2011 年高考英语第一轮单元测试 必修 3 年高考英语第一轮单元测试-必修 Unit 2 Healthy eating
能力演练 一、语法填空 阅读下面短文, 根据上下文及中文提示填入适当的词语, 或使用括号中所给词正确形式填空。 ? The human body has developed its millions of nerves to be highly aware of what goes on both inside and outside of it.This helps us adjust to the outside world.Without our nerves and our brain, 1 is a system of nerves,we couldn,t know what is happening. 2 we pay for our sensitivity(敏 感度).We can feel pain 3 the slightest thing is wrong with any part of our body.The history of torture(折磨) 4 (base)on the human body being open to pain.? But there is a way to handle pain.Look at the Indian fakir(苦行僧)who sits on a bed of nails.Fakirs 5 put a needle right through an arm,and feel no pain.This ability that some humans have developed to handle pain should give us ideas about 6 the mind can deal with pain.? The big thing in withstanding pain is our attitude toward it.If the dentist says,“This will hurt a little,” it helps us to accept the pain.By staying 7 (relax),and by treating the pain as 8 interesting sensation(感觉),we can handle the pain 9 falling apart.After all,although pain is an 10 (please)sensation,it is still a sensation,and sensations are the stuff of life.? 二、完形填空 解题技巧 完形填空是同学们失分率较高的一个题型, 有的同学甚至不敢做完形填空。 其实, 此题虽难, 却有章可循,只要我们掌握相应技巧,再辅以适当的训练,是完全可以攻克这个难题的。? ◆技巧点拨 完形填空的解题步骤? (
  1)通读全文,理解大意:做题前,先跳过空格,快速浏览全文, 整体感知文章大意。? (
  2)上下联系,确定答案:确定答案时,必须瞻前顾后。利用生活常识、固定搭配、行文逻 辑、具体语境帮助自己找到最佳选项。同时,学会避难就易,先填好简单的答案,再攻克难 题,尽可能多拿分。? (
  3)复读全文,验证答案:在选好所有答案后,必须重读全文,验证所选答案是否合乎逻辑、 是否符合语境;同时检查有无遗漏之题。? ◆活学活用 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出 最佳选项。? During those happy days, Father, Mother, our dog Phoebe and I used to spend our free time in the park near our house. And all of us were fond of the Beatles? music, including Phoebe. Sometimes Mother and I even sang along with the music.? One evening, Phoebe? 1 when we were enjoying ourselves in the park. That night, we felt as if we had lost something. Father? 2 everywhere and posted signs the next afternoon. But there was no? 3 about Phoebe.? Suddenly my father came up with a(n)? 4 .He rose, went out of our house, and disappeared in the dark. Half an hour later, I saw the headlights(前灯) of our car and? 5 a strange thing: loud,
loud music. It was nine o?clock, and my dad was playing the Beatles? music in the car alone. Dad was really? 6 . But Mom thought he?d lost his? 7 . Dad explained that he remembered Phoebe had been in the car with us all those times when my parents and I listened to the Beatles over and over again. He thought the? 8 might make her come home.? 9 , Phoebe did come home that night. I often recall(回想起) that my dad played the Beatles? music so loud, and? 10 whenever I think of the interesting scene.? When I 11 the essay, I thought highly of my father?s intelligence, and my 12 felt the same way when I finished it and read it out loud in class. Now when I think of him, I understand 13 why he played the music, and how it made us feel like everything would be 14 .? Although the Beatles don,t 15 anymore, their music will live in everyone forever. I believe in the Beatles because their music brings people together and gives us hope.?
  1.A.ran away B.went in? C.moved around D.passed away
  2.A.jumped B.went? C.stayed D.escaped
  3.A.story B.argument? C.explanation D.news?
  4.A.picture B.idea? C.hope D.joke
  5.A.heard B.saw? C.met D.experienced
  6.A.careful B.upset? C.brave D.clever
  7.A.memory B.wealth? C.mind D.confidence?
  8.A.scene B.sound? C.light D.advertisement?
  9.A.Unluckily B.Commonly? C.Gradually D.Thankfully
  10.A.cry B.worry? C.smile D.regret
  11.A.published B.wrote? C.discovered D.printed?
