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语法复习十九: 语法复习十九:冠 词
(一)考纲要求 考纲规定,冠词考查基本用法,包括定冠词与不定冠词,不定冠词 a 与 an 的区别;不用冠 词的情况;习语中的冠词;特指与泛指等。 (二)命题导向 冠词规则的灵活运用是高考命题的一个热点, 几乎每年高考题的单项选择或完形填空都有涉 及冠词的题目, 不定冠词和定冠词的一些特殊用法, 习惯用法及不用冠词的情况是高考重点考查 的知识点。 (三)基本用法 当代语法把冠词分为不定冠词、定冠词和零冠词(即不用冠词)三种。冠词是一种虚词,起 限定作用,是最主要最典型的限定词,放在名词(或名词化的形容词分词)前面,说明其所指的 人或物。
  1、定冠词的基本用法: 、定冠词的基本用法: ① 表示上文提到过的人或事物。如:I have bought a book. The book is very useful. ② 用于说话人与听话人心中都有数的人或事物。如:Close the window, please. ③ 用于表示世界上独一无二的事物前。如:the sun, the moon, the earth, the world 等。 ④ 用于表示方位的名词之前。如:the east, the right. ⑤ 用于序数词或形容词的最高级之前。如:the first, the tallest. ⑥ 用于形容词之前,使其名词化。如:the sick, the wounded. ⑦ 用于由普通名词构成的专有名词之前。如:the United States, the United Nation. ⑧ 用于江河、海洋、海峡、山脉、群岛、建筑物等的名词之前。如:the Changjiang River, the East Lake. ⑨ 用于复数姓氏之前,表示“夫妇”或“全家” 。如:The Smiths ⑩ 用于乐器的名词前。如:play the piano; play the violin. ⑾ 发明物。如:The compass was invented in China. ⑿ 年代名词前。如:He lived in the countryside in the 1970s. ⒀ 固定词组中。如:in the morning(afternoon, evening), on the other hand , at the same time
  2、不定冠词的基本用法: 、不定冠词的基本用法: ① 泛指一个。如:There is a book on the table. ② 指人或事物的某一种类。如:His father is a driver. Longjing is a wonderful tea. ③ 指某一个人或事物,但不具体说明。如:My sister was saved by a PLA man in the fire. ④ 用于某一些表示重量、 长度、 时间等单位前, 表示 “每一” 如:We have meals three times 。 a day.(我们一天吃三餐。 ) ⑤ 表示同样的。如:They are of an age.(他们是同岁。 ) ⑥ 表数量,相当于 one,但语意较弱。如:There is a pen and two books on the desk. ⑦ 使抽象名词具体化。如:The little girl is a help to her mother. (a hand 译"帮手") ⑧ 固定搭配。如:as a matter of fact , in a hurry, in a word
  3、不用冠词的情况: 、不用冠词的情况: ① 表示总称的复数名词之前。如:Children love cartoons.(儿童喜欢卡通影片。 ) ② 不含普通名词的专有名词前。如:We are studying English. ③ 名词前有指示代词、 物主代词、 不定代词或名词所有格修饰时。 I like this picture; I do 如: not have any money; As time went on, Einstein’s theory proved to be correct. ④ 季节、月份、星期等名词前,一般不用冠词。如:She likes spring most. ⑤ 呼语前不用冠词。如:What shall I do next, Mother? ⑥ 三餐饭前不用冠词。如:What did you have for lunch? ⑦ 节假日前不用冠词。如:People give gifts to each other on Christmas Day. ⑧ 球类和棋类运动的名称前不用冠词。如:She is fond of playing basketball. ⑨ 在一些成对出现的短语中不用冠词。如:arm in arm(手挽手); hand in hand(手牵手);
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side by side(肩对肩); day and day(日日夜夜); young and old(老老少少); from door to door (挨门挨户); from beginning to end(从头到尾); from morning till night(从早到晚)等。 练习( 、 、冠 练习(一) 冠 词
  1. In America, car is popular means of transportation(交通设施). A. the, the B. a, the C. the, / D. the, a
  2. What happened? They left in such hurry that they forgot to lock door. A. a, a B. a, the C. /, the D. /, a
  3. There were two small rooms in the house, smaller of which served as kitchen. A. a, the B. the, a C. the, the D. a, a
  4. I ordered book some time ago. book has arrived. A. a, The B. the, A C. a, A D. /, The
  5. Mr Smith is European and his wife is American. A. an, an B. a, a C. a, an D. an, a
  6. Lesson 10 is most difficult lesson, but it isn’t most difficult lesson in Book One. A. a, a B. a, the C. the, the D. the, a
  7. My sister works in a factory. She goes home once month. A. a B. an C. the D. every
  8. He was absent because he had caught . A. heavy a cold B. the heavy cold C. a heavy cold D. heavy cold
  9. water is liquid. A. The, a B. A, a C. /, / D. /, a
  10. In winter people often hang up wet clothes near fire. A. /, / B. a, a C. /, a D. the, a
  11. He has tried twice, and the captain asks him to have third try. A. a B. the C. another D. other
