高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
选修 7
Unit 5
Travelling abroad
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
Ⅰ.写出下列必考单词? inn?
  1.客栈,小酒店?n? . academic?
  2.学院的,学术的?adj?. ? tutor?
  3.家庭教师,助教,导师?n?. ? visa?
  4.签证?n?. ? destination?
  5.目的地?n?. ? routine?
  6.常规(事物),通常的,例行的?n?.&?adj.? ? idiom?
  7.习语,成语?n? .? essay?
  8.文章,散文 ?n? .? draft?
  9.草稿,草案,草拟?n?.&?v? .? numb?
  10.麻木的,失去知觉的 ?adj? .? enterprise?
  11.事业,事业心 ?n?. ? seminar
  12.(专题)研究会 ?n? .?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
Ⅱ.写出下列单词的变化形式? lecture
  1.演讲,讲课(?n?.& ?vi.?); lecturer 讲演人(n.) ? qualify
  2.合格,符合资格(v.);资格,资格证明 qualification qualified (n.);合格的(adj.)? .require
  3.要求,需要,规定(v.);要求,需要, ? ? occupy
  4.占用,占领,占据(?vt.?);忙碌的,被占 occupied occupation 领的(adj.) ;职业(n.)? agent
  5.代理人,经纪人(n.);代理机构,服务机 agency 构(n.)? requirement 规定(n.)?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
◆活学活用? 用所给单词的适当形式填空。?
  1.?Are you sure he is to drive a car?? ?Yes.He got his drivingbefore he as a teacher.(qualification)?
  2.He is trying his best to do as he is though he thinks it hard to meet the . (requirement)?
  3.The boy who is the plane is going toin an English family.(board)?
  4.,we can complete the project on
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
time.However,our (hopeful)?
hours, that we can finish it ahead of time.
  5.A is the group of people who are responsible for a country or a state.(govern)? 答案:
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
adjust...to? ? keep it up? ? fit in(with sth.)? ? on board? ? be parallel to? ? feel at home? ? take up? ? be numb with shock? ? out of the question? ? settle in? ? be occupied with? ? day in and day out? ?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
◆活学活用? 根据句后的解释,选择适当的短语完成句子。?
  1.Beijing is much colder than Hainan Island and at the beginning he had great difficulty the climate there.(make oneself suitable for)?
  2.When I was told that he was killed in an accident,I .(be shocked and can?t speak or think)?
  3.I,m sorry I can,t go with you.You see,I the ?report?.(be busy with)?
  4.I don , t going out to the dinner party tonight.(want to)?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版

  5.A good hostess usually has her own way to make her guests .(be comfortable as if one belongs to where one is)?
  6.If you can ,you will get what you want. (continue doing or trying)? 答案:
  1.adjusting himself to/getting used to?
  2.was numb with shock?
  3.am occupied with?
  4.feel like?
  5.feel at home?
  6.keep it up ?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
Ⅳ.单元重点动词? recommend queue prepare comfort revise contradict substitute ?
acknowledge? ◆活学活用?
  1.When you feel upset,you will feel comfortable when reading a good book,even if you have got no one you.?
  2.Jack in the second half because of a knee injury.?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版

