2011 年英语科高考考前回扣提纲(写作部分)
山东省平邑第一中学 崔运昌
第 1 天
I.高考写作词汇和句型总结 .
一、图画类常用句型 图画类常用句型
  1)It can be seen from the chart(diagram/data/figures/graph/picture/statistics)that...
  2)According to the chart(diagram/figure/graph)...
  3)The chart (diagram/figure/graph) tells us that.../indicates that.../reveals that... /shows that.../ conveys the messages that...
  4)People find a/an rise(increase/decrease/decline/drop/fall)
  5)Compared with...
  6)In short,we can say that...
  7)In conclusion,it can be said...
  8)On the whole,it may be stated...
  9)There is no doubt...
  10)People can say with certainty that...
  11)No one will deny that...
  13)As a result,it can/may/might be concluded/inferred that...
  14)On this basis...
II.范文背诵 范文背诵
  1) 为什么煤矿老出问题?请就下面的漫画谈谈你对此事的观点。
  2.词数:120-150 One possible version:
Considering the fact that the coal mine disaster has seized thousands of innocent people's lives, I have a burning desire to arouse the public awareness. When it comes to the safety measures, what we're always emphasizing is that the system isn't sound enough. Actually, there exist lots of inspections, but the effectiveness of supervision calls for rethinking. As the picture shows, it is the lack of examination for security that leads to the death. Besides, arousing the managers' conscience that money outweighs the workers' lives is very important. Only when they put the profit at a back seat can they gain more,including respect. There is no denying that to make safety their top priority is vital for the security of people's interests. As long as we deal with all problems hand in hand, a bright future is bound to await us. Above all, fixing our attention on the safety rather than the profits contributes to protecting more workers. (
  2) 根据题目《师父被熏晕过去了》的漫画和下面要求写一篇关于河水污染的感想。
  1. 情况。
  2. 原因。
  3. 后果。
  4. 措施。 词数 100~1
One possible version One day Sun Wukong together with his master and brothers was walking across a river. Suddenly his master fell off the horse by the bad smell of river water. They found the water so dirty that they could hardly breathe. A lot of factories along the river always poured their waste water and rubbish straight into the river which made the river water polluted. In this way most of the fish in the river were killed. If the river water all over the country is polluted like this, no living things will exist in the water. Now more and more people have come to realize how serious this problem is. Our government is doing her best to take measures to fight against pollution. We expect that the water in every river will be made cleaner and cleaner before long.
I.高考写作词汇和句型总结 .
二、讨论、图表数据类 讨论、
  1、The way sb. do(es) sth. changed a lot from…(年)to…(年) 从…年到…年人们做事的方式改变了很多。
  2、①The number/The rate of…(年)doubled that of(年) …年的数字是…年数字的双倍 ②The number/ The rate of who… dropped/fell/reduced by …(下降了)/to…(下降到) …人的数字下降了…/下降到… grew/increased/rose by…(上升了)to…(上升到) …人的数字增长了…/增长到… ③The number/The amount of…has dropped from …(数字)in 1990 to…(数字)in 1999 …的数字已从 1990 年的…下降到 1999 年的…
  3、A spend twice as much time/money on sth. as B A 花在…上的时间/金钱是 B 的两倍 The number of the people who…was ten times as large as in …(年) …人的数目是…年的十倍。
  4、The figures show that… 这些数字显示…
  5、generally speaking 一般说来,大体说来
  6、on the whole 从整体来看
  7、the most striking contrast 最鲜明的对比
  8、on the contrary 相反的是
  9、A would like to do sth.while B wants to do sth. A 想…而 B 想…
  10、take up15% of one’s time/30 minutes 占用某人 15%的时间/30 分钟
  11、Chart 1 shows that 表 1 显示… As is shown on Chart 2, … 正如表 2 所显示的那样
  12、As is shown in the above diagram/table/picture 正如上面的表格/图片所展示的那样
  13、It’s(high)time that sb.did sth. 该是干…的时候了 It’s (high)time that sb.should do sth.