  12. He was a top student in the class, he often got in English. A. first B. a first C. second D. the second
  13. horse is useful animal. A. The, the B. The, a C. The, an D. /, a
  14. Tom left Shanghai in . A. the summer 1995 B. summer 1995 C. 1995 the summer D. the summer of 1995
  15. children here live most happy life. A. The, the B. The, a C. The, / D. /, the
  16. The soldier died during World War I. A. the B. the first C. / D. a
  17. In Marx began to learn Russian. A. a 1870 B. 1870s C. the year of 1870 D. the 1870s
  18. Alice is of the two girls. A. taller B. the tall C. more tall D. the taller
  19. Can your sister play ? No, but she can play . A. the tennis, the piano B. tennis, piano C. the tennis, piano D. tennis, the piano
  20. The introduction is always in of a book. A. front B. the front C. a front D. instead
  21. She touched her daughter gently shoulder. A. in her B. on her C. in the D. on the
  22. Both wounded and sick were sent to safety. A. /, / B. the, the C. /, the D. the, /
  23. doctors and nurses should care for their patients. A. The, the B. /, / C. The, / D. /, the
  24. Tell us the story as Mother told you. A. a B. the C. an D. /
  25. Do you know how long has lived on the earth? A. man B. the man C. a man D. men
  26. The man was once thrown into prison for robbing the bank. A. a B. an C. the D./
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  27. Mount Tai is in the east of China. A. A B. The C. / D. That
  28. I like history. I am studying history of China. A. the, / B. /, the C. a, / D. /, a
  29. He wrote a letter pencil. A. with B. in C. in a D. use a
  30. On October 1, the Chinese people celebrated with new achievements and victories. A. National Day B. the National Day C. our National Day D. a National Day
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练习( 、 、冠 练习(二) 冠 词
  1. You mean you know the man? I know man exactly like him. A. other B. the C. / D. a
  2. Wouldn't it be wonderful world if all nations live in peace with one another? A. a, / B. the, / C. a, the D. the, the
  3. I hear that as many as 1,500 people were killed in the earthquake. Yes, news came as shock to us. A. a, a B. the, a C. /, / D. /, a
  4. At midnight they reached small village east of Everwhite Mountain. A. a,/, the B. a,/, / C. the, the, the D. the, an, an
  5. Nanjing lies on Changjiang River and has population of more than four million. A. the, the B. the, / C. the, a D. /, a
  6. Bill Clinton took office on January 20th, 1993 and left office on January 20th, 20
  01. A. /, / B. his, his C. the, the D. an, his
  7. We learn to go all out to work for good of society. A. the, / B. /, / C. /, a D. the, the
  8. Paris is most beautiful city, where you can see famous Eiffel Tower. A. a, the B. a, / C. the, a D. the, the
  9. What about bike? Do you think it all right to buy him bike as birthday present? A. the, the, the B. a, the, a C. the, a, the D. the, the, a
  10. He had decided to give it up, but on second thoughts he decided to try third time. A. the, a B. /, / C. a, a D. /, a
  11. Towards morning, heavy rain began to fall. A. the, a B. a, a C. the, / D. the, /
  12. Excuse me, where are books for biology? Follow me. They' re on this shelf. Do you want new or used book? A. a, a B. a, the C. the, a D. the, the
  13. Young as he is, David has gained rich experience in society. A. /, / B. the, the C. a, / D./, the
