届高考英语(通用版) 备战 2011 届高考英语(通用版)一轮复习专题 03
届高考英语(通用版) 备战 2011 届高考英语(通用版)一轮复习 专题 03
基础过关】 【A 组:基础过关】

  1、You’d better take some clothes with you a sudden change of weather. A.in favour of B.in honour of C.in case of D.in memory of

  2、She wanted the comfort of a large car and the low cost of a small one,so she bought a size in between the two. A.for compromise B.as a compromise C.as compromise D.for a compromise 【答案】B 【解析】此题考查介词。for“(表示目的)为了;因为;至于,对于,适合于”;as“作为”; as a compromise“作为折中”。句意为:她想要大车的舒适,小车的价钱,因此作为折中买 了一辆大小在两者之间的轿车。
  3、I’m afraid your car isthe way. A.in B.at C.on D.to 【答案】A 【解析】此题考查介词。in the way“挡道”;on the way“在途中;接近”。句意为:我担 心你的车挡路了。 4 、 Most of the audience wondered what idea a man who is deaf from birth can have music. A.with B.in C.of D.to 【答案】C 【解析】此题考查短语。have idea of “有概念,理解”。句意是:“多数听众想知道一个生来 就聋的人是怎样理解音乐的。”
  9、Much of the farm is under water;the grain,most of that has been ruined. A.owing to B.thanks to C.as for D.as with 【答案】C 【解析】考查固定短语。句意为“大部分农田都被水吞没了,谷物大部分也被毁了”。owing to 表示“由于,因……缘故”,thanks to 表示“由于,幸亏”,as for 表示“至于,就…… 而言”。
  1、Don’t let one failure discourage you.You are new to the work. A.after all B.in all C.above all D.at all 【答案】A 【解析】 考查易混词组。 句意为: 不要对一次失败就灰心丧气, 毕竟你干这项工作是个新手。 after all“毕竟,终究”;in all“总共,总之”;above all“最重要的是”;at all“全然”。 故选 A 项。
- 1 -/10
届高考英语(通用版) 备战 2011 届高考英语(通用版)一轮复习专题 03
?I have been a lot of pressures at work lately. ?I amyour service if necessary. A.in;for B.in;at C.on;for D.under;at 【答案】D 【解析】此题考查介词短语的固定搭配。under pressure“在压力之下”;at your service“愿 意为您效劳”。
  8、She’s hoping to be out of hospitalto celebrate her birthday at home. A.at a time B.at times C.at one time D.in time

  9、Generally speaking,the new magazine has been well received,butactual sales it hasn’t been very successful. A.in need of B.in want of C.in terms of D.in case of 【答案】C 【解析】考查固定词组。in need of“需要”;in want of“需要”;in terms of“依据,就…… 而言”;in case of“万一,以防”。根据句意“……,但就实际销售情况而言并不成功”。 故选 C 项。
  19、Women are always thought the weak. A.of as B.of C.as D.of being 【答案】A 【解析】此题考查介词。think of... as “把……当作”,固定搭配。这句话的意思是:“女人总 是被认为是弱者。”
能力突破】 【B 组:能力突破】

  1.(东北三省三校 2009 届高三下学期第一次联合模拟考试 yy)Barack Obama has taken personal blame the security failures which led the attempt to blow up a plane on Christmas Day. A. of; to B. for; to C. on; on D. in; on

  2. 山东省济南市 2010 届高三年级第一次模拟考试英语试题) ( Going to work today, Brenda? No. It’s my day A.out B.in today. C.away D.off
【答案解析】D 考查介词辨析。语意:今天我休息。It’s my day off,是固定用法。
  3.(福建省四地六校 2010 届高三第三次联考)Keeping hours does good to your .
- 2 -/10
届高考英语(通用版) 备战 2011 届高考英语(通用版)一轮复习专题 03
A、common, health C、familar, healthy B、regular, health D、usual, healthy

  4.( 2010 年安徽省“江南十校”高三联考英语试题)We know from their greetings how much they expect us. We won’t let them down. A. of B. on C. for D. to
【答案解析】A 考查介词的用法。expect sth of/from sb 是固定表达,表示“指望某人某 事”,据此只有 A 项 of 合适,如果有 from 也是正确的。
  5.(上海市普通高等学校 2010 届高三春季招生考试)Were planning to send out a thousand invitations A.over Expovolunteers. B.in C.on D.to
D【解析】考查介词。语意:我们打算送 1 000 张邀请函给世博会志愿者。send sth to sb 意为送某物给某人,据此选 D 项。
  6.(陕西省宝鸡市 2010 届高三质量检测)Please keep me informed your address as soon as possible. A.of B.for C.with D.by the changes of

