The British Isles Life in the future
  1. you’ll have a greater chance of finding a suitable job if you have done some parttime jobs. A.Generally B.Especially C.Mainly D.Surprisingly
解析:Generally 常置于句首,相当于 In general 或 Generally speaking, “总的来说” 。 答案:A
  2.The murderer tried to run away from the prison but he getting arrested by the police. A.ended up B.broke up C.started up D.cut up
解析:end up doing sth.“以做某事而结束;最终……” 。 答案:A
  3.For centuries the upper classes in Britain spoke French the common people spoke English. A.while B.when C.though D.since
解析:while 意为“而” ,表转折对比关系。 答案:A
  4.We have only a short holiday, so let’s the most of it and try to enjoy ourselves. A.get B.take C.make D.have
解析:make the most of 是习语,意为“充分利用” 。 答案:C
  5.He came up with a new to the problem at yesterday’s meeting. A.way B.method C.means D.approach
解析:四个词中,只有 approach 与介词 to 搭配。an approach to...意为“……的办法” 。 答案:D
  6.The test a number of multiple choice questions. A.consists of B.lies in C.makes of D.takes in
解析: 题意是“这套测试题由很多单项选择题组成” 。
  7.She can’t her husband making fun of her. A.allow B.bear C.agree D.suffer
解析:bear 用于否定句,后常跟名词或动名词,意为“忍受” 。 答案:B
  8.It is said that President Bush will be tonight at ten o’clock, giving a speech about fighting terrorism. A.in the air B.on the air C.in air D.on air
解析:on the air“在播出;作广播演说” ;in the air“谣传;未做决定的” 。 答案:B
  9.Jack, I’d like to go to see the movie this evening.Will you please me company? A.keep B.share C.take D.join
解析:keep sb.company 是习语,意为“陪伴某人;陪同某人” 。 答案:A
  10.The schools of the future will probably be quite different from they are today. A.that B.what C.which D.ones
解析:what 引出一名词性从句,作介词 from 的宾语。 答案:B Ⅱ.完形填空 Eating less may bring longer life?A study by the National Institutes of Health __1__ that reducing calories by 30 percent __2__ to slow the rate of aging in monkeys,providing __3__ evidence that humans might live longer by eating less. The study has shown that a __4__ diet that includes a sharp reduction in calories caused the animals to __5__ a lower body temperature,a slower metabolism(新陈代谢) and __6__ changes in the biochemical markers for aging. Dr.George Roth,a __7__ at the research center of the National Institute on Aging said, “This shows that what has been demonstrated in mice can also __8__ in monkeys.” “We have __9__ for 70 years that if you __10__ laboratory mice less food,they age __11__,they live longer and they get diseases less __12__, ”he said.“We find that monkeys __13__ in the same way and that the same biological changes may be in __14__ here.” Dr.Roth said __15__ biochemical measurements also showed that eating less was __16__ for the monkeys. The study is continuing and __17__ 200 monkeys.Dr.Roth said that the diets of the monkeys included all of the __18__ vitamins and other nutriments __19__ that half of the monkeys received about 30 percent fewer calories than a __20__ group.
  1.A.remarks B.believes C.causes D.shows
  2.A.aims 答案:B
  3.A.strange 答案:C
  4.A.wellbalanced B.wellprepared C.wellplanned D.wellcooked 答案:A
  5.A.produce 答案:C
  6.A.more 答案:B
  7.A.scientist 答案:A
  8.A.support 答案:D
  9.A.heard 答案:B
  10.A.accumulate 答案:D
  11.A.slower 答案:A
  12.A.carefully 答案:C
  13.A.direct 答案:B
  14.A.play 答案:A
  15.A.some 答案:C
  16.A.healthy 答案:A
  17.A.advocates B.concerns C.refers D.involves B.happy C.lucky D.fortunate B.same C.other D.all B.work C.peace D.battle B.respond C.acknowledge D.urge B.obviously C.frequently D.definitely B.naturally C.smoothly D.outstandingly B.supply C.afford D.feed B.known C.done D.made B.perform C.promote D.apply B.doctor C.lawyer D.designer B.fewer C.faster D.deeper B.give C.have D.change B.no C.new D.little B.appears C.demands D.agrees
  18.A.referred 答案:D
  19.A.for 答案:C
  20.A.guide 答案:B Ⅲ.阅读理解 There are no exact differences between physics and other natural sciences because all sciences overlap(重叠).In general,however,physics is the scientific study of forces and qualities such as heat, light, sound, pressure, gravity and electricity, the ways they affect and other objects. One major branch of physics deals with the states of matter?solids,liquids and gases and with their motions.The pioneer achievements of Galileo,Kepler and Newton dealt with solid masses of matter in motion.Such studies deal with forces acting on moving objects.It is the subject of mechanics and belongs to the branch of mechanics called dynamics,the study of matter in motion.This large topic includes not only the motions of stars and pingpong balls but also the motions of the water pumped by a fire engine and those of the air passing through the jet engine of an airplane. A branch of mechanics is statics, study of matter at rest.The designs of buildings and the bridges are examples of problems in statics.Other branches of physics are based on the different kinds of energy,which interact with matter.They deal with electricity and magnetism,heat, light,and sound.From these branches of physics scientists find clues which have revealed(揭 示 )the constructions of atoms and how the atoms react to various kinds of energy.This_knowledge is often called the basis of modern physics.Among the many subdivisions(细的分支) of modern physics are electronics and nuclear physics.Physics is closely related to engineering.A person who uses knowledge of physics in solving everyday problems is often called an engineer.For example,electricity is one of the branches of physics; and an electrical engineer is a man who uses the “natural laws” of electricity to help in designing and electric generator.
  1.Physics is not exactly different from other natural sciences because . A.physics and other natural sciences have parts in common B.it is the scientific study of forces and qualities such as heat,light and sound C.it studies the ways in which forces and qualities affect other objects D.it is a part of other natural sciences 解析:由文章第一句可知。 答案:A
  2.The following statements are included in the study of dynamics except . A.the design and construction of skyscrapers B.the motions of heavenly bodies B.control C.mix D.ready B.therefore C.but D.as B.asked C.helped D.required
C.the motions of water pumped by a fire engine D.the motions of the air passing through the jet engine of an airplane 解析:从第二段的叙述可知“摩天大楼的设计与建设”不属于动力学的研究范围。 答案:A
  3.Among many branches of modern physics is . A.states B.electricity C.electronics D.mechanics 解析:由最后一段“Among the many subdivisions of modern physics are electronics and nuclear physics”一句可知。 答案:C
  4. “This knowledge” in Paragraph Three refers to . A.electricity and magnetism,light and sound B.the construction of atoms and their reactions to various kinds of energy C.the basis of modern physics D.electronics and nuclear physics 解析: “this”通常指上文刚谈之事。 答案:B
  5.The passage is mainly about . A.the changes in our life brought about by physics B.the states and motions of solids,liquids and gases C.the interactions of matter with different kinds of energy D.the branches of knowledge making up the science of physics 解析:本文主要对物理学的几个构成部分进行讲解。 答案:D



