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  1.The houses across the street were , but they were in good condition a few years ago. A.in ruins B.in repairs C.in rows D.in numbers
解析:in ruins 意为“成为废墟的,荒芜的,失败的”。 答案:A
  2.He lives in a big house whose windows over an avenue with trees and flowers on both sides.[ A.look into B.look up C.look out D.look on
解析: look into “向……里面看; 深入调查研究”; look up “向上看; 查阅(单词等)”; look out “当心,注意;面朝向”;look on “旁观”。 答案:C
  3.Your speech at the meeting is limited half an hour. A.at B.for C.in D.to
解析:limit...to...或 be limited to 为固定结构,其意为“(受)限制到”。 答案:D[
  4.We wanted good weather for our holiday, but ;it rained the whole time. A.not such a luck C.no such luck B.such not a luck D.such no luck
解析:代词 such 与 no, not,several, one,all 等连用时,应放在这些词后。 答案:C
  5.The necklace isn’t you paid for it. A.worth B.worth what C.costing D.costing what
解析:表“值、价值为”时,cost 的主语为物,无被动语态或进行时,故将答案 C、 D 排除;be worth (doing) sth.意为“值得” ;由句意“此项链不值你所付的钱”得知, 此处 what 引导的从句作 worth 的宾语。 答案:B
  6.The watch unnoticed for several days before I found it. A.had laid B.had lain C.had been laying D.had been lain
解析:此处应用动词 lie 的过 去完成时态,lie 的过去分词是 lain。另外,lie 是不及物 动词,没有被动语态形式。
  7.?Do you need a ride? ?No, thanks.I walking. A.prefer 答案:A
  8.We have physics on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday;that is, we have it . A.every other days C.every other day 解析:every other...意为“每隔一……”。 答案:C
  9.?How long have you been like this? ? October 13, Monday. A.On 答案:D
  10.Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, was very reasonable. A.which price C.its price B.the price of which D.the price of whose B.After C.From D.Since B.every three days[ D.each two days B.want C.used to D.take
解析:此处考查非限制性定语从句,根据句意“……其价格非常合理”可知,此定 语从句中的主语为 price,此处 the price of which=whose price。 答案:B Ⅱ.完形填空 In the dining room of my grandfather’s house stood a big grandfather clock.And always the grandfather clock stood like a(n) __1__ old family friend,watching over the laughter and gentle kidding(玩笑) that were a part of our lives. As a chil d,the old clock __2__ me.I often watched and listened to it during meals.Year after year, clock chimed(鸣响), part of my memories, part of my heart.To me the clock the a a was so comforting and __3__. Even more wonderful to me was my grandfather’s daily ceremony.He __4__ wound(wind,上发条) the clock with a special key each day.It __5__ our family’s big clock ticking and chiming,a part of every holiday and every tradition,as __6__ as the wood from w hich it was made.He never let the clock wind down and __7__.When we gran dkids got a little older,he showed us how to open the door to the grandfather clock and le t us each take a __8__ winding the key. After my beloved grandfather died,it was several days after the funeral __9__ I remembered the clock! “Mama!The clock!We’ve __10__ it wind down.” The tears flowed freely when I entered the dining room.The clock stood __11__ quiet,as
quiet as the funeral parlor(殡仪馆) had b een.The clock even seemed smaller.I couldn’t __12__ to look at it.No __13__ over the dinner table,no ticking or chiming of the clock?all was __14__.The hands on the clock were __15__ at the precise moment when my grandfather had stopped winding it.I __16__ the key in my shaking hand and opened the clock door.__17__,I was a child again,watching my grandfather with his silver-white hair and twinkling blue eyes.He was __18__,winking at me,at the secret of the clock’s magic,at the key that held so much power.I stood, __19__ in the moment for a long time.Then __20__, put I the key in and wound the clock.Tick-tock,tick-tock?In the movement of the hands of the clock,my grandfather lived again.
  1.A.trusted B.cautious C.constant D.annoying 答案:A[
  2.A.frightened B.fascinated 答案:B
  3.A.boring B.funny C.familiar D.surprising 答案:C[
  4.A.carefully B.quickly C.steadily D.cheerfully 答案:A
  5.A.struck B.helped C.made D.kept 答案:D
  6.A.solid B.well C.ordinary D.steady 答案:A
  7.A.ring B.stop C.forget D.break 答案:B
  8.A.look B.chance C.turn D.course 答案:C
  9.A.before B.until C.since D.when 答案:A
  10.A.helped B.heard C.noticed D.let 答案:D
  11.A.joyfully B.pitifully C.sleepily D.hopefully 答案:B
  12.A.imagine B.wait C.bear D.agree 答案:C[
  13.A.meal B.quarrel C.laughter D.sound 答案:C
  14.A.still B.desperate C.changeable D.wrong C.encouraged D.admired
  15.A.kept B.frozen C.fixed D.stopped 答案:B
  16.A.took B.wound C.put D.left 答案:A
  17.A.In the meanwhile B.From then on C.Without question D.All of a sudden 答案:D
  18.A.there B.dead C.angry D.away 答案:A
  19.A.puzzled B.lost C.thought D.hesitated 答案:B
  20.A.slowly B.quickly C.sadly D.happily 答案:A Ⅲ.阅读理解 The US government should roll out a team of mental health professionals to calm down Americans worried about the economic losses and encourage them to spend and invest,a New York psychiatrist says. Dr.Richard Fried man of the Cornell Weill Medical Center in New York said he is treating 25 percent more people because of the recession,with patients suffering from insomnia due to anxiety and some even being diagnosed with clinical depression. “It creates a culture of anxiety and fears.So you are not talking about a handful of people,you are talking about a situation in which the environment is fearful,” Friedman told reporters in an interview. “It’s spreading.Even people whose jobs are secure feel frightened that they,too,could lose their jobs.” The US economy,in recession (衰退) since December 20
  07,is declining under a heavy burden of rising unemployment. Data released on Thursday showed jobless numbers rose to a record high in early February of
  4.99 million,a rate of
  3.7 percent.Washington has put forward a number of measures, including a 7 billion stimulus (刺激) package,to make the bleeding eco nomy recover. Friedman said people’s anxieties need to be handled immediately and on a national scale.His answer:Replace assurances and explanations from economists and politicians with advice from mental health professionals. Fear of the economic climate should be dealt with in the same way as an unreasonable fear,he said. “Say you are afraid of the dark,you walk in a dark room and turn on the lights and see that there is nothing terrible there,” he said.
“You’re afraid of heights,you climb higher and higher,you get exposed and you see nothing awful is going to happen to you.You’re afraid the market is going to collapse,you go out and you spend money.”
  1.What has made many Americans suffer from mental illness? A.Bad living environment. C.Anxiety about their culture. B. Rising unemployment. D.Lack of sense of safety.
解析:具体信息题,在经济危机中,失业人数不断上升,人们担心会丢掉工作。 答案:B
  2.What did Dr.Friedman want to tell us in the last two paragraphs? A.You wouldn’t be afraid of darkness unless you turn off the lights. B.If you decided to spend money and invest,the market would never collapse. C.One must stay calm in a shocking environment and go out for a ride. D.One should face the crisis reasonably instead of being unreasonably fearful. 解析:推断题,由后两段可知,人们应理性的正视经济危机。 答案:D
  3.According to Friedman,who can help handle people’s anxieties? A.Mental health pro fessionals. C.Famous politicians. 解析:由倒数第四段内容可知。 答案:A
  4.The passage is most probably taken from . A.a fashion magazine C.a local/national newspaper B.an official document D.an investing guidebook B.Outstanding economists. D.Government officials.
解析:推断题,综合全文信息可知。 答案:C