  7. (福建省厦门市 2010 届高三年级上学期质量检查) ?Quite a lot of students failed in the math exam. ?Exactly.It is their abilities. A.within B.over C.against D.beyond
D【解析】考查介词。很多学生数学考试都没有通过,因此说数学试卷超出了他们的能 力。beyond 超过,符合语意。
  8.(浙江省温州市十校联合体 2010 届期末考试)--Sir, do you have any double room now?
- 3 -/10
届高考英语(通用版) 备战 2011 届高考英语(通用版)一轮复习专题 03
Just a moment, I will find out. A. available B. fit C. reached D. suitable
A 【解析】 考查形容词辨析。 语意: ??先生, 现在有双人间吗???稍等, 我找找。 available 表示可得到的,可找到的,符合语意。fit 表示(大小)合适的,suitable 表示(样式)合适的, 均不符合语意。
  9.(浙江省温州市十校联合体 2010 届期末考试)I have no dreams to have a happy life. A. rather than B. more than C. other than D. less than
C【解析】语意:除了快乐过一生,我别无梦想。rather than 表示而不是……;more than 表示不仅仅……远不止……;other than 表示除了……;less than 则表示少于……根据语意可 知,这里选 C 项。
  10.(2010 年黑龙江省高考适应性训练考试_英语)How the loans are paid should be of little concern to the bank A.as well as C.as long as they are paid on time . B.as soon as D.as far as

  11.(北京市海淀区 2010 届高三上学期期末考试)Why were you absent yesterday? I caught a cold, A.bu t I had been walking around in the rain. t B.so C.and D.for
D【解析】连词。语意:??昨天你为什么缺席了???我感冒了,因为之前我一直在雨 中行走。for 在这里表示原因,其他连词不符合逻辑。所以选 D 项。
  12.(北京市东城区 2010 届高三上学期期末考试)Wed like to go and thank him ourselves, we dont have his address. A.so B.and C.or D.but
D【解析】连词的用法。根据语意我们想亲自谢谢他,但是我们没有他的地址可知,前 后表示转折,用 but,所以这里选 D 项。
  13.( 2010 年安徽省“江南十校”高三联考英语试题)You are certain to live your dream you make great efforts and lay emphasis on improvements in efficiency.
- 4 -/10
届高考英语(通用版) 备战 2011 届高考英语(通用版)一轮复习专题 03
A. on condition that B. as far as C. even though
D. in case
【答案解析】A 考查词组辨析。on condition that 表示|“只要……”;as far as 表示“就……”; even though 表示“即使……”;in case 则表示“万一,以免”。根据语意“只要努力……你肯 定能实现梦想”可知选 A 项。
  14.(上海市普通高等学校 2010 届高三春季招生考试) short break , others have decided to stay forever. A.Because B.If C.Once D.While some people some here for a
D【解析】连词。语意:虽然有些人来此只是短暂停留,有些人却已经决定在这里定居 了。because 引导原因状语从句,iI 和 once 引导条件状语从句,while 意为“虽然,表示 转折关系。结合语意选 D 项。
  15.(吉林省长春市高中毕业班 2010 年第一次调研) ?Why are you will sitting up? ? I am wanted. A. As though B. While C. In case D. Because of
C 【解析】 考查连词。 up'‘熬夜, sit 迟睡。 不睡觉的原因是以防有人叫我, 因此选择 in case 以防,一旦。because of 后面不使用从句。
  16.(北京市海淀区 2010 届高三上学期期末考试)Once made out, the plan must be carried out any difficulty. A.regardless of D.in need of B.instead of C.because of
The Pecan Thief
When I was six years old, I was visiting my grandfathers farm in Kansas. Grandpa had sent me into the 36 to gather pecans for us to enjoy later. Pecan picking was really 37 work and my little basket was only half full. I wasnt about to 38 Grandpa down. Justthen something caught my 39 . A large brown squirrel was a few feet away. I watched as he picked up a pecan, hurried to a tree and 40 in a large hole in the trunk. A moment later the squirrel 41 out and climbed down to the ground to pick up another nut. Once again, he took the pecan back to his hiding place.
- 5 -/10
届高考英语(通用版) 备战 2011 届高考英语(通用版)一轮复习专题 03
Not so 42 anymore, I thought. I dashed over to the tree and looked into the hole. It was 43 with pecans! Golden pecans were right there for taking. This was my 44 . Handful by handful, I scooped all of those pecans into my basket. Now it was full! I was so 45 of myself. I couldnt wait to show Grandpa all the pecans. 46 , I ran back and shouted, “Look at all the pecans! He looked into the basket and said, “Well, well, how did you find so many? I told him how Id 47 the squirrel and taken the pecans from his hiding place. Grandpa congratulated me on how smart Id been in observing the squirrel and his habits. Then he did something that 48 me. He handed the basket back to me and put his arm gently 49 my shoulders. “That squirrel worked very hard to gather his winter 50 of food, he said. “Now that all of his pecans are gone, dont you think that little squirrel will 51 the cold winter? “I didnt think about that, I said. “I know, Grandpa said. “But a good man should never take 52 of someone elses hard work. Suddenly felt a bit 53 . The image of the starving squirrel wouldnt 54 my mind. There was only one thing I could do. I carried the basket back to the tree and poured all the nuts into the hole. I didnt eat any pecans that night, but I had something much more filing?the 55 of knowing I had done just the right thing.
  48.A.annoyed C.surprised
  55.A.inspiration C.impression B.woods B.dirty B.settle B.basket B.lived B.held B.secret B.filled B.choice B.ashamed B.However B.followed B.satisfied D.delighted B.beside B.cost B.spend B.notice B.unconfident B.leave B.expectation D.satisfaction C.holes C.light C.have C.eye C.discovered C.stood C.anxious C.rebuilt C.chance C.careful C.Besides C.protected D.roads D.easy D.keep D.hand D.disappeared D.found D.patient D.decorated D.achievement D.proud D.Therefore D.caught
C.over C.support C.survive C.advantage C.embarrassed C.cross
D.around D.preparation D.fled D.charge D.nervous D.occupy