  14. My son is lost. Did you see a boy passing by? I saw boy hidden behind tree over there. You may go and have a look. A. a, a B. the, the C. a, the D. the, a
  15. Mary climbed to the top of the mountain in hurry, looked down and found in surprise that whole town took on a new look. A. a, the, the B. a,/,the C. /,/,the D. /,/,a
  16. In old society many young women died by so curious and cruel custom. A. an, a B. /, the C. the, a D. the, /
  17. You' re sure to help me find bed for my new house? Sure, but not now. I'm heading for bed and a good sleep. A. a, a B. the, a C. a, / D. the, /
  18. The wheel is thought to be first invention of transportation. A. the, the B. a, a C. a, / D. the, /
  19. Some people say that British are funny people. A. the, a B. /, the C. /, / D. the, /
  20. Don' t worry about mistakes. They' re natural part of learning. A. /, a B. the, / C. /, the D. the, the
  21. Selma looks especially pretty tonight. Yes, she always looks her best in of that kind. A. the dress B. a dress C. dress D. the dresses
  22. did you think of the exhibition? Oh, it was success.
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  61) )
A. How, really a B. What, great C. How, / D. What, quite a
  23. The child had only slight temperature, but the doctor regarded illness as serious enough for hospital treatment. A. /,/,the B. a,/,/ C. a, the,/ D. /,the, the
  24. Did you have wonderful time yesterday? Yes. I was on top of world. A. /, the, a B. a, /, the C. a, a, the D. a, the, the
  25. I don' t usually have breakfast, but I always eat good lunch. A. /, / B. /, a C. the, / D. /, the
  26. I hear there'll be talk on English study tomorrow morning. Do you mean speech our teacher asked us to listen to? A. a, the B. the, a C. the, the D. a, a
  27. Mr. Stock runs small business, who is in Mexico on business. A. a, a B. /, / C. a, the D. a, /
  28. Although motor car has been with us for almost a century, I have never been able to drive American one. A. a, the B. a, / C. the, an D. the, the
  29. Xi'an was starting point of world-famous Silk Road. A. /, / B. a, a C. the, / D. the, the
  30. What does "on one hand…on other" means? Whatgreat fun! You're asking me such a simple question. A. the, the, / B. the, the, a C. /, the, a D. /, the, /
  31. Alexander Gramha Bell invented telephone in 18
  76. (MET19
  91) A./; B. a C. the D. one
  32.After watching TV, she played violin for an hour. A./;/ B. the ; the C. the; / D./;the ( MET1991
  33. Where's jack ? I think he's still in bed, but he might just be in bathroom. A./; / B. the; the C. the; / D./; the ( MET1992
  34.Many people are still in habit of writing silly things in public places. A. the ; the B./; / C. the; / D./; the (MET 1993
  35.She is newcomer to chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries. A. the; the B. the ; / C. a; / D. a ; the (NMET1994
  36.Wouldn't it be wonderful world if all nations lived in peace with one another? A. a; / B. the; / C. a; the D. the; the (NMET1994
  37.Many people agree that knowledge of English is a must in __international trade today. A. a; / B. the; an C. the; the D./;the (NMET 1996
  38. Paper money was in use in China when Marco Polo visited the country in thirteenth century. A. the ; / B. the; the C./; the D./; /(NMET 1999
  39.It is not true in that people in fifties are going to university for further education . A.90s; their B. the 90s; / C.90s; / D. the 90s



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