12 months:Abb.
January Jan. February Feb.
March Mar. April Apr.
May May.June Jun.
July Jul. August Aug.
September Sep(t) 。October Oct.
November Nov. December Dec.

Seven days:Abb.
Sunday Sun. Monday Mon.
Tuesday Tue. Wednesday Wed(s) 。
Thursday Thu. Friday Fri.
Saturday Sat.

Traffic, plane, bus, car, train, subway(underground) boat, , ship, taxi, transportation, timetable, journey, speed,

U. S Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar (HK$) yuan, RMB¥, pound (£) , , pocket change, coin, check, cash, credit card, bank,

meal, menu, bill, order, tip, hamburger, sandwich, soup, dish, beer, soft drink, fully booked,等;
take medicine, temperature, pill, headache, fever, blood pressure, waiting room,等;
single room, double room, room number, room service, check in, check out, lift / elevator 等;
邮局(post office)用语:
mail, deliver, stamp, envelope, telegram, postage 等;
flight, take off, land, luggage, China Airline, information desk, boarding, customs, departure time, arrival,等;
round trip, single trip, sleeping car, ticket, fair, conductor,等;
on sale, size, color, price, change, customer, expensive, cheap, discount,等;
exam, course, dining hall, playground, library, lab, degree, foreign language,等。
relatives , relationship , reunion , uncle , parents , aunt , family-get-together, generation,

holiday, festival, Mid-autumn Day, May Day, National Day, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Mother Father) Day, New Year, ( ’s Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter , Halloween, Valentine’s

Basketball, football ,volleyball, baseball, tennis, table-tennis, badminton running , swimming, shooting, fishing, surfing , skating ,rock climbing, jumping, gym, stadium,

concert, show, exhibition, film, movie, play, theatre, museum, music, entertainment, band, chess, amusement park, nightclub, picnic, bowling,

clerk , secretary, manager , boss, professor, lawyer, businessman, driver, doctor nurse, headmaster, headmistress, librarian, engineer, technician, farmer, policeman policewoman, coach,

health, gain weight, lost weight, keep fit, balanced diet, smoking, Aids,Sars,

Century, year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second, yesterday,today,tomorrow,weekend, noon,morning,afternoon, At evening, night,

Chinese Mathematics English
Physics Chemistry Biology
Politics History Geography
Arts Music Physical Education (P E)

Chinese, Japanese, German, French, American, Australian,
Englishman, Russian, New-Zealander, Canadian, Italian, Spanish,

The People’s Republic of China, Beijing , United States of America, The USA ,New York,Chicago ,The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , U.K, London , France, Paris, Germany, Berlin, Australia, Canberra / Sydney, Japan, Tokyo, Canada ,Toronto/ Ottawa, Italy , Rome, Spain , Madrid , Russia , Moscow, Europe,

Million,thousand,hundred,dozen,score,decade,first,second, third, forth, fifth, eighth, ninth, twelfth, twentieth,

computer, surf the Internet, technology, science, information, e-mail, download, on line, off line, clone, robot, cell phone/ mobile phone, satellite, spaceship, fax,

clothing , dress, suit, evening dress, jacket, shirt , skirt, T-shirt, trousers pants, shorts, blouse, sweater, coat, overcoat, tie, socks, stockings, shoes, boots hat , cap ,uniform

  18、Food and drinks(食物与饮料)
hamburger, sandwich(es) bread, flour, milk, pork, beef, , lamb, chicken , fish, rice, vegetable, black-tea, green-tea , coffee, black coffee, wine, alcohol, soft drinks



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