  3.by a cruel dictator,people there lived a miserable life.?
  4.I will have the plan to make it more practical.?
  5.No one doubted what he said about the cause of the accident,as it was a generally fact.? 答案:
  1.to comfort?
  2.was substituted?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
V.重点句型? But I was also very nervous as I didn,t know what to expect.(P
  38)? 但是我也很紧张,因为我不知道我可以期待什么。? “what/how/where/when+to do”结构在句中可作主语、表 语和宾语。? ◆活学活用? 模仿造句。? (
  1)他们还没有决定什么时候举办运动会。? ? (
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
  1)They haven,t decided when to hold the sports meet. (
  2)How to explain to him the truth is none of my business. Ⅵ.语篇领悟 ? 根据课文Keep It Up,XieLei完成下列短文? Six months ago,Xie Lei boarded a plane for London 1 ?complete a business qualification.When she came to England,she lived with a host family,? 2 ?members 3 always helped her.At the beginning she had to face ? pay on the bus.? 4
?difficulties of daily life as how to use the phone,how to ?,she also had to face difficulties 5 ?(study)there was of learning at the university.?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
quite different from studying in China and she needed some preparation first.She had to get used to a new way of life,which took ? learned ? 6 8 ?all her concentration.It was ? 7 ?(benefit)as well as difficult for her to study in London.She ?to fulfill Western academic 9 ?try to requirements.Xie Lei also learned that as a student,she should not use other people,s work ? express her ? 10 ?ideas
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
Ⅶ.考点活用? 用本单元所学词组、句型翻译下列短文? 那是我第一次到英国。登上飞机那一刻,我相信自己很有可 能迅速融入英国人的生活。可是,一到英国,我就惊呆了: 我听不懂英国人的话。我意识到自己必须尽快调节自我以适 应新的环境。我重新学起了口语,一有机会我就和当地人对 话,好心的人们经常鼓励我再接再励。我的口语进步很快, 这帮助我更好地了解英国。很快,我就能表达自如,甚至适 应了靠左驾驶。后来,我觉得在英国非常自在,有时竟有了 宾至如归的感觉。? ?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
答案:It was my first time that I had been to Britain.When I went on board,I believed that I could fit in with the life in Britain very soon.However,on my arrival in Britain,I was numb with shock:I couldn,t understand their language.I realized that I must adjust myself to the new surroundings as soon as possible.Therefore I took up oral English again and I seized every chance to talk with the local people,who always kindly encouraged me to keep it up.I made rapid progress in spoken English,which helped me know better about Britain.Very soon,I could express myself freely and I even got used to driving on the left.Later I found it comfortable to live in Britain and sometimes I even felt at home to live there.?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版

  1.Keep it up,Xie Lei.(P
  38)谢蕾,再接再厉。? 阅读下列句子,注意it的意思。? (
  1)Keep it up 不松劲,坚持下去。? (
  2)Take it easy别着急。? (
  3)So it seems好像如此。? (
  4)You will make it.你会成功的。? 归纳总结:it本身词义模糊,只是帮助构成习语。?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
◆即学即练? 根据括号中的提示完成句子。? (
  1)If only she could(坚持不懈),she could break the world record.? (
  2)Keep working hard and you.(总有一天会 成功的)? 答案:(
  1)keep it up (
  2)will make it some day
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版

  2.Chinese student fitting in well.(P
  38)? 中国学生适应能力强。? (
  1)这是A Chinese student is fitting in well.的省略形式。英语 标题中,为了简洁需要,常常只出现实词,而把虚词(冠词、 介词、助动词、连词等)省去。省略是英语新闻标题的一大特 点。又如:? Saddam Hussein Captured=Saddam Hussein was Captured(萨达姆?侯赛因被抓捕)? (
  2)阅读下列句子,说出fit in with的意思。? The whole group work hard and fit in well.(相处融洽)? It is necessary for us to fit in with the times.(适应,我们必 须与时俱进。)
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版

  3.Six months ago Xie Lei said goodbye to her family and friends in China and boarded a plane for London.(P
  38)? 六个月之前,谢蕾告别了她在中国的家人和朋友,登上了 前往伦敦的飞机。? Although some foreign students live in student accommodation or apartments,some choose to board with English families.? 尽管有些学生和别的学生一起住在学生宿舍或公寓里,有 的还是选择寄宿在英国人家里。? board ?v?.上(船、飞机、火车等);寄宿,(收费) 为……提供食宿 ?n?.(木)板;膳食?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
on board(a train/ship/plane)=in a train,ship or plane在火车、 轮船、飞机上? 阅读下列句子,说出board的意思。? (
  1)Passengers to Chongqing should board the train now.(上火车)? (
  2)Luckily we got to the port in time and boarded a ship to Australia.(登上轮船)? (
  3)When she was in French she boarded with a French family.(寄宿在法国人家里)?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版