  14、讨论类书面表达常用的的三段论模式: 议题:Recently we have discussed whether…had a heated discussion about whether… Or: Yesterday we made a survey about… 观点: Some people think it is right t do …/agree with this idea… 70% of the students /people 自己的看法:In my opinion, …/As for me, I think, …/Personally, …
  15.go online 上网 surf the Internet 网上冲浪
  16.learn the latest information at home and abroad 获取国内外的最新消息
  17.make our life colourful and varied 让生活多彩多样
  18.in and around our school 校内外
  19.build many factory(正:factories),school(正:schools), 建立…(注意名词的单复数形式) restaurant(正:restaurants),hospital(正:hospitals)
  20.bring sth. to sb. 给 sb.带来 sth. cause sth.(trouble,loss)to sb. 给 sb.招来…
  21.draw/attract one’s attention 吸引 sb 的注意力

  22.in conclusion/in brief/in a word (总结时)总之/简而言之/总而言之
  23.The reason are listed as follows 原因如下
  24.give students too much homework 留给学生太多的作业 leave a message for sb. 给 sb.留给口信
  25.teach sb. a lesson 给 sb.上一堂课 teach sb.to do sth. 教 sb.干 sth.
  26.explain sth. to sb. 向某人解释某事
  27.write a letter saying… 写信说…
  28.agree with this idea/the opinion/the decision 同意这个主意/观点/决定 agree to this plan/arrangement 同意这个计划/安排 agree to do sth. 同意干某事 allow sb. to do sth. 同意/准许某人干某事
  29.prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. 宁可干…也不愿意干某事
  30.be afraid to do sth. 不敢干某事 be afraid of doing sth. 害怕干某事
  31.do one’s bit for New China 为新中国尽一己之力
  32.put one’s heart into one’s study 集中精力学习
  33.meanwhile(adv.)in the meantime 与此同时
  34.The students/those who are for/against it think… 赞成/反对的人认为…
  35.training class 培训班
  36.have a private teacher 请家教
  37.be weak in… 在…方面弱 do well in 在…很好
  38.whether…all depends 是否…那要视情况来定
  39.be short of …短缺
  40.It’s every citizen’s duty to do sth. 干某事是每个公民的责任
  41.be supposed to do sth. 应该干某事
  42.achieve success 取得成功
  43.be burdened with 承担,负担
  44.cut down the expenses on… 削减…的开支
II.范文背诵 范文背诵
  1) 一家英语杂志社对高中生在课余时间所喜欢的活动开展一项调查。 假如你和同学们参加 此项活动,对你校 200 名学生进行了调查(男女生各 100 名)。调查结果如下图表所示。请 你根据图表信息用英语写一份调查报告,向该杂志社投稿,反映事实并发表看法。
  2、词数:120-150 One possible version: What do high school students do in their spare time? To find out, we have recently made a survey among 100 boys and 100 girls in our school. The result are as follows: Nearly 40% of them have common interest in watching TV or going to the movies. There also exist some differences despite their similarities. Boys like to surf the Internet best. Around 60% enjoy playing games or chatting online, etc. And sports are their second choice. As for girls, about half show greatest interest in reading and shopping. Still some like surfing the Internet. However, boys seem much less interested in shopping and reading while girls like sports least. Therefore, we call on girls to take more exercise and boys to spend less time surfing the Internet. (
  2) 科学技术在青少年中的影响日益扩大。 某学校对学生们使用现代化产品, 包括电脑上网, 发送短信,听 MP3 等进行了一次调查,结果如下图。请根据图中的信息,写一篇英语短文, 并针对这些信息发表你的看法,词数 120~1
One possible version: With the development of technology, it has more and more influence on teenagers. Many teenagers use the latest technological products at school.? According to the recent survey on the technological products the students use daily at school, there are
  22.30 percent of the students who use cellphones every day at school while about
percent of the students have access to the Internet. Most students, about
  30.70 percent, send instant messages, and about
  16.30 percent of the students listen to MP3 for pop songs. The rest of the students, about