  36.B 从上下文知,我被爷爷派去捡山核桃,再结合第一句中的 fann 和选项可知我应
- 6 -/10
届高考英语(通用版) 备战 2011 届高考英语(通用版)一轮复习专题 03
  37.A 从后面的我才捡半篮山核桃可知,捡山核桃对我来说是一项挺困难的(hard)活, 其他选项都不符合语境。
  38.A 从下文知,我不想让爷爷失望,此处 let sb down 是固定词组,意为令某人失望。
  39.C 就在此时,不远处的一只棕色大松鼠引起了我的注意。catch ones eye 表示引起某 人的注意。
  40.D 那只松鼠捡起一颗山核桃向一棵树跑去,最后消失(disappear)在树干的大洞中。 该句中的三个动作表承接:先 picked up,然后 hurtied to,最后 disappeared。join 加入,live 生存,discover 发现都不符合语境。
  41.A 该处表示:不久,那只松鼠又从洞中跳了出来(jump out,),故选 A 项。hold out 伸出,坚持,stand out 突出,find out 发现都不符合语境。

  46.D 此处表示我迫不及待地想把捡到的山核桃让爷爷看,因此兴奋


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   大学英语四六级考试分数换算表和及格线 自 2005 年 6 月考试起,大学英语四、六级考试的原始分数在经过加权、等值处理后,参照常模转换为均值 为 500、标准差为 70 的常模正态分数。同时,四、六级考试不设及格线,考试合格证书改为成绩报告单。 四、六级考试报道总分计算公式为: 式中 X 表示每个考生加权、等值处理后的原始分数,Mean 表示常模均值,SD 表示常模标准差。目前,四、 六级的分数常模群体由 1987 年的全国若干所重点大学的近万名本科生组成。四、六级考试委员会计划在 200 ...


   habit, custom, manners, usage, practice, convention, tradition 这些名词均含有“习惯,风俗,传统”之意。 habit : 侧重于自然养成的,不易去掉的个人习惯。 custom : 指一个国家、一个民族、一个地区或一个社会的习惯、行为方式或风俗习惯。也 可指个人的习惯。 manners : 指在某一时期或某一团体中盛行的社会礼仪或社会风俗模式。 usage : 指持续时间长,为很多人公认采纳的惯例、习俗。 practice : 常指 ...


   2008年12月6日 全国高校网络教育统考课程《大学英语》主持教师教学研讨会 1 ● 考试合格率 考试合格率 科 目 合 格 率 (%) ???????????????????????????? 3月 6月 11月 4月 10月 4月 6月 9月 12月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 大学英语 A 88.0 84.2 81.5 79.0 80.0 62.0 53.9 57.1 大学英语 B 85.0 79.8 77.9 79.0 75.0 66.0 62.6 58.2 大学英语 C 8 ...


   小学五年级英语上册 Unit4 教案 1 一、 二、 教学内容:A/P30,B,C 教学目标: 认知目标: 1.让学生通过课前收集资料和本课学习,了解万圣节的有关知识。 2.能听懂、会读、会说单词 Halloween, pumpkin lantern,candle,mask, vase,if,tomorrow 3.能听懂、会读、会说、会写单词 family, thing, need 4.能听懂、会读、会说日常交际用语:What do we need? We need … 5.能听懂、会读、会 ...

高一英语 19单元课件

   Unit 19 Modern Agriculture Unit 19 Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Warming up & Speaking Reading Integrating skills & listening Word Study Gramma & Exercise Period one Warming up & speaking 1 Can you think of the words ...