  12.A.classmates B.relatives? C.mother D.father
  13.A.hardly B.probably? C.simply D.completely
  14.A.difficult B.fine? C.important D.similar?
  15.A.grow B.come? C.exist D.improve 三、阅读理解 根据前面所学阅读技巧,完成下列读写任务。? In September,2007,a group of students from eight high schools in Winnipeg,the capital of Canada,s Manitoba Province,will send a satellite into space.? The satellite,named after its home city,will be put into low orbit.Once in space,it can perform for a few months or up to several years, communicating information that could help find the signs of earthquakes. There are 80 similar satellite projects worldwide,but this is the first high?school based program of its kind in Canada.30 Manitoba high school students are having a hand in designing and building the satellite,in cooperation with space experts and 10 students from the University of Manitoba,and with support from two other organizations.? The Winnipeg Project is not something that goes on a piece of paper; it is real world engineering,allowing high school students to have an opportunity to learn more about the exciting world of engineering through their participation in this challenging program.It is also regarded as a wonderful example of the unique partnerships within Manitoba.Designing,building and launching a satellite with high?school students will bring this world?class educational project into reality and Manitoba closer to space.? “These high school students deserve congratulations for their enthusiasm and a strong love for
discovery,” said Peter, Education,Citizenship and Youth Minister.“We want to make science more interesting and attractive to high school students by showing them how classroom studies can relate to practical experience in the workplace or in space,” Peter added.? The Winnipeg Project mainly aimed at inspiring a strong desire for discovery on the part of the students.It also shows Manitoba,s devotion to research.? Ⅰ.请用大约 30 词概括全文内容。? Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择正确答案。?
  1.According to the passage,this satellite is .? A.named after Manitoba and its shape? B.intended for international communication? C.designed,built and launched mainly by students? D.challenged by university students around the world?
  2.According to the minister,.? A.the study of space can be practically made in classrooms? B.Manitoba high schools are famous for the study of space? C.scientific research is too far away from high school students? D.those Manitoba high school students are worth praising?
  3.The primary purpose of the project is to.? A.inspire a strong desire for discovery among the students? B.find the early signs of earthquakes ? C.relate studies to practice ? D.help high school students study real?world engineering?
  4.Which of the following is True according to the passage?? A.The students are from different high schools.? B.Their program is the first satellite project worldwide.? C.The author disagreed to let the high school work on the project.? D.The students have got much help in their project.?
  5.The best title for this passage may be .? A.Manitoba School? B.Winnipeg Program? C.Space Co?operation? D.Satellite Launching? 参考答案 一、?
  1.解析:which 指 our nerves and our brain,引导非限定性定语从句。 答案:which
  2.解析:But 表转折。? 答案:But
  3.解析:when 引导时间状语从句。意思是当我们身体有任何一点点的问题,我们都会感觉 到痛。?
  4.解析:be based on 是固定搭配。是建立在……基础上,以……为根据。? 答案:is based
  5.解析:can 表能力。? 答案:can
  6.解析:意思是怎样用意志力去克服疼痛。? 答案:how
  7.解析:stay+done,表示保持……的状态。relaxed(人)轻松的; 自在的,无拘无束的,舒适的; 随便的; 得到休息的? 答案:relaxed
  8.解析:interesting 以元音开头,前面 要用 an。? 答案:an
  9.解析:意思是我们能够在不崩溃的情况下克服疼痛。? 答案:without
  10.解析:unpleasant 使人不愉快的,不合意的。? 答案:unpleasant 二、?
  15.C? 三、? Ⅰ .? The passage is about the Winnipeg Project in Canada,whose purporse is to encourage students to participate in challenging programs,making science more interesting and attractive to high school students.(30 words)? Ⅱ .?
  1.解析:从第 4 段最后一句可知。? 答案:C
  2.解析:从最后 1 段第 1 句可知。? 答案:D
  3.解析:从最后 1 段最后 1 句可知。 ? 答案:A
  4.解析:从第 3 段最后两句可知。? 答案:D
  5.解析:文章介绍了 Winnipeg Program 的地点,目的和活动内容,所有内容都是围绕 Winnipeg Program 这个主题的,所以 B 为正确选项。 ? 答案: B



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