   1~2 record! Units 1 2 That must be a record Crossing limits Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Exhausted he was, we decided not to disturb him. A.like B.as C.what D.since 解析:as 引导让步状语从句时,常把形容词、副词、名词等提前。 答案:B 2.Some people believe that mutual understanding a happy marriage. ...


   Units 13~14 Healthy eating Festivals Ⅰ.单项填空 1.John was to spend his summer holidays in that mountain village. A.suggested B.advised C.demanded D.hoped 解析:此题考查 advise sb.to do sth.句式的被动语态。suggest,demand 和 hope 均不能跟 动词不定式的复合结构。 答案:B 2.Juliet is one o ...


   Units 7~8 Living with disease First aid Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Runners for the Olympic Games have to before and after the race. A.get test B.get testing C.get tested D.get to test 解析:get tested 相当于 be tested,是一种被动语态形式。 答案:C 2.Th is computer doesn’t work properly ...


   Units 5~6 ~ The silver screen Good manners Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Thanks to the satellites, football games come to us on TV. A.living B.lively C.alive D.live 解析:live 此处为形容词,意为“现场直播的”。 答案:D 2.I don’t think we’ll be able to any travel if we don’t save our pennies. ...


   Units 5~6 The British Isles Life in the future Ⅰ.单项填空 1. you’ll have a greater chance of finding a suitable job if you have done some parttime jobs. A.Generally B.Especially C.Mainly D.Surprisingly 解析:Generally 常置于句首,相当于 In general 或 Generally spea ...

