病) spread quickly and many people died of it.
  14.There is no (疑问) that he will be selected chairman of our Party.
  15.He did all he could to rescue the (溺水的) boy, and his effort was not in vain.
  16.As their living habitats were ,(毁坏) many animals died out.
  17.I was (沮丧) to hear that the majority were against my plan.
  18.Having left that village, they drove in the (方向) of London.
  19.With the MNET(临近)near, we students are burdened with so much homework.
  20.The UK can be (分成) into four parts.
  21.According to her (描述),the police caught the robber at last.
  22.He left home without a word,(决心)never to return from then on.

  23.The sports meeting was(延迟)because of the bad weather.
  24.Can you go (楼下)to get me a cup of tea?
  25.Tom is believed to have stolen the (钻石) ring.
  26.In our English class, we often have a (听写)
  27.We should (培养) the habit of reading aloud.
  28.To her (愉快), she has made great progress in her spelling.
  29.Walking in the (无人的,荒芜的) street, she feels frightened.
  30.We are moved by the (真诚) of his love
  17.discourage d
  24. downstairs
  25. Diamond
  30.depth E
  1. Smoking has a bad (影响)on your health, so you might as well get rid of it.
  2. The doctor did everything they could to save the patient, but their (努力) were in vain.
  3. Can you tell me the (精确的) time by your watch?
  4. He is employed as an (工程师) in the company.
  5. Don't forget to stick the stamp at the top of the (信封).
  6. These buildings are pulled down after having stood (空)without use for many years.
  7. It rains a lot in the coastal area, (尤其) in summer.
  8. The bird (逃脱) being killed and flew away.
  9. We need (能量) to live, so every day we should take in plenty of food.
  10. They purchased a lot of electrical (设备) to decorate their Multi-function hall.
  11. For the sake of the future generation, we should attach importance to the development of (教育).
  12. This flat is too (贵的) for me, because it is beyond my purchasing power.
  13. There (存在) the generation gap between our parents and us today.
  14. This is an (极其地) tough task, but I think you can fulfill it.
  15. On Granny's (八十) birthday, we held a party to celebrate it.
  16. China is an (东方) country.
  17. Greatly (鼓励) by the teacher's words, we students put our hearts into study.
  18. You should have your blood (检查) tomorrow.
  19. Tom, a hard-working student , has set you a good (榜样).
  20. We all went there, (除了) Tom ,because he caught a bad cold.
  21. There will be an (展览) in the museum.
  22. The students are going to carry out (实验) in chemistry.
  23. The students are busy preparing for the entrance (考试).
  24. A successful man often has many (敌人).

  25. (电) ,water and gas were cut off due to the heavy storm.
  1. effect
  2. efforts
  3. exact
  4. engineer
  5. envelope
  10. equipment
  11. education
  12. expensive
  13. exists
  14. extremely
  25. Electricity
  1. (面对) with difficulty, he never loses heart.
  2. Many chemical (工厂) are the main causes of pollution.
  3. (失败) is the mother of success.
  4. (熟悉) with you ,I can tell your shortcomings right away.
  5. The question needs (进一步) discussion.
  6. Though (捆) to a big tree, the horse was able to escape at last.
  7.Will you do me a (帮忙) turn down the radio a bit while I am on the phone?
  8. (二月) follows January.
  9. Cattle are a kind of animal (以…为主食) chiefly on grass.
  10. These (小伙子) are not handsome but pleasant-looking.
  11. Tom, please (去取) some chalk for me.
  12. Look out! The dog looks (凶猛).
  13. The workers have (抗争) for better working conditions.
  14. These burned (手指) hurt her from time to time.
  15. I regret to tell you that your (航班) is delayed because of bad weather.
  16. Did you notice something (漂) on the river.
  17. I regretted not having (采纳) your advice. Look! What bad conditions I am in.
  18.You are (禁止) to take photos.
  19.(法国) is famous for its grape wine.
  20.(法语) is the most beautiful language in the world.
  21.The (法国人) are people with good manners.
  22.The workers went on strike for (自由).
  23..A good many (外国) guests are attracted by the scenery.
  24. (幸运), he picked up a wallet containing 1'000 Yuan.
  25.(建立) in 1921, our gr



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