  4.Xie lei highly recommends it.(P
  38)? 谢蕾非常看重这门课程。? ◆词语归纳? recommend sb.sth./sb.向某人推荐/介绍某物/某人? recommend sth./sb.to sb.向某人推荐/介绍某物/某人? recommend sb.for...推荐某人做(某职位)? recommend sth.for...推荐某物做某种用途? recommend sb.as...推荐某人为……? recommend doing sth.建议做某事? recommend sb.to do sth.建议某人做某事? recommend that+sb.(should)do sth.建议某人做某事? recommendation ?n?.推荐,介绍信?
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版
◆即学即练? 根据括号中的提示完成句子。? (
  1)He wants you.(给他推荐一位好律师)? (
  2)Can you ?(推荐她做这份工作)? (
  3)I?d like to .(推荐你做他的秘书)? (
  4)The doctor(建议他吃这些药丸)for his cough. 答案:(
  1)to recommend him a good lawyer/recommend a good lawyer to him (
  2)recommend her for the job (
  3)recommend you as his secretary ? (
  4)recommended him to take these pills/recommended these pills/recommended that he(should)take these pills
高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版

  5.Xie Lei told me that she feels much more at home in England now.(P
  39)? 谢蕾告诉我说,现在她在英国感到自在多了。? feel/be at home(像在家一样)舒服自在;无拘束? ◆即学即练? 根据括号中的提示完成句子。? (
  1)Though he seldom appeared on the stage,he (感觉很自在)this time.? (
  2)Before long,she began .(对她的新工作 感到很自在了) 答案: (



   高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版 选修 7 Unit 5 Travelling abroad 高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版 考点要求 高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版 Ⅰ.写出下列必考单词 inn 1.客栈,小酒店n . academic 2.学院的,学术的adj.  tutor 3.家庭教师,助教,导师n.  visa 4.签证n.  destination 5.目的地n ...

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   探源法英语词汇记忆法则:词根篇 在二百年前, 英国著名的作家和政治家切斯特菲尔德伯爵就指出了一条学习词汇的捷径。 他在 给自己儿子的一封信中,这样写道: “学习一门语言词汇的最短最佳途径,是掌握它的词根,即那 些其他单词借以形成的原生祠。 可见, ” 对词根的学习, 在很早以前就被人重视了, 而今这些词根(类 似汉语的部首)与前后缀(类似汉语的偏旁)三者共同成为了英语构词的三要素,由它们引申的缀合 法,也成为创造英语新词最多的一种方法。另外,它不仅是组成单词的核心部分,而且是解释单词 含义的 ...


   characteristic 特征;特性n. radium 镭n. painter 画家n. put forward 提出 scientific 科学的adj. conclude 结束;推断出vt.&vi. conclusion 结论;结束n. draw a conclusion 得出结论 analyse 分析vt. infect 传染;感染vt. infectious 传染的adj. cholera 霍乱n. defeat 打败;受挫;使战胜vt. 失败n. expert ...


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   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   李阳老师的话 有了骨骼,我们才可以傲然挺立.同样,正是有了句型,英语学习的高楼大厦才能拔地而起!而建好英语大厦要一步一步打好地基,句型就是大厦的地基和框架.在这些框架上添加各种各样的材料(单词,短语,口语要素),才能建造大厦.你掌握的句型有多少,就决定了你盖的楼有多高,行动起来吧!将我们为大家精心挑选的300个句型一网打尽 特别说明 这些都是我们从高中英语课文及《跟李阳老师学中学英语》高中系列中精选出的重点句型.同时它们也都是高考常考和口语常用的经典句型. 1. According to… ...