Healthy eating Festivals
  1.John was to spend his summer holidays in that mountain village. A.suggested B.advised C.demanded D.hoped
解析:此题考查 advise sb.to do sth.句式的被动语态。suggest,demand 和 hope 均不能跟 动词不定式的复合结构。 答案:B
  2.Juliet is one of the women who always __ the latest fashions. A.make up for B.get along with C.keep up with D.put up with
解析:make up for “补偿”;get along with “和……相处;进展”;keep up with“跟 上; 紧跟”; up with“忍耐, put 忍受”。 句意是“朱丽叶是紧跟最新时尚的女人之一。 ” 答案:C
  3.Even after hours of work his never seems to give out. A.energy B.force C.power D.fuel 解析:energy “精力;能源”;force “暴力;军力”;power “动力;权力;能力”; fuel “燃料;油料”。题意是“即使工作几个小时后,他的精力似乎仍没用尽。” 答案:A
  4. hurricane hit the city last night and a large of damage was done in a very short [来源: A 学,科,网] time. A.number B.deal C.amount D.sum 解析:a large number of 修饰可数名词;a great/good deal of 或 a large amount of 修饰不可 数名词;a large sum of 通常指大量的钱。 答案:C
  5.I am money this week;can you lend me some? A.lack of B.lacking for C.short of D.short for 解析:“缺乏,缺少”常用 be lacking in 或 be short of 表达。
  6.Eating too much fat and sugar makes you weight very easily. A.put B.gain C.increase D.pick 解析:gain weight 或 put on weight 意为“增加体重”。 答案:B
  7.Often he sit for hours doing nothing at all when he was in low spirits. A.should B.would C.could D.might 解析:would 有时相当于 used to,表示过去的习惯动作。 答案:B
  8.This is the to tal cost of the holiday, everything. A.taking in B.bringing in C.getting in D.calling in
解析:take in “包括”;bring in “引进;赚钱”;get in “进入”;call in “把……叫 来;召集;邀请”。 答案:A
  9.The rising crime rate has become major concern of society. A.the;the B.a ;/ C./;the D.a;a 解析:concern 作“关心的事或人”解时,是可数名词;society 作“社会”解时,前面 不加冠词。 答案:B
  10.The taxi driver often passengers to take their belongings when they leave the car. A.watches B.catches C.remembers D.reminds 解析:remind sb.to do sth.“提醒某人做某事”。其他三个词后均不可接动词不定式的复 合结构。 答案:D Ⅱ.完形填空 One family agreed with the idea that money really can buy happiness?send the kids to summer camp! they sent their son Joey away for the reason.He was __1__ as happy about the arrangement So as his __2__,for after about three weeks,they finally received a __3__.Both parents huddled together to read it.After a moment,Joey’s mother __4__ and said to her husband,“Well,it certainly is Joey.” The card reads:“Dear Mom and Dad,they are __5__ everyone write home.Love,Joey.” At times,families may need some __6__.They also need togetherness?lots of it.And those of us who live in families __7__ that our family is far from __8__,even on the best of days.But perfection is not __9__ for a strong family life. What is required, according to family expert Nick Sinnett, three basics.“When you have a are
strong __10__ life,” he said,“you receive the __11__ that you are loved,that you are __12__, and that you are important.The __13__ intake of love and affection and respect...gives you inner resources to deal with life more __14__.” Love,affection and __15__?a dynamic trio(三重奏) in any strong family.Where there is love there is a place of __16__ and security.Where there is affection there is a place of __17__.And where there is respect there is a place where the mind and spirit can __18__. Not all of us live in family groups.But we probably came from families and there just may be a family in our future. Dr.Joyce Brothers has __19__ her life to marriage and family issues.She says,“When you look at your life,the greatest happiness is family happiness.” That can be __20__ in any family where you are loved,you are cared for and where you are made to feel important.Make this three parts of your family life and you will truly find happiness.
  1.A.clearly B.obviously C.generally D.finally 答案:B
  2.A.parents B.classmates C.students D.teachers 答案:A
  3.A.note B.letter C.postcard D.message 答案:C
  4.A.looked up B.looked away C.looked down D.looked through[ 答案:A
  5.A.advising 答案:D
  6.A.space B.room C.area D.time 答案:A
  7.A.understand B.realize C.master D.enjoy 答案:B
  8.A.correct B.right C.perfect D.actual 答案:C
  9.A.ordered B.wanted C.demanded D.required 答案:D
  10.A.school B.family C.camp 答案:B
  11.A.message B.idea C.thought D.ambition 答案:A
  12.A.worried about B.looked after C.cared for D.taken care 答案:C D.everyday B.suggesting C.letting D.making

  13.A.active B.negative C.positive D.passive[ 答案:C
  14.A.successfully B.gently C.easily D.hardly 答案:A
  15.A.care B.res pect C.friendship D.spirit 答案:B[来源:Z#xx#k.Com]
  16.A.danger B.closeness C.stability D.safety 答案:D
  17.A.coldness B.hotness C.warmth 答案:C
  18.A.wave B.develop C.stay D.show 答案:B
  19.A.attended B.come C.devoted D.grown 答案:C
  20.A.wrong B.true C.real D.proper 答案:B Ⅲ.阅读理解 You may open your electronic mail and find information about how to buy medicine,cheap airline tickets, books and, course, of computers and computer products.There may a lso be offers for investment deals,bank loans and special holidays.However,to many computer users,this use of electronic spam to sell products has become a major problem as it makes computer communication more difficult. Many companies who want to send a great deal of advertisin g might use the services of a “spammer”.A spammer is a person or company that uses computers to send out milli ons of copies of the same sales information.Spammers find e-mail addresses from websites,news group s and “chat rooms” where people send messages to each other.Most spam is sent by companies who are trying to get you to buy their products.Some of these are honest companies that offer good products or services at a fair price.These companies can offer their products at a cheaper price than you might find in a store.However,much of the spam on the Internet is sent by criminals who are trying to sell products that do not exist or offer services they will not provide.They are only interested in stealing your money.When you answer their spam you find y ou are expected to send them money and receive a gift.One country in Africa has become famous for the number of criminals who try every known trick to separate people from their money.
  1.What does the underlined word “spam” in Para.2 probably refer to? A.Unwanted electronic information that reaches computer users. B.Computer virus that causes computer communication difficulties. C.Advertisements sent out by companies who want to sell their products. D.Companies that send out millions of copies of the same sales information. D.happiness
解析:词义猜测题。从上下文看,下文说很多公司使用 spammer 提供的服务在网上发 布广告。使网上交流变得困难,可见其含义是向网络用户发送的用户不需要的商业广告 信息。答案:A
  2.Which of the following is TRUE according to the text? A.Companies who want to send a great deal of advertising are referred to as spammers. B.Spammers are people who collect e-mail addresses from websites,news groups and “chat rooms”. C.Either individuals or organizations can be regarded as spammers if they send out spam. D.Spammers are people who receive spam on their computers. 解析:从文中可知 spammer 是用电脑发布销售广告的人或公司,四个选项只有 C 项符 合这一概念。 答案:C
  3.Which is the possible suggestion from the writer concerning spam? A.Spam is very helpful in providing you with useful information about product sales. B.Spam helps companies to sell more of their products so it should be valued by people. C.Spam is sent out by those who want to separate you from your money. D.Look out for any spam that reaches your computer. 解析:第二段提到两类 spammer,一类是提供产品销售的,另一类是骗子,如果让作者 提建议,那一定是“小心为妙,多个心眼”,谨防上当。 答案:D[



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