2011年高考英语第一轮专题复习-必修5 Unit 4

   高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版 必修 5 Unit 4 Making the news 高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版 考点要求 高考总复习?人教版 英语 高考总复习 人教版?英语 人教版 Ⅰ.写出下列必考单词 1.记者,新闻工作者n. 2.编辑n. 3.任务,分配 n. 4.最后期限n. 5.约会,任命n. 6.同事n. journalist   editor   assignment   ...


   Units 3~4 ~ Going places Unforgettable experiences Ⅰ.单项填空 1. It’s getting warmer and warmer, so the students of Class One are considering the hill next weekend. A.to climb B.climbing C.climb D.climbed 解析:consider doing “考虑做某事”。 答案:B 2. We looked fo ...


   Units 11~12 The sounds of the world Art and literature Ⅰ.单项填空 1.I don’t like rock music. at rock concerts is noise and flashing light. A.All there is 答案:A 2.Beer alcohol;drinking too much of it will do harm to the health. A.includes B.contains C.ho ...


   Units 13~14 The water planet Freedom fighters Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Nuclear science should be developed to the people rather than harm them. A.benefit B.contribute C.protect D.affect 解析:benefit sb.“对某人有益”。 答案:A 2.For more than 20 years, we’ve been supporting ed ...


   Units 11~12 Scientific achievements Fact and fantasy Ⅰ.单项填空 1.The President is now on a visit to Russia, at expanding relations between the two countries. A.aims B.to aiming C.being aimed D.aimed 解析:be aimed at doing sth.是习语,此处因为是作伴随状语,故用过去分词形式。 答案 ...



   地道口语 1.It never rains but it pours。 。 1 祸不单行 2.Mind your own business。 。 2 不关你的事儿 3.Hang in there。 。 3 坚持下去 4.Could be worse 4 可能更糟 5.Money talks。 。 5 金钱万能 6.Count me out 6 不要算我 7.Go fifty-fifty on something。 。 7 平分 8.You can say that again! You sa ...


   教学步骤与建议 1、热身/复习(Warm-up/Revision) 1)课前播放歌曲 Father and mother 渲染课堂英语气氛。 2)唱 Father and mother 歌。 3)学生四人一组,分别戴上 father,mother,teacher 的头饰表演 Lesson 13 的对话。 4)做 Listen and do 活动。教师给出指令 Act like a father/mother..学生做 . 出相应的动作。 2、 新课导入(Presentation) 1)教师通 ...


   第五章 计算机 第一节 计算机基础 大多数人都能描绘一台计算机,但由于 计算机能做许多事情,有许多形状和规格, 以致人们难以提取其共同特征形成通用的 定义.就其实质来说,计算机是一种设备, 这种设备能接收输入,处理数据,储存数 据,并能产生输出.所有这些都是根据一 系列储存的指令完成的. 计算机的输入是指任何输入计算机系 统的东西.输入可以由一个人,一个设施, 或另一台计算机来完成.计算机所能接收 的输入内容的种类包括某个文件中的文字 和符号,计算数字,图片,恒温器的温度, 话筒中的音频信号 ...


   下篇 计算机专业应用英语及 常用翻译工具 第九章 英语应用文写作 本章重点: 本章重点: ?常用英文证明书; 常用英文证明书; ?求学、求职信函; 求学、求职信函; 求学 ?个人简历; 个人简历; 个人简历 ?推荐表。 推荐表。 推荐表 9.1 常用英文证明书 " 证明书用于证明一个人的身份、学历、学位、 证明书用于证明一个人的身份、学历、学位、 工作、身体情况。是求学、求职的必要证件。 工作、身体情况。是求学、求职的必要证件。 常见的证明书有: 常见的证明书有: " 毕业证书 (Grad ...


   搞笑) 我为妈妈翻译英语 (搞笑 搞笑 今天我正在看碟,老妈又捧了本书进来,说道:给我讲讲这几句话什么意思 老妈:这个“I don’t know.“是什么意思? 我说:“我不知道” 老妈:送你上中学上了几年,你怎么什么都不知道!! 我说:不是!就是“我不知道”吗!! 老妈:还嘴硬!!!!(一顿 爆揍) 老妈:你在给我说说这个。“I know.“是什么意思你该知道吧,给我说说。 我说:是“我知道“ 老妈:知道就快说。 我说:就是“我知道“ 老妈:找茬呀你?刚才收拾你收拾的轻了是不? 我说:就是 ...