  9.1 percent, use other technological products at school. Teenagers are at a stage when they easily become interested in the new things, which reflects their strong curiosity about the unknown world. What is the most important is that teenagers should use technological products scientifically and appropriately, which means they shouldn’t make technology destroy their learning and life. (
  3) 某机构对人们使用网络购物的优缺点进行了一次调查, 结果如下。 请根据饼状图中提供 的信息描述人们对于网络购物的认识,并写出你对此的看法,词数 120~1
One possible version: Chart Ⅰ shows the advantages of the online shopping. About
  57.63 percent of people consider that they can easily get what they want, and about
  21.31 percent of people think the online things are cheaper. Some people choose to shop online because they like the home-delivery service while others think it can save time and effort.? In Chart Ⅱ,we can see that
  46.95 percent of people think there is greater chance of buying fake goods online. About
  24.35 percent of people complain about the bad service and a few people don’t like its slow delivery service. Some people even worry about the safety of paying online. About
  16.74 percent of people think that there are some differences between pictures and the real goods.? Whatever your attitude towards online shopping is, it is becoming a trend in our life. More and more people, especially the youth, tend to choose what they need online.
I.高考写作词汇和句型总结 高考写作词汇和句型总结
  1.be in good shape 身材好
  2.be in good/poor health 身体(不)健康
  3.be in good condition 身体(状态)好
  4.feel well(weak, terrible, sick) 身体好
  5.have got a high/slight fever 发高烧/有点儿发烧 have a slight/bad cold 有点儿感冒/重感冒
  6.have got a pain in one’s throat/leg/back 嗓子疼
  7.take one’s temperature 量体温
  8.take one or two pills twice a day 一天两次,一次一到两粒
  9.be good for one’s health 对某人身体有好处
  10.It’s nothing serious. 没什么大不了的
  11.stay in bed until… 呆在床上直到
  12.save one’s life 救某人的命
  13.take deep breath 做个深呼吸
  14.take this medicine 吃这种药 饮食与健康 词汇短语 keep warm 注意保暖 green food 绿色食品 vigorous 精力充沛的 full of energy 精力充沛 in good health/in poor health take care of your body in the best condition 处于最佳状态 benefit a lot from sth. have the habit of 有……的习惯 refresh 振作精神 fashion 时尚 keep sb fit/healthy 使某人保持健康 go on diet 节食(动作) be on diet 节食(状态) lose weight 减肥 have a balance diet 均衡饮食 avoid eating too much fat or sugar keep off drink/cigarettes /drugs/fatty food 不喝酒/不吸烟/不吸毒/不吃油腻食物 be good for/do good to our health 对我们的健康有利 help yourself to 请随便吃…… 相关饮食与健康的谚语: You are what you eat.吃什么补什么 An apple a day keeps doctor away. You should eat to live, not live to eat. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.早睡早起使人健康富有明智。 I should advise you to take more exercise.我建议你加强锻炼。 Have a good rest and drink more water.好好休息,多喝水。
II.范文背诵 范文背诵
  1) 起源于西方的快餐在中国越来越流行。下面是某卫生组织做的调查报告简表,请根据其 内容用英语写一篇 120-150 词的调查报告,并发表自己的看法和观点。注意:文章开头已 经给出,不计入总词数。 调查对象 青少年 上班族 健康专家 观点和态度 90%的非常喜欢 60%的喜欢 95%的不赞成 原因 味美可口、环境好 方便、省时、服务周到 欠缺营养
A study shows that fast food is becoming increasingly popular in China. One possible version: A study shows that fast food is becoming increasingly popular in China. Most children and teenagers like it, for the food tastes delicious. Besides, its popularity is also due to the clean and comfortable environment of fast food restaurants. More than half of the workers like fast food as well. First, they find it very convenient. They can save a lot of time which is valuable to them. Furthermore, they can get good s



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