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   Units 13~14 Healthy eating Festivals Ⅰ.单项填空 1.John was to spend his summer holidays in that mountain village. A.suggested B.advised C.demanded D.hoped 解析:此题考查 advise sb.to do sth.句式的被动语态。suggest,demand 和 hope 均不能跟 动词不定式的复合结构。 答案:B 2.Juliet is one o ...


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   Units 19~20 The Merchant of Venice Archaeology Ⅰ.单项填空 1.How I him the pleasures he had during the vacation! A.envy B.admire C.appreciate D.enjoy 解析:envy sb.sth.是习惯表达,这时 envy 后接双宾语,其他三个选项无此用法。 答案:A 2.?Do you still have the receipt, madam? ?No, I’m a ...


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   你身边的高考专家 根据所给的词性和词义写出下列单词。 一、单词拼写 根据所给的词性和词义写出下列单词。 1.[ ] n. 皮肤;外壳 皮肤; . skin 2. [ ] adj.残酷的;令人痛 残酷的; . cruel 残酷的 苦的 bottom 3. [ ] n.& adj. 底部;底部 底部; . astonish 的 mouthful 4. [ ] vt. 使惊讶 . entertain 5. [ ] n. 一口;满 一口; . particularly 口 homeless ...



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   2D 2V 3D 4D 4WD 4WS 5D 二门(2 door) 每缸两气门(2 valve) 三门 (3 door) 四门(4 door) 四轮驱动系统(4 Wheel drive) 四轮转向系统(4 Wheel Steer) 五门(5 door) A A4 四速自动变速器 AAR 自动控制室内空气循环系统 ABC 车身主动控制系统 ABS 防抱死制动系统(Antilock Braking System) ABS+T 防抱死制动系统+循迹系统 ACC 附件(accessory) AC 空 ...


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